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An outlet for my negative emotions.

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She was lonely, and had been for years. Even before the divorce she was lonely, even when there was another voice in the house. After they broke up, everything was so silent. And her bed was so empty. She'd transferred to the sales job because it got her out on the road and gave her opportunities to talk to people, but hotel rooms were just as silent.

Christina was pretty. She was pretty and talented and she had a personality and a brain. Any man in that diner would have fallen in love with her on first sight.

Any man.

Anne had fallen in love with her on first sight, too. Those big hazel eyes melted her. She wasn't a lesbian, not at all. This wasn't about that. Sometimes you just fall in love with a person and the gender doesn't matter. She'd had little unrequited crushes on women before, and she increasingly fantasized about women in the lonely expanse of her bed, but it was just a normal girl thing, and this was the same. It was meaningless, more of a beauty idolizing thing than anything romantic. Everyone wants to be in love with an attractive woman.


She thought back to the portrait and smiled. It was safely in her purse now, and would likely go up on her wall when she returned home.

The shower stopped and there was more rustling and movement. Eventually Christina came out, clad in a towel that reached from the top of her mild cleavage to the bottom of her hips. She had another smaller towel wrapped around her hair.

"Oh, that feels so much better," she said. "When Erin left me, she took all my clothes other than what I was wearing. I've rinsed them out now and have them hanging up to dry. I hope you don't mind."

Eyes wide, Anne scanned the girl's barely covered form. "No, not at all. Just feel free to, um, hang out."

Christina went to the couch, fluffing her hair with the upper towel. Anne's eyes followed her as she walked, taking in the long, slender legs from her well-shaped thighs to her finely boned ankles and feet. That towel was very short. The girl flopped onto the couch, leaning her head back and sighing deeply. "Last night I slept on a bench," she said. "But I didn't really sleep. It was about 40 degrees and I was scared to death."

The couch faced generally toward the desk, and Anne stared at the bottom of the towel. It was so high on the girl's thighs that, that..."That must have been terrible," she said, stealing glances into the shadows.

Christina absentmindedly pulled the towel down slightly, but barely had enough to cover her top half. "Oh, it was. No one bothered me, but I was all by myself, and you don't know what could happen. I have no idea what this town is like."

"Well, you're safe here tonight. Are you done with the bathroom? I need to brush my teeth."

"Oh, sure."

Ann went to the restroom and shut the door for privacy. Her makeup kit was already there, and nothing was missing, which was a good sign. She got out the toothbrush and toothpaste and began brushing.

Christina's damp clothes were hanging on the shower curtain and, well, there was privacy, so Anne examined them idly while brushing. The girl's panties were tiny, a jade green thong that was sheer lace in the front and nearly non-existent behind. Her bra didn't match, being an off-white with sheer lace cups that provided little support. Anne looked at the label. 32B. Her jeans were a Size 2 with an impossibly small waist, her sweater a Medium. It was a nice fine silk blend, soft to the touch.

Anne spat into the sink, rinsed her mouth, and went about her normal cleansing and makeup removal. After finishing, she rinsed, drank a little from cupped hands, and re-entered the main room.

Christina was lying down now, curled up in a fetal position. Her breathing was very deep and regular, the pattern of a person who was deeply and soundly asleep. The poor girl must have been exhausted.

Anne approached quietly, coming from the direction of Christina's head. Her guest was still only wearing the towel, and she had converted it from a garment to an ersatz blanket. It provided scant cover.

Very scant.

As people

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