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A stranger uses my wife in the sauna.

He raised an eyebrow at that, but didn't say anything.

Once inside I received a surprise. Not only was I the only white, I was also the only woman and I commented on that to Bob.

"That's why I wanted you or Alice to be here with me tonight. The rule is a white woman or no woman at all. Regardless of all you hear about white women lusting after black men it is not really all that easy for a man of my race to date a white woman. My standing in this group just got a whole lot higher. It is an ego thing."

"I don't understand. I see mixed couples around all the time."

"Yes, and those are probably established relationships that took a long time to form. I'm talking about calling a white woman and asking for a first date. Not all that easy, believe me. All I need you to do is be just what you were in the car. A white housewife who just happens to have a taste for a little extracurricular activity with a black man. Just be your normal self around these guys. One other thing. You will be hit on a lot tonight and after the dinner and the awards ceremony is over we will go up to the hospitality suite for the cocktail party and you can play all you want, but until then please just smile and say you are with me."

I smiled at him, "I am with you sweetie. I'm with you until you take me home. If I play with anyone else but you it will only be after they ask you and you say it is okay."

Bob did say it was okay and he said it to quite a few people. Dinner was prime rib and by the time the awards ceremony was over (Bob didn't win anything, but then he had me, right?) and I'd had a few drinks I was ready. Every time Bob walked away from me to get fresh drinks or to use the john some guy would try and move in on me. I got felt up, had my hands placed on hard lumps and in one instance a guy even took his cock out to show it to me.

"What do you think of this one toots? Ever seen one so big and so nice?"

As a matter of fact I had and I almost laughed at the guy and said, "Yes I have, hanging between my husband's legs" but this was Bob's party and I had no idea who the guy was so I just said, "Ooh, I would like to try one like that some day."

He saw Bob coming back so he tucked his dick back in his pants and moved away. By the time we moved to the hospitality suite I was hot and ready to fuck and I told Bob and asked:

"Are we going to find a bed somewhere?"

He looked at me with an amused look on his face, "You aren't doing this just to get my business are you? You want to do this right?"

"Let's be straight on this lover. Randy and my husband want a signed contract and for my own piece of mind, at least where my husband is concerned, I would dearly love to hand it to them. But if you had called me direct instead of going through Alice or Randy and had asked me to be your date tonight and no contracts had been mentioned I still would have said yes. And before you ask, yes I do love my husband, but I need more sex than any one man can give me. My husband knows this about me and because he loves me he lets me play."

"More than any one man can give you? Well baby, the one thing I don't like to do is disappoint my ladies."


I had fourteen men that night, most more than once and more than a couple of times I had three in me. At one point during the evening I actually called out "next" when one man came in my mouth and pulled out. Then Bob took me to his hotel room where we made love twice before falling asleep. He woke me up at five-thirty and as he was driving me home he asked me if I'd gotten enough and I giggled and told him that I'd had enough to hold me until my hubby got home from work that evening.

"May I call you the next time I come to town?"

"I would be disappointed if you didn't."

He drove off and I hoped that the neighbors didn't notice the way I was walking as I headed for my front door.

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