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Peasant girl invokes ancient tradition to win baron's heart.


I laughed then, deep and throaty. That's my girl, ever insatiable.

As much as I wanted to continue right where I was, I obliged her. I stood, pushing my chair back as I did so, pulling her into a sitting position I kissed her as I lifted her onto my hips. Her legs and arms enclosed around me while I walked over to the couch.

I set her down as I pulled back from the kiss, running my thumb over her bee stung lips before I started to strip out of my now crumpled work clothes. Grinning like the vixen she was, she gathered the hem of her long dress and slowly peeled it away from her body, revealing all of that creamy skin peppered with caramel freckles.

Her dress now sat heaped on the floor and she smiled devilishly at me as she climbed onto the couch on her knees, her back facing me, waiting.

What a little Nymph! So there she was, thighs set apart, hands braced on the back of the couch, staring back at me giggling while she waited. I was transfixed, frozen. I stood there, nude as the day I was born, hard enough to cut diamonds, and I stared.

It felt like hours but must have been only minutes because she was clearing her throat to get my out of my stupor before cackling at me for my momentary brain lapse.

I growled good naturedly before climbing onto the couch behind her, knees just inside of hers. My hands explored a little. Up her flanks, her arms, to her neck where I proceeded to pull her long hair to the side so I could better access her throat. I turned her head to me, leaning closer so I could kiss those perfect lips again. I kneaded at her breasts as I did so, heightening her breathing, before I moved my mouth to her pulse point and sucking the skin hard, drawing a growl from her. The vibrations hummed under my mouth as I slowly trailed my hands down her front. One landing on her hip, the other travelling lower, to the hot core that I knew so well.

I was rubbing myself against her, my erection slipping between the globes of her perfect arse.

Massaging her clit a little I worked her back up, til she was pushing back against me and forward into my hand.

"Now Beau, do it now, I can't wait anymore."

I kissed her shoulder once before grabbing a hold of myself at the base and rubbing up along her slit. "Anything for you baby."

And with that, I thrust into her in one smooth stroke.

We both moaned out at the long awaited sensation. I captured her lips again as I started to move in and out of her, swallowing her moans.

We were pressed together from our knees to our shoulders. I continued with slow, shallow thrusts for a while, just enjoying the silken feel of her clenching around me.

I grabbed her left hand and threaded our fingers together as I started to speed up my thrusts, each one upward punching a breath from her.

Keeping our left hands joined, I moved my right down to her lower abdomen, pulling back as my chest kept her top half pushed forward. I knew that the change in angle would cause me to hit her sweet spot on every other stroke and it became immediately apparent when she got louder and squeezed my hand tighter as she got closer and closer to her second orgasm for the night.

I was so, so close. I could have easily lost it but I wanted her to come with me, I wanted her to lose herself to me. So I trailed my hand lower again, slipping down to massage her clit in time with my thrusts. I knew the moment she was going to peak, her back began to arch, eyes shut tight and moans turned to breathy screams. That's when I let go and met the bliss with her, thrusting shallowly until she went limp, head rolling back onto my shoulder as we came down from our combined high.

I shifted my knees a little, causing my now softening member to slip from her, eliciting a soft sigh of discontentment. I hugged her tightly to me, just enjoying the feel of her flushed, sweat warmed skin. She turned her head slightly and placed a kiss to my neck before nuzzling the place where neck and shoulder meets.

I smiled, relaxed and

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