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Hannah has fun finding things.

She wants to rule with Marie as her puppet. Teresa can't use all the spells herself so she wants to enslave Marie and make her little more than a tool. That has to be done before Marie falls in love with a man. Once Marie knows love Teresa can't override that and her plot will fail. OK so far?"

"We have read the script, April," comments Chloe. "Get on with it, please."

"I'll try. Teresa has some magical powers.

One. She has built a magical hedge barrier around the retreat. That barrier is impassable by man, woman or child but has one flaw. An adult male who is child sized can get through it.

Two. She has a magical potion that makes whoever inhales it obey the person who has administered a mist or spray in the face. That potion is cumulative. Each application lasts longer and eventually becomes permanent but that would take longer than the planned weekend. It can be reversed by a kiss on the lips from a person of the opposite sex. The commands given to somebody under the influence of the potion can be either explicit and known or can be like a instruction under hypnosis where the subject doesn't consciously know the command has been given. Teresa has commanded all of us not to let a man approach our faces. If an adult male dwarf penetrates the barrier we are told to capture him under our skirts, to hold him between our legs, and wait until someone else can take a message to Teresa. That is why we wear full long skirts. She could not risk us trying to tie the intruder up because in the struggle our faces may be vulnerable.

Three. Teresa has accomplices, Emma and Julia, who will aid her once she is the power behind the throne. She sprays them as well, but her instructions to them are to watch Marie carefully for signs of rebellion. If they see any they are to spray Marie at once and send for help. Three. Teresa has made the area inside the barrier a different time zone. Outside it appears as if the ladies are away for a long weekend. Inside time is passing in weeks and months. At the end of Teresa's plots, she will emerge with a controlled Marie after an apparent couple of days.

That is the situation just after the prologue. Marie is sitting on a bench in the open air close to the hedge barrier, reading her mother's book of spells when she hears Prince Alan crawling through the hedge. She rises, bends down and peers into the hedge and sees the top of Alan's head. She looks around for help but there is no one. She can see a hole in the hedge where Alan will come out. She lies down placing her feet either side of the hole. Her skirt forms a tunnel into which Alan crawls.

Ready, Alan and Marie?"

"Not yet, April," I say. "I haven't got my hoop petticoat on."

I struggle to heave the petticoat up under my skirt, then lie down. Alan crawls across the floor looking embarrassed. He crawls into my skirt. I roll over, wrapping the skirt around him. I look at the script lying on the floor beside me.

"Help!" I shout. "Anyone there? I've caught a man."

The rest giggle nervously. This script is unbelievable.

"What are you doing?" cries a muffled Alan. "Let me out!"

I scissor my legs around him making a production of our struggle. Alan's head tents my skirt. I push the bulge down with a hand.

"Shut up!" I say.

Alan's head wiggles.

"What are you doing? What... Oh! That's nice! Oh! Oh!"

I move sensuously on the floor. Then I sit up suddenly.

"The bitch! That bitch Teresa!" I shout. "I'll get her for this! She isn't going to control me!"

Alan wriggles frantically.

"Sorry," I say. "I'll let you out."

I lift my skirt to my knees. Alan backs out and emerges red-faced.

"What was that for?" he asks.

April stops us.

"Skip the explanations. I've already done that. Go to Emma's entrance."

"OK," I say. "Someone's coming. Prince Alan, get under my skirt, please. Quickly."

Alan burrows under my skirt. I wrap it around him hiding him completely.

"Emma! Thank goodness you've come. I've caught a dwarf creeping through the hedge."

"You have?" says Emma, moving her hand to her skirt pocket.

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