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This time, it's more than foreplay.

I even bought one one time to give to a girlfriend but ended up liking it so much I kept it myself.

So, yes, I am a panty man.

This went on throughout my stay at the college. I was never into long-term relationships, and never dated a woman for more than a month. So if a woman began to seem needy and possessive, I stepped away. More than one woman I bedded asked me what I thought about marriage, and that was a relationship killer for sure ...

There was one new twist to my thievery toward the end of my undergrad days - a couple times I stole bras, which were becoming as exciting for me as panties. One time I didn't steal it from the girlfriend, but rather from her roommate. Another time, a girlfriend had a pile of laundry she was taking to a laundromat, and I spotted a sexy bra within, and secreted it away. I never was questioned by these women, fortunately.

These insane activities continued until I graduated. Susan became a distant memory, as did Blair, Emily, Meghan, Laura, Molly, Brittany, and many more.

I went off to Nashville that summer to intern with a real estate management company before getting my MBA (masters degree in business administration). While in Nashville, my parents nicely supplemented my meager income so that I could have an apartment by myself. My lingerie collection traveled with me. For the first time in my post-puberty life I wasn't popular with women, mostly because all the women in the real estate office were older and many were married. I was the lowest person on the totem pole, and had to kiss ass all the time.

At bars and events, it seemed like I only met women into music, and I'm not a music guy, so I couldn't talk music talk. I couldn't even fake it. The whole summer I was in Nashville, I only met and bedded one woman - a woman I met while bicycling out in the country. We both got drunk, and royally fucked in a secluded glade in a county park. And dammit - I wasn't able to make off with a panty!

But that brings me to what I did with my other time. I'd be at home, looking at porn videos of women wearing panties and bras, and sometimes they'd be making love with each other - what a turnon - or they'd be fingering themselves, or just posing as a tease.

Now that I was no longer studying and bedding women, I had all this time on my hands. This - no surprise - led to me sometimes wearing panties and bras, and eventually dresses, and jewelry, around the apartment. Dressing became a major turnon, and before an evening was over - or a Saturday or Sunday - I'd inevitably royally beat off.

I got to the point where I was actually buying women's stuff at big-box stores. Few people knew me in Nashville, so I didn't figure I'd be found out.

My family had no idea about my deviating from the Christian path. I continued to regularly go to church, but it was more out of habit, and I found myself looking at young women there - how they dressed, how they did their makeup, how they moved and talked, and so on. I was, frankly, jealous.

Then it was time to move to the U. of Tennessee at Chattanooga to get my MBA. I convinced my parents I needed my own apartment, and since they could easily afford it, they agreed. For the first time in my life, I really had to bear down and study hard. The women in the program were more mature, now, and varied in age considerably. My wiles no longer worked with them as well, and I found myself dressing up as soon as I returned home for kind of a screwy feminine companionship. I went to bed in a nightgown. What it boiled down to was - I had to be dressed as "Audrey" to study. Being Audrey relaxed me.

Thanks to Audrey, my grades were very good. My parents were pleased.

I kept enhancing my Audrey side, learning the finer points of makeup.

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