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As the story went on, it contained passages where Bonnie left doors open and paraded around in just her underwear in order to get him to look at her, and how she'd leave the bathroom door open when she took a shower or a bath, and how she'd masturbate numerous times each day hoping she would get caught in the act by her father.

Reading more of the story, there were several pages where her father finally had enough of her teasing. He stripped the girl naked, spanked her, and then fondled her to orgasm as she lay over his lap. She went into explicit detail about how she yearned to be stripped and touched intimately by him. She went on and on about how she dreamed of being his plaything for any kind of sexual favor her father wanted. She didn't care how embarrassing or humiliating the sex acts were, even plainly stating that the more humiliating they were, the better.

As if that wasn't enough of a shocker, there was a part of the story that described Bonnie being slowly undressed by her father and how the girl got turned on by it, and how she was forced to confess her fantasies about being exposed and humiliated. When the girl was asked to give an example, she told him of her favorite fantasy where her father took her to the doctor for a physical. Then, her father was allowed to stay, watch and take part in the intimate examination of his daughter.

My darling daughter had written twenty pages detailing the doctor's physical, and how she was subjected to situation after situation with unbearable embarrassment and humiliation at the hands of the doctor, nurses and her father, including being restrained while she was fondled and having to masturbate herself to orgasm in front of everyone. In her own words, my daughter explained how she secretly desired all of these things and how happy she would be if she could experience them in real life.

I was totally shocked, and for the life of me, I would have never suspected any of this from my sweetheart of a daughter. But, honestly, I couldn't hold any of it against her because I was just as turned on reading about it, as she was writing about it. Taking a break from reading her story, I leaned back in the chair and looked around her room. Seeing a pair of her panties on the floor, I smiled to myself and then got up to get them.

The panties I found were obviously freshly worn, and the thick juices on the gusset hadn't completely dried yet. "She probably wore them last night," I thought, "then left them on her floor when she took off for the mall." I was caught between lust and love for my daughter; and sitting back down in front of her laptop to read more of her nasty story about us, the lust out weighed the love.

I held Bonnie's panties in my hand, and knowing she was at the mall, I decided I would take advantage of the situation. I slid my jeans and boxers down and began reading my daughter's story from where I left off while I jacked my cock. I was at a place in her story where the doctor had left the father alone with his naked daughter for a few minutes, and the father, who felt sorry for poor girl's aroused but unsatisfied state, decided he would play with her pussy and make her cum while the doctor was out.

The words my daughter wrote enticingly described how the girl was splayed out, with her legs held open on the gynecology table.

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