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Can anyone forgive anyone?

The nipples were aroused from her orgasms. They were stiff and sticking out.

"Just as I thought" her dad said. "Your breasts are even bigger than your mom's."

"Yes dad," Kelly said.

"You know, when I get very stressed at work mom gives me a stress reliever on her breasts. While she's away, you might like to do this for your dad."

"Yes daddy," Kelly smiled.

"Good girl," he said, "Just stroke it."

Kelly gripped her dad's cock and began to stroke it. She felt it swell as she squeezed it.

"Yes," her dad said, breathing heavily "Do it faster Kelly, help relieve my stress!"

She did as he asked.

"Rub it on your nipples!" her dad said.

Kelly rubbed her dad's dripping cock on her breasts and nipples. Seeing her spread his juices on her breasts brought her dad closer to orgasm.

"Oh yes!" he cried. "Here it comes!"

He ejaculated two streams of cum that ran down Kelly's breasts and dripped off her nipples. Kelly milked his cock until the throbbing subsided.

"Thanks Kelly," her dad said, "I feel much more relaxed. Take your shower now."

"Ok dad," Kelly said.

Part 2

That night in bed, Kelly thought of her dad in the other room. Was he thinking about her, all shaved and smooth, right down the hall? What if he came in her room for more stress relief? Kelly tossed and turned. Finally, she got up and put on her lamp. She looked at herself in her pink baby doll night dress. Her big breasts were almost bursting the thin gauze. She sighed. She wanted someone to stroke her like her dad did yesterday. She opened her door and tiptoed down the hall. She listened at her dad's door. Hearing nothing, she turned the handle and entered the darkened room.

Her dad looked asleep. She approached his bed and touched his shoulder.

"Dad," she said, "Can I get in bed with you? I had a scary dream."

He mumbled something and Kelly drew back the covers and slid in beside him. She moved across the bed and pressed against his warm, hard body. Kelly always felt safe with her dad, but now she was also aroused. She slid her hand down his stomach until she felt his erection through his jockeys. Kelly traced the outline and stroked him lightly through the cotton. She felt the cotton get wet as she stroked his head.

After a while she took her dad's hand and drew it over to her. She guided his fingers down her panties and he soon began to pet her damp slit. His other hand went under her night dress and began caressing her breasts. Kelly pulled his big erect cock out of his pants and stroked him. The he rolled on top of her and she spread her thighs.

"Are you on the pill Kelly?" her dad asked.

"Yes dad!"

"Good," he said. "I'm very stressed tonight. I'm going to need a lot of relief."

"Yes dad!" she said.

He entered her and gripped her ass cheeks. Then he began to pump her hard. After a while he gasped and she felt him come in her. Then he fingered her and rubbed her clit to two giant orgasms. When they were both satisfied, he carried her back to her own bed and tucked her in.

"Next Saturday your brother will be home from Afghanistan," he whispered as she drifted off to sleep. "He probably hasn't seen a woman in a year. You could give him a nice surprise, Kelly."


On Saturday, Paul couldn't stop eyeing his young sister's curvy body in her tight, white dress. He could see she wasn't wearing a bra. Her big breasts were ready to burst the thin material. After the party, her dad told Kelly to undress. She took off her short dress and slid off her panties. Paul was a little tipsy, holding a beer. He was amazed to see his sister naked. Kelly covered her breasts with her hands, but it didn't hide much. Paul felt his cock uncoiling and a bulge was soon tenting his combat pants.

"Your sister wants to welcome you home properly Paul," their dad said.

"Wow Dad!" Paul said.

Paul unbuckled his belt and slid down his combat pants.

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