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It hits the back of my throat and I begin to gag and choke.

"Relax, you're doing really good. When it gets to the back of your throat relax and swallow," he instructs me. As he pushes in I gag again not ready for him. I'm crying hard trying to get my breath.

"Come on you can do it," he encourages me.

I really didn't want to do this but if I didn't do as he says I probably will choke to death on his cock. I figure if I'm to survive this I should probably do as he says. I relax and swallow hard when his cock slides in again. Amazingly I feel it slide down my throat.

"Ohhh yes! That's a good boy, well done," he praises me his hand stroking my hair as he pushes me on his cock.

Here I am getting his cock forced down my throat and I feel good that he's praising me. This is so fucked up!

His cock slides in again and I swallow harder, I feel it go deeper.

"Ohhhhh God! You're a natural born cocksucker," he says.

What? I didn't even know there was such thing. I'm sucking cock for the first time and I'm a natural at it? Shit, could it be I really am gay? I was wondering how much of his cock was left to go in when on the next stroke my nose touches something, his pubes! Shit! The whole of his cock is in my mouth and down my throat!.

"Fuck, you got it all in! Well done, now massage my cock with your tongue, Imagine sucking on a blocked straw," he says.

I do as he says and he gasps loudly.

"Jesus boy, you are the best! No one has ever sucked my cock this good before."

Really? I'm wondering if I really am that good or he's not had many blowjobs before, I find myself hoping its the former. He starts fucking my face his cock sliding down my throat. I'm struggling to keep up with him and getting enough air. I eventually find a rhythm and I find that taking a deep breath before swallowing helps enormously.

"That's it boy suck on Sir's cock, take it all down,"

But I'm not sucking your cock, you're fucking my face. Wait! With horror I realise he has stopped fucking and I am taking it in on my own. I am sucking on his cock like my life depended on it and I want it! Am I really enjoying this? I focus on my cock and notice it is harder than I have ever known it to be. I am enjoying this! I swallow his monster hungrily, I don't just enjoy it, I love it! I'm getting really turned on as I listen to Sir's groans of ecstasy each time I swallow him. Damn, I'm even groaning myself. His cock seems to be getting bigger and can hear his breathing is fast and short. Oh god! I hope he doesn't cum in my mouth.

"OHHHH FUCK I'M GONNA CUM!" he shouts.

He pulls his cock out and orders me to open my mouth. I do so. He lets loose a long deep groan and suddenly streams of hot cum is flying into my mouth. I feel like retching, not from the taste but just from the idea of having cum in my mouth. I keep my mouth open hoping it will all drip out. Some bolts miss my mouth and cover my face. Eventually he is spent and I hear him panting.

"Close your mouth boy," he orders.

I protest.

"Close it," his hand cups my chin.

Reluctantly I close my mouth and I have no choice but to taste his cum, it's not as bad as I had expected, somewhat salty but I kind of like it.

"Swallow," he orders.

I do so and for the first time in my life I had just sucked cock and swallowed cum. I find I want his cock back in my mouth, I want to suck off all the cum. I open my mouth, stick out my tongue and hope to find his cock. He laughs.

"Well it looks like my slave boy likes the taste of cock," he says.

I don't get his cock back.

He unties me and leads me to what feels like a padded bench. I'm made to like on my back while he stretches my arms above me and binds them. My legs are pulled apart and also bound. I lie there dazed at what had just happened trying understand why I liked sucking his cock. I can still taste his cum in my mouth, I am so excited at what just happened.

His fingers touch my sensitive skin on the side of my chest and I breath in sharply.

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