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Ray and Tamia experience the 'second taboo'.

And for once, I wasn't faced with resistance.

"Whatever you say love," you replied, pausing to let me relieve you of those hindrances as well.

My pleasure at your response overrode the shock, so I began to unbutton your favorite black dress shirt, peeling away the barriers between us. I started to nuzzle your neck, placing nipping kisses there as I tugged the undershirt out of your pants. It slid over your head, and our eyes locked just before our lips did, and I made quick work of your sports bra.

"See?" I said in a low voice, breathy from the encounter so far, "It's taking me far longer to undress you than it did you, me," I teased, now unbuckling your pants and moving them past your hips and legs. With a soft thud, they joined the growing pile of clothing on the floor. "There, now we're even," I muttered into your ear, as we were both now only wearing underwear.

'My turn,' I thought, covering your lips, cheeks, neck and collarbone with kisses, licks, and little bites. Slinking down your now quivering body, I breathed cool air over your attentive nipples, flicking them gently with my tongue. And oh your reaction was perfect. A low gasp, then a harsh arch of your back, followed by your hands in my hair encouraged me to continue. I smiled against your skin, before biting them gently, and sucking softly. You very nearly moaned at that, then lightly pushed me back down, reasserting your position as the operative aggressor. I didn't mind, I loved it when you get authoritative with me.

Finding myself on my back, I fidgeted somewhat when you only looked at me for a time.

"It's alright Princess," you said huskily, before finally lowering yourself to me, and letting your hands renew their inquisition of my form.

I could only shiver and press against you, yearning for more contact, for more of you. You kiss me deeply again, and the taste of you lingers as you return to my neck, the little nips a bit harder now. My body bucks at that, and my arms come around you, tossing my head side to side when your mouth claims a nipple, reciprocating what I had done to you. You suck a little harder before switching over to the other breast and giving it the same attention.

I started to grow impatient, wanting and needing more by now, and a free hand of your inches its way down my side, finally reaching my thigh, stroking it up and down, teasing me further. I could feel you smile at my considerable sexual frustration, and at last you started to kiss your way down my torso, pausing just above my now soaked lace and silk panties. My breathing was so labored by then, and you said that my eyes were clouded over for the want of you. I struggled to restrain myself, but lost all self-control when your questing fingers met my sex. I nearly jumped off the bed, but your strong hands kept me grounded.

With both hands you removed my panties, almost reverently, keeping our gazes linked as you did so. Once more, I was going under, falling in love with you all over again. None had ever been so tender or thorough with me, treating me like some thing precious, or their "love" for me so clearly stamped across their face. I guess that's what makes you so special.

You slowly started to massage the aching apex of my sex, and I moaned softly, rocking my hips against you. Agonizingly slowly, you built up speed, friction, and pressure, and I'd have exploded right then and there if not for the fact that we both wanted things to last far longer than that. Showing me no mercy, you kissed my hip as you slid a finger inside of me. My entire body was attuned to everything you were doing at that point, and I was in my own little world until the second joined the first. I was stretched around your fingers, so hesitant and unsure at first, but quickly you gained confidence when I all but screamed your name.

"Do you like that?" you asked me, your voice strained as well, but still managing to taunt me, pushing my mind even as your hands were pushing my body to its limits. However, that's also one of the reasons why I love you so much. Tease.

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