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Back to my roots, kind of.

and surprise for our volunteers, as their prize tonight is the ever mysterious, wonderfully satisfying, Bottom Boy Barry!"

Barry got up as a spotlight searched for him in the crowd. "Time to go to work," he said as he gave me a kiss on the cheek, I flinched and he walk behind me then Barry proceeded to lift his right leg above his head to the point where he was doing a side split, when the spotlight got on him he spun around leg still in the air, and he controlled his butt cheeks to twitch as well. I spotted six bulges from this act alone. When Barry got up to the stage he picked out ten of the most muscular men I had ever seen, one by one they seemed to get bigger and bigger.

After the men introduced themselves, a big clock appeared behind them and started counting down. The men's hands rushed to their crotches and their eyes all closed to work themselves up. The crowd helped by shouting moans and grunts of passion. When the minute was over the men were told to turn around and strip, the horde went crazy as each piece of clothing was shed, when all men were naked they were asked to "twerk some'" and they obliged. Then they turned around and revealing huge semi hard dicks, but the clear winner was one named Liam, he was thin and tan, about 6'5", dark black long hair that went past his shoulders, and his cock 10 inches, no lie, he was definitely a shower, and everyone was greatly appreciating the show. The second winner was a dark black, dread-head, about 5'4" with an eight-inch semi named Antwon.

With the other contestants off the stage, the two decided to wrestle for Barry, and a kiddy pool filled with massaging oil brought out. The two began to brawl getting massage oil everywhere. The men were slipping and sliding like penguins, shiny, sexy penguins. Their cocks shinned in the houselights, and the sight of them slapping around and getting harder was hypnotic. At one point in the fight the Antwon's dick slipped in and out of Liam's ass, hysterically Liam barely noticed this complete penetration. But alas Liam ended up pinning Antwon down not long after the dick slip. Liam had Antwon in a full-nelson then dropped him down into the oil, face down, ass up. And that was that.

Barry then came back out and inspected the victor, felling him up and licking him every occasionally. Barry then called two of the club's workers up because he "needed help undressing". Barry turned his back to the crowd and the workers tore away his shirt and pants unleashing his beautiful bubbly ass, which shook freely when the pants came off. The crowd screamed and hollered at the spectacle, but I was still composed until he turned around and exposed his eight-inch, still floppy soft, cock. He had yet to get even the slightest bit of stimulation and he was almost bigger than all the nine losers.

Barry stared dancing on Liam lubing himself up while he did so, Liam's dick was at full attention stiff enough to use as a diving board, when Barry saw this he took Liam and laid him down on the stage. Barry then flipped onto his hands to where he was face to face with Liam, when Barry dropped he slowly slid down straight onto Liam's hardened cock, once Liam was fully acclimated into Barry's asshole Barry practically hopped off the dick then slammed back down, because of all the lube Liam fit in Barry like a puzzle piece. Barry continued fucking Liam reverse cowboy but their cries of passion were covered by the roar of the crowd. I looked around and realized that this party could quickly turn into an orgy depending on how long this show would continue, then I saw the black man making out, still naked, with another of the contestants. When I looked back to the stage Liam had Barry bent over, but it still looked as though Barry was the one doing the fucking. I noticed Barry start to look out in the crowd, his gaze landed on me and he gave this nonchalant smirk as he stood up revealing his fully erect 12-inch throbbing cock, my jaw dropped and he smiled.

I felt something wet on my leg, as I was wearing shorts I went up my pant leg and noticed th

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