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Innocent haircut turns into an erotic tryst.

Then she came around to my side of the car and was doing my side of the windshield when her blouse came undone. There she was, less than two feet from me, blouse open, revealing all her beautiful charms to me. She looked at me and smiled. When she was finished, she retied the blouse, and went inside to pay. I watched her all the way into the station, her cute little ass swaying and looking so sexy.

In a few minutes she came back to the car, got in, turned toward me and said " I'm sorry that happened, it just came untied and my hands were dirty so I didn't want to touch this white blouse until I wiped my hands off!"

I told her I understood and that I appreciated the show! She laughed and we drove off. I liked her attitude about what had just happened.

As we drove along, she talked about things that she liked to do. She had always wanted to ride with someone, but, she didn't know anyone that had a bike. I told her I would give her a ride anytime she wanted. She said "Ok... lets get your bike fixed, I want that ride today!!"

We finally got to the next town, and found a motorcycle shop. They had the part I needed, I paid and we left, headed back down the same road we had just come from.

When we got back to where I had left the bike, she wanted to know how long it would take me to fix the problem. I said that it would only take a few minutes. She asked if she could help and I said sure! I handed her a screwdriver and told her to take the clamp off the wires.

As she bent over to unscrew the clamp, her breasts were in full view, and I took advantage of the situation by looking at them. She looked up, caught me looking and just smiled! I said, "Those are beautiful!!"

She said, "If you give me a ride, I will let you see all of them!!" I couldn't get that damn bike fixed quick enough!!!!

When we finished, the bike cranked right up and she got excited hearing the pipes roar. I could tell she was excited by the way her face lit up. I said "Ok,,,, lets ride. "

She wanted to know where could she park her car and I told her to take it to the service station we passed and I would pick her up there.

I followed her to the station and watched her sexy body get out of the car, lock it, and walk over to me. She crawled on and we rode down the highway for a few miles. I asked her if she was ok and she said yes.. she was loving the ride!! I told her I was enjoying it more because I felt proud to have her beautiful body as a backrest!! She laughed and we rode for miles.

I saw a small turnoff road, so I pulled off the highway and started down this road, not knowing where it would lead us.

A couple of miles down the road, there was a nice stream running alongside the road. Dottie said "Why don't you pull off here and lets wade in the stream?"

I parked the bike and we made our way down the bank to this clear running stream. She wanted to wade, but she had jeans on and didn't want to get them wet.

I said, "Ok, take them off!!!" With that, she undid her belt, unbuttoned the jeans, unzipped them and started pushing them down over her hips, revealing her white see through thong panties. I said "Wow, you have a beautiful body!"

She said "Thank you, do you want to see all of it?" I told her I didn't know if I could stand it!!

With that, she untied the blouse, slipped it off her shoulders and let it drop to the ground, revealing the most beautiful breasts I had ever seen! I was stunned!!

She said,," Do you like?" I couldn't even talk, but managed to mumble that it was wonderful. She said that she was going to wade and she would be back in a minute.

I sat down on the bank of the stream and watched this beautiful creature wade and frolic in the cool water, getting more and more turned on by the minute.

When she finally came out of the water, she sat down beside me and said, "I want to kiss you!" She didn't have to ask twice.

I turned toward her, put my arms around her tanned body, pulled her close to me and kissed her lightly on the lips, then slowly moving to her ears, I circled her

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