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A miserable time for Chloe.

It started to turn her on.

They went to the bedroom and continued the conversation. Joe's cock was hard as a rock and Amy's panties were soaked. Amy pulled out her vibrator and put it up against her pussy over her panties, telling Joe to tell her more about what he wants to see. He then pulled her panties down and sat on the dresser, putting her feet on the bed and inserting her vibrator. She told Joe to tell her, in every hot detail, how he wanted it to play out. She fucked herself hard. Watching Joe as he was stroking his cock vigorously. Then she bent over and started sucking his cock and acting like she was getting fucked from behind with her vibrator. That drove Joe wild and he shot a huge load deep into her throat.

A week later, Amy and Joe were hanging out with his childhood friend Matt. Enjoying drinks and conversation. Amy went inside to grab herself a drink and Joe closely followed. "What about Matt?" He said anxiously.

"What do you mean?" She said.

"Letting me watch you fuck him, you said you wanted to do that and I have noticed you checking him out quite a few times."

"Was I that obvious?" She asked.

"Yes you were. So..." Amy became nervous and excited. Matt was very sexy, and had a fabulous body, it definitely ran through her mind a few times about having him on top of her. She agreed and asked how it was going to work out. Joe told her to go outside for a minute and then about 10 minutes after he comes out, she goes into the bedroom.

When she walked into the bedroom she noticed there was a note on the bed. It read: "My love,

Underneath your pillow is an outfit that I want you to put on. Grab all of us a new drink on your way out and get ready to have some fun! Follow my lead and lets hope we can end up living out this fantasy. Love, Joe"

She lifted up her pillow and he had out his favorite see through g-string, her black tight mini skirt, and a corset top. She hurried and put it on, did up her make and hair and rand to grab the drinks. Her heart was beating out of her chest. She did a shot, poured another for the three of them and grabbed some beers and started walking outside. She through the door open and said "Shots anyone?" Matts jaw almost hit the ground. Joes cock instantly got hard. She walked as sexy as possible so the guys good get a nice long look at how sexy was. Put the shots down and handed them out. They did the shot and she sat on Joes lap. She felt Joes cock pressed between her ass cheeks, and saw that Matt was not even trying to hide the fact that he was staring at her stunning body.

Joe started playing some dance music and started to dance with Amy. Then he whispered to her "Ask Matt if he wants to dance."

She walked over to him and got between his legs and turned around and said "Would you like to dance?" Matt wasn't sure what to say. He looked around and obviously it was ok with them both so he did. Joe sat and watched as Amy was grinding her tight little ass up against Matts cock. Amy enjoyed feeling it. She kept looking at Joe for his approval. Then she turned to Matt and put her arms around his neck and Matt leaned in for a kiss. Joe grabbed his cock, he couldn't believe it was happening. After a While Amy reached her hand out to Joe, pulling him closer to feel his cock against her ass.

They moved it into the bedroom.

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