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She remembers the first time she saw him.

He said: "the uniform is ready. In the bedroom you'll take if you spend night here. It is at your size, I am sure of it. It'll fit you perfectly." He had enphasized "size" and "perfectly".

Skye went to the bedroom and saw it... It was a maid's uniform. It was black, with a short skirt... Skye thought at first it would otherwise be discreet, but putting it on she saw it looked more like something out of a porno than a proper uniform. The cleavage was deep and showed her boobs to the nipples, her arms were left bare, so were her legs and had she bent down she would show her ample bottom. She was shocked, angry at Rufus, yet her pussy started clenching when she saw herself in the mirror. Could this curvy woman be her? Could she be so wanton, so slutty looking? How long would Rufus wait until he would make a move at her? Would she say no? Would she be able to resist? He was strong, hairy and already her mind wondered how he would feel against her...

When Skye served the lasagne, she didn't say a word about her slutty uniform. Rufus didn't say a word either, no compliment, no lewd comment. He behaved like a gentleman, except for his wandering eyes, that sent eletric shocks in Skye's body, from her nipples that were hardening to her pussy...

She ate with him. But she barely touched her food.

"You should eat, take care of your body, those curves need tending", Rufus said evenly, and again she felt her pussy clenching.

His detached attitude was driving her wild. She surprised herself showing as much boobs as she could, licking her lips suggestively, at some point moaning with delight at the food, suggestively. She saw what had come into her: Rufus had, with only his eyes, voice and one order, turned her into a wanton slut. Many men had wanted her, but this real man had made her want him.She was lost, could not believe it. He was far from handsome, but he had something raw and bestial in him. Manly. After the meal, he asked her to go to the living room with him.

Skye followed Rufus in the living room. He sat on the sofa, relaxing. She was standing, her nipples hard, finding difficult to take his gaze.

"So what's for dessert?" asked Rufus, staring at her large boobs.

She mumbled something about not having prepared anything in particular... Rufus got up. He placed his hands on her big tits, massaged them. Skye moaned. Rufus caresses became rougher, sending her waves of pleasures... He had pushed his waist against her, his strong cock rubbing against her pussy. She could feel his hardness.

"So what's for dessert?" asked again Rufus.

"Me" said Skye.

"You want to offer me your body? Why?"

Then Skye admitted in one long moan: "Because I'm a slut. I'm your slut Rufus."

Rufus kissed her again as she admitted that. His hands went from her tits to her panties. He slipped them down, cupping her large bottom in his hands, pulling her closer to him. The friction of her now bare pussy against his erect tool was driving her mad. Skye was dripping like a fountain. She unbuttoned his shirt, revealing his hairy chest. "Rub your big tits against me slut". Skye obeyed, again she felt electric shocks of pleasure feeling Rufus large, beastly body. He finally took off his pants. His big cock was surrounded by ginger hair. He didn't have to give her order. Skye wrapped the big cock around her big boobs, started to give him a tit fuck. Rufus pinched her nipples as she was doing so. She kissed the tip of his cock, gently at first, then hungrily, to finally take in her wanting mouth the hot meat. Her lover, her boss, her master she thought. A cock, hard, delicious, skilled, hot, it was ready for her, taking possession of her mouth, soon it would fuck her and she would belong to this man.

Skye had never felt it like that.

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