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Wife wagers her body on football bet.

Uzima looked ashamed for a moment.

"Only three, counting Michelle. They refuse my seed until I can provide them with a good home. And they're from the Wilds."

"Not bad for how young you look. You trying to live in the corp sector?"

Uzima quickly opened up to him. Partly because of his skills but also because of their mutual understanding. Indeed, she lived at the edges of corp society, being a lowly security guard. No career woman would carry the children of a security guard no matter how healthy and good their offspring she might sire. It was genemods or bust in the corps.

She had more luck in the wilds. More prey but also more danger. But she was also huge when compared to humans, being almost seven feet tall and built to match that only becomes more dangerous with her security training. He told her so and she turned thoughtful.

Zack's and Michelle's laughter drew Tesen's attention away from the thinking herm to see Michelle drying and tickling Zack with Sam and Tira gone. His son had the right idea in sticking in the colder water and away from the heat until now and he followed his example by sliding in, sucking in breath from the cold, and immediately began to do laps.

Much to Michelle's chagrin, Zack flew back into the pool just as soon she dried him and the boy nearly drowned Tesen when he assaulted his back. Even Uzima giggled at the display.

Unbeknownst to the four at the pool, Sam and Tira were having their own fun and getting to know each other better.

You first had to know a person, what makes them tick, before you could share your loved ones with them. Sam quickly realised that Tira needed not much convincing to be her father's slut, having been told by Tesen that this was what she desired. It wasn't a strict order but Tesen has given her permission to enjoy Tira and see where her talents lie.

It made Sam's perverted heart flutter to answer Tira's numerous questions about her father. The way she asked them, bated breath and the look in her eyes. Sam knew she looked upon him like a savior just like she did. And she couldn't wait to start pleasing him together.

They started fairly innocuous at first as they went to the bathroom, an excuse Sam made, but quickly the young woman's questions got more personal and something a daughter wouldn't ask about her father. Tesen had told her to encourage Tira's inner slut and so she gladly answered her questions without leaving it vague.

By the time they were at the bathroom, Tira was looking positively aroused, her tail vibrating, the wet spot on her dried bikini bottoms and the hungry look on her face. Sam bit her lip, her hand on the doorknob, as she thought about what she was about to do. She'd been with a few women before but it was mostly being eaten out by one while Tesen railed her from the back.

For their first time, Sam wanted to know how good Tira is and she couldn't wait to feel that cute face of hers between her legs.

Slowly she reached down to undo one side of her string bikini and let it fall away to reveal her perfect mound and showed Tira how wet the front of the bottoms were before opening the door and stepping inside. Her top followed to release her tear-drop breasts and she was pleased to hear the door close with Tira following.

"Did dad tell you to do this?" Tira asked when Sam turned around with a coy smile on her lips. The innocence was so amusing to watch.

"He has given me permission." She responded and sat on the edge of the luxurious bath to present herself better. She saw Tira hesitate but also that her tongue was trying to peek out. Luzarian females could taste the pheromones in the air with their tongue and Sam was positive that her wet pussy was sending plenty of them Tira's way. Especially when she casually spread her legs to let the girl see how it has blossomed wide. Frequent training from Tesen and childbirth have left her welcoming to anyone.

"He told you about me,I hope?"

Tira gulped and nodded, her eyes locked to Sam's crotch.

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