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You take me deeper still into the sissy life.

It feels so very good, it makes her sigh deeply. He stays in her ass until his cock shrinks out.

Now for her plan. It's Ron's turn to fuck her ass. He gets behind her and slides his cock in her cum filled ass. He pounds her ass with his cock. Tom tells him to spank her while he is fucking her ass. He know she loves this. What she really enjoying is being the fuck toy of 2 men and she wants to be thoroughly used by the 2 of them. Tom then slides under her and starts eating her pussy. His nose bumps your balls and he starts licking Ron's balls while he eats Dana's pussy. Dana has turned in to a wild woman. She has a cock in her ass and someone eating her pussy. She has no control while Ron's cock is in her ass, pounding her hard. She wants to grind her pussy against Tom's face, but can't. She is at their mercy. She is soon begging Ron to release his load deep into her ass, making her rectum twice filled with hot cum.

Ron lets his cock slide out of Dana's ass and now she can grind her pussy against Tom's face. Tom now not only eats her pussy, but he licks and tongue fuck her ass hole. He is as much of a slut as she is and he wants to taste the cum that fills her ass. Ron is now turned on by this and comes over and starts licking her ass as well and Tom goes back to eating Dana's pussy. Soon Dana cums and cums hard, dripping all over Tom's face. Ron stops licking her ass and helps clean up her pussy. They all collapse on the bed and catch their breath. Then it is off to shower. They are by no means done but it is good to clean up a bit.

After the shower, they change venues and go out to the living room and the sofa bed, which Dana also prepared before going to the bar. They all lie down with Dana in the middle and just talk. Soon her hands drift to the temptation of their cocks. Both Ron and Tom start massaging her breasts. Dana turns and kissed Ron deep and then she kisses Tom. She alternates between the 2 of them until she begs them both to suck on her nipples. Dana continues to gently stroke their cocks,

Soon each their hands trails down to her pussy. Dana is already so very wet and turned on. Dana has Tom fuck her first even though he was first fucking her ass. She then sucks Ron's cock. She wants his pre-cum and to feel the stiffness of his dick in her mouth. She swirls her tongue around the tip and under the ridge. She engulfs Ron's cock with her mouth. She reaches down and starts massaging Tom's balls. She takes a break from Ron's cock and tells him to help her massage Tom's balls.

Between Dana sucking Ron's cock and both of them massaging Tom's balls, it doesn't take long and soon Tom shoots his load deep inside her hot cunt.

He pulls out and now it is Ron's turn. Dana wants 2 loads of cum in her pussy, like what she had in her ass. As Ron slides his hard cock into Dana's cum filled pussy, she starts sucking Tom's cock coated with her pussy juice. Dana has become the fuck toy of 2 men, a wanton slut, a whore.

Dana wants to try something. She has Ron pull out and she gets on her hand and knees. Ron slides back into her pussy, fucking her doggy style. She then has Tom stretch over her back and to lick her ass as Ron fucks her and Dana continues to suck Tom's cock. Tom really loves her ass. Through some maneuvering, it works out. Ron tells Dana that she is such a slut. They keep this up as long as possible but it is awkward and Ron is starting to pound her pussy harder, he is so turned on. Dana wants Ron to cum. She wants his cum mixed with Tom's in her pussy. Dana tells them that she is their whore and wants to be fucked like one.

Ron pounds her pussy hard. Going so deep. He washes her hot cunt with his cum. Dana has Ron slowly pull out so she can take his cock in her mouth like she did Tom's after he came inside her.

Now she has the both Ron and Tom eat her double creamed pie. They slide down to her pussy and starting eating the cum out of it. At her request they also share with her. And this is only the beginning.

They are resting and as they do, Ron gets up and goes to the bedroo

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