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Zack and Ansley catch up over a mid-afternoon storm.

Yes. It was whiney enough, and they had rules. No begging. No whining. She pointed to the floor lazily. "Number four."

His heart soared, but his shoulders sagged. He smiled but sighed heavily, feeling both happy and defeated. He hated stress position four, but she'd answered him, hadn't she? It was a sit up that never ended, but she would keep at it until he broke. He'd never enjoyed his conflicted feelings more.

He extracted himself from the couch, and parked himself on his naked butt in between her and the TV, his arms, legs and torso raised.

She picked up the remote and flipped through channels, smiling helplessly now and then when he grunted and moaned.

* * *

The texting between her and her mentor from the Divine Tantra site had ended. They had chatted over the internet in voice, and finally exchanged phone numbers. She had a network now of other women like her. She was a member of the club, even helping moderate the forum when she had time.

Still, out of all the women she'd met, she trusted her friend the most. She arranged an internet call. They spoke for an hour, chatted about life, work, the DT site. Her mentor had children, so there was a lot to hear. After an hour though, they both recognized Ella had something on her mind.

It spilled out of her, every detail. Jim and his challenge and his block and his desire to overcome it for her. Ella and her challenge and her true desire to manipulate him into something doing he didn't want to do. It had worked so well in the past; why didn't it work now?

Her friend had a suggestion. A woman who was a friend of a friend. A therapist.

Did they really need couples therapy?

"Not therapy for you," her friend said. "She is a therapist, but she's very kink friendly. She holds a lot of chats on the site talking about safety, physical and psychological. She's written a few books on relationships. She's wonderful!"

"I don't know," Ella replied. "I'm not sure how Jim will feel about a therapist." Before her friend could interject, she added, "I know. It's my decision, not his, but for something like this I still like to talk to him first."

Her friend laughed. "You're the Mistress. You can do whatever you want. But I'd like to give her you number. I bet she could solve it in ten seconds. Seriously. You won't be sorry. She's so full of information that I could just listen to her talk all day."

In the end Ella relented. She was uncertain. She decided not to ask Jim just yet. A thrill rushed through her as she considered not asking him at all. He had been begging to be her slave, after all. When did slaves really get choices about anything?

She received an email from Amy Owens, asking if she could call and when would be a good time. There was something Ella liked about her right away. Just the tone of her email seemed friendly. While arranging a good time to talk, they realized they were in the same time zone, then realized they were only a few hours away. She was practically a local. That made Ella even more comfortable.

On the first call, they spoke for hours like old friends. Amy didn't sound like a therapist. She sounded warm and accepting and talked freely about her own life, her husband, her sexuality. Her husband and her did not engage in kink in any major way. They did not have a FLR or WLM, though they had tried it for a year. They had also tried numerous other things. Amy had been submissive to him for a year. In the end, they decided they liked being equals, even liked the struggles that came with being equals. "But we never would've known that," Amy told her, "if we hadn't had those experiences to establish a contrast."

Amy asked if she could visit. Ella was reluctant. "I appreciate the thought, but I guess I'm a little wary of us starting couples therapy."

Amy laughed.

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