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The humiliating and heroic chronicles of a female pirate.

When I awoke in the morning I found that Danny had covered me with a blanket and left me sleep. Sure seeing the loving gesture made me feel a little bad but with all the times I disappeared with Johnny - who an old friend from college who often showed up and took me on surprise, extravagant holidays - we had a relationship that had a lot of secrets, on both sides.

I got up and went into mine and Danny's bedroom, looking at my boyfriend sound asleep in bed I turned to the wardrobe. I put on a set of black lace panties and bra, on top of this went very tight black yoga pants (which were half a size too small for me) and a red sleeveless top with a plunging neck line, showing off my ample cleavage.

I looked at the full length mirror beside me and turned sideways against it. I ran my hands over my cleavage, down my stomach and gently rubbed my perfect ass. I slapped the flesh softly twice and pulled the yoga pants up, making my ass even more defined.

I heard a soft chuckle behind me before a pair of strong arms grabbed my waist and pulled me into the bed. I squealed slightly and looked up and into Danny's face which was plastered with a smug grin. He pressed his lips to mine in an incredibly passionate kiss and I let his tongue explore my mouth, God was he a good kisser.

Danny pulled his lips away from mine and ran his eyes over my body.

"Now that getup..." He began

"Is not for you." I finished getting up off the bed. "I'm going out running with Felicia."

"Whyte, P.E?" He questioned.

"That's the one. The yoga plants are a little small though, they must have shrunk in the wash." I lied about that. I'd bought them half a size small on purpose, even though I didn't really need it they did make my ass look even better.

I smiled at Danny and gave him another deep kiss, our tongues intertwining and battling for control. When Danny wrapped his arms around my back I broke the kiss and pushed him back down onto his back.

"Like I said, not for you," I began turning around and swaying my ass seductively as I walked towards the door. "You can have this when I get back." I playfully slapped my ass again, for Danny's benefit.

I heard Danny flop back down onto the bed but I didn't turn around. Smiling to myself I walked out the door. On the short walk over to Felicia's house I played over every scenario possible in my head, albeit only two that I thought of ended in me fucking Felicia but I could wait. School didn't start until nine and I'd made it to Felicia's place in more than enough time. Plenty of time for me to plan out the best way to seduce her.

As far as I knew Felicia didn't have a boyfriend, I'd pieced together that she used to date a guy called Mickey but she'd met someone else who had disappeared. Then Mickey got married to Danielle who taught biology at school. I'd have to ask her about it at some point in the future but it'd be better to get to know Felicia a little more first.

I knocked on the door of her house a few times and heard footsteps coming down the stairs. The door swung open and I had to try hard not to let my jaw drop. Felicia was wearing black yoga pants and a black sports vest, both of which clung to her very tightly. I could also see her lust red panties which she had obviously intentionally pulled up so they were just visible above the waistband of the yoga pants. The sports vest was also a little short so I could see the bottom of her stomach which was a pretty good indicator that she worked out often.

"Steph hey." She said brightly.

I blinked a few times to escape from my trance. "Morning Felicia, you ready."

"Yep," she replied walking out the door, "right, follow me then"

The route we took was simple enough and flat most of the way.

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