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Gareth endures another milking...this time by machine.


"Really, what happened?" He asked.

"Just their normal instigating. You know how angels are." I said. Angels are a pain in the ass sometimes. "I took care of it, though. Pulled out the contract."

The 'contract' was referring to an agreement the angels and demons had to never make contact while on earth unless the demon was physically harming a human. I actually had run into angels earlier, but that took like 5 minutes. Nothing too time consuming, but I wasn't going to tell Lucifer that I was actually out stalking a human.

"Hmm... Okay. Did you get your job done on Earth?" He asked. "How about in Hell?"

I sighed heavily, almost growling. "I would be done if you hadn't wasted my time."

"Okay, Okay. Don't have to be mean about it." He complained. "I'll check on you later. Bye, Carrera."

"See ya, Luce."

I went to my house and straight down to the basement. The night before, three hookers had been brutally murdered and ended up here. Now they were chained to the wall in my basement. Great. The first one was an older woman; she was slightly overweight and looked to be in her mid-30's. All three prostitutes were still in their skimpy hooker outfits and wearing way too much makeup. I removed the gag from her mouth and she immediately gasped.

"Thank God, another human! You're here to save us, aren't you?" She asked.

I looked down at my clothing, realizing that I never changed back into my demon form. Shit.

"I'm afraid not." I said, "You do realize that you are dead, correct? You were murdered."

All three hookers' eyes got wide and the blonde one in the middle started sobbing. I removed the gags from their mouths and they all started to beg at once. I couldn't help smiling to myself. There was a sadist in me, even though I didn't like to show her often.

I sighed and started to transform back into a demon. The human clothing melted away leaving me completely naked except for thigh-high stilettos, my hair turned into its natural indigo color and fell over my shoulders to cover my breasts. Wings broke out of their hiding place and spread out, stretching, and horns emerged from my head. My tail broke free and curled around my leg.

"Do you want to go to heaven rather than stay in Hell?"I asked them.

"Yes!" They all yelled.

"Then you'll have to repent." I said. "And for the love of God, change into something dignified. You aren't the ones who have to practically rape chicks in their sleep to survive."

They all nodded vigorously and I snapped, changing them. With that, they were on their way to heaven.

Easy Peasy. Best job ever.

I changed back into human form and teleported quickly back into the human world. By now it was nearly dark. Greta would be off work soon and I didn't want to keep her waiting for me. Or rather, for Ryla. The teleportation had landed me about a block away from the entrance to the park, in a deserted area. I couldn't risk anyone seeing me.

I started toward the park, but stopped when I felt a pull in my stomach and fell to the ground. I had been ignoring my feeding again and was weak.

'Well... Time to feed.'

The sun was setting, giving the area a gorgeous golden hue. My cell phone that I used for human business read five-thirty. That meant that Greta would be off in 30 minutes.

Oh Greta... I had to stop thinking about her. It would make this so much harder. My map told me that the next residence housed a sleeping 25 year old un-married female. Why she was sleeping at 5:30; I had no idea. Perhaps she worked nights. Within minutes, I quietly maneuvered myself around her house to her bedroom window. She seemed to either be very trusting or waiting for someone because her window was wide open. I slipped into her bedroom and quickly shifted into my demon form. Then, I teleported into her dream.

She had already been dreaming, so I was forced to interrupt. Luckily for me, she was fantasizing about some guy fucking her. I came up behind him and threw him off into the darkness of the dream before I crawled on top of her and pinned her down.

"Hey, what-"

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