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Backstage sex at Rocky Horror.

Realizing my bundled appearance was a poor representation of the hotness growing beneath its protection, I pulled the hood from head, along with my knitted cap and casually unzipped my sleeping bag-like jacket to mid chest. I loosened the scarf I had meticulously fixed around my upper torso and attempted to primp my appearance in hopes of looking at least half as appealing as the makeup ed blond girl sitting to my right, clutching her latest purchase from Marshall Fields. After my grand disrobing, I pretended to go back to my book in order to ogle my train crush over the pages of a book, the title of which I was too turned on to think about.

Excerpts of fantasy raced through my mind as I gazed as my urban Adonis. His fictional hand lifting my bra, guiding my head, pinching bits of flesh and his lips tracing saliva in various crevices of my flesh. He felt my gaze and swiftly turned his head my way. A grin crossed his solid face and he nodded his head in acknowledgment of my heady gaze. My heart skipped and I nervously transfixed my eyes back to the page, wishing I had only imagined his acknowledgment to save myself embarrassment. I slowly raised my head once more to find him still grinning in my direction.

Feeling more bold than I typically am, I gave a coy grin, emphasizing the sexual glimmer in my eye with a soft nod in his direction.

The train doors opened and the rush freezing air jolted me out of the alternate universe where a gorgeous tan-skinned thug wished to caress the body of a bookish girl sexually aching to live the life of Anais Nin.

"This is Halsted." announced the computer-like manly voice of the train announcement. "Doors open on the left at Halsted."

Realizing the train had arrived at my stop while I had been deep in fantasy, I jumped up, closing my book and rushed off the train and onto the frigid platform which was oddly uninhabited despite it being the middle of the day. I heard footsteps behind me as I made for the elevator to re-dress (put on, lace up, etc. look up) my winter wear and as I reached the threshold, I realized it was my gorgeous thug joining me in the elevator. I lost my breath and braced myself against the silver railing of the elevator as his sexy grin returned and he slyly pushed the stop button once the doors has shut. I had expected an alarm to sound alerting the cta workers of the stopped elevator but he must've known what he was doing for no alarm sounded and there was no cta worker in sight once the elevator was caught between the two floors.

He said nothing as he approached me, his hands outstretched to place his hands on the bulge of my breasts. Through the padded jacket, I felt the electricity of his touch. He lowered his lips to mine and kissed me as deeply as I had imagined. I equaled his pushes as I grasped his hips and pulled his pelvis towards mine, lifting my lower rear onto the silver railing and opening my legs while he unzipped the zipper to my long jacket and roughly grabbed the underside of my thighs, lifting my knees to his shoulders and pushing himself between my legs.

We stayed wrapped in this erotic position, rubbing our encased sensitive areas against one another, our breath exiting in soft white spurts against the cold air accompanied by moans of wanting pleasure.

His lips traced the muscles in my neck and were quickly followed by his teeth, tasting my flesh as his hands lifted my bra and roughly kneaded them once they bounced out of their encasing.

"We have to hurry." he breathed in a raspy en passioned voice.

"Yeah," was all I could swiftly come up with, not wanting to waste the time with words.

He undid the top button of my jeans and lowered the zipper as I did the same to him.

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