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Four men in a boat; Rashiv joins the crew.

"I know it might not mean much to you now but I had a lot of issues back then and I'm sorry if I hurt you."

"You didn't hurt me, that whole thing had taken its toll anyhow," said Chris.

"Oh, well, I'm glad it wasn't that big a deal," Heather replied.

The waiter came back with their food and Chris took the opportunity to excuse himself.


"Dude, what's going on?" Jake asked on the other end of Chris's cell phone.

"Holy shit, Jake, Heather looks so hot!" said Chris.

"So has she hit on you yet?" asked Jake.

"Hell no, she's not even thinking about that," said Chris. "She's all upset about 'how she broke my heart' and her shitty life."

"Whatever, you just keep acting like you don't want it and she will jump all over you," said Jake.

"Yea right, thanks for the advice, I have to get back." Chris said before hanging up the phone.


Cleavage. That's all he could see as Chris came back to his table. There is no way he went the morning and didn't notice her perk tits coming out like that; she had to have unbuttoned her shirt. He could tell she tanned and her boobs were as luscious as he remembered from before. She had the most sensitive nipples and she ached and begged for him to touch and suck her until she came.

Chris quickly sat down before she could take notice of his growing dick.

"Don't let your food get cold," she said and she took another swig of her drink.

"Can I get you another one ma'am?" asked the waiter, jumping to her attention from behind Chris.

"Yes please," Heather said as she put the empty glass on the table.

She picked up the glass one last time to shake the last of the drink down her throat. A drop of condensation fell from glass and landed on her chest. Chris eyed the droplet as it trickled across her breast bone and finally dove down the valley between her breasts. Chris wanted her so badly.

"Woo, that felt good," Heather said, wiping the dew off her chest.

The waiter came back with another gaudy glass of mimosa.

"Thank you," she said, quickly taking up another gulp.

Chris could tell she was feeling the alcohol already. She had hardly any food in her stomach and she was always a light-weight, even when she was drinking a lot.

"Are you not hot out here?" she asked, pulling her shirt collar open even wider, exposing even more of her heaving chest.

"No, I'm good," Chris said, barely able to take his eyes off her tits.

"I'm about ready to get into some AC," Heather said, hinting it was time to leave.

"You're in charge," said Chris, flagging down the waiter.

Heather cannon-balled the rest of her drink before the waiter got back with the check.


They were lucky Chris lived so close to the caf__, Heather wouldn't have been able to drive much further.

"Oh, thank God!" she exclaimed as she walked into Chris's apartment, which was bustling with air conditioning.

"I don't know how you handle this Atlanta weather," she said as she plopped down onto his couch.

"You get accustomed to it," Chris said. He decided to take Jake's advice and took a seat in his side chair, purposely not sitting next to her. She made a face of disappointment before sitting up and chatting away again.

Heather went on about her "new life" and how different it was from what she pictured she would be at her age. When Chris and Heather were together, they had a modest ideal of being married and being poor together until one of them landed a dream job and Heather could get pregnant and whoever didn't have the kick-ass job would be a stay-at-home parent, which Heather was strongly trying to avoid. Now is seemed she was a stay-at-home mom, but without the kids.

"I love my husband and he takes good care of me, but I just thought I would have done more with my life at this point, you know?" said Heather.

"Sure," said Chris. He finally went to go sit beside Heather in an attempt to comfort her.

"You are really sweet to be so nice to me after all I did to you," Heather said, trying to regain herself.

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