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The King's account of ribald fun.

"And what, exactly, did you see, my love?"

"Well it seemed they were just talking for a while. Until they started kissing and Chance slipped his hand under her dress."

"Fuck," Arnie sighed. He wouldn't soon forget how thick and shapely the girl's legs were and that her satiny skin was completely bare.

"That's not all, Daddy," the blonde grinned coyly. Then she stood up and pulled that tiny, wet bodysuit down over her hips and down her legs. After she stepped out of it she tossed it aside and sat up on the edge of the jacuzzi with her feet planted wide apart on the bench, exposing her smoothly waxed pussy to her father. She kept toying with her nipples with one hand while reaching to her pussy with the other and spread her glistening lips open.

"Our star consultant actually got down on his knees and ate that girl's pussy until she was fucking his face," Alana explained.

Arnie got up and stepped to the other side of the tub, his large, rigid cock standing straight out in front of him. He sat down again between his daughter's beautifully toned, wide open thighs and turned his body to face her sweet, naked pussy head on.

"Like this?" he said, just before pushing his face up to her slit and beginning to kiss and lick her.

"Mmmm, yes, Daddy. Just like that," the gorgeous blonde cooed.

Arnie almost forgot what they were talking about while he worked his daughter's slit to a lather with his lips and tongue. Her juices were flowing sweet and heavy while he lapped at her and soon slid a finger into her hole. The conversation went on hold for the next few minutes while Alana leaned backward onto her hands and arched her pussy forward in offering to her loving father. He lapped and suckled her hot, hard clit while stroking her g spot with his finger at the same time. Knowing his daughter's body as intimately as he did, he knew how hard she was cumming when her inner walls clamped at his stroking finger and Alana uttered the sharp, deep gasps he loved to hear.

Arnie got back up and kissed his daughter while her juices were still fresh on his lips. She never failed to kiss him back hard and deep when he had the taste of her delicious pussy on his mouth. He spent a long time kissing her and feeling the most perfect tits he ever knew. Finally, he broke off the kiss and looked at her hooded eyes.

"Is that all you saw or was there more?" he asked, hoping the answer was yes.

Alana didn't disappoint him. "Oh yes, Father," she said. Then she slipped back down where she was sitting before and curled her hand around his thick cock as he stood in front of her.

"Our shy little Princess Riley sucked her daddy's cock," she added. "And I know I was only watching through binoculars, but that man gave his little girl a mouthful of cum."

Arnie realized that Riley probably still had the taste of her father's cum in her mouth when he was talking to them on their way out. It made him throb harder.

"Someone could've seen them," he said, aroused by the idea of the chance they took. "Except you, I mean."

"Pretty unlikely from where they were up in the old rose garden. But they reminded me of us and I couldn't keep my fingers out of my pussy while I was watching them. Do you remember the first time I sucked your cock, Daddy?"

"I could never forget that, darling. Your high school graduation."

Alana graduated when she was eighteen like the majority of her classmates. Her parents' divorce was still in the works, but wasn't final yet, although she was living with her father. They loved each other intensely and were both excited about her graduation. Before the ceremony, the exuberant pair had snuck off together and locked themselves into a teacher's bathroom at the school where the ceremony was being held. He would never forget the look on her face or what she said the moment she sat on that toilet and unzipped his pants to work his hard, naked cock into the open.

Since I haven't officially graduated, you're about to get a blowjob from a high school girl, she'd said gazing up at his face with a wicked gleam in her

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