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I reached down silently and picked them up stretching my arm through the tiny crack in the door.

She crawled onto him, lifting her leg over his as he lay flat on the sheets. She began to suck on him and lick his huge cock from the base to the tip. He groaned deeply. I knew just how good she was at blowjobs. The way she moaned with pleasure as her tongue seemed to double in size and the way she looked at you while she did it. She was the ultimate blowjob slut and I couldn't be more jealous. He groaned loudly and held her head. In the mirror I could see her other hand was reaching behind her but not massaging her pussy. No, she was rubbing her anus, circling her tiny hole. Her hand disappeared and I guessed she was licking her fingers before it reappeared and began to finger her own anus as she sucked him. Oh my God! I thought I couldn't believe it. I almost came right there. I lifted the tiny black lace panties to my nose. They were wet at the crotch and smelled like perfume. I touched it with my tongue and it tasted like her pussy. I placed the full crotch part into my mouth and sucked hard, absorbing her sex juices that were not intended for nor brought on by me. Watching her bob and weave her head as he groaned on the bed, gripping the sheets, it reminded of the way we used to be, and the way she used to be with me and as I watched her finger fuck her own ass I had never seen her or known her do that before. My wife groaned almost as much as Carlos did, his huge cock filled her mouth. She was wet and wild and I could taste it in my mouth. I was masturbating as quietly and furiously as possible.

He reached down and took her by the head lifting her towards his waiting kiss. Holding her he sank his tongue deep into her cock mouth, gouging out every bit of desire she had put into him with her monster blowjob. It was his turn to pin her to the bed and he lay her down gently and lowered his head between her legs, stopping to kiss the frayed tips of stocking that showed bits of flesh now, her heels dug into the silky bed sheets.

She was fingering a hole in her stocking as his tongue plowed deep into her causing her gasp his name out.

'Ooohhfff Carlos,' she growled. 'Yes!!'

My wife had pulled down her bra and was massaging her breasts, pulling on her nipples. Carlos looked across to the chair and grabbed a scarf which he then tied round her ankles before hoisting them high. Her two stocking legs in high heels pointed to the ceiling Carlos held them there with a very strong arm as he kissed from her ankles right down her seams before resuming her pussy licking. She was writhing against his mouth and her hands squeezed the taught muscles in his bicep. When he eventually stopped she must have cum against his mouth because she continued to buckle and pant.

'More. More. More!' She moaned achingly, motioning to her travel bag on the floor and for Carlos to fetch it.

'In there', she pointed.

'Yes baby.' He went to the bag. I watched his huge erect penis swaying as he walked. He opened the bag and pulled out a pair of handcuffs, then a blindfold and a whip. Where did she get them? Did she bring them for us or had she planned this all along? I was furious but I wanted to see, I couldn't look away and I daren't make a sound in case they stopped and discovered me. I was so wet I was massaging the head of my penis eyes fixed on her, legs spread now, her finger beckoning the mystery Italian stranger.

'Oh you're a naughty girl!' Carlos said seriously. 'Do you want me to spank you?' He asked, moving closer.

My wife hopped onto her knees pressing her breast together as she leaned toward him, nodding her head obediently.

'You've been a bad girl Angela.' She made a fake sad face and nodded.

I had never seen her act like this. She was so childlike but sexy. Like a naughty school girl with a crush on her teacher.

'OK, turn around,' said Carlos encouragingly, 'and put your hands on the headboard.

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