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Night of lovemaking is intense for you and me.

A few brave crocus were nodding in the brisk breeze.

"Come back here." He said, gently pulling me back into his embrace. Grinning foolishly, thankfully out of sight, I reveled in being wanted like this.

His hand slid down my ribs to my waist, pulling me closer. I had to turn some to see him, kiss him. He slid the bench seat back, crushing something buried beneath, and spun, slid me onto his lap with a devilish grin.

"Just what are you thinking?" I asked, grinning foolishly.

"I'm thinking of parking."

"Parking?" I did my best to keep the laugh from bubbling out. "Like we did when we were what, seventeen?"

"Yep." His mouth took mine.

Gentle, slow drugging kisses led to hands pulling at clothes, finding warm skin, baring it to the brisk, spring air. I watched, dazed, as his tongue touched, then traced around my nipple, instantly hardening it, as his lips closed over it, warming it, sucking gently at it. I felt every pull deep inside me with each suckle, every nibble.

I have no idea how we managed to squirm around in the cab of the truck, but we were seal-like in our squirmings. Blazing heat flashes with pictures. Squirming over him, rising over his almost bared chest, feeling his light fur sizzling against my naked breasts, letting my teeth graze lightly along his stubbly jaw, finding that one spot, just below his ear, nipping gently, feeling him groan and press hard into me.

Feeling his hands kneading my ass cheeks, grabbing, pulling my hips tighter against him, feeling how wet I was, how much I wanted him inside me. In the middle of nowhere, our groans, moans and growls went unnoticed.

Breathless, panting, I scrambled back into the passenger side, pushing at my jeans, watching as he mirrored my movements. I slid one foot free, just as he grabbed for me, pinning me to the seat.

Our mouths clashed, melded, as he levered my hips up and sank into me. Over whelmed, overcome, literally, I arched against the solid wall of his chest, my hips grinding that deep button on the head of his cock, humping him back, my feet planted on the roof of the truck, adding more leverage.

I heard him growling deeply as I rode him, as he ground back. I looked up at him, levered up against the roof, saw his amber eyes flash, blaze, as I saw him feel me, crashing, spasming, coming endlessly along his entire length.

I watched dimly as his hands stroked, caressed, as he watched me in stillness. Whiteness, like a blazing star dimmed my vision. I heard him, whispering huskily in my ear, his lips barely brushing against it. I rubbed my cheek against his, opened my eyes to meet his. Warm, clear amber, filled with want, lust, and a little need, watched me.

"Hi." He croaked, with a smile.

"Hi." I croaked back, smiling, knowing without a doubt my heart had just been lost. I felt him, still hard, still deep inside me, felt him shift, and felt him whirl us around so I was impaled on him, sitting across his lap. My forehead rested weakly against his.

"Are you...like, a ninja or something? To move us around like..." He shut me up with his mouth, nibbling, nipping, and devouring mine.

"Just rest a minute." He snuggled me close. "If I'd known how much this turns you on, Chicago would've been one hell of a ride." I had to laugh at that.

Chicago was where we'd met seven months ago. Where my life had completely exploded, imploded, destroyed itself, and he and Tom Hanley had scraped enough of me back together to soldier on. Tom had given me a lot of wisdom that night. Kian had given me much more than his body and cell number that night.

Every minute we spent together he was giving me the world. I gazed down at him, seeing so much more than his body. His head, crookedly resting on the open window, his shoulders filling the bench seat, his chest covered with his open flannel shirt, his smile filling my heart. I leaned down, met his mouth with mine.

"You're purring.

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