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Life in the doghouse

She was running her hands through my hair as she plunged her tongue into my mouth. It was the best kiss I ever had. I was getting wet, I couldn't stop kissing her.

Lindsay walked out onto the field and noticed us going at each other. By the time he walked over to us I had started rubbing on her pussy through her panties. She was soaked. I moved her panties aside and slowly moved two of my fingers inside her. She moaned lightly. Lindsay said, "Hey! Save some of that for me!"

He took our hands and we came down onto the football field. He had a key in his hand and we followed him down a hallway. It lead us to the coaches room. Lindsay unlocked it.

Inside was a couch, desk and some chairs. He walked over to the couch and pulled it open into the bed. He told us to get on the bed. As I started walking toward it he slapped my ass.

I started undressing Laurie, she had such a beautiful petite little body. I on the other hand had small boobs, but Lindsay says I have the perfect ass though. She had a nice ass, and surprising great tits.

Lindsay and I just looked at her for a moment. He took off all my clothes and told me to get on the bed with Laurie.

We were on our knees as we started kissing again. She grabbed me by my short brown hair as she thrust her tongue into my mouth. I cupped her breasts in one hands and I again started out for her juicy mound. I noticed she was shaved completely, like me. I dove my fingers inside her as she ran her hands through her hair. I wanted to lick every bit of it. Her hips started moving back and forth begging for more.

I laid Laurie down and started sucking on her breasts. I had my ass straight up in the air so Lindsay could fuck me. I moved down to Laurie's sweet, little pussy. As I licked her clit I could feel her body tingle. I fingered her while my tongue played with her clit.

Lindsay stayed back and watched us. Although I wanted him to fuck me, he made me wait. My pussy was soaked.

I moved my tongue down to her hole and drove it inside her. She moaned loudly. I looked back at Lindsay and he was stroking his cock, damn that turns me on. I went back to licking her shaved, tight, little pussy. I felt her orgasm on my tongue as she moaned louder. My hands were rubbing her body as I felt her quiver.

She looked up at me and said, "I want to taste you." I eagerly got up and rolled over on my back to the other side of the bed with my legs spread wide open.

She started out for my pussy, with Lindsay watching our every move. Laurie went to work on my clit. It was amazing. I have never had a bi-sexual thought in my body before but now I knew why women did this. It was amazing. She was sucking on my clit and driving her fingers into me at the same time. I was almost screaming with pleasure. My body was trembling as I pulled her head towards my pussy. I could feel the orgasm building up, I almost couldn't stand it. I started moving my hips back and forth as Laurie drove her tongue into my throbbing pussy. I came like I had never come before, it was dripping out of my pussy and rolling down to the crack of my ass.

I grabbed Laurie and started fingering her. With that Lindsay couldn't take it any longer. He thrust his huge cock inside me and started pounding my pussy. It was hard for me to concentrate on Laurie while I was being fucked so hard. But all of us were being pleased. Moans and screams coming from everyone, I loved it.

Lindsay decided he wanted to fuck Laurie now. As he had made out with her once but didn't know what she was like in bed. But from this experience he figured she was wild.

I started kissing her breasts. Then Lindsay rolled her over and started pounding away. I actually like watching her little body being jolted back and forth by Lindsay's huge cock. I couldn't help but to start playing with myself as I stared at them. After a few minutes of watching her get fucked, Lindsay looked over at me. He wanted me blindfolded so I had to imagine what was going on. He passed me a scarf and I tied it at the back of my head.

Listening to Laurie's moans

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