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Playboy's Fate.

My nails trail down your abs through your treasure trail to your belt. Then bellow, I grasp your thick cock in your pants while I change my lips to your other nipple while I try to get your measure through your pants which must be really uncomfortable right about now. I pull back from you and pick up my container of jelly and without a second thought dump it on your chest as well.

You hiss from the cold again as my tongue had removed the previous presence of the custard. Your body is so hot and the dark burn in your gaze has gotten me so hot that I need to peal a few things off. I slowly pluck at the buttons of my blouse as your dark gaze gets all the more intense. I grin sexily and sway my hips as I finish with the buttons and push off the blouse.

My nipples have gotten so tight and hard you can see them pushing against my bra. I give your nice package another grope making you hiss then growl as I open my dress and drop it to the floor. But before I clean the melting jelly from your delectable chest I must see more of your body. I reach up and unbuckle your belt and pull it out.

And slowly teasingly, your eyes glowing like hot embers as my fingers rasp over your bulge making your hips jerk I unbutton your pants. And slowly, teasingly inch your zipper down notch by careful notch. I want to draw this out for as long as possible, the more frustrated you are the more fun the explosion will be.

Slowly I start dragging your pants down and lick my lips at the quite large bulge in your underwear, I can't wait to taste you there, the dark spot on your underwear the evidence of your desire and need for me. As your pants come down slowly I rake the inside of your thighs with my nails. Pleasure must be burning your body, sending you insane.

Once I finish my task I dump your pants on the floor and lean over you and scrape my teeth over your taut, heaving flesh I lave the jelly from you. I tease your nipples again, your breathing is harsh now. You're so pumped now but that doesn't matter to me, I'm going to keep you burning so long you'll forget what normal feels like.

Once I finish cleaning your chest off from the jelly, I toss my hair and give you a devilish look and retreat from the room. You protest loudly and yank at the handcuffs rattling the frame as I enter the kitchen and pull open the freezer and extract my ice cream and shut the door. It is so soft and creamy I can use it for what I intend to do to you further.

I drool over your straining body again your hard chest gleaming from the custard and jelly, you really should be a model with that look, you'll make a fortune. You look at the ice cream and demand to know what I was going to do with it.

Why eat it of course I tell you, I say with a smirk I put it on the table with the other containers then start more torture of your body. I must explore those delicious looking legs, Slowly but surely I make you writhe and twist on the bed as my nails and teeth rake the thick, firm muscles of your legs. All the way up to the seam in your groin.

You are panting rapidly now as the burn is driving you crazy, Slowly but surely I drag down your underwear my nails raking your flesh. I gasp as your cock comes into view, the veins standing out against the skin in stark relief. The angry purple head throbbing, your eyes sear me as you tug on the cuffs.

After I pull off your underwear I toss them onto the floor with your pants and admire your body. You are a real specimen, the pleasure hasn't stopped yet. But you'll probably wish it will I grin. Your body jerks as if I shocked you when I grab hold of your cock and stroke you and rake my thumbnail over the tip. I relish your moan and I swear I also heard a hint of a whimper.

Perfect, men aren't the only ones that can reduce their partner to a whimpering puddle of desire.

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