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Finn makes a decision.

I found her tongue piercing undeniably erotic. I had never kissed a woman with one before and that added to the sensation considerably. Add that to the fact that Noreen was a beautiful young girl and you may better understand my feeling of the moment.

My hand went to her pajama clad crotch as the kiss ended. I hadn't forgotten she'd given me permission to feel her 'wet spot.'

I was rubbing her crotch when the kiss ended.

Noreen whispered, "Mmmm, you have the sweetest tasting mouth ... I didn't think..."

"Mouthwash," I replied, making her laugh. She didn't mention my hand which was still rubbing her pussy through the pajama bottoms.

"I'm wearing a thong," she hissed when I increased the pressure on her genitals.

"I need to touch you," I croaked in her ear.

"Yeah," she answered, giving me the green light I needed from her.

We shared another long kiss, and while it went on, I slowly eased her pajamas down and slipped a hand inside her thong.

"Oh, Jesus!" she moaned when I actually touched her pussy.

I could smell the musk of her pussy as it began to permeate the air around us.

"Step out of the PJ's baby; I don't want you tripping over them."

She giggled and did as I asked, being careful about it.

I turned her around, so as to get a clear look at the welts on her ass.

"Ohh, somebody's been a bad girl," I said gently.

"Not really," she answered.

"Want to tell me about it?"

"After we do it, maybe, but I need you in me!"

"Lose the top," I said.

"Not now, later... maybe."

"Have it your way, Noreen. Want it in the pool or on the lounge chair?"

"Um, the pool. We can stand up, right?"

"We can do it anyway you want it."

I couldn't believe I was about to fuck this young thing so easily. Visions of her masturbating the night before danced before my eyes. I was harder than Chinese algebra.

I hopped into the lower end of the pool and had her sit on the edge. I moved the thong to the side, spread her legs further apart and leaned in to lick her twat.

"God... my God!" she moaned, revealing that it was likely she did believe in the Almighty after all. I paused to take a look at the scratches around her pussy from this vantage point. Someone had taken their time to mutilate her this way, and I intended to find out who that was and to make some form of similar payback.

"Don't stop that... it's too good to stop!"

I gave her the deluxe treatment and had her coming within a minute.

"Jesus! Jesus! Jesus!" she moaned as I tongue lashed her clit and used three fingers to stir her juices, turning them into a frothy cream.

I allowed a moment to calm down, and then pulled her into the pool and onto my throbbing dick.

"Oh my god!"

"Is it a good fit?" I asked kiddingly.

"Perfect! I love your cock!"

"Only the head is in at the moment," I told her.

"Gimme more!" she growled.

I did. I gave it all to her, slamming it into her as we stood toe to toe. Well that's an exaggeration. She had her legs wrapped around my waist, so we weren't actually toe to toe, but you get my meaning ... I hope.

"You on the pill?"

"No, I take the morning after thingy."

"Be sure you do."

"I will."

"Promise me you'll take it!"

"I promise I promise! Now give it to me!"

I did, and felt my loins begin to spasm. "I'm coming! Come with me!" I groaned.

"Yeah, baby, yeah!" she yelled.

My whole body had this unbelievably delightful outburst and my sperm roared out of me.

I knew she'd had a huge cum too, and as my flaccid cock slipped out of her my sperm could be seen leaving her cunt and floating slowly to the surface of the pool.

Her hand found my flagging dick and squeezed the reminder of jizm out of it.

To my amazement, Noreen scooped up a fragment of the floating jizm and brought it to her mouth.

"Um, yummy," she cooed.

"Let's go to my room and fuck lying down."

"Great, let me grab some dry clothes on the way," I replied, and we set off for Noreen's room, her bare-assed and me in my trunks with my flagging dick safely tucked away from view.


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