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She allowed herself a small smile.

Heavy breaths flowed in and out of trapped mouths. They pulled each other closer, and their chests contacted. Uniform covered breasts rubbed and pressed against each other.

Wendy pulled away with her body, still managing to maintain her kissing contact with Pris. She quickly undid the buttons of her uniform jacket and shrugged out of it. Reaching forward she unfastened Pris' jacket as well, and Pris shrugged her shoulders, assisting Wendy's eager hands in pulling off the confining jacket. She then felt Wendy's nimble fingers undoing the small buttons of the light blouse she wore. Pris reached forward and did the same with Wendy's buttons.

Lips still locked together, both women pulled their blouses off and tossed them haphazardly aside. Wendy pressed her body forward and her ample breasts, still confined in her bra, pressed against Pris' own.

Casting an eye downward, Pris saw their cleavage heavy breasts mashed together and felt Wendy's silky bra sliding over her own. Priscilla's nipples started to rouse from the contact, and strained against the cups of her bra.

Wendy's hands found their way to the other woman's taut abdomen, reveling in the soft warm flesh she felt in her palms. Wendy slowed down the passioned frenzy of her kissing, and forced their bodies apart with a light pressing on Pris' shoulders. Keeping her eyes fixed on Pris' own, she reached behind the other woman and deftly released the clasps on Pris' bra. Pris held still while Wendy pulled the lacy red material from her body, freeing her heavy breasts. Pris rolled her shoulders back unconsciously, causing her breasts to rise and swim higher into Wendy's view.

Wendy brought her hands forward and cupped those breasts. She savored the view of the dark areola and the large nipples they surrounded. Lowering her head she planted a kiss on one of the inviting nubs. Pris let out a gasp of pleasure at the contact.

Wendy pressed her body forward and Pris reclined back on the couch. Wendy oozed over the other woman's supine form and continued to caress and kiss Pris' breasts. Pris' eyes locked onto the view of blonde curls falling forward and bobbing gently as Wendy kissed and sucked on first one nipple than the other. Pris' nipples were now hard and standing erect from the top of her generous mounds. Wendy flicked a forefinger over whatever nipple wasn't being teased by her lips.

Pris arched her back with the increasing pleasure. Wendy looked up and locked eyes with Pris. She ran out her long pink tongue and lapped openly across one dark nipple. Pris gasped at the vision and the feeling. Her hands found their way to Wendy's back and sought out the bra clasps there. Deftly she released them and Wendy rose up slightly and cupped her own breasts, allowing the bra straps to fall forward. She taunted Priscilla with her cradled breasts, jiggling them seductively with a smile on her lips.

Pris reached forward and caught a lose strap dangling on Wendy's arm. She tugged on the material and Wendy finally let the bra slip fully off her heavy pert breasts.

Pris took in the sight of Wendy's full bosom. Her breasts were about the same size as Pris own, though shaped more round to Pris' teardrop. Pris reached up and flicked a finger over one of Wendy's soft pink nipples. Instantly the nipple sprang erect and Wendy shivered in delight. Pris filed away the fact that Wendy's nips were extremely sensitive.

Wendy lowered herself back over Pris' prone form and planted a firm kiss on the other's lips once again. Two pairs of naked breasts pressed together. Cleavage meshed and the warmth of bare skin flowed between the women.

Pris wrapped one of her long legs around the backside of Wendy's own as they kissed.

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