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Amy is introduced to the other Alphas.

I marveled at the feel of his silky skin and bulging veins passing along the inside of my mouth and wondered why I had resisted this for so long with Tom. It wasn't long before I felt Pete tense up and his rigid cock began spewing spurt after spurt of hot, sticky cum into my waiting mouth. My body trembled as I had the first orgasm of my life that wasn't triggered by physical contact between my legs.

When I had sucked every drop of sweet nectar from his cock, he stood me up, and without a word, leaned towards me and forced his tongue right into my cum covered mouth. I never felt anything but his kiss as he unbuttoned my blouse and quickly undid the clasp in the front of my bra. The first thing I remember was the warmth of his hands moving across my bare breasts.

"OOOOOOhhhhhhh shit," I gasped as we broke our kiss. He laughed lightly as he laid me on my back on the patio tiles and without any real resistance, pulled my skirt and panties off in one smooth motion.

"Are you ready for this," he asked as he moved his still erect cock towards the opening between my legs.

"Please Pete, we shouldn't," I moaned half heartedly as I felt myself push forward with my hips until I made contact with the head of his cock. I thought about Tom and knew in my heart that it was too late. I was so turned on that my cunt was literally dripping wet and seemed to grab his cock and pull it inside. He easily entered my slick cunt and drove half of the length of his enormous cock into me with one stroke.

"Ooooooooooooohhhhhhhhhh fuck," I cried out as my body began to convulse. I had never had so much cock inside me in my life and he was only half in. He must have been ten inches long and so thick I knew I couldn't hold back. On his next thrust forward, my body exploded in the biggest orgasm of my life. "Ohhhhhh god, I'm cuuuummming, Pete. I'mmmmmmmmmm cuuuuuuuuuummmmmmming," I cried out as my body was consumed with desire.

He leaned forward and once again drove his tongue into my now willing mouth as he continued to work the rest of his cock into me. I couldn't believe this was happening. After being completely faithful to my husband, I was lying here letting his boss, of all people, sink his cock into my hungry hole. By the time he had it all the way in, my body was having one orgasm after the other until it seemed like just one long one.

"Jeeeeze your one hot lady," he said as he began to get into a rhythm and pump his meat into me harder and harder. "Tom sure is one lucky man."

He fucked me like this for what seemed like forever before he unleashed another enormous load of hot cum, this time deep inside my pulsating cunt. It was as though I was his little fuck slave. I spent the entire day there as he took me in every way imaginable. And by the time evening rolled around, I was his completely. I knew I would do whatever he wanted as long as he would satisfy me with his wonderful body. I didn't get home until around five a.m. on Sunday morning and spent the entire day in the pool just playing over and over in my head what had happened to me.

I wasn't surprised when my husband called me that night to say that something had come up and Pete wanted him to continue on to Germany before he headed home to the states. He told me that out of the blue, Pete had promoted him to Vice-President of Marketing and that he would be traveling a bit more than in the past. Imagine that.

At first I felt guilty knowing that the only reason he got promoted was because of my performance the night before, but then the thought of feeling Pete inside of me again took complete control of my mind. I waited to hear from him and by Tuesday morning I was getting a little worried. What if he didn't send my husband to Germany so he could fuck me again. What if..........the phone was ringing.

"Cheri, it's Pete," the voice on the phone said.

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