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A summer's night, a leather belt and some ice-cubes for her.

Lisa's ass was on fire and walking was a problem.

She managed to make her way up, she sat on the bidet and washed her ass and pussy in water as hot as she could bear. Stanley meanwhile, was straightening himself up, he sat back at the table, and smiling happily to himself he whistled and went back to work. Lisa showered and felt the aching pain from her ass, she had been opened up so much she felt as if a cucumber had been left inside of her.

It took her more than 30 minutes to even collect her mind, she struggled into the little black dress that Mr Objo had asked her to wear, why, she couldn't even fathom that one. Her husband Brian shot through the door brandishing the missing file. He sat right next to his boss, an unusual but not too unpleasant odour emanated from him. He cast it aside and they went to work. Another thirty minutes later Lisa put her head around the door, and beckoned to her husband, Lisa could hardly walk.

"Do I look alright?" she asked him, and just did manage to twirl. "You look fabulous Lisa, so utterly beautiful and devastatingly sexy," he beamed. "Stanley, Mr Objo might rip that off you," he sniggered. "Yes," Lisa thought, "I bet he would." Instead she told him. "I'll bring coffee in, will you be long in there?" "Half an hour should do it," he replied admiring his wife's stunning pose and frame.

Her husband went back, and ten minutes later Lisa made her entrance carrying a tray of coffee. Stanley's jaw hit the table, he wanted to jump up, grab her and screw her in front of her husband. Lisa saw the look on his face and knew what he as thinking. She gave him a huge bright smile. "Down boy," she whispered to him.

"Brian," he said, "I am utterly enthralled by your beautiful wife. How can anyone just look so downright gorgeous?" Lisa blushed remembering that she had just been taken totally to the cleaners sexually by the big handsome black man. And that she still felt as if she had been split in half, every movement hurt her. Lisa revelled in the pain.

Brian put his arm around her beaming with pride, not knowing she had been cock battered by his black boss in his own kitchen. The smile on her face to Stanley was all he needed to know. He knew that what he had done had been met with absolute success, there would be no future rejection from his employees wife.

As he was leaving, and out of sight of her husband, he squeezed a prominent nipple. Lisa almost collapsed, her eyes crossed, he knees pressed together, her pouty lips pursed, her pussy convulsed. Stanley tucked a small card down the top of her dress rubbing both nipples before standing away.

They bade him goodbye at the door, Brian knowing the evening had been a complete success, and not only for him, his boss too. And at the forefront, Lisa had also. Lisa retired for the night, but read the card first.

10am Tuesday This address. Be ready.

Lisa turned the card over, there was an address there, she would honour his instruction, Lisa had more to learn, more to know, and more now to achieve. She wondered what he meant by. 'Be ready'' Her beaten battered pussy pulsed, she could not believe what had happened in her own home. How she had readily submitted and accepted her complete demise and subjugation, and to another man, and he as black too!

Her husband was feeling amorous, but she shooed him off, there would be no conjoining with him this night. She did relent though and gave him a hand job. What she never bargained for was the picture in her head, of Mr Objo's cock held here in her bed in her hand right now. Her hand flashed up and down her husband's cock, but it was Mr Objo she was doing it for.

In the morning Lisa felt great, terrific, alive and full of life, she replayed in her mind what had happened in her kitchen.

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