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It's the first morning after she met you.

Our tongues intertwined pushing against each other's tongue, probing, feeling. You kissed me on my neck again, and began to move downwards to my nipples. You kissed lightly at first, then started to suck and bite a little bit. You reached a finger down to my wet pussy and fingered my clit just a bit while you sucked on my nipples. You paused for a moment and admired my breasts...so nice and full and sexy. Aching to touch you, I tried to move my hands but they were still tied to the headboard. I arched my back in response to your finger inside my wet pussy and you could feel my g-spot swell with desire. You kissed lower and lower to my tummy and my inner thighs.

I spread my legs wider for you...ready for you to lick my clit and silky smooth pussy lips. You licked just for a moment, just enough for you to want more and then continued down my thighs and calves. You massaged and rubbed my legs for a bit, working the muscles and kissing every so often. You were trying to make me hot and ready for fucking...and it was working. You worked your way up again, kissing and licking. You grabbed yet another silk scarf and ever so lightly traced one of the corners across my tummy. This tickled and made me moan for more pleasure. You took the silk and grabbed a nipple, teased it, tickled me, and traced your fingers across my body with the silk in your hand. As I was tied and blindfolded, I couldn't do anything but lay back and enjoy the pure pleasure of you wanting to make me cum in a huge orgasm.

You saw the smile across my face as I had no choice but to let you play with my body. You kept this up for a while longer making my entire body tremble with desire. You could tell I was getting ready for my wet pussy to be licked and fucked. You slowly worked your way down my body, over my nipples, my tummy, my thighs. You put the scarf down and started to lick and kiss my legs and upper thighs... "Play time is over", you whispered to me. I just smiled knowing that you were going to fuck me, and fuck me hard.

"Make my pussy cum for you Baby," is all I could say. You buried your tongue in my pussy, licking and sucking on me. You finger fucked my pussy hard while you licked my clit again and again...long hard stokes all along the length of my pussy up to my swollen clit, up and down, again and again you licked the length of my pussy. You put two fingers inside my now drenched pussy, fingered me hard and licked my clit at the same time. You moved your other hand to my left nipple and started to massage it with little circles. All of this stimulation was starting to make me moan and cry out with desire. "Fuck me...I want your cock" I said to you. You continued to ignore my begging, and you licked harder and faster, knowing you would make me cum on your face.

You could tell I was close, my breathing hard and shallow. You knew I was ready to cum. You stopped licking and fingering me just as I was on the brink of cuming, and I cried out, "Don't stop now!!" I felt the bed move and heard the zipper going down on your pants. I knew I was finally going to get what I had waited for months to have from you. You climbed back on the bed and I knew were going to fuck me as you moved in between my legs and touched the head of your hard cock to my wet juicy lips. You teased me with the head, sliding it just barely inside me. I moved my hips as much as I could, wanting you to fuck me. I tried to move my hands and grab your ass to force you into me, but I was still tied up to the headboard. I begged you again, "Please stop teasing me and fuck me!!" You just smiled to yourself and leaned up, not touching me at all, making me guess what you were going to do next.

I knew you wouldn't be able to wait much longer, and smiled.

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