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She resents the sitter's attitude.

"Holy Shit! It's a dude!" Tom chuckled again. "Still, that bitch has a nice fluffy ass. Look at that round butt--shit that dude is whacked." Sure enough, even though the bra partially disguised it, you could just make out strong male shoulders on the other side of the pillows. Thankfully you couldn't see the person's face.

Alejandro zoomed in for a close up, and the frame was filled with a chubby but shapely pale ass pointing towards the camera. Now the two legs looked to be spread wide, the heels were gone as the camera had zoomed so close. I was relieved that the contrast of light off of my white ass made the rest of the video rather dark. I sensed that Alejandro might not reveal the identity of that man in women's underwear.

Time seemed to stand still and the room was quiet. I felt a thump of blood rushing to my crotch. I couldn't believe my emotions. Shame, humiliation, fear, and yet, I was certainly aroused. I shifted my arm to hide the tent rising in my pants. My cock was caught at a funny angle that actually hurt as my cock poked angrily against my zipper. If I could just shift it over I could get some relief.

I started to believe I might actually escape being discovered. Alejandro hadn't said anything. Then it happened. He stepped in front of the tv and stood smiling at me.

"Well, Shawn, don't you think it's time to show the guys what you've got? Or would you rather that I tell your wife how you dress in her bra, panties and heels? How do you think she'd react to seeing you hump those pillows like a bitch in heat?"

I was busted. It was a set up. I felt punched in the stomach.

Rick added, "Yeah, dude, let's see that ass. Your cock doesn't seem to mind." He reached over my arm and gave the tip of my cock a squeeze.

I could barely speak, and felt frozen on the couch. "Please," I managed to mutter, "why are you doing this?"

"Why are we doing this!?" Alejandro sputtered. "Why are WE doing this? We aren't! Remember? You are the slut who started this whole thing, and we think it's about time you did something about it."

Alejandro just grinned as his two friends stood me up. I pleaded with them rather weakly, "Please, don't do this," but I didn't resist as Tom kneeled behind me and pulled my trousers and briefs to my ankles, springing my cock free. Tom's boyish hands rubbed my ass in circles while Rick unbuttoned my shirt and started pinching my nipples roughly. I writhed in pain but still didn't move. I was putty in their hands. Why couldn't I move?

Alejandro started taking cushions from the couch and stacking them on the floor. Then he disappeared down the hall.

It was all happening so fast that I couldn't keep track of everything. Tom helped me step out of my bundled pants on the floor. I complied, as if in a trance. Once again he started kneading my buns, but now lewdly, stretching them widely apart and pressing them together. "Man, just like a chick," he kept repeating. The room seemed to be spinning. I was just standing there in a fog, watching the movie repeat the loop we just viewed, and yet I was attuned to my every sensory nerve. Each time Tom stretched my ass cheeks wide apart my sphincter clinched against the cool air let in. I felt so exposed and humiliated, and yet I was tingly with excitment.

Tom started pecking kisses around the globes of my ass, whispering, "Nice, such a nice butt," and Rick grabbed my cock in his thick hands and stepped closer into me. His face drew next to mine as he rubbed shiny precum around the tip of my cock. I couldn't believe that two men were pawing me and I was ready to explode. My 6" cock was leaking all over, and Rick's rough hands circled my bell-shaped head. I took a quick breath as his rough hands twisted and pulled my erection. I glanced quickly down-my cock was a dark purple I've never seen before! What was happening to me?

"You know, you learn a lot about men in the Marines," he grunted, and then, to my shock and disgust, he moved closer to actually kiss me!

I jerked back q

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