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Alternate version, replacing alternative pronouns.

"Agreed. And to make sure that no one and I mean absolutely no one finds out about this. Pam will videotape us. Just incase you decide to call the police on us. If that happens, our friends will hotwire the video all across the Internet and send your old man a copy. Got that!" Craig warned Gina. "Now get over here so we can begin."

Pam pulled out a video camera from a gym bag. She turned it on as soon as Gina sat back down beside Craig.

"Fuck her good Craig with that massive cock of yours," Pam urged.

"You have a huge dick?" Gina said worried.

"Yeah. But don't worry. I will only hurt for a few minutes and then your pussy will become numb and used to it," Craig teased. "Is that right Pam baby?"

"Oh yeah girl. The next day after we fucked, I couldn't walk for an hour and my pussy continued to burn," Pam said to Gina.

Craig grabbed the bottom of Gina's shirt. He lifted the shirt up and Gina's ample bare tits were revealed. They hung down her chest, toppled with 3 1/2-inch dark brown areolas and thumb-like dark brown nipples.

Craig bunched her shirt up to her neck and squeezed both of Gina's big tits together. His large pink tongue licked away at her areolas. He traced circles around her nipples without touching them. Craig planted kisses on Gina's chest, starting at the very tops of her slopes and kissing down to the breasts themselves. He squeezed and rubbed her large tits together while planting them with kisses. Craig captured both her nipples between his large lips and sucked like a vacuum cleaner.

Gina moaned and grunted at Craig's tit sucking. Her pussy became instantly soaked. Craig sucked each huge tit for 5 minutes. His tongue licked the sides of her breasts and underneath them. He favored every inch of Gina's flesh pillows with his tongue and mouth. Both her breasts were covered in saliva. Craig released her big wet tits from his hands and moved them down to her shorts. He pulled her shorts off her feet and spotted the huge wet spot in her white cotton panties.

"Ohhhh Gina! Those are some big tits my baby just got done feasting on. They must be at least Double D's," Pam questioned, as she zoomed in on Gina's huge wet hanging tits.

"They're 32DDD's," Gina moaned, as Craig licked her belly button and kissed her stomach.

"Craig? Why don't you unleash that huge monster of yours before you continue pleasing her," Pam suggested.

Craig stood up and removed his shirt. He kicked off his boots and stood in front of Gina.

"Why don't you do the honors?" Craig asked Gina.

Gina hesitated but realized she had no choice but to do as she was asked to do. She unzipped Craig's jeans and pulled them down to his feet. She couldn't tell rather his dick was huge or not because there was no dent in his boxers. She grabbed the top of his boxers and pulled them down to his feet. She looked up and saw a massive black log, flopping between his thighs.

"Holy Shit!" Gina gasped, at seeing her first black cock.

Gina grabbed Craig's massive tool and tried to stroke it. She could barely fit her fingers around the entire cock. Pam zoomed in with the camera as Gina licked Craig's swollen cockhead. Her tongue traveled down his veiny shaft and back up. Gina then engulfed his cockhead between her small lips and suckled at it.

"Damn Craig. She looks so small next to that enormous dick of yours," Pam teased, as she moved closer to Gina's sucking lips.

Loud sucking and slurping noises filled the house.

"Don't leave his balls out in the cold," Pam teased.

Gina released Craig's fat cockhead and swooped up his giant balls with her mouth. Her cheeks bulged out with a huge nut on each side of her mouth. She suckled and favored his sweaty balls in her mouth. His crotch started to give off a foul order and Craig pressed his huge dick against Gina's face while she sucked his balls.

Gina released Craig's saliva-covered balls and sucked on the sides of his massive meat.

Craig sat on Gina's coffee table and relaxed. He moaned and groaned at every suckle Gina give his cock.

"Face fuck her Craig," urged Pam.

Craig stood up once

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