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Larissa gets cowed and milked.

ith real emotion in his voice he replied,

"Jon it sounds to me as if your love for her has notched up a rung,"

I nodded and looked him in the eye. He went on speaking.

"It sounds stupid to you maybe, but those are the emotions I hoped you would feel I don't want her just to be fucked, I need her to be loved and loved in the way and with the passion you just showed. I am unable to give her those expressions of my love, but you my son can."

"You are the only person in the world I would ever have trusted her too, if she wants to go with you take her, take her all with my love and blessings. Let's make this a family based and founded on a real and deep love."

This man never fails to amaze me with his tremendous love for her, I thought.

"What can I say Dad, you have just offered me the greatest gift ever. Something you hold so dear and close to your heart, thank you."

He smiled, "she will, as I said yesterday, still be my wife and I will always love her very much, but she will be your woman in all and every respect and now I know how much you care for her I could not be happier. I know she will return your love with interest and she will love us both in different ways."

I sipped my beer and considered his words I knew he was right.

"I am sure it would work out great," I answered him thoughtfully, "provided of course she wants it that way. I do not intend to force her though. She will have to tell me or ask me, in fact tell us both that she accepts me as her man and lover, she should tell us both at the same time as well."

"It's a deal," Dad said.

We raised our glasses in a toast to our agreement. Dad went off to get another beer each and when he returned sat and asked.

"So what have you been researching then?"

I grinned sheepishly, "I wanted to find some books on master and sub missive's, I want to do this right, but there was not a lot there, no surprise really, but I found a couple of books and a web site."

Dad grinned, "I am pleased that you are taking this so seriously, what did you learn?"

"Well that discipline and humiliation are the keys to it working properly, along with teasing and temptation."

Dad grinned at me, she really is lucky to find a man that is so keen to please her and to make sure things are right," said Dad.

I just sipped my beer and smiled at him.

"Jon please don't take offence, but this new lifestyle may be expensive, you know new and different clothes, hotels and the like, so I want to pay my share."

I interrupted him hastily. "No Dad that's not on, it's not fair,"

"Of course it's fair," he argued, "she will still be my wife, but I will not be spending so much on her anymore. I can easily afford it; it will give me great pleasure and make me feel as if I am more a part of things with you both."
I shook his hand "thanks Dad that will be so useful."

Just then, Mum joined us I went and got her a glass of wine; she took a sip and looked at me with a grin.

"You were very naughty this morning young man embarrassing me like that. I hardly noticed you're thingy. I was going to tell you, but thought it might embarrass you."

I thought about what she had said and thought that this might be a good time to try humiliation.

"Oh I see, is that why you stared at it, licked your lips and checked to make sure we weren't watching you?"

She went red knowing she was caught out again, "I did no such thing," she protested.

"Well" I replied in a quieter voice, now for the tease I thought, "I think you are fibbing and if you were mine I might think that you should be punished for that."

Her eyes looked into mine they sort of twinkled mischievously, but she made no comment she just sipped her wine. Susie's hands were trembling just a little as she pondered about the way this conversation was heading. She thought now about how he had changed; he was so much more confident, good fun and was really sexy with his bright eyes and his risqu__ talk, she noticed that her fanny definitely tingled when he mentioned punishing her.

I took Mums hands into mine.

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