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Remembering the steamy summer of '58.

Her bed was soaked and she was literally sleeping in a puddle of her own cum and sweat.

Meghan didn't know what to pick first. Unfortunately her subconscious decided for her.

"I want you to help me with this movie," she heard herself say. "Fucking Hell!" Meghan's inner voice sounded. "I want you to eat me, I want you to suck my pussy dry, right here, in the commons, until I can't scream in orgasm in longer, you blonde haired, green eyed slut!"

"Oh, okay," Sarah said jubilantly. She was wishing Meghan had said something dirty, something public, and something immediate. Her own cunt was juicing up, and if she thought about fucking her friend any more, she'd probably have cum right there in her seat. "What do you need help with?"

"Well, first of all, I don't have a basic plot for the damn thing yet," Meghan said in a sigh, trying to push the images of her spread friend boldly displaying her shaved snatch from her mind. They kept returning, though, and Meghan was having a hell of a time trying to concentrate. She started rubbing her thighs together, trying in vain to scratch the itch that had started in her twat.

"It's porn, Megs, do you really need a plot?"

"It's satire, Sarah, so yes, I do. I really can't figure it out though, not until I know what I have to work with," Meghan said, her pen moving frantically in her fingers again. "I need a casting call or something, but I'll never get what I want if I try to post flyers or something. Besides, what the hell would they say? The RHD would still have to approve them..." Meghan said, her ramble picking up speed as she continued. Sarah snagged the pen from her friend and stole the paper in front of her, scribbling on the blank sheet. After a minute of Meghan rattling on about how it wouldn't work, Sarah set the pen down.

"Shut up and read this," Sarah said, her eyes twinkling as she spun the paper around so her friend could read it. Meghan's lips moved quickly as she read the words to herself and her eyes grew wide. She stopped about halfway down the note.

"I can't use this! There's no way the RHD would ever approve this!" Meghan half-shouted. Heads in the commons area turned to face the girl, producing a deep blush in her as she shrugged and hunched over the table.

"I didn't mean for you to post it. Read it; here, now, loudly," Sarah said.

"Oh my God, you can't be serious, you crazy twat!" Meghan hissed. She tried to pull the paper away from her friend, but Sarah's reflexes were quicker and she ended up with the paper.

"I'll read it then," Sarah said and stood up on her chair.

"Oh my God, no do...." Meghan said, but the sound of her friend's voice cut her off. Sarah was up on the chair, fast as a cat, standing directly in front of Meghan. Meghan did note two things about the view; first, Sarah's thighs were slightly separated and she could make out her friend's shaved mound through the tight jeans. Secondly, the jeans were giving her one hell of a camel toe and the seam was sucking between those two succulent pussy lips. Meghan wanted to lean across the table and slowly lick that snatch, no matter who was looking. Her mouth watered, her pussy quivered, and the inferno in her sex tried to quench itself with its own juices.

"Attention everyone!" Sarah began as she stood. "For a senior project, we will be filming a porn! We need guys and girls who are interested in having sex with a complete stranger for free and having it video taped!" she continued. A roar of appreciation and clapping erupted from the room. Sarah waited for only a moment for the excitement to die down before continuing. "Anyone interested in trying out needs to bring a clean medical release form from Student Death, sexual history, and their ID to 180 Bronson Hall. Try-outs begin in 2 weeks, so get your ass moving!" Sarah finished. Meghan couldn't help but notice that as Sarah had been speaking her nipples started peaking under her shirt, and by the time she was finished they were at full attention.

"We gonna see you there, baby?" came a shout from an unseen ma

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