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Why I'm the luckiest son of a bitch in the world.

Before you know it you are furiously fucking yourself with your toy, and telling me every inch of detail about it. I groan first as I come, and you are not far behind. Both panting somewhat, you let your hand fall from you and the toy drops to the bed. Silence comes between us, and is only broken when I suggest

"Should we stay here all night? I'm sure I can go again soon, and no doubt you could go right now!"

You laugh and deny me this, saying that you have not come all this way to sit masturbating on the phone to me. That can be done anytime (although we have never done it before), and you want to see me. I agree and put the phone down to get ready, and you lie there staring at the ceiling.

Eventually you stand up, your head twirling slightly. You get dressed and head down to the bar, spotting me sat nonchalantly at a table, ignoring everything around me but you. I smile and you blush slightly, wondering if you look as flustered as I do.

The night passes by with little mention of the previous events, and we both drink a fair bit of wine.

Slowly the talk turns back to filth, and you want to go back to your room to masturbate again. Thoughts of me being here don't help this, and part of you wants me to come and join in.

Eventually last orders are called and we both decide to call it a night. Your head is swirling with thoughts, and before you know it you have invited me to your room for a night-cap.

No sooner than we are through the door our bodies meet, your lips finding mine hungrily and you kiss me passionately. Your body screams for me to touch you and please you, but your mind restrains itself so far. After what seems like an age kissing, you tell me to sit down and pour us both a drink as you go and "freshen up".

Your mind averts back to the present, still sat in the bathroom deciding what to do. Part of you wants me, the part that is currently slipping your dress down to reveal your semi-naked body, only covered by the lace panties you have on. That part of you is fuelled by your experience before, your lust for more and the amount of wine consumed. Taking a big breath you approach the door and open it, your mind set on what you want.

I openly gape as you walk back into the bedroom, and you can see by the bulge in my pants that there is no disappointment in what I see.

You sit down next to me and take a large gulp of the cool wine I have poured. Your nerves are fraying slightly now, but are outweighed still by your desires and needs.

You slowly turn to look at me, and no sooner do you do you find me kissing you gently. Your wine gets placed down as you throw yourself into the kiss, wave after wave of passion embracing the two of us. You never want it to stop, and as I pull you down on the bed next to me you do so willingly with no regrets.

My hands now move down your body, slowly and gently tracing their way down your neck and across your bosom, gently moving around your nipple, never touching, and down across your stomach. Your body tingles after the path my hands take, Goosebumps forming where seconds before I touched, and you pull yourself closer to me still. Firmly I push you down on the bed, and my lips follow the path that my hands took. This time they bite gently at your neck, moving down around your breasts before gently flicking a nipple with my tongue. All the time my hands move down, and you feel your panties slipping from your hips as I gently remove them.

You groan slightly as I touch your wet pussy with one finger to start with, slowly tracing up and down as I continue to kiss around your stomach.

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