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A lesbian love story of hurt, heartbreak and healing.

And so it went for 20 days.

Today was the 21st, and the Ranger tired of the silent truce. He pushed her. He'd been watching her, noting the toss of her hair when she was nervous, her tears in the darkest hours of the night, the ripple of the muscles in her soft white arms as she released her arrows and the strength of her long, strong legs as she swung her staff. Her wide hips balanced her shoulders and the ranger found himself wondering if she'd ever tasted a man.

He had, on more than one occasion over the last several days, traced her neck with his fingers, wrapping gently his hands around her supple breasts, rubbing each nipple with his thumbs until they were hard. He'd touched the silky skin of her neck with his lips, tasting her pulse as it quickened. Of course all of this had been within the confines of his mind. Yet each time he'd made that journey in his mind he'd catch that same nervous toss of her hair and one time when she was not near, he'd heard her catch her breath.

She was not beautiful, but she was not ugly either. She was strong, graceful, and intelligent. He found her quiet and her deep distrust intrigued him. He felt her equal, no greater than her and no less than her. She walked with a proud stride and a strong gait and he matched it. He found that he enjoyed even her sulking silence, but more than that, once during the last 20 days she had smiled. Laughed actually, and he wondered how long it had been since she'd done that. For one moment she seemed to have forgotten the pain that had driven her to this solitude. That moment had elated the ranger and he felt forever connected to this pale, cloaked creature.

That day, the 21st in their association, he stopped her. The heat cast waves over the still air and rippled the horizon. They had been walking through the heat and the sun was at their backs now. She turned to see why they had stopped, drawing her cloak around her and tossing her hair back yet again. The action was not lost on the Ranger and he heard that silent gasp again. He looked at her firmly, trying to see into her mind.

"Don't!" she warned dangerously.

"Tell me why I can do this with you, when I've never been able to do it before." He pushed.

"I don't know why," she waved off the question and turned back to their path. The ranger would not be moved.

Tell me why! He pushed into her mind. She pushed back, turning on the ranger with her staff leveled and ready. The grey cloak fell from her shoulder and her loose tunic dipped low on her chest revealing her ample breasts. The red sash around her waist grabbed his eye from her chest and he imagined the soft flesh that was beneath it.

You don't know what you are doing! You're a fool! She pushed into his mind. "You don't know what it is you are seeking. It is not this!" A light breeze brushed her tunic against her breast and the Ranger could see her nipples hardening in the standoff. He sensed the tightening of her abdomen as she began to anticipate sensations she'd not had in an age.

She felt him in her mind and pulled back, turning and stalking off. He raced to catch up to her. "There is something between us! Do you deny it?" She did not stop.

Do you deny it? He pushed. She stopped for a moment with her back to him and he imagined his fingers running down her bare back, wrapping around her hips. He pushed himself up against her in his mind, feeling his own stomach tighten, his pulse raced. His breeches became suddenly too tight. "Do you?" he whispered.

"I deny nothing!" she quipped back in that dangerous whisper she'd used the first day that they'd met.

"You deny everything! You trust no one! You allow no feeling and yet there is so much within you.

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