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Pete finds a new friend.

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"Because the dumb ass won't know that he's helping us," smirked Danny. "He'll think that this is his big chance to get back at you. We just need a few things. And get your lawyer ready because when this happens, we'll need to move quickly."

Over the next few days I got a lawyer. I only told her that I was sure that my wife was cheating on me "AGAIN."

The woman was supposed to be a real ball breaker when it came to divorces. Finding out that Belinda had cheated on me once before and I'd forgiven her and taken her back went a long way towards getting her on my side. She was sure that we'd be able to sway the court as well. From the way she was talking, I was sure that Belinda would be living with her mother in the senior citizens home when this was all done.

I also had to buy several new video cameras and bugs for our house and Belinda's cell phone. I also got hand held cameras for whoever was doing the surveillance. It would probably be Ray, because Danny was working on Hank.

He convinced Hank that I was still a smug SOB and that I still had that smug quarterback stick up my ass. They met at a bar a few times and that was all it took to get Hank to go after Belinda as some kind of revenge against me. I should point out that Hank had a wife and two kids that he'd brought to town with him and he was currently unemployed. That same "Me above all else" attitude that had ruined his place on the team, had gotten him fired from so many jobs, that he had to move back home.

Hank was also convinced that his loss of confidence stemming from his injury and failure to make it into the pro football ranks had ruined his career. So he blamed me for him getting fired all of those times too. In fact, every fucked up dream and failure over his entire life was all tracked back to me. He even blamed me for things that happened to him before we met. I was the bane of his fucking existence and had never known it. Well, after this was over, I'd have to find a way to let him know that I had fucked him over yet again.

According to Danny, things were going well with Hank. We did have a few little bugs to work out but they were nothing that a little bit of money and thought couldn't overcome. The first was the fact that we had to somehow transform an unemployed and generally shitty looking Hank into someone that might be able to get into Belinda's pants. Since Belinda still saw herself as a young gorgeous cheerleader whose shit didn't stink; fat, balding, married, out of work Hank was someone she'd take one look at and run in the opposite direction.

The obvious and only answer to the situation would be to buy Hank a suit or two and give him some money to spend on Belinda. Then, of course, he'd probably be curious about where the money came from and why someone was willing to go that far.

We got Danny's wife, Annie on board. Annie agreed to help us because "A" she thought the idea was a hoot. "B" she really wanted to move to Florida. And "C" she hated the shit out of Belinda. Annie had gone to college with us and still remembered Belinda's shitty attitude towards anyone she didn't consider worthy to be in her presence. Annie at the time had simply been a hard working nursing student. Since she wasn't a cheerleader or a prom queen candidate, she was beneath Belinda's notice.

The cool thing about that final meeting was that Ray and I got to sit in the bar with hats and disguises on. Danny called me just before Hank sat down and left his cell phone connected to mine so Ray and I could hear the entire conversation.

"Hey, Danny," he said, as he sat down nervously. "I had some questions, but uhm I see you have company."

Annie started playing her part then. She stood up and looked at Hank and started shaking her head. "We're going to need to buy him some clothes and get him a haircut," she said. Both of those facts were obvious. Then she really started to lay it on thick. "He's still an amazingly cute guy, even after all of these years," she said.

"That bitch is crazy," whispered Ray next to me.

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