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"Yeah, good work, Betsy." he grunted. "Now let me show you how a real man comes!" He began pistoning in and out of Jayne, powering his meat by flexing his ass and pushing forward into the hot blonde. Jayne was crying out as he 'fucked to pop', relentlessly banged her clutching cunt until his nuts and loins seemed to explode in ecstatic pain.

"Oh, yeah!" he gasped. Unlike Kenny, Bobby's cock was buried in a woman's snatch, and he was firing his semen deep into the depths of a warm, wet pussy. Spurt after spurt of thick, heavy cock-cream hosed the back walls of Jayne's spasming body as she took the massive male deposit, her body eager to host his potent, virile sperm...

Betsy scooted off the other bed and dove for Bobby's cock as he slid it out of Jayne's pussy and rolled off her. He and Jayne made out hotly, deeply kissing as Betsy engulfed Bobby's meat in her mouth, cleaning his and Jayne's combined juices off his deflating shaft.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Jayne was lying back on the bed with Betsy between her legs, face-deep in Jayne's well-used twat. Betsy was tonguing Jayne's pussy with gusto, cleaning out Bobby's semen, trying to get it all but knowing that a good amount of his large load would remain deep in Jayne's pleasured pussy.

As they watched Betsy do cleanup on Aisle Jayne, Kenny said "I guess you heard that Dean Allen is getting out of prison."

"Who's that?" asked Bobby as if he didn't care.

"Senator Nathan Allen's son." said Kenny. "Senator Nunn died of a heart attack, so they say, anyway. Son went to jail for a drunk driving accident that killed a woman and her two kids. He's getting out."

"So what?" Bobby said, taking a swig of the beer he was drinking.

"Democrats are arranging to meet with him." said Kenny. "Word is that something's up, that after the Republicans get rid of Jared, the Dems are going to step in and fuck over the Republicans."

"How do you know this?" asked Bobby scornfully.

"I've got... sources." said Kenny. He did not mention that he worked as a staffer for State Senator Katherine Woodburn, Nathan Allen's successor, and was a mole inside their organization.

"Cool." said Bobby. He would have to call his father, U.S. Senator Samuel Russell, with this information. But for right now, he got up and went over to the bed with the women on it. He straddled Jayne's beautiful head, and eased his cockhead to her lips. She eagerly sucked his meat into her mouth, preparing him for their next hard, deep fuck...

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Chaplain Steven Ikea escorted Dean Allen into the State Office Building in the City. They went through a labyrinth of hallways to the office of State Representative Justin Madoff, whose assistant showed them into the small conference room adjoining Madoff's actual office.

As Allen came into the room, he was shocked at the sight of the two men in the room. One was former SBI Agent Richard 'Dick' Ferrell, sitting in a wheelchair. The other was former SBI Director and failed gubernatorial candidate Jack Lewis.

"Ah, come in, Mr. Allen." said Lewis. "I'm sure it's been some time since you've had a good beer and some good food." He handed Dean a bottle of Michelob beer as Ikea handed Ferrell a bottle and got one for himself.

"Thank you, Mr. Lewis." said Dean Allen. "But aren't you and Mr. Ferrell taking a risk being here?"

"The timing couldn't be better." said Lewis. "The Iron Crowbar is embroiled in a multiple kidnapping case, and he has no time to be worrying about us. But you're right: Ferrell and I will be returning to Eastern State later today. Chaplain Ikea will be your liaison to us... if you want to be part of our team."

"Well, why don't you tell me what it's about." said Dean Allen.

"I don't know how much you were able to keep up with while in the 'Country Club'.

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