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Chad, Alex, and Ana from Birthday Night are back for part 2.

What he asked me came as a complete surprise, here was me thinking he wanted a tree trimming or some slabs lifting and he asks me straight out if I'd screw his wife. To make matters worse if that can be imagined I'd just sipped on my drink and it went every where!

He asked me in the same way that you'd ask for any simple favour. When I didn't reply he went on to explain things in case I didn't understand, do I come across simple looking I wonder. Anyway he says his wife, Mavis had only ever been screwed by him and for the last ten or so years she'd wanted another man as it were. She'd heard about me from your boss it seemed. When she also heard that I would soon be living with you she decided to make a move quickly. She'd watched for me he said most mornings as I took my sprogs to school. The highlight of her week it appeared was when I parked outside their house to drop one of them at the bus stop.

I could tell that she was desperate to take me to bed so I asked how he felt about it. To which he replied that he'd never really liked sex, he only did it to keep her happy. If he could get some one else to fill his shoes it would help him out! Turning to Mavis I looked at her more closely. I know I said she was plain looking but on second glance I decided there might be a decent bod under her M & S clothes. There was a hungry look on her face as I could feel her undressing me.

But still she was a wrinkly and then there was my commitment to you. I know you think all men are shallow callous bastards who'd fuck anything in a skirt but I decided I'd decline their kind offer. I told them I was sorry but I was extremely busy etc. they countered that by saying they were willing to pay, how much I asked out of curiosity, how did __500 sound.

Now money isn't everything I know but it does make life a little more comfortable. They knew I was interested and to clinch the deal Mavis stood and began to unbutton her blouse. I watched her spell bound while hubby cleared the cups and started washing them. The blouse was dropped to the floor. As I had thought her figure wasn't too bad. She asked hubby to unclip her and then showed me an exquisite pair of tits, sagging a little I know but not at all bad, D or even E cup. With hardly a pause she twisted her skirt round her hips and deftly released the top button and lowered the zip.

As it joined the blouse and bar on the floor I hardly had chance to admire her decent looking legs when she slipped her knickers off as well revealing her tightly cropped ming. Hubby commented on her body, like he was talking about an old car. Mean while Mavis had moved closer to me. She took my hands and lifted them up to her tits. I thought to myself well I might as well give them a feel, you know to be sociable. They didn't feel too bad I have to say, sort of full, like water balloons.

Once again he went into his sales-man routine, they're not bad for her age etc. I had to agree with him and it was at this point that I slipped into the game they were playing. I loosed her tits and stated to feel him up in other places to determine what condition she was in. I didn't manage to find any rust or signs of body filler. Using a dipstick I noticed she was a little dry but I was confident she was well maintained. The state of the lubrication on a car is a perfect indication as to whether it's been looked after and is in good condition.

I had her lie on their table as I checked her minutely from head to toe. As I worked he and I kept up a conversation about her body in a similar fashion. I had her roll onto her front and inspected her arse last of all. I asked her to raise her bum and spread her cheeks. We both inspected between her legs I prodded and probed her vagina and arse. I had begun to think she might be enjoying the attention. I said I thought her vagina seemed a bit tight and after working three or four fingers into it asked if they had a salad sauce bottle I could use. Hubby found on in the fridge and watched as I fed this into her.

It didn't go in too easily, so I asked for some oil.

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