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He gets with his girlfriend's friend and his roomate.

"Actually Niccolo, there is something you can do," she said in a voice so cold it cut straight to his bones. "When you're through greeting Carol, the two of you come to the bedroom."

A few moments later they joined her, Carol closing the door behind them.

"Are you a fair and just man, Niccolo?"

"I'd like to think I am. I know that there are situations in which I'd have more problems than I would in others, maintaining a fair and just outlook, but overall, I'd say I am."

"Then what you can do for me is grant me justice. Find the men who hurt my husband. Find out why they did it. And give me justice."

He went over and sat down next to her, taking her hands in his.

"Margo, this whole ordeal has been a nightmare for you that I can't begin to imagine. You're not thinking clearly and in my opinion you've watched 'The Godfather' one too many times. The police have taken Carol's statement; they've got another witness who gave them a description of the van. Soon they'll be able to talk to Harry, get his statement. They'll get these guys, the legal system will do its job... hell, I'll bet you, what, five grand, here and now, that Harry'll be up and about in the short time it'll take them to find these shits and he'll be testifying at their trial. They'll go away for a long stretch."

"No, Niccolo, the police won't find them. You know, probably better than anyone in this room, what percentage of crimes goes unsolved. And the longer they go unsolved the lower their priority becomes. The police aren't going to catch them and even if they did, I can almost certainly guarantee you that they'd be represented by a very good attorney who just happened to take an interest in their case for reasons unknown. On the flip side, it doesn't look like this will be a murder case so the prosecution would probably be handled by a junior District Attorney whose lack of enthusiasm would only be matched by his lack of experience. The system would not work.

"Give me justice. You asked me to let you know if there was anything you could do... give me justice."

"Alright, since you're determined to replay this movie scene, you don't want justice, you want revenge."

"No, Niccolo, that's where you're wrong. I want justice.

"You have the resources to find them. Without the law shackling your every move, you have the ability to get at the truth. No forced confessions, no leading questions... the truth.

"Then you follow the truth where it leads you. I suspect it will lead you to my estranged husband, Benjamin Sapperstein. But I don't know that for a certainty. If the truth doesn't lead you to him, I'll be surprised, but not upset. I don't want to believe anyone I know would be capable of arranging this.

"But at every turn, I want you to follow the truth and let it guide you. Then let your sense of fairness and justice steer your actions once all is revealed. You dispense justice as you see fit.

"Then you come tell me everything... every little detail. I'm placing this in your hands, but I'm not washing my hands of the responsibility. You will tell me, and only me."

"No ma'am he will not!" Carol exclaimed. "He'll tell both of us! Don't you dare be thinking this is your affair alone!"

Margo looked at her and smiled a sad smile. "Are you sure, little one?"

"Damn skippy, I'm sure. I have every bit as much invested in this as you do, perhaps even a bit more as I was supposed to be part two of the double bill. And more than that, you're not going to bear this alone. We'll bear it together, whatever it ends up being."

Carol went and hugged Margo wrapping her arms around her and bringing Margo's head to her breast.

"You're not going to be alone in this, Madam. I won't let you be."

Finally Margo's iron resolve broke and her face crumpled as she burst into tears, sobbing into her pet's chest.

Nick stood up and looked at the two of them, waiting patiently until Margo calmed somewhat.

"Are both of you sure this is what you want?" he asked.

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