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A continuation of Sandy.

In haste I quickly pulled my undies free from the spring causing a large rip right through the waistband. I pulled them up, flashing a little of my pussy in the process, then made my way off the bus. With the tear in the waistband, my panties wanted to slide right down my legs, but there was no time to worry about it now. I had to get away from the bus.

I could see several pair of eyes from the windows as the bus pulled away. I had a hand covering each breast so they couldn't look down my top, but there was nothing holding down the hem of my short dress. Just as my panties slid down to the middle of my thighs, a gust of wind from the departing bus caught the bottom of my dress. With the missing bottom button, my dress was lifted up to my waist. My firm butt and hairy triangle were exposed for everyone on the bus to see!

I was so humiliated that I grabbed my torn panties and ripped them from my body. This was a big mistake because I also grabbed the bottom of my dress and accidentally pulled off another button. The only remaining buttons were the one a couple of inches below my breasts and the one right at my belly button. Since I was now completely naked under the dress, I was going to have to be very careful. If I didn't hold my dress together, my pussy was going to be completely uncovered.

When I entered the grocery store, the air conditioner immediately made my nipples poke out of the clingy cotton dress. I walked behind a cart, but many men took notice of my attire. A guy about eighteen years old was squatted down and putting cereal on the bottom shelf. The brand I wanted was on the top shelf. I was hoping that my dress would stay together as I reached up above him. Unfortunately, the bottom of the dress separated wide and my naked pussy was staring the guy right in the face.

It made me really nervous knowing that the guy had an unobstructed view of my private area. I decided to relax and pretend not to notice the guy's view of my neatly trimmed brunette bush. I even acted like I was reading the contents of the box while I stood above him. After allowing him a nice long look at my hairy triangle, I put the cereal in the cart and continued shopping.

Next I had to get some milk. The skim milk was on the bottom shelf. There was no one around, so I opened the cooler. The blast of cool air made my little pink nipples rock hard under the thin cotton dress. As I squatted down, my dress fell apart and ended up on each side of my legs. With my knees apart in the squatted position, my beaver was right out in the open.

Suddenly, a man walked up behind me and reached for the vitamin D milk located on the shelf above me. When the man saw all of my exposed flesh, he pretended to look at the expiration date on the label. I was frozen in the vulnerable position. I don't know if he was gazing at my pink nipples or admiring my pussy lips. Either way, he was getting a great show because I was too paralyzed to move. After standing there for the longest time, the man's wife grabbed him by the ear and led him away. She gave me a dagger of a dirty look in the process.

I needed some eggs and the eggs were right across from a magazine rack where three eighteen-year-olds boys were standing. I knew there was no way I was going to be able to hide my nakedness from the boys, so I just let go of my dress and hoped for the best. I was bent over for the longest time checking each carton for the best eggs. I kept my knees straight when I bent over and I could feel the short hem of my dress riding way up on my bare butt. I could feel that almost my entire ass was on display for the boys. I really enjoyed showing off for the boys.

When I turned around, the bulges in the boys' pants actually looked like they were throbbing.

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