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A Romance in Rural America.

She was confused-she wanted him to stop and leave, she wanted him to make her cum, she wanted him to use her hard...what did she want?

He grabbed her by the hair and half pushed, half pulled her out of the foyer of her small house into the den.

"On the floor slut!" he commanded. Get on your back and spread your legs. She laid down and, with bent knees, spread her legs for him. He stood and looked at her shaved pussy. Her lips were still slightly open, and glossy with pussy cream. He began undressing and told her to rub her clit. Her tears began to flow again as she reached down and rubbed her swollen clit. She didn't want to enjoy it, but she couldn't help it...she rubbed faster...it felt so fucking good..." She closed her eyes and began to get lost as she neared her first orgasm.

"STOP!" he roared with such force that she immediately pulled her hand away. She looked up at him with scared eyes. She needed to cum so badly, her pussy cream was running down her ass.

He knelt between her legs and shoved a pillow from the couch under her ass. He pushed her legs open wider and she didn't resist. She was staring at his face, wanting him to eat her pussy so bad she couldn't take it, but she didn't say a word. He was a rapist. He had hit her. He had forced his way into her home, and now into her ass and pussy, and she was soaked and wanting to cum, what was wrong with her?

He held her ankles and pushed them wider, and laid on his stomach so he was staring at her cunt. It was beautiful, and dripping down her asshole. "Beg me to eat it," he said.

She started shaking her head no, but couldn't speak.

He spanked her bald cunt, and she whimpered and started rocking her hips in shock and exhilaration. It was something that Frank did to her when he went down on her, and always made her cum so hard. She couldn't stop her reaction at the sting, and started cumming against her will. Wave after wave or orgasm was sending chills through her body as she rocked and arched, her ankles still held by her captor.

He laughed at her reaction. "Just like Frank said," he thought to himself, then buried his face in her spasming cunt. When he bit down on her clit, she screamed and started cumming again, this time even harder. When he shoved his two fingers up her wet asshole, she started squirting and rocking her hips wildly, screaming and cumming out of control. He pumped her asshole harder and harder as she squirted her pussy cream all over his face and chest. He leaned back and watched in amazement. No wonder his cellmate Frank was always bragging about her and jerking off in his bunk.

The ex-con slid up her body and without warning slammed his cock deep inside her squirting pussy. This brought on another round of screaming and squirting orgasms as he pumped her as hard as he could. He fucked her as deep and hard as he knew how, and she was out of control now, her legs wrapped around his back, and her own hands now pulling and squeezing her swollen nipples. Her head tossed from side to side and he was above her, watching the show in amazement. What a great piece of pussy.

When he was close to cumming she saw his face and snapped back to the present moment. She was horrified at her own body and begged him, "Please! Don't cum inside me!" He pulled out, and she relaxed only slightly, awaiting his cum shot on her tits or belly-instead he reached down, grabbed the base of his hard cock, and shoved it up into her asshole.

She howled.

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