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As we drove, I tried to steer the conversation in any direction except what had happened last night.

My dick was still at half-mast from her little show and I didn't want to drive with a hard-on all day.

"What did your Mom want?" I asked.

"She wanted to know if you'd fucked me yet."

"Stop kidding."

"Dude, everyone knows you're just like your dad."

"What do you mean?"

"No s__ ... no es importante," she waved off my question.

Before I could ask again, she leaned against me and teasingly squeezed my cock through my sweatpants.

"And everyone knows you were fucking Tabby the whole time she was pregnant."

My breath caught in my chest.

"Pussy is pussy, right?" she teased.

"WHAT?" I shouted.

"Even if it is your own sister."

"That's insane!" I said more calmly.

"Like shooting cum all over your cousin's face and tits?"

That was it - my dick jumped to life in her hand like an adoring puppy and she squeezed it gently.

"You're going to have to do something about that," I said.

"We'll see," she squeezed it again.


She suddenly let go, pushed the seat back and put her feet up on the dashboard. Her ankle bracelet glinted in the desert sunlight around her thin golden ankle.

"I want to see you take care of it," she nodded towards my bulge.

"I'm driving."


"You wanna get to Vegas tonight or not?"

"Oh well, then you'll just have to wait until you see Tabby, I guess," she giggled.

I freed my cock and stroked it as I drove.

She leaned forward and put her head on my shoulder so I could see her beautiful tits down the top of her shirt. She slid her fingers between her legs and rubbed her knees together. At least she was helping out in her own little way.

"Cum for 'The Girls', Jaime," she moaned in my ear.

She watched me relieve myself all over my leg and then sat back in the seat putting on a pair of rose-tinted sunglasses my pot-head roommate must have left.

"Feel better now?" she asked.

She must have gone through my car while I was sleeping.

"Not really," I replied.


We weren't going to make it until the morning so we stopped at a decent hotel this time.

Ginny ordered room-service while I cleaned up in the bathroom.

"So, you're getting breakfast, right?" I asked as we polished off the last of the overpriced hamburgers that she'd laid out across the bed.

"Yeah, right," she laughed.

I flicked a fry off of the cheap comforter at her: "You gotta come up with some ass, grass, or cash 'cause nobody rides for free."

She laughed again and rolled off the bed and out of sight. I heard her going through her bags for a minute. When she came back up from behind the bed she had a fat joint in her mouth and was sporting the rosy sunglasses.

"Man, I'm glad you found that shit before some traffic cop did," I said. I hadn't known it was in my car.

"Good enough?" She pulled the wife beater off and artfully laid her sexy tits on the edge of the bed. "I got two out of three."

"Deal." I said and tossed her a pack of matches from an unused ashtray on the bed-stand.


The shower was already getting cold but neither of us cared.

We'd spent the last half-hour soaping each other up and now she sat on my hands as I held her in the air by her sexy brown ass.

She was light enough for me to hold without trouble but she clung to me with her arms locked around my neck anyway.

I pressed her hard against the tile for balance and rotated my torso against her so that her dark soapy nipples moved in tiny circles against my chest. She sucked and nibbled on my neck and ear. Her hot breath sending shivers down my spine.

I held her so that the head of my dick made small circles barely inside her creamy entrance. I wanted to just fuck her but I also wanted to make the sensation last as long as I possibly could.

She started to squirm impatiently as I rotated my hips.

"Stop teasing me, Fucker!"

She wrapped her legs around my back and thrust

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