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Sebastian's mum and his bully star play on-stage lovers...

Not only could I make people puppets and find everybody's most private thoughts, but I could also have invisibility! Well, this was gonna be fun.


As usual, I saw Trevor at school. We bullshitted and walked to class. I could tell he was bored during the lecture, so I thought I'd make his daydreams more interesting. I pushed the image of my naked sister into his head. Immediately I felt his lust spike. I shared my memory of this morning with him. Fortunately, since my memories are in first person of me, I didn't have to worry about him seeing my face or realizing I had powers.

Trevor shifted in his seat, and it was arousing reliving the memories as I passed them on. I could just imagine it from Trevor's point of view; it would be the most vivid daydream he ever had of his naked crush jacking him off. It got to the point where he had to ask the teacher for a trip to the bathroom. I smirked as I realized he was going to go relieve tension.

A part of me thought about the ethics. After all, it was just like sharing a private sext. Except sexts harm reputation, and Trevor has no reason to think this was anything other than his own fantasy. When class ended, he felt the need to talk about my sister.


My heart was pumping quickly as gym class ended, and not because of my hard work. Everybody headed to the locker rooms, and I knew this was my chance. I hung back so that I would be the last one to enter the boys' locker room. Except, I went straight for the girls'. Nobody was around to potentially see me enter, but I sensed about five people directly on the other side of the door.

Moment of truth, I thought to myself with a sigh as I pushed the door open. I focused on the five minds right in front of me, and willed none of them to see me or hear me. As I walked right in, they continued chatting in the doorway. Nobody even turned to see the door moving.

Excitement in me built, but I kept focus so people wouldn't see me. As I moved into the locker room, I sensed more girls. None of them saw me as they took off their clothes. I saw a glimpse of a perfect ass right before I sensed a girl panic.

"What happened?"

"I thought I saw-nevermind."

Too close. I kept focus even as I tried to enjoy the sights. Curvature of breasts tipped with pretty nipples. A gasp snapped me out of my lust, and I willed it so she couldn't see me. My head was beginning to hurt as I walked around the locker room and had to focus on more people. This sucked, I couldn't even enjoy the sights without possibly revealing myself.

As I made my way out the locker room, my headache got worse as I had to concentrate on suppressing over twenty minds so they couldn't see me, as well as walk out. I started to worry that I'd be caught, but I had to not dwell on that or my concentration would break and I'd definitely be caught. I had some minor pain relief as more girls headed to the shower, and thus I didn't have to focus on them anymore. Beautiful naked teen girls that I couldn't dare look at. Fuck my life.

As I neared the door, the female coach walked in and was directly in front of me. Nobody else was around and I was able to focus my energy on her. She looked straight in my direction and grunted. For a brief second, I thought I was caught, but she just walked right past me. I bolted for the door and charged straight for the boys'.

It was like a spike straight into my brain and I went to undress so I myself could shower. Never again would I do something so risky. Maybe being mute to two people was easy enough that I didn't have to even focus on it, but being invisible and mute to over twenty was way too much for me to handle.


I suffered with my headache all the way until I got home. I walked right past the family dinner and downed an aspirin. It was almost instant relief and I made it back to the table.

"You feel OK?" Mom asked.

"Just a headache." I shrugged.

Rebecca stared at her plate not saying a word.

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