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Section 5 of a serial epistolary BDSM tale.

I heard, "Come in."

I still had my eyes shut tight; I opened the door slowly and opened my eyes. There was May, in bed with a sheet over her; her knees were drawn up to her chest as she sat with her back to the head board with a pillow behind her. The light in the room was on.

I could not look at her, I looked to the floor. All I heard was a giggle from her; she said nothing, she just giggled. I looked up slowly and caught her eyes. She smiled and giggled.

I said, "It's not funny."

She stopped giggling and said, "From what I heard it's very funny."

I didn't laugh or smile, I said, "Well it's not... not for me."

She scuttled along the bed; she tapped the bed where she had just been sitting with the palm of her hand and said, "Come here lover, come sit next to me."

I sat but with my back half to her and my legs off the bed, feet on the floor. I turned my head towards her and she said, "You're an idiot; sit properly, up on the bed."

As I raised my feet up and placed them onto the bed, she lifted the sheet and threw it over me. I caught a glimpse of her, she was naked. I sort of expected she would be but not for me to see.

She shuffled up next to me; she was warm and so naked. I closed and opened my eyes slowly to the touch and the heat of her body; it sent a rush through me. We then both had our legs outstretched, touched each other, the whole of one side. As we looked at each other she giggled again and placed a hand on my thigh, under the bed sheet.

She said, "Lover, I'm going to ask you just one question."

I could not bring any sort of emotion to my face, I kept my hands folded. I looked away, just anywhere apart from at her. She slowly stroked my thigh and said, "Sam... lover, we've known each other for many a year, well over twenty. We've never touched one another apart from a hand shake or a friendly kiss."

I looked back at her, what was her point? She continued, "And yet every time you look at me, I can see in your eyes that you want more than just the hand shake... or the friendly kiss."

She was so right, I could not look at her, I closed my eyes softly and I listened to her, "Lover just one question. Just now, when Nick caught you, while you stroked your cock, what were you thinking of, or more precisely who were you thinking of?"

I was silent for a long time; I took in slow deep breaths. She still stroked my thigh and squeezed it along its length.

I still had my eyes closed, my head bowed, I said, "You don't want to know, it doesn't matter."

She leant over and kissed me on the cheek, a soft loving tender kiss which lingered longer than just a friendly kiss.

I shook my head and said, "Nah, it's stupid."

She turned my head and kissed me on the lips, again just lips but that time just a bit longer than always.

She moved away; I opened my eyes and looked at her for a long time before I said, "I was thinking of the first time I saw you. At the tennis club, over twenty years ago, you look as beautiful now as you did back then. You haven't aged a bit."

I shed a tear. Both our fore-heads came softly together and I said, "So when I heard you both tonight... here. I could not help but wish it were me that rocked your bed."

She looked up and wiped away my tear, she said, "You can."

Her hand moved under my boxers, to my flaccid cock; she moved her head and her lips were at my ear, as she said in almost a whisper, "If you want, I'd love for you to do just that lover."

Although in my head I was thinking she did not really mean what she was saying, my cock had other ideas, it was hardening to her soft warm hold and movement.

I moved away and said, "But Nick!"

She began to encourage my cock more and slowly stroked it. It felt so nice, I was hard in no time, but the thought of Nick next door stopped me from jumping straight onto May.

May stared straight into my eyes and said, "If you don't mind sharing, then it's alright with him."

It was a stupid question that came out next but I said, "What do you mean sharing!"

May half giggled and half smiled as she said, "You can

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