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Male Nurse endows me with relief.

She whispered to him again, "First you have to kiss me." Brendan reached up, untied her veil and watched it drop away...revealing my wife, Carmen, sitting in his lap, almost completely naked as she was grinding on his dick.

Brendan is not at all stupid and did not need to ask if I was ok with this. He leaned in and started making out with Carmen, grabbing her half naked ass so he could pull her tighter against him. I stripped down and walked over, rubbing my wife's shoulders and reaching down to squeeze her breasts when I got the chance.

She slid off his lap and onto all fours. Grabbed his cock again, gave it a few strokes before wrapping her full lips around it. I got behind Carmen, pulled her thong to the side and started lapping at her already soaked pussy. She was moaning over his cock as she was rolling her hips, grinding her cunt against my face.

I slid a couple fingers inside of her as I started to lick her ass. I looked up to see her head bouncing pretty fast in Brendan's lap as he leaned back and moaned. I sat up and placed the head of my cock against her wet pussy, sliding it up and down against her a couple times before I slowly slid my full length inside of her. She was slowly bobbing her head now as she moaned and her whole body trembled a little. Brendan had both of his hands placed on her head.

I was pumping her with nice, slow, deep strokes as she slid her tongue up and down Brendan's shaft and stroked it with her hand. She looked back at me and gave me an evil little smile as I slid my thumb slowly into her ass, and quickened my pace as I fucked her tight an oh-so wet pussy.

I stopped, stood up and said we should move to the couch so she could fuck Brendan. We moved over to the couch and Brendan laid on his back. Carmen sat down on his crotch, lifted her ass up a little, reached down and pointed his cock at her pussy. She slowly rubbed it against her pussy lips before she pushed the head in her and sank down on him.

She leaned down and started kissing him (Carmen loves making out) as she slowly rode his dick. I sat beside them, rubbing Carmen's ass and back as she slowly fucked this new cock. Brendan reached up and grabbed her ass, spreading her cheeks as he helped bounce her on his dick.

I slid two of my fingers in my mouth and then slowly pressed them into her ass. Carmen arched back, biting Brendan's lip in ecstasy as my fingers slid in her ass and Brendan fucked her pussy. I started pumping my fingers in nice and deep, right away. Carmen started shaking on top of Brendan. her moans got quieter and quicker till she finally let out one long, almost silent moan and collapsed on Brendan's chest.

I scooped her up, off Brendan and helped her stand, kissing her deeply as my hands cupped her ass and pulled her tight against me. She slid down to her knees and wrapped her lips around my dick. She grabbed it with her hand and squeezed hard as she sucked my dick. She was still very horny and wanted more.

She pulled me down to the floor and pushed me on my back. She mounted me the same way she had mounted Brendan before, except this time she wanted fucked harder and faster. Brendan was sitting back on the couch, relaxing and slowly stroking himself as Carmen and I fucked.

Carmen was all out now, bouncing as fast as she could, while I slammed up into her as she came down. I was gripping her ass as hard as I could as I helped pick her up and slam her down on my cock. She was moaning, "Fuck me Ben! Please fuck me deeper and harder?! Please fuck me hard!" she panted in my ear.

After a few minutes of hard and fast fucking, we had to slow down. She laid on me, just slowly rolling her hips and moving forward and backwards just a little. I asked her if she wanted Brendan to come over and fuck her ass. She whispered in my ear as she bit it, "You know I want his cock in my ass, as you fuck my pussy, Ben." I called Brendan over and told him what Carmen wanted.

She sat up, grabbed his cock, and slid it in her mouth.

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