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Alegra gives into fantasy with her mystery lover.

Mona also came as she was not able to move for seconds. She got up and rushed to washroom came out after 10 minutes and laid down facing on pillow. Rashid went and cleaned himself.

But somewhere Rashid felt that he really liked her. It would be so nice if they would be together forever. Rashid came out she was half sleep and looked like to him. Even he thought to get some sleep but his eyes opened it was still little dark possibly 5:00 in the morning. He turned to her. She was checking her phone. She said good morning and kissed him and accepted saying she enjoyed it last night.

Next Morning, Mona went to John and Rose's place on the way to her office. As her approach to the gate of John's house she heard some sound of Rose. It was unusual for her as John was out of station. The door was slightly opened and no one was there to welcome her.

Mona opened the door and came inside. Looking for Rose she went to the source of the sound coming from the room. It was bed room of John & Rose. The door was closed but she could see everything from the keyhole of the room. She placed eyes at the keyhole.

Inside the bedroom Mona could see that dragging her clothes behind her a young man nearly 21 years of age lifted the naked Rose and gently placed her on the bed. Rose was very much aroused and she caught his hand and did not want to leave.

Where he was leaving, he just undressed and his erect cock already had a drop of pre-cum at its tip. Rose laid flat on the bed, opened up her legs and hands and invited him to her top. But he was not in a hurry. He wanted to enjoy her slowly. Mona could see that the man was looking like young Jack.

Kissing her cheeks and then lips, sucking her lips and inserting his tongue inside her mouth and tasting her lips and tongue, he set her on fire. Sex hungry Rose was very loudly moaning and wanted him to fuck her immediately.

She pulled his cock and pushed it inside her cunt. Her pussy was clean shaven. The strong young man wanted to lick and taste her vaginal fluids.

But Rose was in a great hurry. Finally he plunged his cock into her cunt. It was tight since it was not used for some time. He took it out and applied lot of saliva and again inserted into her cunt. He took her fluids and applied it liberally on his cock. It went in with some difficulty and Rose was crying. Once inside, the young stud started to fuck her slowly.

Though she was not a virgin, she was not fucked much by her husband and Jack. She was crazy after sex. Rose told him that on the first day she saw him she wanted him to fuck her. She waited for his John uncle to go out of station to get him inside her house. Mona could hear all those sounds coming out of the room.

In the pretext of showing her boobs and pussy to this young man whom Rose was calling as Robert she wanted show him her asset so that he would stay back to enjoy those asset.

She was successful. Rand was fucking her. He made vigorous fucking and they both arrived at orgasm together. But Rose told him that she wanted him to fuck her at least three times now to satiate her. Rand was more than willing for this schedule. But he wanted just to inform his mother that he was there in the house of Rose.

When he went to call his mother he heard that her mother just about to go out to meet some relative who was sick. She told him that she kept his food on the table and she would come only by evening. He returned to Rose who was impatiently waited for him. Again their sex adventure started.

Rand fucked her in doggy style from behind her. He went on manipulating her boobs and clitoris to augment her pleasure. Her fair bottom made his very horny and he touched and ticked her anus. Their orgasm caused lot of fluids to come out.
They cleaned the whole thing and then she wanted to mount him.

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