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Faces are beautiful even without makeup, eyes bright and lively; cheeks full and pink; noses slender and small; lips full, soft, and cherry; hair, whether golden, brunette, or raven, lustrous and thick. The eighteen- or nineteen-year-old young lady is ripe, her body's healthy, glowing beauty declares, for the taking; she calls, in her nakedness, not to the mind or even to the heart or the soul, but to the gonads, her mere presence effecting an all-but-overwhelming claim upon a man's masculinity and virility, causing his scrotum to tighten, his balls to rise, and his cock to swell, stiffen, and stand. Her naked beauty, the glory of her body, calls to his very blood. It is imperative that she be penetrated, whether orally, anally, or vaginally is of no matter, and be fucked, hard and fast; that she be possessed by the penis invading her mouth, her rectum, or her vagina; that she be conquered and branded, ejaculate inside her mouth, her rectum, or her womb proof that she has been occupied and subjugated and possessed as the farmer possesses the earth that he plows and the crops he picks at the harvest. To look upon the naked female body is to desire it. One wants not only to fuck it, but to have it, to own it.

Her loveliness lends to unlovely acts a loveliness that they otherwise lack. Fellatio or anal intercourse among men may be erotic, but it is seldom lovely, whereas a pair of feminine lips encircling an erection is beautiful, a pair of feminine buttocks impaled upon a stiff, thick penis is beautiful, and a pair of nether lips through which a rock-solid prick has plunged is gorgeous. Sex among men may be sexy, but it is not usually especially glamorous; sex among women is both erotic and beautiful because the beauty of the female body, ripe in its teenage years, makes it so.

Feminine beauty also makes unseemly acts seem beautiful. Semen ejaculated upon the feminine face is as lovely as semen ejaculated breasts, pubes, or buttocks; breasts hogtied and purple from "tit torture" are as tempting to the sight as ripened plums; labia to which clothespins have been applied are as gorgeous as butterfly wings. Molten wax dripped between smooth, round, womanly buttocks is breathtakingly beautiful. A woman, naked, on her knees surrounded by cocks exploding and about to explode in orgasmic pleasure to spew their thick, warm, white semen again and again over her hair, her brow, her eyes, her nose, her cheeks, her lips, her chin, her throat, her breasts, her tummy, and her thighs is a lovely, beautiful, lovely sight, made so by the cuteness, the prettiness, or the loveliness of the semen-splattered face and form themselves. Beauty attracts predators, and a beautiful, naked young woman is a joy to behold, ravished or otherwise.

The female body, in its youth and beauty, never bores.

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