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"Forbidden" means you’re not supposed to touch it.

Because if you don't, I'll send this email I have written up. All I have to do is hit the send key - take a look."

I looked at the laptop he was holding and saw that the email was addressed to nearly all of my friends and family. The email told them that I was coming out of the closet and embracing life as a female now, that I had always craved being a cock whore. It offered my services to my friends and had videos of my transformation included, as well as videos of me walking around and displaying myself from earlier that night, seemingly voluntarily and speaking into the cameras as well without any signs of force. Tears welled in my eyes as I saw that he really was serious about all of this. I understood my choices and felt my Master remove my leashed plug from my pussy, then I voluntarily walked forward and took a seat at the computer.

My Master punched in a few buttons and suddenly I was entered into a chat room. I could see my video display at the top of the screen, and as soon as I entered I saw the room was already full of people. As I would soon find out, perverted people. Messages quickly filled the screen.

-"Oh my god - that was a dude? No way, she's fuckin hot!" -"Come take my cock baby, I'll fuck you til you can't walk!" -"Mmmm, she's a bit skinny for my taste, but I'd still take that pussy for a ride she'd never forget!"

The comments continued and my Master just sat there, making me read them aloud to him in my girliest voice. I couldn't believe that these people knew that I was a man, but they still wanted to fuck me like some slutty whore. But looking at the video display of myself, I honestly couldn't even tell that I was a man at first glance... or even from looking closer. All of my features appeared to be those of a slut - and that's all these people were focused on.

Suddenly some text displayed in bold red in the chat room. Apparently someone had plunked down $20, the fee required in order to submit an action that I would be required to complete. My heart skipped a beat when I read it...

-"Enough chit chat bullshit. I want to see her pull up that skirt and take that blue vibrator in her pussy til she moans like a whore."

I looked to my Master with pleading eyes, begging him not to make me do these things in front of all of these perverted people. He just smiled and pointed to the blue vibrator on the table, then hovered his finger over the "Send" button on the email he had composed. I gasped and picked up the vibrator, lifted up my skirt, and put the tip at the opening of my pussy. The viewers loved it.

-"Holy shit - she's really gonna do it!" -"Look at her pussy! It's already gaping - she must have been busy before she got here!" -"Moan like a whore, baby! Imagine it's my cock you're taking up that sweet pussy!"

The vibrator was a good six inches long and thick. The shaft was nubbed, obviously to provide more stimulation for the user as it was thrust in and out while humming away. I slowly pushed on the vibrator and was humiliated when I noticed how easily it entered into me. I heard the other viewers that were on their microphones hooting and hollering as they watched the blueness disappear inside of me. When it was completely impaled I slowly pulled it out when I heard them all start to tell me to go faster. Not wanting to upset my Master, I did as I was told and was soon fucking myself at a rapid pace, much to the enjoyment of my... fans. it was strange to know that I had fans. Well, not I, but this Candi the Cock Slut alternate personality that I was forced into. I had to keep reminding myself that I was forced.

It went against everything I believed in to that point, but my body was actually starting to enjoy the sensation I was experiencing.

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