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On winter duty, I make a connection with the veterinarian.

He bends his left leg at the knee.

"Position." He barks.

Puddin' slides her panties back up and turns towards Daddy. She bends forward and lays her abdomen over her fathers left leg, her head pointed away to his left, her pert ass cheeks positioned directly in front of him. Daddy feels his cock begin to thicken at the sight. He reaches down and skins her panties down the backs of her legs even though she had just pulled them up. Part of the punishment process was her feeling him expose her ass cheeks.

Puddin' wiggles slightly on his leg, she whimpers with longing and anticipation of the strikes she knows are coming.

"Recite!" He commands.

"I am a bad girl." Puddin' recites from memory. "With Daddy's help, I will learn to be a good girl."

Daddy's right hand whistles through the air, palm held firm and flat.


His hand lands perfectly on the gentle slope of Puddin's left bum cheek, her pale flesh pinking immediately under his hand.

"Ow!" Puddin' cries, her lip trembling, though it is more from lust than pain.

"Recite!" He repeats.

"I am a bad girl. With Daddy's help, I will learn to be a good girl."


Right cheek this time. She jumps slightly, a slight moan in the back of her throat. Her breathing increases.


"I am a-"

And on it goes, Puddin' reciting her lines, Daddy delivering the strokes of her punishment, alternating cheeks. Her ass begins to turn a rosy red color by the third swat, and by the sixth, she is wiggling and moaning with each crisp firm crack across her buttocks.

Her litany becomes more rushed, the faster she delivers the lines, the faster the strokes will come.

" am a bad girl." She says, licking her lips with an expression of heartfelt anticipation on her face. "With Daddy's help I will learn to be a good girl."


"Fuu-uuck. Daddy........."

"Recite!" He growls, hand throbbing like his rigid shaft.


"Iamabadgirland huuhn fuck I'm CUUMMMMMMINNNNG!"

Puddin' hunches up on his leg, trembling mightily as her pussy spasms. She moves her left leg inwards towards his crotch and rubs it up against his cock. She twitches, once, twice, three times. Daddy smells her most intimate perfume as her little cunny makes itself all wet.


"NNGUUUUUH!" She grunts, arms and legs drooping limply down.

"Ten." Daddy says, his tone flat and full of authority. Despite his aroused state, he must control himself through her punishment. He tenderly rubs the red, inflamed flesh with his palm. He slides her panties off her legs so the fabric doesn't irritate her skin.

"Come here, Puddin'." He says.

Puddin' plants her wobbly legs back on the floor and pushes away from his leg. Her face is flushed, and tears of pain and love twinkle at the corners of her eyes. She climbs into his lap again, snuggling up to Daddy as he begins to tenderly rub her sore bottom.

"I'm sorry, Daddy." She says. "I'm sorry I was bad. But thank you for teaching me to be good. I love you."

"I love you too, Puddin'," He says. "And don't forget, Daddy WAS very flattered by your gift, and he wants to thank you for thinking of him."

She perks up, eyes bright. A genuine smile washes over her face.

"Really?" She squeaks, joy lighting her features.

"Really." He replies.

As he replies his gently stroking fingers leave her ass cheeks and find her moist cleft, he strums his fingers across her little button and she sighs.

"Ooooh, Daddy." She whispers. "Right there."

As he rubs her little button she wiggles and pants in his arms. Her hand begins to rub his chest, trailing downwards towards the waistline of his shorts.

"Puddin'." He breathes, "Let's go over to the couch."

"Okay, Daddy." She says, smiling up at him.

They untangle themselves from the chair and cross to the couch. As they reach it he pushes on her shoulders, guiding her down onto her knees and leaning her torso over the seat of the couch, raising her pink ass cheeks up.

Daddy shucks his robe and gets down behind his baby girl.

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