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Police Lieutenant Brittany Maxwell's dreams come true.

" She told Derrick.

"Shelby, I want you to keep a link to me, if you have a situation call me. I have worked a few improvements into your system." Derrick told Shelby.

"Yes Derrick I will, please don't be gone long, we have just found each other, now is not the time to get seperated." Shelby informed him.

"Alright Mary we are ready," Derrick told the palace guardian. Within seconds they were standing in a huge room with a throne like chair at one end.

"Welcome home Sire, you are the first to stand in the throne room for over two hundred years. I also wish to welcome the Imperial Mother and Imperial Grandmother." Mary said bowing low to all three of them; Milley O'Toma was of course, loving the attention.

"Mary," Milley stated, "do you have rooms prepared for us?"

"But of course your Ladyship, we have a room for both of you, Uh, your Ladyship are you well Ma'am?" Mary said a concerned look on her face as she looked at a pale Sherry O'Toma.

"I'm not sure, Sherry replied, "this is a little over whelming. The mere fact that I am a royal seems strange enough in its self. I think I need to lie down a bit, can you tell me where my room is I'm sure I can find my wa..."

"Nonsense ma'am," Mary said as a flat transport pulled up next to Sherry. "This will convey you to your room; do you have need of a doctor? I can call one from the city if you wish."

"No, but thank you Mary, I feel I just need to lie down a bit." Sherry told Mary as she sat on the flat surface and it immediately conformed to her shape to make her as comfortable as possible.

"It is my pleasure Imperial Mother, please rest well, shall I call you at any certain time?" Mary asked

"No, if I need anything how do I call you?" Sherry asked.

"You just have to call out and I will hear you I am attuned to all three of you now for anything that you will need. As I said just call." Mary replied as Sherry nodded then was whisked away to her room. Looking at Milley Mary asked, "Does the Imperial Grandmother wish to rest also?"

"No, but I would like to take a tour of this place, if that wouldn't distract you from your duties," Milley told Mary.

"No not at all, it would be a pleasure to guide you through the palace." Mary informed Milley. To which Milley smiled and nodded her head as she started to walk off with the image of Mary.

A moment later another image of Mary appeared. "All is ready for your inspection Sire," Mary said as she bowed low to Derrick. "I have the crown ready for the coronation later today or tomorrow if you wish Sire. I'm afraid that in order to open the palace defense field, you will have to go through this formality. Plus I am sure that it will convince many of the other nobles that haven't pledged yet to sway more to your side."

Derrick was only nodding as he started to look over all the preparations that Mary had done according to the plans that they had discussed earlier. "I see that you've had to replace a few of the bore worms," Derrick commented when he read over that part of the report.

"Yes Sire, when the planned execution was delayed they had to be replaced, after they are taken out of stasis they can only live a few days before they expire without feeding. It is almost impossible to put them back into stasis when they also haven't fed. Luckily as I stated before we have well over one hundred of them. Sire? I need a decision on your coronation, I know you'd rather put it off but I feel it would prove to be advantageous not only to you but for your position with the nobles." Mary touted off.

Derrick nodded as he thought a moment, "Contact rear Admiral Hartwell, I want him and as many of his men present for it." Smiling wide a minute Derrick stated, "Little Joey wanted a chance to see the palace this ought to be a reasonable excuse for him and as many of the crew as he can send."

Mary's eyes went wide a minute, "I will have to go through all of their records before I can allow any of them within the confines of the shield Sire." Sighing Derrick nodded.

"That is everyone except

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