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A night at the theatre goes off Broadway.

Before she could finish her sentence lord Lucifer, stepped out of the room. He looked down and smiled at her, she smiled back. It hurt a little bit to see this but I had to endure it. This was all for Hera.

"Has he agreed to our little... adventure?" first I was shocked, why is Lucifer... oh! I finally clued in. she wanted a threesome. I saw Hera smile as she saw me clue in.

"So... what do you say?" I could hear the hope in her voice. I looked at the dark lord again; he just shrugged and leaned against the door frame. I looked back at Hera. Her eyes looked bluer then silver now. She was looking ... pleading with me. I gave in, not that I was fighting it and picked her up like a princess, and laid her on the bed.

I looked at her lying on the bed. Her black hair made a sort of halo around her. She was beautiful, and right now I wanted her... and I wanted her bad.

"You're beautiful. So beautiful." I trailed butterfly kisses from her neck down. I stopped at the crook of her neck, and bit down just hard enough to draw a small amount of blood. I began sucking on that spot.

"Ah fuck... what the hell are you doing... please do it again." I smiled and looked at lord Lucifer and beckoned him over. He was looking at me, kind of, as if he was trying to see what I was doing to bring his fianc__e such ecstasy.

I didn't want Hera hear our little conversation, so I projected our thought.

"Lord Lucifer, this is something we have discovered. When we bite in the heat of passion, the feeling is amplified. If i wanted to i could make her cum without even touching her anywhere else." I said as i began kissing my way down to her breast. When he replied.

"When did you find this out and why was i not notified." He said in mock anger. Then he laughed to himself. "Doesn't matter... are there any other parts of her body that will give her that same reaction?"

I smiled, "anywhere." that was all i said when i stopped projecting my thoughts.

I moved my mouth over her left nipple. And sucked on it and bit it a little, making sure not to break her skin. I moved to her mouth and gave her another deep kiss. She was whimpering and begging for one of us to just fuck her.

"Not yet, goddess... I'm not done having my fun. Today it's time for you to get teased." She did what sounded like a mixture between a moan, a whimper, and a groan. I loved it. They way she was losing control and reacting to everything I did to her.

Lord Lucifer tapped me on my shoulder, a sign that he wanted to switch with me. I nodded and made my way down to her legs. I put my finger to slightly rub the lips of her pussy.

"Ahh... fuck... Ethan, please, just put... uh fuck... one finger in. Uh please." She was breathless.

I played with her clit a little it was soft and wet. I moved my fingers in little circles. Her hips started to move with my fingers. When she began to twitch, I decided it was time to stop teasing her and let her cum.

"Babe, do you want me to let you cum?" I asked teasing the opening of her pussy. I knew the answer, but I wanted to hear her say it... scream it.

"Fuck... please me... I don't... ha... know how much... more I can take." She said between breaths. I loved her this way.

I slowly put one finger inside of her pussy. Inside I felt the different ridges and corners. She was heated. Inside of her pussy, I could feel the heat flowing from her walls. I began pushing in and out gradually increasing my speed, that's when she started twitching again. She was moaning loudly moving all over the place. Her eyes were closed and her fist were holding onto to blood red silk sheets with her hips going crazy moving in every direction trying to make my finger hit that spot. When I hit her 'g' spot, she went over the edge I was moving my fingers in and out faster bring her closer and closer. She clamped down on my hand reveling in orgasm. I could feel her contractions on my fingers, inside of her liquids flooded my finger. The juices were hotter then before.


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