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A miserable time for Chloe.

Looking up at me Ann grinned, leant up and kissed me lightly on the lips, with a start I looked at her, in the background I could hear Janice's voice rising and falling in ecstasy and the laboured sound of her breathing as she was being fucked.

"You heard her Paul," Ann said softly. "she wants you to be happy too."

Janice gave a loud cry that was countered pointed by a male groan, looking past Ann I saw Janice and her partner straining together in orgasmic bliss. I watched as the man withdrew from her then moved to her head so that she could suck his cock clean, with a squeeze of my cock Ann went over to her sister to clean the sperm just deposited in her from her pussy. When the man and Ann were finished with Janice they moved away, him to rejoin the others while Ann came back to me, licking her lips Ann looked at my face. A new partner was taking his place with Janice, she was still on her back with her legs splayed wide, her new partner knelt between her legs then reached down to her wrists, he guided her hands to her thighs then had her pull her legs up to her shoulders. In this position Janice's pussy was raised and this man position his cock at her pussy, his entry into her pussy was a slow sinking if his meat into her, his body pressed down on her thighs as he gradually sank his full length into her. Ann took my hands and raised them to her boobs releasing them only once I had begun to squeeze her fleshy mounds firmly, then she took my cock in her hand. Janice gave a groaning sigh as her partner finally sank to his full length in her, her head turned and I found myself looking into her eyes.

Her partner began a slow grinding fucking motion that Janice matched, her eyes still locked to mine as she was taken yet again. Janice's eyes dropped to see where my hands were on her sister's boobs then looked down at her sister's hand moving on my cock, raising her eyes to mine Janice smiled and gave a nod of her head then her eyes closed as the passion mounting in her hit a peak. Yet that one smile and the single nod had told me all I had needed to know, my wife loved me and wanted me to be happy, with a lighter heart I tore my eyes from Janice and looked down at Ann. She was looking down at her hand moving on my cock, but when I moved my hands to twist at her nipples she looked up at me in excited surprise. As she looked up I leant down and kissed my sister-in-law forcefully, my tongue driving past her lips into her mouth as my hands groped her boobs with increasing pressure. I kept my eyes open while kissed Ann so that I could watch Janice past the curve of her cheek, Janice was watching me kiss Ann and when she noticed me watching her she smiled and nodded again. Then Janice was too intent on her own sensations to pay further attention to me or what I was doing and as I watched Janice in the throes of orgasmic bliss I moved one of my hands down to Ann's pussy.

To say that Ann's pussy was wet would have been an understatement, her juices almost flowed down my fingers as I thrust them into her, my thumb pressed down on her hard clit and within a few strokes Ann was groaning into my mouth.

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