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Elsie learns she has a friend within the community.

Bev was the first to notice the bulge in Zack's swim trunks. "What's gotten in to you? It's just not decent and you better stop it this minute!" She began to rethink the wisdom of their Mexican vacation, clearly he was headed for disaster; her face registered the disappointment and rage that was building. She took a sip of beer. "God this is rot-gut beer!" She quickly poured it on the sand.

Zack was enraged that she didn't offer the beer to him before pouring it out. "Fuck you Bev! That was perfectly good beer." He thought about the affect that callous act would have on the bartender. After all it was sort of a welcome gift.

Bev yelled a stream of reprimands aimed at Zack and stormed away half running down the beach. A loud cheer was heard from the surfers and someone yelled out. "Dude just went ballistic and told his woman to fuck off! No pussy for our gringo boy tonight, guess its going to be us that get lucky after all!"

Zack rolled over on his stomach and decided to soak up some rays while waiting for Bev to come back...he dozed off wondering why his dick was hard. He was awakened from his deep sleep by the sounds of moans and laughter; someone was rubbing Jerkins lotion on his back and legs. The smell was the first clue that he was being coated with the lotion. Bev used the stuff when she lubed his cock before a good fucking. As he turned his head the setting sun temporarily blinded him; he shaded his eyes with his hand, half expecting to see Bev.

He was jolted to find his blanket surrounding by the surfers, silhouetted by the last rays of the sun. Juan, the bartended was kneeling over applying the Jerkins lotion. "It's okay Big Red you just got to much sun for a pale dude, this going to keep you from a burn latter tonight." Juan had a big smile as he stared down at the bewildered jock. He slapped his ass and told Zack to turn over. Without hesitation he complied; it was Zack's rock hard cock that brought responses from the surfers. It was running down the left side of his leg and poking out his swim trunks; it was the biggest cock they had seen in a long time. A handsome young surfer called Rip knelled down beside Juan; he had a bronze body and Rastafarian hair. "Fuck man check out the dude's big tool! God the thing must be 9 inches and thick as a brick." He grabbed hold and started milking it.

Zack's face lit up, it felt wonderful, but like all straight men he felt compelled to object so he yelled. "What the fuck you think your doing!" His attempt at stopping the invading hand on his cock was short lived as his arms were stretched above his head. Someone raised Zack's head and a cup of orange juice and GHB was brought to his mouth. "Drink it down stud...it'll have you feeling great in a few minutes" the skinhead surfer laughed. "Or...it'll make you feel great to us."

Zack felt his trunks being pulled down his legs; hands were all over his body exploring his nether region. A bottle of poppers was placed under his nose; his mouth was covered and his left nostril blocked. "That's it fucker, take a deep breath...you'll feel a rush all over your body. " The poppers were moved to the other side and he breathed in deeply; at the same moment he was feeling a burning rush through body his cock was being jacked hard and forcefully into someone's hot mouth.

Zack's legs were raised and he felt a tongue lapping at his opening trying to force its way in; the tongue was replaced with a finger, finally two figures sawed away at the entrance. His protests were completely incoherent, and the band of expatriates taunted him with their replies. "Hey gringo we can't understand ya-sounds like you got a dick in the mouth or something-or maybe ya just needing a big dick for a little oral gratification." The surfers laughed with each reply.

The surfers had dropped their board trunks and were slowly jacking, like roman candles they begin shooting off plastering Zack's body and face; the thick white cum was clinging to his skin like glue, refusing to run

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