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Father pays a visit to daughter's bed.

Dressed in a powder blue, form-fitting suit, with her skirt hemmed six inches above her knee, showing her runway models legs. The jacket fit tight to her body, with a plunging neckline that showed off the cleavage from her 34-D breasts. She wore no blouse underneath the jacket as evidenced by her __ inch long nipples protruding strategically through the material. The jacket was also fitted tightly around her waist, allowing her to show off her perfectly round, ample, black booty. Her high cheekbones, from her Native American great-grandmother, gave her an exotic look that intoxicated men of all races. Although she appeared to be oblivious to the commotion she was leaving behind her, I knew from experience that she was well aware of the attention, and in fact, thrived on it. I also knew that all of the men that worked on my floor loved it when she visited and probably went home and jerked off to fantasies about fucking my wife. She smiled brilliantly as she approached me.

"What a surprise." I said as she got within earshot. "I wasn't expecting to see you today."

"I had a little time to kill." She replied as she stopped in front of me. "Hi Sandy."

"Hello, Ms. Maroni. I love that suit."

"Isn't it wonderful...got it on sale last week."

I turned to enter my office and Staci followed me, shutting the door behind her. I went over and sat down in my chair, behind my desk, expecting Staci to sit on the couch against the wall. Instead, when I turned to sit down, she was right behind me and nearly startled me. She immediately dropped to her knees and began to unbelt and unzip me pants.

"Staci...I've got clients coming any minute." I protested.

"This won't take that long, have you forgotten what day it is already?"

I've never been one to turn down a blowjob, and the only windows I had in my office faced out over the city, so I let her continue. She pulled my now hardening cock out of my pants and immediately engulfed it with her mouth. Her warm, soft lips were wonderful and I began to close my eyes just as my office door opened. I remembered then that I had told Sandy to send my clients right in. Staci, not wanting to be embarrassed nor cause a commotion, slipped into the leg opening between the pedestals of my desk. I swung my chair around to face my clients, knowing that they could not see my wife tucked away under my desk.

The two men approached my desk and offered their hands. I couldn't stand up to greet them, since my pants were still unbuttoned and unzipped. I probably appeared rude, but I sat and extended my hand to shake, and then asked them to sit in the chairs in front of my desk. I regained my composure as we began our meeting.

Staci must have gotten bored after a few seconds of this business talk, because I then felt her mouth back around my cock. I almost couldn't believe what was happening--my wife was sucking my cock back to life as I was conducting business with these two senior company representatives. I tried to concentrate on the business as Staci began bobbing on my fully erect dick. She swirled her tongue around my head, occasionally removing my cock from her mouth and licking up and down the shaft. I could barely pay attention as she engulfed my member and slowly sucked, applying more suction with her tongue. The danger of the situation must have really turned me on because I began to feel my balls tense up. Staci instinctively knew what was happening also and she put her right hand inside my pants and began to fondle my balls.

I hoped that I looked interested to the businessmen, but I had no idea what they were saying.

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