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Aggie wants a fast fuck for starters. The Trainer obliges.

Storm. Storm was their guide and would be with them throughout the party. Without any cue, the limo driver stepped out of the vehicle and walked over to the bags in the driveway. Each girl had packed an overnight bag only, but with makeup, etc. it looked like they had packed for a long trip. Sara, accepted Mr. Storm's offer and handed him her bag. "Ladies, your party awaits, please follow me!"

They walked to the limo and the driver opened the back door for them. Country music was playing and Sara could see champagne glasses filled, bubbles moving to the top of the glasses, sitting on the bar. "O my God, a bar!" The girls literally dove into the back and the driver closed the door behind them. Mr. Storm did not get in the back, but walked up front and climbed into the front passenger seat.

The twenty-minute drive to the airport was fun. The girls sipped champagne and talked. They stuck their heads out the sunroof of the limo as they went down the street and Karen even flashed a couple of cowboys that had pulled up next to them. Karen had a pair of D size tits that were just starting to give into gravity, but Karen wore clothing that showed them as much as legally possible. Karen was blond, not naturally, but the guys loved her bleached, fuck me look. Julie on the other hand, had a pair of petite C boobs that had freckles on them, matching her face and bright red hair.

Mr. Storm called back on the limo phone. The girls were surprised at the gentle buzz and it took them a minute to find the phone. Please press the speaker button he said. "Ladies, per your signature that you have read and understand the agreement, that you have entered into, your party is about to begin!" "We will be leaving via the airport on a private jet for Las Vegas." I have a second limo waiting for you there and a suite at the Palace. Our flight time will be about an hour and we have selected a theme for your party, "School girls gone wild!" We have party clothing on the plane for you and some videos for your viewing along with food and drink. "Sit back and enjoy the drive!"

The limo made a sharp turn and the girls could hear the sounds of jet engines. They opened the sunroof and gasped as they saw a sleek white Lear Jet in front of them. A man stood by the short stairs in a pilot uniform and waved to them. The limo had barely stopped, before the girls were climbing out the side door. Mr. Storm met them at the plane and introduced Captain Johnson as their pilot! "Hello ladies and welcome!"

As the climbed inside the plane, the girls all squealed. It was a dream comes true, leather seats, bar, gold trim, and twinkle lights all around. As the girls bounced up and down in the seats, a tall blond emerged from the back. "Hello Ladies, I'm your stewardess, Diana and I'm here to meet your every need!" Karen flashed a smile and in what Sara was sure was an honest response, "You can meet my needs!" Diana gave her a "I'm gonna fuck you smile, wink and went in the back. The girls peeked around the corner and say a small kitchen area, and a restroom door.

Mr. Storm's voice turned them around, "Ladies, your bags on stored, the pilot is ready and were going to take off!" Please have a seat and we will be in the air in just a few minutes. Diana reappeared with champagne glasses and handed one to each of the girls, Mr. Storm even took one. Smiling at the gals, he raised his glass and said, "here's to your party!"

It only took minutes for them to get in the air.

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