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Chatters consummate their lust.

This time I do massage her ass, rubbing deeply, upward strokes. Her breathing tells me that she is really starting to enjoy this. After a few long moments I start down the other leg to her foot and spend time there until I feel this leg relax as well, then start working my way up her other leg.

Breath deepening as I get to her inner thighs, I stop just short of her pussy again and roll her over so now I am between her legs.

She's lying with her head back, eyes closed, her legs spread open relaxed from the massage. I can tell she is hot now, and can see a glistening drop of lubrication forming at the bottom of her pussy lips.

Sitting between her legs, I put an hand on the inside of each thigh and slowly move upward with a deep slow stroke and her legs fall open further as my hands approach her pussy. Hands come to rest at the place where her legs join her body, fingers splayed open on her abdomen across her public bone, thumbs curved around her entrance and meeting at that spot between her pussy and anus.

She holds her breath, waiting.

Slowly, I press the thumbs down and moved them in slow circles. She arches her hips trying to move my fingers to her pussy, now very wet. Taking the droplet of wetness that is starting to seep from her lips, I rub it it with the tip of my thumb just below her entrance, enjoying her squirming motion.

"Oh God, come here," she grabs my arms to try to pull me on top of her.

"Wait," I smile at her, and slowly move my thumbs around an upward, just skirting the edge of her pussy. I draw the fingers together as I approach her clit, very swollen now, and lightly rub the area on ether side of if before moving maddeningly away again.

As my thumbs move upward, she pushes with her hips again, seeking more pressure, but I move with her.

Lifting her legs for a moment, I slide my own legs underneath hers and pull close to her.

My cock is rock hard now, it has been since I started rubbing her, and I am also dripping clear lubrication from the tip. She reaches for my dick, wraps her fingers around it, squeezes hard and pulls upward, and is rewarded by a little more lubrication oozing out onto her fingers.

She lifts her hands away to lick the juices from her fingers and smiles at me.

My hands return to her pussy and I can feel her heat now. Slowly I stretch her lips apart, and marvel at how wet she is. Very lightly, I run a fingertip along the very edge of her lips, soft like a butterfly kiss.

Moving forward now, I press the underside of my cock flat against her pussy. The angle is not right for me to enter her, instead her wet pussy lips are half wrapped around the underside of my penis, and I can feel her hard clit pressing into me.

She groans, closes her eyes and lays her head back, hair framing her face in a photo of frank ecstasy. Her hands fall the the sheets on either side of her, clench into a fist, and pull upward, moving her body just slightly, pressing herself against my cock harder.

Once again I pull her lips apart with my fingers, enjoying the sight of my cock nuzzled into her wet heat. They relax as I let go and wrap around my cock, feeling like they want to wrap around it and pull me in.

God, I want her so badly. It feels like I could probably cum right now, but I don't want the moment to end yet.

She starts rocking her hips slowly, grinding against my cock, so I press the top of it down with my thumb so it is pushing harder against her clit.

"Mmmmm... Fuck!" and she grinds hard against me, her clit hard like a little pebble against my cock. Her breath is coming in ragged gasps now, and I realize that she is much closer to orgasm than I thought she was.

Seeing her body laid out before me, open, wanting, hot, thrusting against my cock half-buried in her cunt drives me crazy. But it is the sound of her breath and moans, head thrown back, fists knotted into the sheets pulling her tight against me as she thrusts harder and harder that really hits me

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