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Danger lurks in beautiful Hawaii.

During the time we were there, a few women walked in off the beach topless, as well as one totally nude. How odd, yet exciting it was to see those women putting things on over their naked bodies.

Denise found a skimpy thong and bikini top she wanted to try on. Standing near the front of the shop facing the parking lot, she just whipped off her shorts, pulled her T-shirt over her head and handed them to me. Denise was standing there totally naked, trying on the tiny bikini, right where any passerby could, and in fact did see her changing. Strangely enough, I found that watching my wife, naked and changing right then and there, was just as erotic as watching the other women changing.

I said strange, because you would think that seeing my naked wife would not be a big deal since we had just spent all afternoon at a nude beach with my naked wife beside me. But this was very, very different. This was a place where you never expect to see women getting naked.

Denise asked how the thong and top and looked on her. I told her that she looked fabulous. But she wanted to try a G-string and different top. As Denise was striking a pose for me to evaluate that set, the shopkeeper came to her aid and led Denise over the only full length mirror in the shop so she could see for herself how it looked.

After changing into a few more items, she decided on just a thong and a wraparound thing she liked. Then Denise tried to convince me to try on a man's thong. I was a little skeptical, first thinking that I'd never wear it. And secondly, with all the "activity" in the shop I was definitely a bit aroused, and was definitely a getting a little "chubby". And without a changing room, well, it was simply not a good idea.

But with Denise insisting, I found a spot behind a clothing rack, and I slipped off my baggy shorts, and quickly pulled on a thong that Denise had chosen. The shopkeeper immediately came over to us, and said how great I looked in it. She took me by the hand and led me right over to the open area in the store by the mirror so I could see for myself. I was sweating bullets, knowing that I was getting harder by the second.

Then the shopkeeper suggested I try on a different style and color thong. Denise chimed in also, insisting that I try one that she just found. The shopkeeper took the thong in hand, held it up before me saying it was a very popular item and was sure it would look great on me. Unlike the other thong, the material on this one looked very thin and light. But as always, I tried to make my Denise happy and nodded in agreement.

I reached out to take the thong from the shopkeeper, but she pulled back and motioned with her hand for me to take the other thong off. I hadn't expected her to stand right there while I changed!

I hesitated just a moment and wondered what her reaction would be seeing me in such a state. I was obviously beyond just chubby; and still growing by the second. Then she again motioned for me to give it up while saying something softly in French. Oh God, I had no idea what she said, but it sounded so sexy! That did not help the situation.

So with her standing there again motioning "gimme" with her left hand, I pulled off the thong as quickly as I could and handed it to her while grabbing the other one from her right hand and pulling it on making sure "junior" was completely tucked in.

My immediate reaction was wow; this thing is really, really, thin. It felt like I wasn't wearing anything. The material seemed to be the same material as Denise's favorite sexy semi-transparent panties except maybe more elastic. Denise and the French shopkeeper were both just standing there looking down. Smiling and nodding.

I said OK, its fine, we'll take it.

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