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The action shifts back to Liam and Matt at the resort.

I enjoyed just hanging out. It was a perfect night, beside the dinner and the car issue.

"I've got a bottle of wine there in the cooler. Can I offer you a drink?"

I considered this but said, "I should head home Angelica."

We walked the short distance to the house holding each other to avoid a fall. She went up to bed via the rear stair, "Jenn will see you out dear, Goodnight."

Finding Jenn in the Kitchen she said, "Thomas is available to drive you home Miss Sara."

Thomas brought the BMW around and took me home but stopped along side the Audi. He suggested that he would confirm the belt as suggested by Joe.

"Yep, the belt's gone. What year is the Audi?"

As we continued toward town we spoke about the neighborhood where I lived and as we pulled into my drive he said, "My Mistress is very keen on you Miss Sara."

He refers to Angelica as Mistress, but so did Jenn.

"Well I think she's lovely. I'll try and get a mechanic back there tomorrow before Noon to get the Audi running OK?"

Cora watched Angelica from the bedroom window. This young 'girl' was surprising. She'd believed Angelica previously when they had reviewed this Sara. There was no tell, nothing to indicate that she had been born a boy. Even up close her skin was smooth and her neck feminine.

Cora considered how Angelica was going about the seduction as discussed. Maybe a little too slowly but then Sara seemed more alert than Angelica had initially implied. The other two dykes couldn't be her lovers.

As Angelica entered the room she saw Cora at the window.

Her Mistress was smiling as she said, "I'm not certain the 'girl' can be brought to her knees dear. Lest by you. May I suggest, "

"No, you are to stay clear of her. I need her as a friend, maybe more than I need to prove something to you."

Cora moved toward the bed, "Sara is more beautiful than I thought." She caressed her lover's bottom.

"You're very wet my little pussy."

Sunday morning I looked out and the Audi was in the drive!

There was a note with the keys in my mailbox. "A small present from Mistress Angelica"

The note was in a feminine hand. Maybe it was Jenn's note, and she just considers Angelica her boss and therefore her mistress.

At least this 'gift' freed up my Sunday. Maybe I could get some shopping in later. I stayed undressed and read the paper on the sofa in my robe and slippers. Needing to pee I was distracted when I walked to the bath and saw my medium plug and the lube. After completing the cleansing I settled the medium plug in my tight opening and sat down to research the concept of 'lesbian submission' on the web.

Earlier in the week I'd found that there were many different types of submissive women. I just couldn't get excited about some of the acts shown. Did they willingly commit to spanking? It sure looked as such. All of the pain and torture stuff was also not in my imagination but the subtle control and protection was a different matter. Some of the dome - sub relationships discussed on-line sounded very positive.

Most surprising to me was the strong use of fake phallus and even anal penetration. Maybe I had come far with my dressing in these two weeks but seeing women who clearly enjoyed cock but only if it was attached to a girl was exciting. This to me seemed to be the best of both sexes. Though I was far from prepared to initiate a relationship.

I still hadn't even seen the doctor to confirm how or if I should consider using hormones or plan for breast implants. Once I had attached my full C forms I was sure I wanted my breasts to be a good medium in size. I had seen a French porn movie earlier in the week. The actress Claire's boobs were the perfect size. I snapped a picture to show my doctor on Tuesday. Now I needed to stay focus until my appointment, and relax today. I sent a text to Cheryl at Nordstrom.

Moving to the closet to dress I pulled out the toys, and the larger plug. I was excited just holding this thing after my lesbian research. There were a lot of women with plugged asses!

I sat on the bed and rolled to my side an

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