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Steven takes his sister to Field Hockey tryouts.

Although Gerald and Marcy remained cordial, neither could resist making occasional snide comments about the other's chances (or, more appropriately, lack thereof) of winning. Each was excited, eagerly anticipating the next day's proceedings.

One never can tell what a little rivalry might inspire. That night, despite their competitive natures -- or perhaps because of them -- Marcy and Gerald enjoyed some of the most impassioned lovemaking they had ever experienced. In the warmth of afterglow, they fell asleep, Marcy cradled in Gerald's arms.

The next morning, they awoke to the sound of birds, and Marcy opened the window shade to let in the sunlight. Gerald pointed out a red-winged blackbird, much to Marcy's delight, and they watched it while kissing and snuggling like high-school sweethearts. After a small but satisfying breakfast, Gerald smiled wickedly at Marcy and proclaimed, "Let the games begin!"

Still nude (both avid naturists, they seldom bothered to put on clothes when in or near the cabin) Gerald and Marcy took their respective places. "You go first, Gerry," said Marcy, smiling sweetly.

Gerald took hold of his cock, cleared his throat for dramatic effect, and aimed carefully. His urine stream arced upward, sparkling in the sunlight, and landed about a foot shy of the tree. With Marcy's approval, he marked the spot with a tent stake.

"Not bad," Marcy admitted, "but now it's my turn, and I'll show you how it's done." With that, she thrust her pelvis forward, held her labia apart, and concentrated. Her glistening stream soon burst forth, arcing upward like Gerald's, and splashed against the tent stake Gerald had just planted.

"Pretty impressive," said Gerald, "and a tie it is! You recall our agreement?"

Marcy nodded.

"Good," said Gerald. "Now, ladies first. What's your fantasy?"

Marcy thought for a moment. "I'd like for you to tie me up. I want you to pleasure me until I can't stand any more. And your fantasy, love?" As if she didn't know.

Gerald didn't hesitate. "I'd like for us to pee on each other."

"O.K., fair enough," said Marcy, smiling shyly. "I suggest that we fulfill your fantasy first, shower off, and then fulfill mine."

"Deal," said Gerald. He took Marcy's hand and led her back inside the cabin and over to its oversized tub. "Ladies first," he insisted as he slowly lowered his body into the empty tub. As Gerald lay on his back, he beckoned to Marcy, directing her to straddle him. She did so, positioning herself so that her pussy was just grazing his cock. "Now do it," he whispered hoarsely. "Pee on me."

It took a while, as Marcy was not used to peeing upon demand, but soon a trickle emerged, then a stream. Gerald sighed with delight as he felt her urine tickle his cock. "You're marking me, darling. I'm yours." His words gave Marcy a thrill. She enjoyed the sensation of being in control, being able to stop or start the flow, but she enjoyed Gerald's pleasure most of all.

After Marcy's stream was spent, she smiled, leaned forward, and gave Gerald a long and loving kiss. "Your turn, love," she said, standing up to let him get out from under her.

Marcy helped Gerald to his feet. "Lie down, Marcy," commanded Gerald, and she complied. He stood above her and aimed his cock at her pussy. As the first drop hit her twat, Marcy tensed, then relaxed as she felt the impact of Gerald's full stream rain down upon her. "He's marking me", she thought, "and showing me I'm his." The thought of this turned her on. "I'm yours, Gerry," she murmured, "all yours."

When Gerald had finished, he helped Marcy to her feet, and they shared a lingering kiss before showering off. In the shower, they took turns washing each other, allowing their hands to remain in each other's erogenous zones considerably longer than the need for cleanliness would justify. In fact, that shower was not doing anything to purify their minds.

After the shower, Gerald dried off quickly and left Marcy to fix

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