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Clyde's Decision.

I'm willing to come over after work if you like anytime."

Jill had been listening to everything May was saying, but she was also getting very aroused again. Jill had touched Beth a few times when she had joined her and Carl, but like May, she preferred to give, so Jill never really did any exploring of her own. Looking at May, across the table from her was making her hunger to do some pleasuring of her own.

Jill stood up and walked over to stand behind May. She reached over her shoulders, letting her hands caress each of her breasts. May's nipples became instantly hard and erect as Jill played with them. Jill teased her nipples for some time before telling May to stand up.

Jill stayed behind May, teasing her nipples. She kissed the back of her neck, letting her tongue dance over her skin. She moved her right hand down to her stomach, lightly caressing her. She removed her left hand from her breast and now trailed her fingernails lightly down May's arms and back up again moving across her shoulders stopping at the base of her neck.

Jill placed little kisses all along her shoulders, down to her shoulder blades and all the way down the center of her back. Jill ran her fingertips lightly over May's back and down her sides. She could feel May's body tremble as she caressed her. Her fingers lightly danced over the cheeks of her ass. Jill let one finger slide lightly up the crack of her ass, hearing May gasp as she had.

"Spread your legs slightly May," she told her.

May did as she was told, she remained motionless as Jill's fingers teased her body.

Jill kept caressing her ass cheeks, grabbing a handful and squeezing them. Jill moved a little to the left of May so she could reach around in front of her and caress her left breast, playing with her nipple. She would roll it between her thumb and forefinger, then tug it gently, pinching it lightly.

She heard May's intake of breath as she played with her nipple. Jill was every bit as aroused as May was at this point. She let her finger trail down the crack of her ass going forward till she had her finger in her wet pussy. Jill slipped her finger into May's cunt and began to finger fuck her slowly. May's body was shaking, and her breathing was more shallow now with quick little nervous breaths.

Jill kissed the side of her neck, her left hand had moved over to May's right breast and was caressing it as she had done to the left one. Her finger found May's pleasure bud and began to rub it. She rubbed slow circles all over her bud, pressing a little harder and rubbing a little faster as May's body began to quiver while her pussy pressed against Jill's probing finger.

Jill moved around in front of May and quickly got her finger back at her clit. She stopped long enough to let her fingers slip inside her cunt, fucking her with her fingers. Jill leaned down to her breast and took her nipple in her mouth. She licked and sucked it as May groaned in her pleasure. She tugged her nipple between her teeth, lightly letting her teeth rake across her nipple then she sucked it hard and deeply.

Jill took her mouth from her tit, and reaching up with her left hand she brought May's mouth to hers. Her tongue raped her mouth as her fingers were now doing to her very wet pussy. Jill's own pussy was dripping wet with her excitement. She pulled her head more firmly into her kiss, May kissing her back just as deeply. This really turned on Jill, kissing and being kissed by another woman. It was the whole taboo of it that made it so thrilling.

Jill took her fingers from May's pussy to rub her clit. May's clit was now very hard and extended and Jill knew she would be bringing her to climax at any moment. She broke away from the kiss. "You like that don't you May, your pussy is dying to come and your clit is begging for more."

"Yes, oh god, please don't stop Jill I'm going to come."

"Jill pulled her head forward again to accept her kiss.

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