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Boy gets caught and becomes a slave to his sister and cousin.

The man on her right had his penis out of the zipper of his pants and was bending it and rubbing the head, staring at her thighs and her fur. She raised her leg to allow him a better view; she sat back with one leg bent at the knee, the knee against her chest, half of her ass raised from the couch, her fingers moving in and out, glistening. She smiled and purred as she continued this and the man to her right came after about ten or fifteen pulls. I was hard and was rubbing the outside of my pants. I noticed three or four small wet spots on the front of my pants. I finished my fourth beer and moved to a vacant chair.

I was about five feet from a couch where a petite red head sat with a full-breasted Asian woman and a leggy brunette. The red head was using one of the amenities of the establishment. I studied it the last time I visited the lounge and had since masturbated to the idea of it many times. It was a small oval shaped box. The front of the box had protruding soft rubber pieces that resembled human lips. The lips vibrated at a high speed as they moistened. The object was pushed against the vagina, passed the labia, surrounding the clitoris. The near silent buzz could be heard from my vantagepoint and my cock was free. The red head's pink nipples stood erect, her skin full of goose flesh, as she held the device against herself. She pushed her heals into the cushions and was on her knees, squirming her hips and ass, her navel was small and her tummy was fleshy but flat. Tiny drops of sweat ran down the backs of her thighs into the pits of her knees and her stomach was shiny with sweat. Her gyrations and her perspiration accentuated her curves; I was pulling my foreskin at a steady pace. She continued to hump the machine, turning and rolling on the couch, rubbing against the Asian and the Brunette. The Asian pushed her nipple into the red head's mouth as she sucked and the brunette watched and finger fucked herself. The palm of her hand slapped her pussy as her three fingers rammed in and out in a skin colored blur. Her ass cheeks shook and the insides of her thighs quivered as she reached climax again and again. I was beating myself quickly; my head was becoming raw and my balls were tight and bruised feeling. But I had never been so hard, my cock felt like it belonged to a stranger, it was so tight and thick. I let my cock go and rested; I wasn't ready to finish.

I was offered a blowjob for fifty dollars by one of the waitresses. The waitresses/whores wore thong panties and short shirts that exposed their navels. A few of them were gorgeous and most were ok. This one was a little overweight with a pretty face and huge tits. Her legs were average and her ass was big and round. She was no model but her large breasts and full hips made her seem built for sex. I was rubbing myself again as I listened to her sales pitch and watched the red head and her two friends in the background. The whore's fat tits and ass would feel really good, ten times better than they looked and even better than those hard bodies on the couches. I downed my fifth beer and agreed to pay for her services.

I felt her hot mouth on my cock and I watched the red head going down on the brunette while the Asian girl was on all fours, on the floor in front of the couch, two fingers in her pussy and two others in her ass.

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