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Every orgasm brings her closer to infidelity.

As he turned each page, he shared the intricate aspects of each shot.

The shots leaning over the chair really showed off her cleavage. When she looked at the photos with her bra off, she asked, "Did you enjoy the view in the mirror while I was taking off my bra?"

"You knew the mirror was there?"

"That's why I said turn around. I really wanted to strip in front of you and have you photograph me in the nude, but I knew that would be to risky, so I settled for you just seeing these," she said as she opened her robe. He leaned over and kissed each nipple before going on.

When they got to the fully exposed picture she said, "I was thrilled when you told me to roll my shoulders back, because I knew exactly what would happen."

The pictures in the rest of the album were 5" x 5" cropped shots taken from the larger photos. There was one for every view and angle of her face and other parts of her body. One was the section of her thigh that was exposed when she lifted her leg. One was her foot on the chair. Several were of her breasts poking through the white silk blouse. The last page in the book was a round picture of one breast mounted on black velvet.

"What do people say when you show them this album?"

"You are the first person to ever see this album. Part of my dream was that I could some day share it with you."

Tammy started to cry again. She wrapped her arms around Greg and sobbed and sobbed. He had no idea what to say or do, so he just hugged her back until she quit crying.

"Can you tell me why this album made you cry?"

"All of my life I have wanted to be loved. A stray bullet killed my father while he was in a bank during a robbery when I was four years old. In the next two years my mother drank herself to death. I came home from school and found her dead in the living room chair. Over the next 10 years, I was in 7 foster homes. All of them were just taking in children to get money from the state. At 16 I went to a foster home of two wonderful people who had lost their only daughter to cancer. They were personal friends of both Mrs. Blair and the Barkers. They adopted me and made a will leaving everything to me in the event of their deaths. On my 18th birthday, they were both killed by a drunken driver who was driving the wrong way on the expressway."

She started to cry and again and Greg hugged her and more than one tear came from his eyes. "The house I live in now was their home and the money they had saved for their daughter's college education provided for my education."

"Can we look at the pictures again?" The first time she had looked them through the eyes a young boy who had a fantasy, this time she looked at them through the eyes of a man that truly loved her.

Without saying a word, Greg held out his hand and led her to his bedroom. They removed their robes and slept together as two souls who had found each other.

The day finally came. It was show time! Greg drove to the Barker residence for breakfast and final strategy. The Barkers greeted him and asked if he and Tammy enjoyed their flight? He responded by telling them that she was the most wonderful person he had ever met. They looked at each other as though they were silently communicating.

Mrs. Blair came into the room and greeted Greg with a hug and a kiss on the cheek. "How are you and Tammy getting along?" she asked.

"Do I sense that I am in a room of cupids?" They laughed but did not acknowledge his theory.

After they finished breakfast, Attorney Barker went over the strategy for the day. "The papers are all prepared for him to sign and Judge is prepared to meet with us at 3:00 p.m. today. Marsha, you will need to be present when we meet with the judge, but you do not need to face him this morning, unless you choose to." She simply shook her head.

Greg drove Mrs.

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