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Jack kidnaps Clara and takes what he wants from her.

When she began to tire, he took her weight in his strong hands and rapidly slammed up into her body, working her tight pussy up and down on his shaft with extreme force. She gasped and screamed while the vibrations caused her pussy to repeatedly clench with the most amazing climax she'd ever experienced.

The man groaned as he came inside her, the clenching milking every drop from him until his seed spilled out over their thighs. "Fuck!" he gasped, rolling over so she was beneath him on the couch. "Let's take this to the kitchen. I'll make us refreshments and then fuck you on the counter."

"After that orgasm, I'll do anything you want," she said, pulling him in for an exuberant kiss. She bit his lower lip and tugged it as she wrapped her legs around his hips. "You know those enhancements you mentioned? Well, I'm a big fan. In fact, this just might be love."

"So long as the batteries last?" Damien chuckled as he lifted her easily off the couch, still impaling her as he carried her into the kitchen.

His comment brought to mind her little pink vibrator. She really needed a new one, because the batteries wore out on that thing way too fast. However, if it weren't for that, her son wouldn't have bought the new game controller that brought her to Damien. She'd love to bring him home with her and toss out that vibrator for good.

Chapter 3

He placed her ass on a step stool that put her mouth at the level of his cock. Jane admired the view as he helped himself to an energy bar as her pussy throbbed with aftershocks of pleasure from her recent orgasms.

She hadn't been with anyone except her husband for years, and Damien was almost a sensory overload. The man took her breath away. He oozed manly perfection and she'd always been a sucker for that.

"Bioelectrical charges power the metal parts, another hour of that and I'll be dead," he cheerfully explained.

"Really? Bioelectrical charges? Um...I'm not from around here. What are those?" she asked, looking up at him while thinking he was the most handsome man she'd ever seen.

"The body produces minor electrical currents every time you move. These parts store them during quiet times and use them later for action. If I do too much then it'll drain me dry until I'm almost paralyzed," he explained, reaching down to caress Jane's soft hair. "Eating high sugar foods helps if I can't get the official brand and I'd hate to collapse on you."

Jane tried to focus on what he'd just told her, but was having a difficult time with his amazing cock glistening in front of her mouth; wet with their cum. How had he gotten it to vibrate like that? she wondered, biting her lower lip.

She'd only been there a short time but there was a serious chemistry between them. Even though she wanted no-strings-attached sex, she knew it would be easy to fall for him. She felt an instant attraction to him and she tried to dial that back because she didn't want to get emotionally involved so soon after her marriage ended.

He poured two glasses of whiskey and Jane tilted her head curiously as he added chilled metal cubes to each. She was amazed at the strange world he lived in, where they could rebuild a human body and even parts of the brain.

He snapped her out of her thoughts as he moved forward. His thick cock was at her lips. "Open your mouth then and clean me off. Actually, I never did get your name. I'm Damien." He grinned down at her as he pushed his wet cock against her full lips, smearing their combined juices across them.

Clean him off? She'd blinked up at him in surprise. Jane hadn't ever heard of such a thing, and the way he demanded it kind of excited her. She'd fantasized about being dominated, down on her knees in front of a man practically forever, but hadn't ever imagined that her mouth would be used for cleaning off after sex. She considered refusing to see what he'd do.

"Can I have a sip of that first?" she asked.

He held the whiskey to her lips, tilting it. She took a swig, and swished it around her mouth, wondering how the liquid would feel on his cock.


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