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He got his, now she gets hers.

More vines began to touch me, probing through my hair, inching into my shoes. When they started to work their way into my pants, I stiffened. Then the scent of the flower overwhelmed me. Again I relaxed as the vines began to work the clothing off of my body. When I was totally nude, more vines grasped my other wrist and ankle. The plant then sent vines to wrap around my chest, just above my breasts. Then beneath my breasts causing me to catch my breath. Was I about to be killed in some kind of constrictor-plant? It must have been that flower, because I really couldn't focus on the fear. The vines around my chest tightened, but they didn't get so tight I couldn't breathe, just tight enough to hold me.

The flower backed away from my face only to be replaced with a hard, rounded stem end. It smelled sweet and as it was pushed into my mouth, I noticed it tasted like a light honey. I sucked on the tip and was rewarded with a flush of sweetness filling my mouth. I became so engrossed with this new sensation. I almost didn't notice the smaller vines reaching up from the bindings on my chest to wrap snugly around my erect nipples. As the pressure increased on my nipples I felt a wetness between my legs. More vines wrapped on either side of my breasts, forcing them closer together. Soon vines had wrapped around my upper arms legs and my hips. When the vines had finished wrapping securely around my calves, I felt myself being lifted off the ground. I was tilted back until I was almost parallel to the forest floor.

The pressure on my tortured nipples increased once more, and then I felt something probing my anus. First one, then two, then three, then four vines found a home in that tight place. I lie there a moment curious. I didn't have long to wait. The vines in my ass began to swell, they stretched me, I heard a groan, and realized it came from me. Those vines continued to grow until I thought I would be torn apart. I felt myself struggle against the pressure, but was held firmly by the plant. The swelling in my tender ass stopped so suddenly I gasped.

A smaller vine reached up and wrapped around my head, holding it steady. The vine end that was forced into my mouth began moving slowly in and out. As I was dealing with this new idea, vines wrapped up around my thighs and began exploring the lips of my pussy. Like so many fingers, they probed every little nook of my being. One found my clit and began to stroke the quickly hardening nub. Others went inside of me. I could feel them twining together in me. They formed a large wand with ripples running down the length of it. I could feel every ridge as it moved inside me. More vines crept within me and I felt them adding to the already broad staff within me.

When I was sure I could take no more. The staff began to move. It moved in and out of me, rubbing me in a way I had never been touched by any human being. I was so completely full. My body began to strain again. The sensations, My mouth filled with a hard sweetness. My breasts, tightly bound, my nipples, held in a vise-like hold. My ass filled and tormented. My clit probed and teased. My pussy stroked in and out with a turgid staff. I felt my head being lowered slightly as my body was tormented. I broke out in a cold sweat and my breathing became labored as I felt my climax approaching. I fought against the inevitable, knowing I had no choice. Then I came. I came so hard I thought sure the plant would drop me. I came so hard I thought my heart would stop. I kept coming until I felt I would pass out. I saw stars before my eyes, and still I came. An earthquake of me shook the forest until I reeled.

After what seemed like hours, but was most likely only a few minutes, all movement stopped.

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