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Stacy learns her BFF, David might be moving away.

Not to mention he ended up getting a B in physics, so his GPA dropped below hers. We looked great in the picture too, Abby flattered both of us.

Of the three shots that weren't those, two of them were of me tutoring someone. In both of them, I look like I'm explaining something deeply profound and meaningful. They made me look way smarter than I felt most of the time.

The last one was my favorite though. It was at a game, I think it was the basketball championships, but I'm hoisting Kimmy up by the waist and we're both facing out onto the court looking past the camera, she's got her cheer outfit on and her cheeks painted up. She's got both of her arms in the air with her pom poms in a blur of motion and her legs bent at the knees like she just jumped. We're both cheering like mad and look insanely happy. The bottom photo was captioned, "Class of 94's Cutest Couple."

I hadn't made 'Most likely to succeed' which miffed me a little, (Christina had snagged that, so I guess it was well deserved), but I made cutest couple.

It's a turvy topsy world sometimes.

Kimmy had circled that picture in my yearbook with a huge heart and wrote all around it in her cute girl hand writing, "i love u" over and over in a border around the heart. The dot on each and every 'i' was a little heart too. It still makes me grin to look at it. Every girl who saw it when she signed my year book exclaimed with a big 'Aww! You guys are so cute!'. I blushed most of the time too.

Thursday was a rough day. The seniors didn't have classes, so most of us ended up at the beach. Which meant it pretty much turned into the official-unofficial, senior-class beach party.

I avoided the booze. So did everyone that had been at the prom party upstairs.

It was fun though, the girls had an impromptu beach volleyball tourney, and for the first time I saw Anna and Kimmy getting along together again, which made me smile a whole lot. The guys of course played touch football. Todd asked me if I wanted to play, I declined, but I was grateful for the offer. I wasn't even the last person asked - not even in the bottom half.

Almost the whole class had shown up, and there were bonfires late into the night. People kept coming up and saying hi to me, or telling Kimmy and I that they had totally voted for us and they hoped we stayed together. Kimmy liked that a lot. I did too I guess. I saw Christina Wu, and she and Alex were dancing where someone had backed their car up, using the radio and speakers like a dj station and dance floor. A bunch of people made the two of us have a 'Brain off', where people fired questions at us and we had to answer as fast as we could. Neither of us won, they ran out of questions. But it was a lot of fun to be able to show off in my own arena.

I never saw Tommy.

It was late, and I knew even though we didn't have school tomorrow, I had a speech I still had to write, so I was thinking about taking off - when Anna came up to me and asked if we could talk.

I glanced over where Kimmy was dancing with Abby and Beth, some kind of crazy version of some music video they liked, and were trying to get the choreography down for.

"Aren't you going to join them?" I asked

She shook her head, "I want to talk to you. Besides Kimmy is happier when I'm not around. I don't want to be in the way."

She sounded so wistful I almost grabbed her hand and pulled her over there to make the two of them make up. But I didn't, instead I just said, "Sure, lets go for a walk." I got up and dusted the sand off my butt and walked off with her. I glanced back to see if Kimmy had noticed. She hadn't.

Probably for the best.

We walked quite a ways down the beach. Far enough away the sound of the music faded against the sound of the surf coming in, and the lights of the bonfires became distant specs.

"Hell of a ride, hasn't it been?" she asked after a while.

"No kidding, I'm still just trying to process it all," I replied.

She nodded.

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