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A tired spy burns off stress.

He was already enjoying the lewd caresses of Kira's expert mouth. He felt as if she would pump him dry and that was certainly her objective! He slid right in to the hilt and moved the head of his cock around getting it nice and wet for the next step!

Kira lifted her legs up with her feet wide apart to offer Mark an easy target. She waited patiently for him to mount her doggie style. He wasn't as fast as she needed. Finally, she turned about and told him :

-Come on, Mark! Fuck me like a true man, hard and deep as I like it. I won't ask for any mercy!

Mark did not need to receive further encouragement as he pushed forward into Kira's pussy with all his strength. She gasped a little in response. He began to fuck her, grabbing at her hips to get more leverage. He could feel her dripping wet pussy clamping around his cock and trying to milk him dry. She really knew how to treat a man with her pussy muscles! Mark watched in the same time as Dan placed his hands on the back of Kira's head keeping her locked against his crotch! He started to move between her lips with increasing speed, trying to match Mark's rhythm. He must have been right on target as Mark yelled in triumph, flooding Kira's mouth with a huge load of spunk and Dan followed a few seconds later, making her choke with the volume of his semen.

A few minutes later, they were resting on the settee with Kira totally naked between her two lovers. Kira nibbled her lips as Mark gave her a small peck. She puckered her lips for another more lingering kiss that lasted and lasted much longer. Mark held Kira's hand and returned her kiss, locking his lips to hers and pressing her mouth against his. He pushed his tongue deep as Dan contemplated them with a deep smile. He didn't want to say anything and break the spell. They were still exchanging hot kisses, when Mark, eager for other pleasures, pulled Kira tightly against his chest, squeezing her breasts against his chest. Mark moved his arm around Kira's slender waist and drew her to him. He was unsure of her reaction in front of her husband. He was gratified when she leaned forward and kissed him once more on the lips. He sat down on the settee and pulled Kira at his feet. She eagerly fell to her knees. Mark drew her to his crotch and she willingly engulfed his rigid pole. He sent a triumphant look to Dan and told her to tweak her nipples in her right hand and use her left one to wank Dan...

-There is no reason for him to be left out of our little games! If Kyrhan has reamed you so much you won't be of any use to a normal man, you'll just have to work double duty to entertain both of us!

Kira was certainly unable to reply to Mark! He swiftly pulles out of her mouth, just seconds before he cummed in her mouth and pushed her down on the floor. She was thinking he wanted to fuck her right there on the floor. She parted her legs wide to help him enter her as deep as he wanted!

Mark skewered Kira properly. He placed her with her back against the wall. From his place, Dan had a clear view of them. He heard kissing noises. Mark was probably sucking her tits while he fucked her for his dear life and she appeared to love it tremendously! Dan saw Kira's hands resting on Mark's hips and holding them tight against her. The man fucking Kira eased back and Dan could see the man's engorged prick just out of Kira's pussy for the first time. He couldn't help notice how large it was. Mark's cock was poking straight out and looked massively big, long and very meaty with an odd bend in the middle. Kira must enjoy being rammed by such a nice manhood!

They resumed their kisses, totally ignoring him. Mark lifted Kira a bit too much and his cock popped out. They exchanged a sigh of dismay. Mark hastily pointed his cock straight into Kira's tummy on the required upward angle. Kira took the cock in her hand Making Mark groan. She watched her lover straight in the eyes and she bore down, lewdly rotating her hips as she impaled herself on his impressive cock.

-God! You're so big, Mark!

-Wait until you feel it inside you to

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