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Kwame repays Lydia for her kindness.

There isn't one honest.

"Do you think you can give me some advice on one your products?" I smile brightly. I indicate the back display room. The smile would fool some, not you.

"Sure" you follow me to the product I was indicating. Raising your eyebrows you question what's going on.

I explain I think something's wrong with him, that I think he's off me.

Quietly the door to the room closes and David begins to speak "that's because he is cheating."

I whirl around to face him anger vibrating through my body taking over my every thought, "you have no idea what I'm talking about so do not fuck with me."

You know you need to diffuse the situation; you know what's going on. You need to change tact.

"Rose" you haven't said it loudly or harshly but the force is there.

I gulp; I have no options but to succumb.

"Yes sir". I lower my eyes; I can't believe you've done this in front of someone you work with.

"Apologise to David."


You step forward and grab my throat and pussy in your strong hands. "You forget your place Rose. Say sorry"

I gasp at your treatment, keeping my eyes lowered "I am sorry David, I am sorry I forgot my place sir it won't happen again."

"Now what to do" your tone has become slightly mischievous now I've apologised. And although you would never admit it, being my master gets you as horny as it makes me wet.

"The shutters are down." As David speaks, I raise my eyes to his crotch (I dare not raise them higher) which has become quite protruded.

You chuckle, "well Rose, how about we use you for your rudeness?" A threesome with another man has never been something which appealed to you but you also know it has held my attention when you've directed me to read stories before.

"How about you show David what good service is, and how nice that pretty mouth can be?"

I took a step towards David and went to go down on my knees, with my hands on his hips. "Ahah, without these, please." You held my hips up and held both my hands behind me.

David undid his pants and lowered them enough so his cock sprang free. It was shorter than yours sir, so I knew I could do as you had taught me easily.

I started by slowly sliding my tongue around his head getting a taste for him. Gliding it along the slit and slowly down the length of him. I circled his balls playfully sucking each one into my mouth as if it were a gobstopper.

Then nibbling back up to suck David's cock all the way into my mouth. I do it shallowly at first. Letting the head of his cock rub over the inside of my cheeks before taking him more deeply.

I'm starting to moan now, starting to feel the wetness building in my pussy. I can feel the dampness soaking into my knickers. I begin to wish, if only you'd move your hand just a few inches down, and you'd feel my need.

As if you read my mind, your free hand idly draws circles up my thighs, getting higher up under my skirt. The circles get smaller as you get closer to my throbbing pussy.

"You're gonna wanna hold her head" I muffled a moan; I love being fucked in the face, more so why does he need to hold my face?

Before I know it my knickers are ripped and your cocks pushing up and in my pussy. In feels fantastic, it's all I can do to keep sucking on David's cock.

Soon I feel your fingers dig into my hips and your thrust become more erratic. They're faster and deeper, your cock is hitting the spot with abandon and I'm not sure I can control myself for long.

David grabs my head and thrusts himself deep into my throat; he manages several deep thrust before he cries out and cums. I moan as I try to swallow it all.

It sets you off with a final deep thrust you dig your fingers into my hips and hold me onto your cock. Burying it deep inside me, you cum.

The mixture of your cum and my juice, oozes down my thighs as I lap up the cum that's trickled down my chin.

I dare look up at David and my sir.

"Very good rose, finish it."

I never took my eyes from yours, but you didn't reprimand me.

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