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Jennifer is faced with a choice.

"Gee, George, I don't want you to get sick but what can I do about it?" She pumped my cock twice. "Do you want me to use my hand like this?"

"Ow! No. It hurts when you squeeze me like that. What about using your mouth to keep me out of the hospital?"

"I'm not gonna let you put your nasty old thing in my mouth."

"We have to do something or I'll be sick. What about your fanny?"

"My fanny? Do you mean put your thing in my poo hole?"


Oh, yuck. That sounds so gross. I've never heard of such a thing. Besides, wouldn't that hurt?"

"It's not gross and it doesn't hurt. All my friends tell me they do it with their girlfriends and the girls really like it. I'm surprised they don't tell you about it because it's fun for everybody. Please? I can feel my thing starting to hurt already."

"Well, okay, I guess. If all the other girls do it, it must be okay. What do I have to do?"

"Kneel here on the floor with your skirt raised."

Amanda raised the front of her skirt and knelt in front of the sofa so I could raise the back. The cheerleader costume includes satin panties that match the red stripes on the skirt, and she waited for me to remove them. Carefully, I pulled the garment down and around her lovely ass and down her thighs. Still in character, she waited for further directions.

"Okay. Now lift your knees one at a time because I have to take the panties all the way off." When they were off I tossed them aside and Amanda was naked below the waist, except for her shoes and socks.

"Are you staring at my bare rear end?"

"Oh, no, Mandy. I won't even look at you any more than I have to you to get my thing inside you." That was a lie because I was looking very hard at Amanda's curvaceous ass. It was so beautiful that I leaned forward and kissed both cheeks. I thought I heard her giggle but she didn't say anything because we didn't want to get too far out of character.

"Now what do you want me to do?"

"Reach your hands back here," I told her. When she did, I placed them so she could spread her ass cheeks for me. "After I'm ready, you'll have to hold your fanny open."

I took a condom out of my pocket and, after pulling my pants and underwear down, opened its package. Amanda heard me opening the pack and putting it on and she turned around to glare at me. "Are you putting one of those rubber thingies on your thing? How come you have one of those with you? Did you think I would let you break my cherry? Could I get pregnant from this?"

"Oh, no, Mandy. You can't get pregnant and I don't want to break your cherry. I just always carry one of these thingies with me. All guys do." That was the truth. When I was a teenager, I and all other teenage boys carried condoms with us at all times, in the remote possibility that we would get lucky. I never got lucky and I think hardly anybody else did either. It was actually more an indication of supposed manhood than being ready for sex.

"Okay, Mandy. Now spread your fanny open." Earlier, I had left a towel and a tube of Aquaglide by the sofa leg and now I picked up the lubricant, opened it and put the nozzle just inside her adorable pink rosebud. After squeezing in a good dollop, I applied more to the edges of the hole I would soon be penetrating. Carefully, I pushed my finger into Amanda's ass and spread the lubricant around inside.

"What is that icky stuff? Why are you putting it in my poo hole? Are you sure this won't hurt?

"I know this won't hurt, Mandy. I would never do anything to hurt you. This is just so my thing will slide into you easier."

After I applied some of the Aquaglide to my cock, I told Amanda I was ready. She was still holding her ass cheeks apart for me so I reached in and opened her sphincter with my fingers. Holding her open with the fingers of one hand and guiding my cock with the other, I put the tip right against her rosebud and gave a little push.

"Oh!" Mandy said when the head of my cock penetrated her ass.

"Did that hurt?"

"A little. Just at first. It feels better now. I thought you said this wouldn't hurt."

"It was just a little and it w

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