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Kathy helps Sven and I go all the way.

It was quiet enough to hear a cell phone on vibration mode. Dave answered it and informed Derrick, "It's your old lady, Dude. You want I should tell her you'll call her back, or what?" Wordlessly Derrick reached for the cell phone, took it in his free hand and said, "Yeah?" He listened for half a minute while Dave motioned for the crowd to stay quiet. Derrick kept jacking Kyle with his right hand, saying nothing. I looked again at the wall clock: twelve thirty-two.

But something was happening. Derrick tensed, then said, "Yeah I know what time it is. It's-hold on a minute, okay?" He waved the phone frantically at Dave, who took it from him and hung on to it. Pulsing jets of semen erupted from the tip of Derrick's massive cock. At the same time Kyle groaned, "Aw, shit," and came along with his partner. Derrick said, "Bitch fucked up my concentration."

Dave clicked the stopwatch and announced, "Eight minutes, seventeen seconds. The winners and new champions by a count of twenty seconds: Scott and Gary!" All the men cheered loudly if begrudgingly. Derrick was back on the phone trying to explain to his wife what was going on and why there was so much noise at a card game.

The crowd parted for Janis's relaxed stride. She stood facing us, hands on hips. "Looks like you boys won fair and square," she said. "Ready for your prize?"

I glanced at Scott, who said, "Go for it, man. She wants you to."

"Ready as I'll ever be, Janis," I said.

The men crammed in three-deep to watch us position ourselves. Janis crouched on all fours on top of the coffee table and waited; Scott moved to Janis's rear while I stood in front. Some man behind Scott said, "Oh, man, he's gonna fuck her in the ass with that fucking salami."

Scott squirted some of the lotion on his burgeoning member, then asked me, "Little help, Gar?" I rubbed it in for him, feeling him get even harder than the first time. I could scarcely get my hand around the powerful base of his cock. "Do the honors?" he then asked. "I never could get the damn thing in."

So after smearing a liberal quantity of lotion around Janis's asshole-she moaned, "That feels so cool,"-I guided Scott's cock in for him. Janis grunted and moaned like someone straining at a big turd, and then he was in. Janis's asshole looked stretched to the limit. "God, that hurts sooo good," she groaned. Scott began gingerly fucking her in the ass. The more Janis moaned and gasped, the harder Scott fucked her.

"Yes, it really does feel like I'm taking a great big shit right now, in case anybody's interested," Janis confided to the room. Then looking up at me, she added, "Don't you have something for me, Gar?" She smiled; Janis has buck teeth but they give her a glamour look, quite attractive. Wondering if she would take it easy with those prominent teeth against my cock, I moved closer and offered it to her luscious mouth. She kissed the very tip, then lewdly licked up and down the shaft. Several men sighed with envy.

I stood there naked with my hands behind my back while my friend's wife took my entire penis into her mouth and sucked it expertly while her husband and twenty-some other men watched our every move. Janis looked up at me, watching my expression with every downstroke. I could feel the lewd pressure of her tongue against the sensitive underbelly of my penis. Every time she'd come up for air she'd release her tender suction on the head of my cock with an audible popping sound. Every release made my dick bounce like a spring. The only time I felt the teeth was when she released suction and caught her breath. Scott fucking her in the ass made it impossible for her to breathe normally it seemed.

I found myself looking into Scott's eyes while the three of us worked.

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