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A couple find each other on a beach at night.

Eventually everything had been transported inside, my work overseen by the lounging, grinning brothers.

"Eric's involved with the carpentry side of the business." Mr Bailey told me. "He's going to construct a couple of things in the barn and you can help out as his lackey. Meanwhile I'm going over to the house and give your wife another good fucking."

He turned away laughing and Eric set to work.

My role consisted in passing items to him as required, lengths of wood, tools, nails etc. Soon the first construction began to take shape and I recognised a pillory.

"My brother wants you locked in this while he enjoys your wife," a smiling Eric told me. "Your hands padlocked up beside your head will prevent you playing with yourself. I bet you want to now!"

His last remark was prompted by Irene's yell reaching us from the bedroom and Eric paused in his work to listen.

"Hmm, sounds as if Bro's really giving it to your wife. Can you imagine her writhing on the end of his cock?" he taunted.

I said nothing and the laughing Eric resumed his work.

"There, nearly finished. Put your head and hands in for a trial run."

I did as he said, knowing refusal would be pointless, and the top bar came down affectively trapping my head and hands through the three holes. After snapping a padlock shut, Eric lowered the crossbar downwards and it was only then that I realised the ingenuity of his construction. Unlike a normal pillory the upright had a series of notches into which the crossbar could be fitted and as he tested them I found myself forced to shuffle my feet backwards until my body was bent at right angles.

"Perfect, works a treat," he said, grabbing a handful of hair to yank my face upwards. "What do you think my brother's been doing while we've been working out here?"

I remained silent until Eric snapped, "Come on spit it out, you know full well what's been happening in the house. You heard the lady screaming with pleasure same as I did. What's he been up to?"

"Fucking my wife." I murmured.

"That's right but put some detail on it. Tell me the things they've been doing, apparently you've watched enough times. And call me Sir, I'm your Master now along with my brother so show me some respect."

While talking Eric moved out of my line of sight and feeling his hands undoing my trousers I groaned, guessing what was coming next.

"Come on, talk to me," he urged, pulling my trousers and underpants down.

"My wife will have been licking and sucking your brother's penis and balls while he licked her cunt." I stammered reluctantly.

Feeling the cold blade of the saw stroking my bared and defenceless bottom and fearful about what he might do, I went on hurriedly, "Then he will have fucked my wife, driving his big hard cock in and out of her cunt to spunk deep inside her." I gabbled.

A raucous laugh from the doorway brought my head up and I saw the naked Mr Bailey, a broad grin on his face, as he studied his brother's handiwork.

"Excellent bit of carpentry," he beamed. "And you're right, smell where that's been."

Mr Bailey held his penis to my nose and the smell of my wife's vagina was unmistakable.

"Now you can lick my cock clean while Eric warms your arse up with a few strokes from the flat blade," he literally snarled.

The first, relatively light, flick of the cold steel across my bottom prompted an immediate response and Mr Bailey laughed jubilantly when I began licking his penis. He was holding my head up by the hair as I continued to lick all round the end of his mighty penis and with each stroke of the blade causing me to draw a sharp intake of breath the brothers were laughing triumphantly.

Suddenly kneeling, Mr Bailey put his face close to mine and hissed, "Would you like to fuck Irene the way I just did?"

"Oh yes, yes!" I exclaimed before yelping, the blade replaced by Eric's hand.

"Well you're not going to, are you?"


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