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"Yeah, I guess it can only get better," she added with a smile.

"Yeah, I'll play," I said with a smile.

"Great," my aunt replied. "Why don't we play as teams then? Darcy and I, and you and Ruth, though you will have to take off your shirt to start as we have already done that."

"No, not like that," my aunt stopped me as I started to take off my shirt. "New rule: you can only take off each others clothes. Also, whoever loses, the other team gets to dicatate what they have to do with any clothes they have left on"

Well this was getting pretty interesting and it hasn't even really started yet. I had a feeling this was going to get fun. Ruth looked a little nervous and unsure about what was going on but she looked at me and came over to take off my shirt. Reaching from the bottom and pulling it up, she gently ran the backside of her fingers up my chest as she did. Not sure if it was on purpose, but it happened anyway and she looked me in the eyes as she did so, smiling a bit.

Once we started playing, and lost a few balls to some pockets, we had all taken off shoes and socks and then the tension was raised a bit. If they knocked one of our balls in a pocket, it was our turn again and the next thing to come off was each others pants. Before long they made their strike and sure enough the ball dropped. Aunt Kathie and Darcy looked over at us watching and waiting patiently.

Stepping close to each other, I looked Ruth in her deep green eyes and smiled, she somewhat hesitantly matched it. We were standing close to each other, with her breasts almost touching my chest and I could see a bit of hard nipple pushing through her bra. She looked down and reached for the button on my jeans, one of her hands accidently slipped and went down to brush against my hard cock that pushing against the restraints of my jeans.

She reacted quickly and moved her hand away. After a moment of realization however, she gently put her hand back over my hard cock, cupping it through my jeans while looking back up at me.

"Do you like this?" she whispered looking at me in the eyes.

"Yes, I do," I replied softly as I slowly unbuttoned her jeans and started unzipping her zipper.

"And this?" she asked with a wicked smile as she had undid my jeans and had slid her hand inside, holding my cock through my boxers. She gently rubbed on it up and down.

"Yes...definitely yes," I whispered back at her looking into her eyes.

I finished unzipping her jeans as I whispered and gently slid my hand over her panties. I could feel a lot of pubic hair under her panties as I slid my hand farther down, gently between her legs. She was a bit damp and really soft as tenderly massaged her pussy lips over her panties.

"Mmmm, Max, no one has touched me so softly for years," Ruth whispered as she pushed her bra and breasts against my chest with our faces only a couples inches apart. "Maybe we should just lose on purpose."

"I don't mind that idea," I said with a bit of a mischievous smile.

"Well you two seem to be enjoying each other," Kathie interrupted us, reminding us we were being watched.

"But right now its time to continue playing!" Darcy chimed in.

"Uhhh...yeah, of course," we both said looking over at them and removing each others pants fully.

Ruth's panties matched her bra in color and were basic bikini style but were sheer except for between her legs. I could see her large amount of pussy hair underneath her panties it was pretty wild down there. Not that I minded, made me even harder actually as I looked at it.

"I hope you don't mind me like that," Ruth whispered to me as we approached the pool table again with our pool cues.

"Not at all, love it actually," I replied with a smile looking into her green eyes.

We continued playing and sunk two balls in a couple pockets before missing the third and giving them another chance to make us undress.

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