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Helen, the Mathews family and other sexual couplings.

Oh, yes, with the wine and the glasses.

Kitty seemed mesmerized as the sun settled between two buildings and dipped finally below the horizon. I hadn't paid much attention. The warm tones of the evening sun on her face had been much more remarkable. She turned toward me, a casual smile on her face, knowing.

"That was beautiful," she said.

"Yes, you are." I replied.

She gazed into my eyes. If either of us made a move, I could have her at that moment. But we both knew we were there for more than that. It was time.

I placed the table to the side for our wine and arranged the seats so that we were knee to knee. "It's time to find out a bit about ourselves. Do you want to go first, or me?"

"I will, she said. Ladies first, you know." She had no notes, but she didn't seem to be at any loss. "What do you think is the best way to keep a relationship alive, after the first couple years?"

I answered, "After the lust wears off? And you find that you live with someone who actually has flaws?"

"Exactly," she said.

"Love is a commitment, not a feeling. I read a book about that some years ago."

"Probably, the Five Love Languages."

"That was it. Communication is key, and you have to be intentional on making sure you're connected."

We talked about the love languages a bit, her primary one being words of affirmation, words that weren't known in her ex's vocabulary. Good to know.

It was my turn. "What turns you on the most?"

"If that's your first question, this is going to get real interesting fast," she teased. But, her answer was surprising. "I'm still waiting to find out." What followed was an explanation of how her ex had quickly gravitated towards sex when it suited his needs, and his detachment for long periods of time when he became jealous, rightly or wrongly, when other men looked at her or even talked with her at length. "It's fair to say that you've caused me to be deprived, by the way." I wasn't sure how to take that. "On several occasions, in fact. He was awful." It had led, gradually, for her to question whether each man really lusted after her, to dressing as conservatively as possible, to mild violence, which became enough for her to call it quits. This didn't answer my question, but it wasn't appropriate to press.

Her next question was, "How many women have you been with?"

Predictable. And a quick story, as in 1, 2... "Two." Hers was two as well. One in college to set her expectations of how exciting sex would be, and another to ruin it.

My turn. "Okay, what do you think would turn you on the most?"

Kitty laughed. "You didn't write that down, did you?"

"Nope. Still fishing on the first question."

"I don't know. A return to "loving" is a start, but beyond that... Something with variety to it. I'm tired of watching TV and seeing women proposition men in stairwells, kissing them passionately and jumping into sex in semi-public places. I don't know what TV show that might have been on, but I have very clear images of it."

I laughed. "We do have stairwells here, you know."

"Oh, I'm quite aware, and if you play your cards right, my intrigue about how certain sounds carry in there might be satisfied. That's a good word. I'm intrigued about moving from fiction to reality. I want you to crawl inside my mind, make my imagination run wild, and consummate it. I want fun. How that plays out, I don't know yet. New things. Let fantasies become reality. I want to be challenged beyond the lousy excuse for Vanilla that I've suffered through the last years. I want to play. And I want it to take the time that it takes, the time to do it right."

"That's about as... hopeful an answer as I could ever ask."

Kitty gave a wicked grin. "I think what I said is that I'll try just about anything."

"That's a pretty big statement. It also requires trust. Do you trust me?"

"I wouldn't have been here if I didn't. I've watched you. I know you."

"You think you know people.

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