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Chad again.

I felt honored when one of them would make time for me, and we were just as serious about sex as work."

"I didn't mean to imply anything, I'm a little jealous I guess."

"No need for that, they're history, you are here now. Ready for a refill?"

"I will be real soon."

I filled an ice chest with ice and beer, no real need to make a lot of trips. She didn't seem to need many bathroom trips.

"Oh, thanks. What do you do Kyle?" She was setting up again.

"I'm a machinist in Willcox." I moved my lounge upright too.

"Oh yeah. You make little parts so somebody can put them together to make bigger parts."

"Normally that's true, but I machine parts as big as this porch."

"Wow, are you talking solid parts?"

"No. These are just big and hollow."

"That's still a lot of metal, they are metal aren't they?"

"Cast steel about 50-grand raw, 135-grand out the door."

"Your talking money not pounds right?" She was on another can now.

"Yes, weight-wise they come in at around thirty tons, and leave at about twenty-five."

"So you remove 10,000 pounds of cast steel on each?"

"About that."

"Wow, m' dad's a machinist. He has a few 'chines at home, I used to help him out once 'nd a while."

"Then you know more about it then most people."

"I s'pose."


"Do you drink a lot, Bonnie?"

"No, My ex-friend liked ta though. He thought I had ta be 'alf drunk before he stuck it in me. Maybe he was right."


"So you felt used even before you knew he was married?"

"Yea, I think I knew from ta start, he was married. I just ing... inig... icknord it until he tol me. I gota pee."

I helped her up and watched her navigate into the house. She sat on the couch inside. So I went into see why. She was trying to take her shoes off.

"Why are you trying to take your shoes off just to pee?" I asked.

"Ahh... Oh, so I can git my pantsoff, you'd better do it."

She lay back on the couch, a happy buzz going inside. I took her shoes and socks off and then unbutton her slacks and slid them off.

"You gonna stick it in me now?" She said. Looking at me, a little cross eyed.

"Maybe in a bit, you need to pee don't you?" I said, trying to get her to stand.

"Better wait 'till I shit... sit on the can." She had no balance of her own, fell against me.

"Ok I'll help you in there." I held her one hand around her belly.

"You're a good guy to have 'round. Kina cute too."

I half carried her in, and pulled down her panties for her.

"You gona poke me now?" she asked.

"Not yet, you should pee first." I set her on the seat.

"Ok, take top off then." She said, it was becoming difficult to understand her.

I removed her blouse for her.

"Dis too."

I unhooked her bra and set it with her blouse. Then I got a t-shirt from my drawer.

"Here put this on. It's still a little cool outside." I really didn't need to be watching her boobs bounce.

"'k, where we goin'?"

"Out to the porch, did you pee?"

"Yea, where's m' panties?"

"Around your knees, stand up I'll slide them up for you."

"Aren't you gona poke me?" She asked as I worked the pad and panties up.

"You wanted another beer first, didn't you?"

"That's good idea. Hey, your kina cute."

"That's nice, just lean on me now."

She seemed a little more sober after laying down. I opened a can and handed it to her.

"Thanks Kyle. What were we talking about?"

"You were telling me about your dad's machine shop."

"Oh yeah. I useta make bolts there. I learned to pingl sort... simple poat... pimple speck." She looked at me helplessly.

"Single point?" I offered.

"Yeah! That, I learned to do ona machine. Hey you're kina cute, wana poke me?"

"Sure, in a moment. Here's an other can."

"Oh good, this one's fedective... detective... empty."

"Why didn't you stay with machining as a career?"

"I don' know, dad was pisadointed when I tol hin I wanted t' pech tids." She scrunched her face up trying to figure out what was wrong with what she had said. Shrugged her shoulders and said. "Hey! Yer coot. Poke me?"

She tried to take her panties down.

"Its ok

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