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He gave her a sharp retort to one of her questions and sent her on her way. I looked on in interest. Jessie, who was a little more subtle than his friend, tried to appease his girlfriend by agreeing to whatever she had asked, and finally she left as well. I personally thought it was simply rude the way they barged in and didn't even bother to introduce themselves to me. But then again, it was the boys that should have done the introductions. Oh well.

Jenny was nowhere to be seen. And trust me, I looked. I slowly tried to lead our conversation back to my favorite subject, and inquired about her. Antonio, who had seemed so perfectly friendly towards her the night before during the show, suddenly changed his attitude. I soon learned that there was much intrigue going on "behind the scenes" on a cruise ship. Oftentimes, the crew felt the need to grow several more faces that would fit in with the different circumstances and frankly, I was beginning to get confused. It was hard to keep up with it all, and taxing on the personality. I felt the need to apologize for possessing only one.

"Jenny is a weird one. She's not a very nice person," said Antonio. "She does all sorts of things to seem like she is, but we all know it's an act."

"She's two-faced and so hopelessly untalented, and she thinks she can just boss everyone around and have them jump to do her bidding," added Jessie.

I pursed my lips in thought and said, "Really? She doesn't seem like that. I mean, I don't know her as you do, but she seems like an okay person. And I think she's talented." I didn't want to alienate them but I felt the need to speak up for her, especially since I believed in what I was saying.

Both men made a face and shrugged their shoulders, keeping quiet. As much fun as I was having, the sea was getting a little stormy and I felt the need to walk around for a bit. I excused myself and walked outside. The air was crisp as we were leaving the port. Seagulls were circling the ship as it carefully made its way out into the open seas. My stomach was slightly rebelling but as I faced the wind and watched the ocean, I felt my stomach settle a bit. Breathing in deep gulps, I smiled to myself as the wind mussed my hair. The cruise was indeed turning out to be an interesting diversion from my day-to-day life. For the last few years I had buried myself in work. After graduating from law school I was picked up by a large firm and worked my ass off for several years, winning many major cases in their name. Finally, I decided to start up my own little firm that grew steadily and confidently. But too much work made a girl real dull and I decided, with a little friendly shove from my pushy secretary, to take a short vacation that happened to coincide with my winning this ticket. It seemed, to her, like the perfect opportunity to get rid of me.

It was getting chilly and I reentered the lounge. The band was preparing for the show, playing a few tunes to warm up the slowly gathering crowd. I smiled and sat down to listen. There wasn't much to do on a ship, so I guess I could understand the reasoning behind the intrigue among the crew. That was their only source of entertainment.

The days passed fairly uneventfully as I enjoyed my time off.

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