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This is the third installment in the series.

"You looked so mad when you came over to the bar. " She added.

"More frustrated," I replied quickly. But wished even quicker I could take it back. There were too many things 'frustrated' could mean, and all of them were embarrassing. But Erin nodded blankly, and a far-off look told me she was deep in thought.

"Me too," she said finally. "I know I'm not attractive like the other girls. I don't know why I keep going. Alice drags me along to help pick her guy and then ditches me every time. "

I could only manage a "Heh. "

But Erin took it as encouragement and continued, "I've been going to those things for two years, and most of the girls have been having sex for at least the last three. "

"That sounds about right," I added ponderously.

We were both sitting backs to the wall thinking the same things, but Erin had the bravery to put them to words.

"Are you frustrated, because you want to have... sex... but don't feel attractive enough?"

Her words were blunt but pretty much summed it up. I didn't answer right away, it seemed like we were dangerously close to some defining moment.

"Look at me-I'm the fat guy," I answered suddenly. It hurt to say it so plainly, but nothing short of pure honesty seemed right after her overture. "I'm horny pretty much all of the time like any other guy in our class but--"

As I fumbled for the right words, Erin began to laugh coarsely. Of all the possible responses I had hoped for, laughter was at the bottom of the list just before vomiting. I felt a quick knot in my gut as if I had been kicked, and then shot to my feet. Abruptly Erin sensed what had happened and stood up quickly after me.

"No, no, no, I wasn't laughing at you. I was laughing at us. You're the horny fat guy, I'm the horny fat girl, and it took us three years and a chance meeting for us to get together when we could have been... "

Erin slowly pressed up against me, and I knew she felt my bulge straining against her belly. "They may not want us, but that doesn't mean we can't have what they have," she said earnestly.

"It doesn't?" I choked.

Erin ground harder onto me and laid her head against my chest. "The fat kids can do whatever they want together," she said softly.

My head was swimming. The casual way she said 'fat kids' took the sting from the words, and lovingly shared the isolation we both felt from our friends. My heart pounded within my chest, and I suddenly knew that I would do anything for this delicate and sensitive creature. Wordlessly, I swore to all those wild oaths that men take in the grip of passion. I wanted to protect Erin, but more, I wanted her to know that I protected her.

She must have been waiting for some bold sweeping gesture, but the timid part of me had to be sure of what she was offering. "You wanna?" I asked weakly.

"I want to bad," was her breathy reply. When she said the word 'bad', I saw her crooked little front teeth and melted. The only thing to do at that moment was kiss her, so I did.

The kiss was hugely erotic which surprised me. Kissing was never a part of my masturbatory scenarios, and I was missing out. I could have gone forever in that sweet clinch, but Erin broke away excited. "Turn on another light and let's watch each other get naked," she cooed.

I felt a surge of unease, but did as she asked. With a quick motion, Erin pulled off her top and then unfastened her bra. In the great haste to undo her pants, Erin fall backwards onto my bed and scissor-kicked them off with a big grin. I must have looked like an idiot again for the tenth time as I stood there smirking, but I just couldn't believe there was a naked, willing girl lying on my bed. Erin was a big girl to be sure, but every pink curve on her made me tremble. Heavy anticipation made her bosom rise and fall with each breath. A beautiful teacup sized nipple embossed the center of each double-D tit.

"This is going to be so awesome," she declared solemnly.

I finally realised she was waiting for me to begin undressing, and embarrassedly s

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