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A mother catches her son abusing himself

Evan knowing of the wickedness of the witch went straight to her lair and demanded the witch so release his sister.

The witch said "Evan, I have heard a great many stories of your bravery and skill. I have a small task on the completion of which your sister shall be released safe other wise I will kill her."

"What is this task that you require of me?" Evan asked.

"I need you to find ingredients for my potion of ever lasting beauty."

"What are they?" He asked.

On this question she took out a piece of parchment and gave it to him.

"This is the list of ingredients which are required for the potion. I must have them before winter solstice which is in ten days other wise you know the price."

He slipped the parchment into his pocket and went into the forest to get the ingredients.

He opened the parchment and saw its contents. They ingredients were:

The blood of a Chimera

The bone of a Giant

The semen of a Minotaur

Little did he know that there was a fourth ingredient not revealed by the witch which was the beating heart of a female elf.

He set of in the direction of woods of monsters where a Chimera lived.

He stopped to rest on the bank of a river. He heard the sounds of a hoofs of a horse. He turned to see what was making the noise. He saw a black unicorn carrying a human female who appeared to be very weak.

She swooned and fell from her steed to the ground. The unicorn turned and ran into the forest.

Evan immediately reached her took her to river made her drink some water. She slowly came to consciousness. She was beautiful in her way, not the tender grace of Evelin, but the wild kind of beauty.

She had those blue eyes, dark chestnut hair and lithe body of a hunter.

She stood up and introduced herself as Mona. She asked him what is doing in this part of forest.

Her recounted his story and showed her the parchment.

"Then definitely I must accompany you on this task."

"But it is too dangerous,"

"It is the danger involved that makes me want to help you."

Thus agreed, they proceeded in search of Chimera. It did not take long because Chimera found them and attacked seeing prospective dinner.

They fought ferociously for some time striking, stabbing, parrying and dodging till Evan gave the final blow to it. It fell to the ground and Evan filled it's blood into a Vail.

The travelled next to the grave yard of giants in the mountains overcoming a lot of difficulties. The dug out a grave and took some bones .Evan put them into a bag .

They camped outside grave yard that night. It is a truly spooky place. Is was cold.

"Mona, thank you for being with me all this."

"Its' nothing Evan." said Mona climbing into his lap for warmth.

He kissed her on a sudden impulse and she kissed back. The cuddled each other for a long time.

Evan couldn't control himself, he tore the robes of mona and thrust his cock into her pussy .She moaned with pleasure.

"Evan fuck me harder."

"Uh uh uh"


"I love you "

"I love you too"

And then he came.

They still had the last ingredient to collect. But this journey was a pleasure, they fucked every night as they travelled to Minotaur's lair.

I was a large cave full of human bones. The entered the cave. The Minotaur was sleeping on a bed of straw.

Evan said "how can we get its semen?''

"Leave it to me." said Mona.

"What are you planning to do?"

"You'll see"

"No, please don't."

"I'll do anything for you Evan.''

She walked towards the monster took his cock and put it in her mouth and started sucking it.

The Minotaur moaned loudly in his sleep. She sucked harder and harder. The cave shook with Minotaur's moans.

Then he came, he shot spasm after spasm into her mouth. It seemed a wonder that she held all of it in her mouth.

She removed her mouth and spat all of it into a flask. She was about to return when the Minotaur woke up.

He grabbed her by her waist pulled her. She tried to resist but couldn't. She threw the flask to Evan which he caught.

"Evan go and free your sister."

"I can't leave you here."

"Yes, you can" she cried as t

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