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An surprise evening with a friend's mother.

"That's it Petie," she said. "My dad is always telling me I should try an experienced man -- though I think he had himself in mind."

Peter groaned at the thought of incest and a picture of his own daughter flashed across his mind. The thought of licking his Hazel's sweet young pussy engrained itself into his brain and he thrust his tongue into Sasha's honeypot causing her to let out a loud moan. She grabbed his head with a hand either side and worked her pussy on his tongue. He was eagerly lapping up her juices which were flooding from her sodden pussy; her juices were coating his face and dripping onto his shirt.

"Can I feel your breasts?" he asked.

"Sure," said Sasha as she worked her top up and off over her head, before unclipping her bra.

Peter reached up with his right hand and cupped first one then the other of the tits on offer. They were bigger than Kat's and he wondered how Hazel's breasts would feel in his hand. He wanted to suck them, nibble on the nipples; he wanted to rub his cock in the valley between them and come on Hazel's pretty face. He groaned as the lecherous thoughts took over his mind. He was licking Sasha furiously now and thrusting his tongue into her hole as far as he could get it.

"That's it Petie, fuck me with your tongue. When you've made me come I want your cock to fill me up," said Sasha.

Cindy had got up from her seat to get a better view of Peter eating Sasha's pussy. "Tastes good doesn't it," she said, "I had some of that for breakfast."

"No wonder you two took so long to get ready," said Susie as she laughed.

"So, Peter," said Cindy, "will your missus sleep through anything?"

"Almost definitely," answered Peter, "I fucked her once and she was oblivious."

"That's what I was hoping to hear," said Cindy as she turned and crossed over to where Fliss was sleeping. She knelt in front of her and worked the hem of her dress up her thighs.

"Nice legs," said Cindy as she stroked the smooth, lightly tanned skin, "Oooh silk panties; these feel so nice." She ran the palm of her hand over the front of Fliss's knickers, moving it slowly down until she came to the crotch, where she started to stroke with her fingers.

"I need to taste what's underneath these," she said as she grabbed the sides of the knickers with both hands and tried to work them down. It wasn't easy with the dead weight of Fliss bearing down on them but with some effort Cindy managed to work them free and then pulled them down Fliss's legs and off over her shoes. She pulled apart Fliss's legs and the smell of pussy invited her in; she slowly lowered her mouth whilst looking up at Fliss for any signs of awakening. She had always found the smell of pussies intoxicating and this one was no different; her tongue almost involuntarily left her mouth and gently explored the folds of flesh before her. She let out a low moan as she savoured the taste of the older woman's juices which had started to leak from her hole. As she licked and sucked on the pussy in front of her, she lowered her left hand to her own pussy and began to play with herself again.

Susie and Kat were enjoying the shows going on before them and were busy caressing their own mounds. Susie had a birds-eye view of Peter as he continued to lap at Sasha's honeypot and Kat, who was sitting opposite Fliss had the perfect view of what Cindy was doing.

Their enjoyment was interrupted when the door to the compartment opened.

"Tickets please," came a voice as a young, fresh-faced man of about nineteen entered the compartment. He stopped dead in his tracks as his eyes took in the scene before him and his face turned crimson. "I... I'll come back later," he said. He turned to exit and found Susie blocking his path.

"I've got something much nicer than a ticket to show you," she said as she hiked up her short skirt and flashed her pussy at him.

The young lad looked down and his face went even redder.

"Umm -- I need to get on with my job," he said as he tried to

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