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Sometimes the desk job is more than paperwork.

He buries his face in my fragrant flesh opening his mouth to capture my nipple.

My Daddy is very good looking even at 43. He always goes to the gym to work out and his black hair is only partially grey with no bald spots at all. When I was a girl I used to fantasize about him and dream that one day I would find a man just like him.

I'm 22 now. God help me, I don't want a man like him anymore. Not one who looks at me with such obsession in his crazed green eyes.

I think I'm rather plain. Brown hair brown eyes. Not at all like my exotic looking father or the mother long since dead when I was five. Daddy has had other relationships since she died. I can remember waking up at night hearing the bed slam against the wall and a woman's passionate cries.

But now...

Daddy's dark head is sucking on my breast and I can't deny the shooting sparks that fly up and down my body.

"Stop, stop. Daddy please..."

He kneels down opening my knees. Thank god they won't open very far since I'm tied up but that doesn't stop him from burying his face in my bare shaved cunt inhaling deeply that sweet cunt smell all girls exhibit.

Daddy caught me coming out from the shower freshly washed and damp. I thought he was at work when I came home from school early. I still live here with him since he has resisted all my attempts to leave him. So, painfully aware that I am a woman now I usually shower when he is not at home to see. I came through the bathroom door wrapped in a towel when his strong hands gripped me cruelly forcing me into his bedroom into the chair he had placed in the middle of the room. He knew what he was going to do. He had planned it all along.

"You smell so good, baby."

In a last ditch effort I sobbed. "Daddy what about your girlfriends? They'll be sickened to know what you're doing to me."

He licked up my inner thigh before he straightened and stood looking down on me as if I were again ten years old and he was about to punish me. "All those other bitches meant nothing to me. It was you I wanted, princess." He reached out to stroke my tear streaked cheek. "I'm going to fuck you so hard. You'll forget every man you've ever had. You'll want only me. I promise."

I shivered inside gooseflesh covering me.

Daddy always kept his promises.

He was naked before me his hard thick cock jutting out from his black pubic hair. He was built like a god with rippling muscles bulging out from his chest, abs and arms. Then he stepped behind me. I felt warm hands cover my neck to begin a slow massage.

Against my will it felt good.

So good I didn't notice the knife Daddy used to free me from my bonds. He pulled the chair back so that I hit the floor with a hard thud losing my breath. In that one disoriented moment he picked me up throwing me onto the big master bed that had known other women.

I struggled wildly as he fell upon me. I'm a tall girl not model thin and weak but healthy and strong. I clocked my Daddy on the chin with my fist before he got up on his knees pressing them painfully onto my shoulders pinning my arms down.

"Bastard!" I shouted seeing his massive chest heave. The pupils of his green eyes were dilated. He was so turned on.

"I love you so much." He breathed hotly sliding his legs down so that his full body lay atop mine. He kissed me again fully on the mouth. I could taste him dark and sweet. Mellifluous.

His hands caught my wrists pinning them down beside my head on his pillow. Daddy forced his knees between my thighs. I could feel the hot head of his swollen cock tease the lips of my cunt.

"This is just the beginning." He whispered staring into my dark eyes.

"I'll kill you." My voice even and hard, no more tears.

He pushed inside me deeply.

Though it was my first time and it hurt badly I didn't make a sound.

Our eyes locked together he moved inside me harder and harder wanting a reaction wanting to hear me cry out in passion. To want him the way he wanted me.

Over and over.

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