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Paul Burchill and Kristal celebrate their win.


He called his wife and told her of his scheme. She couldn't have been happier. "When will she be here?" she asked.

"As soon as I can get all this miserable paperwork done. We'll be at Clark in the P.I. I'll let you know more when I know more. I love you honey."

The next day Captain Wilson and the little girl got on a C-141 and headed for Clark. The girl was completely dazzled by the life style of the Americans. She had never seen such luxuries. The thing that amazed her most was the way they took it all for granted. I'll bet America won't be this grand, she thought.

It took the captain three weeks of his leave to get all of her paperwork squared away and even then there would be more in the States. They were checked in to the Filipinas Hotel in downtown Manila. He had one week to spend with her. Then he loaded her on an airliner bound for Seattle. His wife would pick her up at SEA/TAC. He went back to the war.

Two years later he was still fighting the communists in the jungles of Southeast Asia. Only now he was fighting the secret war in Cambodia. He was tired of the war, tired of getting shot at and tired of the military. He had briefly considered making the military a career. He was now Colonel Wilson. He knew that eventually his luck would run out if he stayed in the war zone. He longed to see his wife. He had not seen her in almost 4 years. He had not seen the little girl in 2 years. He wanted life without bullets, bombs and rockets.

He got on a jet and reported back to Washington D.C. where he resigned his commission. He was free! He hopped the first plane for Seattle.

His wife, Mary and little girl were waiting for him at SEA/TAC. He immediately recognized his wife as she ran forward and jumped into his arms. Another set of arms was hugging his waist. It was his little girl. Little? She looked like she had fallen off the cover of a fashions magazine. What a beauty!

"Oh honey, it's been so long. Linda and I have missed you so much."

"Daddy, daddy! Welcome home. Do you remember me? I'm you daughter, Linda Trang!"

"Of course I remember you. I have thought about you and Mary for many long years. I can hardly believe I'm holding you now. Let's go home."

The first order of business was to complete the adoption process for their daughter. As they left the court for the final time, the former Linda Trang, now Linda Wilson in tears, remarked, "Until this moment I wasn't sure I was really your daughter. Now I know I am."

They picked up his baggage; he had a lot, and tossed it into the back of the Suburban. As Mary drove along the freeway, he asked the girl, "Well, how do you like the land of the big BX?"

"Daddy it's more than I've ever dreamed of. I have my own bedroom and it's bigger than my whole house was back in the village. I'm 16 now so mom is teaching me to drive and she said if I made good grades in school, you would buy me a car for my graduation present."

"They'll have to be very good grades before you get a car. What is your GPA?"

"It's 4.0. Oh daddy does that mean I get the car?"

"When you graduate, if it's still 4.0, I'll buy you anything you want."

She squealed and hummed a happy little tune as they entered the driveway. She bounced out of the Suburban and started helping move his gear into the house.

"I need a job," he told Mary.

"I can help," replied Mary. I've got an advanced gizmo called a personal computer. It's connected to a lot of other computers mostly used by colleges and big business. I'll bet if I try, I can find you a job and save all that leg work"

"Okay, we'll give it a try, but I can't wait forever. I need a job soon."

In less than a week Mary had found him a really good position as a manager for one of the biggest lumber companies in the world. After work on the first day he got Mary and Linda together and took them to dinner at a big seafood restaurant on the waterfront. Then he kissed and held Mary all night.

While he was working his way up the management ranks, Mary started one of the first internet businesses.

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