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ant to work with people who've all seen you running around naked?"

"I don't give a shit about that. Hell, I'd work naked right now as a programmer if that's what it takes."

By the time we reached the elevator and Lin pushed the down button I'd already learned a lot about her. What I'd learned first and foremost was that she was a chatterbox with absolutely no filter between her brain and her mouth. The whole time she'd been bitching about her job, her boss, her co-workers, the company's sexism, and shaving her pussy in front of "these creeps" we'd been walking through the floor in clear earshot of many of her co-workers. She seemed to have no inhibitions about nudity and even less about expressing her opinions. The first trait would make her an ideal mailgirl while the second could get her into a lot of trouble. If Barbara got annoyed by Kelly's bitching and insolence then Lin had the potential to be Kelly times ten.

Another initial impression I had of Lin was that I liked her. She was one of the few people I'd met here lately who wasn't either leering at me or treating me condescendingly. She spoke to me like I was a real person rather than a mindless bimbo or a fuck toy. I decided I'd make sure she understood what she was getting into if she really wanted to become a mailgirl.

Lin kept talking on the elevator trip down to the second floor and all the way to the Photography department. I learned that she was of Vietnamese descent and her grandfather had been a high ranking government official who had barely escaped with his family during the fall of Saigon. She'd been born and raised in this country and was fully Americanized to the consternation of her parents who tended to be more traditional. She was also a hard core gamer who loved to smoke weed while playing an online game called Dota 2, which I'd never heard of, and was part of the modding community. In her spare time she'd helped write several popular mods for Gangsta and other games. Not being a gamer or programmer myself some of what she told me went right over my head. What little I did know about those things came from what I'd learned in helping to market DDE's games.

A wide-eyed receptionist stared at me as we entered the Photography department. "Nine here has an appointment to get some pictures taken," Lin said to her.

"Why is she nude?" the receptionist asked.

"She's a mailgirl. She's supposed to have an appointment that was made for her by Gangsta."

"And her name is Nine?" the woman asked incredulously.

"I've got this Dana," a man said as he emerged from the corridor behind the receptionist desk. "Come," he said pointing to me. "You can wait out here," he told Lin.

I followed him down the corridor and into a studio toward the end of the hall. It was a relatively small studio without any furniture and the walls were all covered in white panel. "My name's Dave," he said to me. He was a middle aged man with graying hair and a no-nonsense professional attitude. "Have you ever done any professional modeling?"

"No sir," I replied. Many people had asked me that over the years. I'd had offers to do it, and had even had photographers hand me their card out on the street, but I'd always been so focused on my degree and career that I'd never done it.

"That's surprising based on your looks, but that's probably a good thing. I don't need you striking any professional poses or sexy looks. We just need photos of your face and body. The animators will use software to manipulate your expressions in the game so try to maintain a neutral expression. I'm afraid I'm going to have to put you into some embarrassing positions but I need to get shots of everything."

"Yes sir," I replied, a little unnerved by the thought of exposing "everything" to his camera.

Dave placed me in the center of the empty studio and began taking photographs of me from every angle.

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