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I admittedly have a very fit body and engage in multiple sports. I've never thought of my member as large, but it is average length and has much more girth than average. Like all men, I wish for that extra inch, but you have to use what you were given. Anyway, I sensed her approval which went a long way in getting me excited.

I laid down next to her and we explored each others bodies with our hands. It was obvious we were both pleased. It was like discovering a new world. Every crease, bulge and valley was mapped with our hands. We chatted nervously, both of us saying that we had never done this before. Which was true for me and, I believe, true for her as well.

She turned to me and said "I really want to do this, do you?"

I replied that I did. It was a once in a lifetime experience that I did not intend to pass up. Unfortunately, I had no protection with me, but she assured me that she was covered. Once our consent was mutual our hands found their way to their respective targets. She was more than wet and as I placed my finger at her vaginal opening and kissed her, I could smell her desire. I was about to start my usual pussy caressing, when whe abruptly pulled my hand away and buried her head in my crotch. She licked my testicles and slid her tongue up my shaft. I looked down in ecstasy as this beautiful woman expertly brought my penis to full attention. She stopped and smiled at me then hopped on top and placed my cock at her vaginal opening.

She slowly worked her way down until her cunt had swallowed every inch of my cock. She grinned at me and said "Mmm that feels better than I ever thought it would."

I really had no reply. She leaned in closely and said "I've wanted to fuck you since day the first day I saw you."

I was a little surprised because I really couldn't tell, but that didn't really matter now. I let her ride me for what seemed like forever and she came at least once. I was trying my damndest not to cum quickly and was holding out well. My penis never left her as we switched positions a half dozen times. We ended up in missionary and we were pounding away at each other. Our thrusting was animal intense. Our pelves would meet and grind with equal force in perfect rhythm. Without a doubt I was having my best sexual performance ever. After about twenty minutes of intense pounding, I felt that familiar pressure in my balls. I told her I was going to come and she pulled me tighter towards her and wrapped her legs around me. She squeezed every last bit of air out of me as my ejaculate flowed into her pussy. It was like a fountain of cum was overflowing out her cunt. Finally, I dismounted and we laid there silent catching our breath.

She got up to get some water and I went to the bathroom. I looked in the mirror disbelieving what had just happened. I didn't really know how to feel. I had just cheated on my wife with a woman who had just cheated on her husband. I felt a little guilty, but it had been the best sex I had ever had. I walked out to the room and found her on the bed beckoning me back over. I looked at the clock and couldn't believe it was 3 a.m. already. My plane left at 9:30 and I needed some sleep. But I wasn't going anywhere yet.

I laid back down and we shared our thoughts about the sex and the cheating. It seemed we were both in agreement; best sex ever, worth every moment, and something that probably wouldn't or couldn't happen again-especially as perfect as it was.

She told me she came multiple times which I believed. Plus she told me she "liked my size." Apparently I was much larger than her husband and she had never really had experience with a penis as big as mine. I didn't really let this go to my head since I knew I was just a little above average. Of course, I didn't need to tell her that. If she thought I was King Kong, OK by me!

It became fairly obvious we weren't done with each other yet, and she began pulling at my cock again.

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