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The child becomes a woman with two lovers.

A string of baubles dangled from each earlobe as well as each pierced nipple of her pert breasts. She wished her chest was more impressive, but He liked it just the way it was. Usually she wore a 34b cup bra but sometimes a c fit better. It was of little matter tonight as she would not be wearing a bra at all.

Two more strings of baubles dangled from her pierced labia. Just heavy enough to tug gently at the puffy lips, the baubles also danced against her thighs as she walked. Five inch heeled stilettos were strapped to her feet and her breasts bounced a bit as she walked, jiggling in a most provocative manner, the adornment hanging from each erect nipple also pulling slightly.

She had applied dabs of Eternity in strategic locations around her body - the back of her neck, on her chest between her breasts, the underside of each breast, the inside of each thigh just below where the jewelry made contact, and the inside of each ankle. None was used in the pubic area as He preferred to be able to indulge in her own scent once she was aroused.

Her attire consisted of nothing more than a pair of sheer black stockings with black lace tops that ended mid-thigh and were held up by garters connecting to a skimpy little belt of burgundy satin and black lace. The stockings were more like a wisp of smoke adorning her long slender legs with the garter belt and straps framing her sex in a in a perfect presentation of womanhood. She was both angelically beautiful and a total slut. She imagined He would be extremely pleased.

Pleasing Him was something she delighted in, whether it was simply the smile He displayed when she entered a room, the sight of His member rigid from the arousal she had provided, or the moans of pleasure He emitted when he ejaculated deep inside her womb. She loved when He lay atop her like that, possessing her, thrusting His manhood ever deeper, ravaging her with an intensity that bordered on cruelty. At that moment they were two primal animals, void of human rationale, lost in carnal intensity.

She adored His penis, loved to lick it, draw the bulbous head into her mouth, feel it against the back of her throat as she attempted to take the entire shaft in. She enjoyed licking the swollen testicles that He kept smoothly shaven. When He climaxed in her mouth it was heavenly, the ejaculate a slightly briny slightly musky nectar that was hot and creamy. When He ejaculated on her face or her breasts the heat was always a surprise and she delighted in the sensation as it would slowly slide down her skin after.

She wondered what He would ask of her tonight. Would He be alone or would there be others that He would expect for her to service? It seemed never to be quite the same. Sometimes she was shared with another man, sometimes another woman, sometimes several others like the evening He took her from the front, another man from the rear, and a third in her mouth. They had all climaxed in one surging crescendo that had left her both filled and drained. She had swallowed every drop of ejaculate that had been deposited in her mouth then licked each of their three members clean. After the others left she had fellated Him, being rewarded with another mouthful of seed which she greedily consumed.

Perhaps it would again be a long relentless line of men each taking her in his turn until she lost count of how many times she had felt that pulse inside her or the splattering of semen all over her body and face. Maybe He would give her over to another woman as He did one evening that had been full of cunnilingus and artificial phalluses. That time had been agony, as He refused to use her himself, instead making Celeste watch as the other woman pleasured Him.

A car horn honked outside.

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