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Dreams tell the story, literally.

"Sir!" the embarrassed Petty Officer exclaimed.

Simpson offered no more resistance as Rabb removed her dungarees. As she stood before him he slid her panties down over her hips revealing her neatly trimmed firebush. It was Rabb's first encounter with a redhead's bush and he was fascinated by its attractiveness. His mouth covered her pussy and his tongue began to explore her.

"Oh sir!" Simpson moaned as the Lieutenant Commander's tongue found her clit. Rabb filled his hands with her bare ass cheeks and pulled her womanhood into his face.

"Fuck me Sir!" she begged.

Harm thought it strange she had made no mention of her husband of five-year-old son back home in Kentucky. Rabb had a supply of condoms in his kit bag but he like to fuck the married ones bare cock, spitting his sperm into their wombs. Being at sea chances were that Simpson was not taking birth control pills needlessly, with a bit of luck she would be fertile.

Simpson lay nude across Rabb's bunk; her legs open waiting to be taken. Rabb quickly stripped down so he could please the frustrate wife.

Son accepted his cock like a sex-starved nymphomaniac. Her pussy was tight after months of inactivity. He thrust himself all the way into her sacred space.

Simpson's legs wrapped around the Lieutenant Commander's butt drawing his into her ginger nest. "Oh fuck me Harm, I need it!" she pleaded.

Rabb did his best to satisfy the estranged wife's need for cock, rapidly thrusting himself in and out of her cavern like a virtual fucking machine.

Simpson bucked under him moaning loudly, she loved hard fucking.

"Harder, harder God damn it make me come!" she cried.

Six months of pent-up lust finally escaped from Simpson's loins, her orgasm was shattering, racking her body with uncontrollable muscle spasms. Rabb released his seed into her garden.

Rabb laid there, his spent cock soaking in Simpson's honey pot. After a short recovery period he did her again, this time in the doggy position. The way Simpson was rocking back and forth on his shaft he knew she was really enjoying it.

Rabb grasped her bare hips and fucked her like an old boot, his cock traveling into her until his balls slapped her on each stroke.

"Ride me flyboy!" Simpson cried out.

Rabb kicked in the afterburners and rammed his cock full bore into the redhead's cunt. "Take that you cheating slut!" he chastised her.

Simpson's orgasm came in rapid succession like the staccato of Rabb's F14 40 mm cannons.

"Oh my God! Please, I can't stand anymore." Simpson pleaded.

Rabb ignored her begging and continued firing his Sidewinder into the target.

Simpson collapsed on her belly on the bed, exhausted.

Simpson slept like a baby in Rabb's arms, well satisfied after her months of famine.

0630 hrs Rabb and Simpson sat in the galley planning their day's work.

"Permission to speak freely Sir?" Simpson asked.

"Go ahead Petty Officer." Rabb agreed.

"I have a bunk mate, a 19 year-old yeoman, Janet Lamb. Janet is bisexual and we have been fooling around together. I was wondering if it would be possible for me to bring Janet to the Lieutenant Commander's cabin tonight for a threesome?" Simpson suggested.

Rabb looked around; there was no one within hearing distance.

"Permission granted." Rabb replied.

2030 hrs...Lt, Com. H. Rabb's cabin aboard U.S.S. Ronald Reagan somewhere in the Bermuda Triangle.

Rabb had wound up his investigation interviewing the remaining witnesses. His findings were inconclusive, just another mysterious aircraft vanishing in the frightening triangle. With workout of the way he awaited the arrival of his sending off party.

A knock at the door..."Enter." Rabb shouted.

The hatch swung open and Petty Officer Simpson stepped into his cabin followed by a lovely young black girl.

"Close the hatch and latch it." Rabb ordered.

Simpson did as instructed, "This is Janet." She said introducing her friend.

Rabb was ready for the girls; he had showered and was wearing only his

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