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A slave girl wakes her master to a surprise BJ.

..preference for where to have sex.

"A few years ago we started taking a canoe trip for our anniversary. It usually falls just before school starts for the year, so we take the day and just enjoy floating down the river. On weekdays it can be so quiet out there, almost no other canoes. Most times he tries to find a quiet little place on the river out of sight, down a back slew or something. He thinks that he's having to work to coax me out of my swim suit, but the reality is that sometimes I'm almost frustrated that it took him so long to get around to it. I just don't want him to know that I want to have sex with him just as bad right then."

"Seriously? So what? You just throw down and fuck right there?"

"Oh it depends. One year there wasn't much shoreline, so he bent me over the end of the canoe and screwed me from behind. Usually he tries to make me comfortable though, putting life jackets and stuff on the rocks so that I can lay down on my back and watch him. I love to see his face when he comes."

"I'd think you'd get caught doing that out there."

"Well. Usually we don't. But one year we didn't find anyplace to pull off and we were almost to the end of the float, so we stopped and swam. I usually wear a one piece suit, you know how it is. Too much baby belly left. Anyway, after a bit of gentle argument and persuasion he convinced me to let him pull my suit down and screw right there in the river. So there I was, standing thigh deep in the river, my suit around my knees, bent over with him pounding away from behind me and here comes a canoe around the bend!"

"OH NO! What did you do?"

"What could I do? We just lay down in the water to try and hide the fact that we were naked, but that water is so damn clear that I'm pretty sure they could tell what was going on."

"So, then you finished after they went by?"

"That took considerably more convincing on his part, but eventually I gave in and let him finish."

"I wish my husband would have wanted to do something like that. All he really wanted to do was to bang me in the morning in the shower, get off, get out, and get done. You know the kind."

"I do. But you haven't heard the best part yet."

"Don't," I whispered to my wife.

"What? You're not embarrassed are you?"

"Maybe a little."

"Ohhhhh. Sweetie. You're so cute. You know that little red panty that I was wearing earlier? The one I sent you a picture of?"


"I'll let you in on a secret. It showed through the dress so I had to take it off."

"Oh? That's a shame. It was pretty sexy looking."

"I figured you'd appreciate how it looked. Wanna know what I wore instead?"

"Something sexy?" I asked her.

She grinned at me and pulled my hand to her lap under the table. She pushed my hand down to her thigh and then slid it back up, my fingers feeling the smoothness of the stockings and then the roughness of the lacy tops farther up her thighs. She kept pulling my hand up under the short skirt until my fingers found the bare strip of skin above the stockings and then the hotness of her pussy. Her completely bare, uncovered by panties, pussy! "Nothing," she whispered in my ear, her breath ticking slightly.

I pressed the side of my pinky between her clearly wet lips, stroking it up and down her slit an inch or so before working it deep enough between her lips to feel her hard engorged clit. "Mmmmmmm. Yeah," she sighed before turning back to look at Chris. "Anyway, the best part was that somehow his swim trunks came all the way off along the way and were nowhere to be found. He had to finish the float, wait for the bus and ride the bus back to the canoe rental place, with nothing on except a t-shirt and a towel."

"I bet you had fun with that!"

"I did. I kept trying to grab him through the towel and once we were on the bus, I kept pulling it open so he was completely exposed to the girl that was in the canoe that went by us. She just happened to end up sitting in the seat right across the aisle from us."

"Really? How did that happen?"


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