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In the night, she deepthroats The Cock.

He kisses my neck again. I want him to move. I want him to use me. He grabs my hair, making me arch my beck again. And he pushes himself deeper, so deep. I can feel his thighs against my ass. Shaking, I cry out.

"M-more," I manage, breathless.

"You're such a greedy slut," he whispers back, his voice rough and wild and so fucking hot. "I love you like this."

"Thank you s-"I start, but then he starts fucking my ass, and I can't speak anymore.

He goes slowly at first. Thrusting himself deep inside me, as deep as I can take. And then he goes deeper still. His hand is in my hair, and he pulls me back with every thrust. He's so strong. I'm like nothing to him. He can do whatever he wants with me.

I feel him pushing his cock into me, pounding me. I can feel his entire length sliding into me. Again. And again. And again.

Then he goes faster, and it does start to burn. But it feels so good too. He spanks me as he fucks my ass. I love it. I want him to cum. I want him to fill me up. I'm so on edge, his orgasm seems like it would be my own.

I reach out behind my back, so touch him, to feel his body, even through his clothes.

And the sounds he makes as he fucks me. God. The sounds. They reach down and ignite something within me. Or more like, stoke the fires that are already there.

"You're so fucking tight," he whispers. "God, I want to cum inside your ass. Would you like that?"

"Y-Yes," I manage between moans. I want to say more. I want to tell him how much I want it. But I can't. I don't seem to have enough words.

And then, after a few thrusts, I suddenly feel him go even harder. Even hotter. Even bigger inside me.

I know it's coming. He's going to cum inside my ass. I can feel it. He pulls me close, so close. I snake my arms around him, pulling him against me. I don't want him to get away. I want to feel him. I need to feel him.

I feel him pulsing, twitching. And then... it's like there is pure heat flowing into me. It's filling me up. Where I need it most.

He groans as he cums inside my ass, and I moan with him. He stays inside me for a while, rocking against me, his cock shifting inside my ass, now so full with his warm cum. I become aware of his hand, gripping my breast painfully hard. When did it get there? I wonder dreamily.

Now that he's finished, I feel... used. I feel his.

Now he's done with me, he lets me sink to the floor, his cock sliding out, still so hard. I can feel his cum trickling down my leg.

"Did you like that?" He asks above me.

"Yes, sir. I love it when you cum in my ass," I say, breathless.

"Good girl," he says, and strokes my hair a little bit more. He's still hard. He's still twitching. Right in front of my face.

"Spread your ass again for me, pet," he says, and I do it for him, right there on the floor. He takes a picture of my ass, full of his cum. I feel so dirty. I feel so good.

"Now, get up. Take off my clothes," he says.

I smile. "Yes, sir," I say, and bounce to my feet. I like taking off his clothes for him.

Master is really tall. Even standing, I only reach up to his chest. I start unbuttoning his shirt, one button at a time, revealing the pale skin beneath. It feels like I'm unwrapping a birthday present.

He pets me while I'm busy working the buttons. He strokes my hair, sliding his fingers through the curls, playing with it. I glance up at him a few times, and our eyes catch.

As my body calms down from the pounding he gave me, I start feeling a kind of wonderful, warm emptiness in my ass. It's really nice.

"Thank you for using my ass, sir," I tell him.

He lifts up my face up to him. Then he brings his lips down to mine and kisses me. His mouth tastes salty and sweet.

"You're welcome, pet," he says finally. "How should I use you next?" he asks.

I bite my lip. Anywhere is fine. He could fuck my ass again. He could use my cunt and stop me from cumming. But he likes straight answers.

"My mouth, sir," I say.

He smiles. "Good answer," he says, and kisses me again.

I smile back.

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