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Father pays a visit to daughter's bed.

As much as she had liked this tryst, she also wanted to punish him a little for taking advantage of her hormones. That look would do it nicely.

Pushing her panties down the rest of the way, she worked them over her shoes. Shakily she stood and pulled up her skirt, then spread her legs, using the balled-up panties to wipe away her copious juices that had not had a chance to dry. Leaning forward she felt across the body of her mystery lover, finding the inside pocket of his suit jacket. She shoved her soaked panties into the pocket and patted it gently.

"Feel free to keep those, dirty man. Think of it as my way of saying thanks for making me cum so good."

"Well thank you more," he whispered back, "that has got to be the best blowjob I've ever had."

"Thanks, I aim to please. Oh and by the way, do you remember how to pronounce my middle name?"

He paused long enough for her to know her guess was right. She continued "Or my last name?"

Again he paused, but just for a moment. "Sorry, no, I don't have a clue who you are. I was sitting on the other side of Sam and heard you two talking. I have really good hearing and you drove me crazy! Anyhow after the lights went out I saw Sam leave you hanging, and I heard how he left you. I knew you weren't together and thought it was worth the risk to get you in here. I hoped I could help make at least one of your fantasies come true. Oh, and it was me that was playing with your boobs when you were jacking him off. I just reached around Sam. Again, I'm sorry, I shouldn't have."

"Thanks for being honest, but that was still a really fucked up thing to do. But I let it happen, and you did me good. It ends here though. You won't know who I am, and if you try to follow me out of this room I will call for security, and you will end up in jail. Get my drift?"

A mumbled "Ya, sorry" was all he could come back with.

Carrie reached for his waist and unfastened his pants, pushing his clothes into a heap around his ankles. She fixed her clothes while finishing her chat.

"I will leave now, and don't even think about touching your pants for three minutes after the door closes. Don't try to find me."

With a rustle of clothes and footsteps Carrie found her way to the door and eased out of the closet. With her eyes fully adapted to the dark, walking towards the dim light of the outside was easy. She went into the sun-lit lobby and lost herself in the crowd of employees, and scarcely a minute after leaving the closet room, the lights flickered back on.

The crowd of people cheered, but she needed to get cleaned up before people noticed her condition. Quickly heading for a restroom she fixed her hair and was almost as presentable as before the lights went out. Her pussy was still damp, and all she could think about was getting a good hard fuck to finish off her wild streak.

Carrie made her way back into the conference room in time to see that one special door open. The man walking out was blinded by the light, throwing up a hand to cover his eyes. She laughed out loud with a dozen other people at his appearance. His suit was disheveled, with a very obvious wet spot covering his crotch. He took his jacket off to cover himself and hurried away. Luckily she didn't recognize him.

Not daring to wet the back of her skirt, she didn't sit down, so she walked around the back of the room looking for Sam. The real Sam, not an imposter. She finally spotted him and walked over quickly. He smiled at her when she approached, and a concerned look covered his face when he saw her expression.

"Don't say a thing," Carrie ordered, "follow me, I have to talk to you."

Once again she dragged him across the floor, and no one paid attention to the pair of them walking out of the room. The moment she opened the stairwell door, the building was plunged into darkness again as the power flickered once then shut off again. She smiled at the real Sam as they started up the single flight of stairs, barely visible in the weak emergency light.

He was very confused with what Carrie was up to, but he did as asked a

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