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And the Gargoyle wins.

My throat was loosened in a few days and I didn't have any problem taking the entire 6 inch long dildo in my mouth.

Since he was taking ages to make any progress or take any hints, I thought that I had to do something drastic.

I decided that I was gonna have to initiate the relationship. After a couple of days, I figured out that he hasn't masturbated for a while. As a result, he was horny. I was gonna make my move at that night.

He went to bed after midnight. I was shaking with nervousness and excitement. "I was finally going to do something", I thought.

It was now or never. I heard movement in his room after a hour or so. I knew that he couldn't go to sleep. He must've gotten up to masturbate.

It was now or never for me. I opened his door with shaking hands. He was jacking off under the sheets. I crawled to his bed and put my hands under the sheets.

"What the hell do you think you are doing." He panicked.

"Please dad, Let me help you." I replied.

I was still shaking.

"What kind of help do you think you are doing."

"Let me release your pressure." I said to him while giving him the puppy eyes.

"Son, I knew you are gay for a long time." He started talking again. "And I don't have any problem with that. But, What you are trying to do here now is just wrong."

"Please dad, I need this really bad and I promise you that you will feel good about it too."

He was still hesitating. But, his cock was still rock hard. I reached my hand to it. I did it all the while keeping eye contact with him.

"Just let me do this and you will know how good can I make you feel." I told him as I started rubbing my hand up and down on his throbbing member. "Lay back and let me do the work."

His body became relaxed. He then closed his eyes as he laid on his back. I wanted to look at his eyes while giving the blowjob but was a little disappointed. Somehow I knew that the first time was not going to be the best time. Still I had to give him a good time if I wanted this to go longer.

I knew that the foreplay of kissing his cock slowly and licking my way all over it wouldn't work. The reason he was going along with all this was because he was still very horny and needed to cum real quick.

I worked up a load of saliva and took his tip in my mouth. I started twirling my tongue around the tip as the saliva ran down his whole length. I kept rubbing my hand on his shaft while working on the tip with my mouth.

Then I focused under the tip of the cock where it is V-shaped. I started licking it like I was licking lollipop. I did this all the while jerking his cock. Then I cupped his balls and started playing with it.

Pretty soon he started to breath heavily and let out moans of pleasure. He gripped parts of the bedsheet tightly. I knew that he was on the edge.

For a moment, I thought of letting go and teasing him. That would give me more time to spend some more quality time with his penis. But, as it was my first time giving him blowjob, I thought that it might turn him off or something.

He came in my mouth while I was still working on the tip of his cock. It happened in less than 5 minutes. I swallowed some of his cum and let some other drip down on my face.

"You can go to sleep now son." He finally spoke. "We will talk about this in the morning."

It was a breathtaking experience for me. I went to bed thinking about what I had just done. I couldn't contain myself as I was still shaking with excitement. I knew I couldn't sleep properly that night.

I started jacking of to his scent. His taste was still in my mouth. I was masturbating furiously. After cumming three times that night, I went to sleep.

I was 10 am in the morning. Dad woke me up by shaking my head gently. I woke up in a hurry and realized that I slept naked through the night. A bitter smell of semen was also coming off from my body.

"Clean yourself and come down to the kitchen." He said and left my room.

I quickly took a shower and wore a the bare minimum that left a man to start imagining my body.

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