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Catholic virgin seduces the principal of her school.

Her dark hair swept her back to below her shoulder blades and veiled her lovely face with a playful mystery, falling from a part on the left to conceal much of the right side of her face. Sparkling green eyes and full lips gave her a look of passion in all that she did.

She stood a foot shorter than I, at five foot four inches, and was well sculpted, lithe muscles rippling with her movement beneath her smooth skin. She moved with feline grace, but with a confidence and efficiency no cat could match. Her womanly hips and curvaceous ass belied her narrow waist and flat, exercise sculpted belly. I had yearned for her from the day we met.

The candles we carefully placed nine feet apart at the points of the compass, adding candles along the perimeter of the circle defined by the first four until sixteen candles were neatly arrayed. We unfolded a woolen blanket and laid it in the center of the circle before pressing our eager bodies together in a warming embrace.

Hungrily I devoured her mouth with mine, sweet lips and probing tongues an elixir of lust. We reclined upon the blanket suddenly, with no memory of falling, our hands a chaos of feathery caresses. When it seemed we could stand the tension no more, seeking fingers found their marks. My already turgid cock throbbed and pulsed with electric excitement as her small fingers rubbed it's length and tightened around it's veiny shaft.

She shivered and moaned airily as four fingers bumped lightly across her soft, swelling mound, returning to part tight curls and probe the petals of her sex for the nectar within. The buttery wet folds drew me to delve into her deeper, and I sunk my middle finger to the hilt in her quaking quim, circling her clitoris with my moistened thumb.

Our kisses, too moved on. Tongues and lips followed fingers down from lightly nibbled ears along tender throats, the carotid pulsing lust so close beneath the skin. Trailing along over the shoulders to the elegant arched collarbones and down, nuzzling the cleft of her bosom up the rise of her breasts to tease at the pink eraser nub nipples, parted lips like butterfly wings. Darting tongue first dabbing the nipples, then licking as if at ice cream, then mouthing the breast, sucking and nipping the tip as I continued to descend.

She, too, prolonged my treasured torment, stroking my rampant cock with one hand while scraping lightly down my body with fingernails and a salve of lips a wet tongue.

Soon my hungry mouth replaced my thumb, flicking lightly across her writhing belly to the sexy cleft between thigh and pelvis, and sucking the folds of her pussy before probing her depths with tongue and thrusting finger. I slid a second finger in with the first, slightly curving both to rub the front of her vagina, and she began to scream in orgasm.

Then her throat was silent as she enveloped my rod in it's warm, wet constriction. From our sides I rolled onto my back, pulling her on top of me. Her hot, wet pussy mashed down upon my face and my hips thrust cock down her throat as she shook in ecstasy. When she parted my clenching ass cheeks and pressed upon my anus, I shuddered convulsively. My eyes widened and I gasped into her pussy as her fingers penetrated my ass. She rubbed twice upon my prostate and I lost all control, erupting volcanically, bucking and shuddering to quivering oblivion.

All was still, quiet, and cold except for her warmth and breath. She rolled off of me and turned around, lying with her head on my shoulder, our bodies the only warm sanctuary in the inhospitable beauty of the cave. We kissed again, softly, lovingly, without the desperate hunger which had inflamed us before. Too soon our heat could not keep away the biting chill, and we wrapped our blanket around us, huddling tightly together and shivering slightly.

The friction and pressure of our embrace again awoke our passions, and she ground her slippery folds against my hips, thighs, and expanding erection.

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