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Egg hunt was successful, but the rabbit may have died.

He had never seen me like this and I could see the lust glint in his eyes before he pulled it back,

"I can't teach girls wrestling, it wouldn't be right, you should ask Barnum, she can help you."

"I understand, but she already left and I would like to take home some moves to use on my brother so I can pick the TV show tonight." I gave him a wink and he laughed at my half joke.

Mangalardi started coming my way and when he reached me, took my hand and lead the way to the back gym which was maybe a fourth the size of the main gym and always had mats set up.

"If your goal is to beat your brother, I think the best moves would be a half or full nelson."

"Okay can you show me what it is?"

"Of course."

With that Mangalardi grabbed my arm and pulled me against him so his front was to my back and I took the opportunity to grind my ass against his cock, knowing full well that my skirt was working its way up my waist until I felt the cool air on my flesh. Ignoring my grinding as much as possible, Mangalardi sipped his hands up my sides and under my arms, brushing my tits and making me moan. But his hands kept moving up to my neck, one of my more sensitive areas, and I shuddered, and now I was stuck.

"This is a full nelson," as he squeezed his hold, I pushed back against him and felt his cock at least half hard pushing back at me, "Lexus if you don't stop, I'm going to have to fuck you."

"Oh please do Mangalardi; my pussy is aching for your fucking cock, please! I've wanted it for so long!"

Taking his hands, he moved them down to my tits and squeezed them, pulling my upper body against him and forcing me to arch my back hard just to keep my feet on the ground(huge belly). I reached down and started playing with myself as his hands squeezed my tits painfully, and the pain was wonderful,

"Don't touch that fucking cunt, that's mine tonight."

So I put my hands on his; feeling my tits popping out between his rough fingers, so glad I hadn't worn a bra. Gradually his fingers works my shirt down until, had there been one, I would be able to feel a late night breeze. I felt so wonderfully exposed as his fingers began twisting my nipples between his fingers, pulling and stretching them as far as they would go, I couldn't help the cries of pleasure and pain that kept popping out of me. Finally I felt his hands move down my stomach to my waist where he roughly yanked my skirt up under my tits, I knew I looked like a whore, but I wanted his cock so badly I began to beg.

"Please Mangi fuck me! Fucking fuck me!"

His right hand slipped around to my ass making my knees tremble, and as his hand slipped lower and lower, my pussy was soaking my thighs. I felt his fingers searching between my legs until finally they sank into me and I moaned like a dog in heat,

"Fuck! You're completely soaked, nice and ready for my angry cock; it's been a long time since I've had a pussy as young and tight as yours."

Suddenly he started pounding my pussy with his fingers, and as my pussy clenched around his fingers, I began to sink to my hand and until I was bent over and pushing my ass out at him when his finger suddenly vanished. I cried out at their absence but stayed in my position hoping his cock would come next, and it did.

He felt huge inside me, my walls stretching to accommodate him, but I couldn't help the moan as he filled me up, sinking in deep. That's when the real fucking began, Mangalardi pounded away at my pussy, his grunts bringing me closer and closer to the edge, and as his hand traced up my back and touched my neck, the flood gates opened and I came, soaking his cock and thighs as my pussy clenched around holding him tight and pulsing around him and after a while I flopped to the ground and waited for Mangalardi to finish inside me, his hot cum washing the walls of my pussy.

Once he had pulled out of me, I fell to the floor and rolled onto my back letting my legs hang open, my raw pussy on display

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