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She seduces married man and his wife.

"He just looked at me and smile as his fingers caressed my stocking-covered thigh. Which caused my fountain to flow. I was so wet that I was afraid I would leave a stain. I opened my legs slightly and placed my hand back on his cock feeling it. I ran my hand down its length as I pressed it against his leg.

"His fingers traced the top of my stockings I brushed my arm against breast again and had an orgasm right then and there. I moaned and grabbed his cock hard with my hand. I guess it scared him because he pulled his hand back like he had just touched fire.

"I this wave of pleasure wash over me and then heat. I was on fire. And just then a man appeared and asked us if we would like to enter one of the other rooms. Neither one of us was thinking about food anymore, so my father said yes.

"The man walked us to a changing room and explained that in these rooms anything goes. 'When you change in to these clothes you will become someone else. So try to enjoy it.' He gave us a cloak and a cloth mask, but in the changing room there were other kinds of masks. I chose a silk mask that covered my face from the bridge of the nose down to the chin. It was a deep purple color that had a matching hooded veil.

"We didn't have anything on but the cloaks, that touched the floor, and the masks. Well almost nothing. I still had on my garters and stockings, but nothing else. Black lights lit the hallways. Music was thumping in one room. There were spinning lights and lasers that lit up the dance floor. People were dancing to the music. Some wore colored paint that glowed in the black light. This made it look as if the stars themselves were here moving to the music.

"There was people on their knees with their faces buried in the crotch of one person and their hands up the cloaks of another person. Men and women were sucking and fucking each other and when they were done with one they'd move on to the next person.

"In the room that I was in there was a statue of a beautiful woman in the center. She stood straight up with her arm spread out, breasts pushed out and her face turned towards the heavens. There were cushioned benches and couches scattered about.

"Bodies writhed in the darkness. There was a chorus of moans, gasps and grunts that came from the men and women in the room. I watched as a man lying on a couch with a woman poised over his open mouth. She had her cloak bunched under breasts with both arms clutching onto it tight. Her hips moved slowly to the man's darting tongue.

"His cloak was open and at his groin was another woman. She was cloak-less and had her hands wrapped around his huge cock. She needed three hands to be able to cover it completely. Her eyes were on the head of his dick. It dwarfed the rest of his cock because it was thicker. It must have been a quarter-inch thicker than the shaft."

The friend was like a junkie needing a fix, "And? Did she -er ya' know .. did she?"

"She opened her mouth as she lowered her head and licked the underside. She let her tongue trace the engorged head and then forced it into her mouth. I say that because she had to stop and reposition her mouth before continuing. Her hands were stroking the shaft as she slowly shoved that monster into her mouth. It didn't take long before her mouth was so wet that his cock slid more easily in and out of her mouth.

"I was so turned on by what I was seeing that I moved towards them without thinking. That cock disappearing into her tight mouth was a puzzle to me. It fascinated me because I have never see it like that before. She wanted that man's cock in her mouth. She loved the way it tasted and the way that it felt. She licked on it like a lollipop then eased it back into her throat. That's when the woman glanced up at me and smiled.

"I was shocked again when she took the cock from her mouth and offered it to me. I could feel my nipples were so hard that they ached and I was so wet that I could feel my juices running down my legs."

"Oh shit Gwen! W

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