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Husband gets his first taste of 2 women at the same time.

She felt the warm head of a cock press against her lips. She immediately opened her mouth and took the length of the shaft half way into her mouth. She closed her mouth around it and Dave began to move his cock in and out of her as she opened and closed it in good timing with his thrusts.

Twenty seconds went by, then Dave pulled out his cock. Russ then moved toward Ruth and pushed his cock into her lips. Without hesitation, Ruth let him inside of her mouth as he fucked her back and forth. Ruth noticed that this cock was different, it was wider. As Russ kept fucking her mouth, he began to push his cock deeper into her mouth going all the way to his balls. Ruth gagged and knew that this cock was longer that the first, about 7 inches or so.

Russ pulled out and let Dean insert his cock without any delay. Ruth thought it was the same cock but soon discovered it was not. This cock was also different. It was slightly thinner than the last, almost the same width as the first, which she thought was her husband at this point. Dean pushed his entire length into her mouth making her gag again. She felt the tip of this cock go down her throat more so than the second one. She knew this cock was longer than 7 inches, so it could not have been her husband! She moved her head back and forth taking his length into her mouth. Her pussy was dripping wet knowing that she just has three different cocks in her mouth within a minute! They all sat down. Ruth took the blindfold off. They all were smiling at each other.

Page's turn. Dean picked up the card and as he read it, his eyes grew large, which everyone noticed. He smiled and handed the card to Dave who also was in amazement of what he just read.

Dean told his wife to stand, then he reached under her dress and pulled her panties completely off and put them on the floor. He then laid on the floor on his back with his cock standing straight up in the air for all to see. It was over 7 inches long, maybe 8 and very hard. Dave then nudged Page over to Dean and told her to spread her feet apart and squat down. She did so, facing away from Dean. As she squatted slowly, Dean positioned himself so that her ass would drop down onto his cock. Dean had already lubricated his hard, pulsing cock.

Page squatted down and felt her ass touch something, she did not know what. Dave told her to press down. She did so and felt something pressing into her ass. All of a sudden, it entered her and she almost lost her balance as the two men guided her down. She sighed as the cock went into her, deeper and deeper as she squatted down further and further. She could not believe what was happening, but the thought of everyone watching her get fucked in the ass was making her think about what it would look like. She has had her husband in her ass before, so the feeling was nothing new to her, but was it her husband's cock in her this time? She thought

Dean began fucking her ass, in and out, as he pulled her back toward him, exposing her ass and pussy. Dave then pulled out his cock and positioned himself at Page's open pussy. The others in the room could not believe what was about to happen. They all gasped.

Page suddenly felt a cock pressing at her pussy, she could not believe it. She has never done anything like this! The thought of having two cocks in her at once made her scared but excited at the same time. What would it feel like, and who is doing this to me she asked herself. The very thought of this sent an orgasm though her body as she quivered. Both men knew what just happened and made them hornier than ever. Dave wasted no time and pushed his cock into Page's sopping pussy, all the way in.

Page moaned out loud and suddenly said, "Yes, come on, fuck me, fuck my ass and pussy, I wanna feel it!"

Everyone was shocked to hear what Page just shouted, even Page was shocked, but it felt so good, she did not want it to end.

Both men pumped their cocks in and out of Page, feeling her pussy and ass pulsing as she had wave after wave of orgasm.

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