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He did press against her now and leaned towards her ear. "Now tell me why you thought I was Leslie at first."

Lauren blushed and shook her head. "Oh, that was nothing. Just a silly -"

He clucked softly as he pressed the button a third time. This time there definitely were two nipple points pressing against the dress.

He shook his head. "You thought it was a sorority sister trying to blackmail you. And not only that but to also see you naked."

At her hesitation, he pressed the button again. She gripped the table with both hands, but her body was adjusting to the extra stimulation. Her mouth went slack for a second and then she looked up with pleading eyes, her chest heaving, and he relented with the remote.

"Showing myself on cam kind of... started while in college." Lauren took a sip of martini for courage. "Leslie was my roommate and we had come back from a sorority social meeting which meant one of our sisters had just broken up with a guy. The night consisted of trashing men and getting trashed.

"Les and I were still too wound up when we got back. So we made a pitcher of margaritas and she pulled up a site where we could video chat with people... not roulette that hadn't been invented yet. I am pretty sure Les had been on there before but we sat and watched some people streaming. Mostly guys and stroking their cocks... one couple who were full on going at it... We'd flash the people occasionally.

"Then a woman in her 40s IMed us. I opened a video window not knowing it was just a single woman. I was about dismiss her when she typed in asking if we were girlfriends. We both laughed, but then Leslie grabbed the back of my head and laid a long , deep French kiss on me. I went with it and when we turned back, the woman applauded our efforts. She was striking... I remember dark hair with the lightest blue eyes. She typed in that she was glad to see women realize their true path so early in life.

"She then pulled up something and asked if we had one. I leaned closer... it was a dildo! At that time I didn't know much about them. This one was huge, maybe 10 inches long. I leaned forward to get a better look and I felt Leslie's hands move under my shirt. Oh!"

Glen couldn't resist giving her a little buzz. Lauren took a large gulp of her martini and he felt her leg twitch against his. Did she press against his body? Glen decided to play it safe and remained silent.

"I was about to turn to look at Leslie when I saw the woman typing again. She asked if she could play with the toy while watching us." Lauren laughed, a huge smile across her. "She even said please!

"Les reached with her free hand and typed YES! I began to ask her what she was thinking but she cut off all words with a kiss. Like the first, her tongue pressed against mine. I could feel her body, softer than a guys press against me. Her hands were all over me... I felt embarrassed and uncomfortable. But I looked at the screen and saw the delight on that woman's face. She flashed me a smile that sent a shiver of pleasure down my spine."

Lauren took another long pull from her martini. Glen saw her eyes flicker to the remote. Did she want him to press it again? He glanced around the bar. He had almost forgotten the crowd in the bar. He briefly made eye contact with the couple across the table. How much could they hear through the noise?

But Lauren was already continuing on with her story.

"I didn't resist as Les pulled off my shirt. Her lips moved along my neck. I felt teeth gently nibble my skin and it was like raindrops of pleasure. My entire body felt alive. I barely notice as Les pushed me back on the couch. I looked down and saw my friend push up my skirt and practically rip off my underwear. It was like some sort of dream. I looked back at the monitor and saw the woman on her back now, working her toy in and out. But her eyes, those blue eyes, were met my gaze and that is when I felt Les' tongue along my pussy."

Glen pushed the button and Lauren gripped the table.

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