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Black stud and Native gal at First Nations University.

But this was her step-dad! But she did unconsciously noted his prick. While it was not unusually long, maybe six or seven inches, from her experience it was extra thick, maybe two inches, maybe a little more, with a head that at least in the dim light looked as large as her fist.

She wondered how her mother had handled it, then remembered the moans she would occasionally hear thru the thin walls, Then she wiped that thought out of her head, wondering why she would even think it.

Sandy lowered her hands, then again pleaded.

"Jeff, Jeff, oh God, please Jeff, I mean, I was like six when you married Mom..."

Tears brimmed in her eyes. Jeff thought about that, but since the "Real Crash" fifty years ago the One Percent had so tightened their grip that it wasn't unheard of for a family to prostitute the mother or daughter to just survive. Jeff of course didn't need to do such a thing; Trish and he were able to do alright. But when he was told what she had done, though the truth of it was that she was innocent and had been set up, the world had changed. He thought back to this afternoon. He had been called out of work and was told someone was waiting for him. Without much questioning he went into the car that was out front of the shop. He sat in the back seat with one of the most beautiful woman he had ever seen, let alone be with. While he wouldn't know it, he sat there and listened to her at the same time Paul was sodomizing Sandy.

She told him of the problem Trish had made for all of them, and of the "work" they had for Trish, and how their boys would be enrolled in an exclusive training school. She also gave him an envelope of large bills, and made it clear that he was to aid in making his wife's "change in circumstances" nothing of consequence with her family or friends.

"We know all of this is a lot to handle Jeff."

Her sex appeal mesmerized him. Then she brought up his stepdaughter.

"With Sandy, well, she is your prize."

She moved closer to the man.

"Use her Jeff, you earned her, and will continue to earn her. If you have trouble, well, tell her that she won't see her mom if she doesn't, ah, obey."

Sandy had been silent while he was lost in his thoughts. Hoping maybe he would leave her alone. He sat up and for a second she felt relieved. But then he pulled the covers off her. She was still wearing the nightie and white panties. He took a strap of the nightie in each hand, and lowered in down off her shoulders. She had squeezed her eyes shut.

"Go on, lift up."

She did as she was told, and he pulled it off her breasts. He leaned down and took on in his mouth, opening his jaws as wide as possible. After a long minute he pulled off her; her tit was wet from his saliva. He did the same to its companion, and then continued this back and forth. Sandy lay stiff on the bed. Soon he could feel her chest rising and falling faster. He put one hand on the other side of the bed, along the wall, and then lifted himself over her. He straddled her belly, his dick pointing straight at her tits.

"Push your tits together Sandy."

She opened her eyes.


"Go on!"

She obeyed him, and then he lowered his face down.

"Closer, come on; get your nipples as close..."

She pushed harder, and he was able to take both in his mouth at the same time. She felt her arms shaking when he lifted up and grabbing her hands pulled them behind her.

"You're so fucking hot Sandy. Like you said earlier, I have wanted to fuck you..."

Tears ran down her cheeks.

"Please, no, please Jeff...you're my Dad!"

Her words didn't have any impact on him. He released her arms and scooted down to the end of the bed. He grabbed her panties and yanked them off her hips, then pulled them down her legs. Once off her legs fell back down to the bed, spread open.

He tossed her underwear into a corner.

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