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A man finds and loses love, twice.

She was cumming.

She cried out and then moaned out and finally she grunted as she took almost all of the ten inches into her hole. Like a wild woman she fucked herself with the toy! And all the while she called my name telling me to fuck her hard and harder!

Her body shuttered and shook and I knew she was climaxing again back to back. She left it there in her hole and she came once again as the toy vibrated loudly I could hear it outside.

As I pumped my dick I realized for the first time that her body was facing directly at the door and I was standing there in full view, jerking off. I began to shoot my sperm on to the screen door. It ran down the webbing of the door and I just kept jerking watching her body convulse and quiver to the after glow of her orgasms!

If she looked back at the door she would have seen me. But her eyes were closed and her head was back and she was cumming! So was I!!

When she was done she stood on wobbly legs and walked to the bed. She faced towards the door and I held my deflating cock as she looked like she had her eyes closed. I waited until my cock was completely deflated and I moved to the side and put it back into my slacks and left.

The next day I asked her out again and this time we went dancing. She wore a skirt and blouse. We danced many dances together and she held me tight when the slow dances began to play. Our bodies pressed against each other and I knew she could feel my hard cock pressing against her body.

She looked up at me during one dance and I bent down and kissed her. She didn't pull away and I pushed my tongue into her mouth! She sucked my tongue and pressed harder into my body! We stayed and danced until 1AM!

On the drive home she touched my arm or my knee few times as she talked. I was sure she was very interested in me now and I put my hand on her knee. She left it there. I didn't move it up her leg right away but as we pulled up in front of her home I did and she bent towards me and kissed me hard putting her tongue into my mouth! My hand came up her leg and I realized Amanda was wearing stockings and garters. I stroked the skin above her stockings and slid my hand down to her inner thigh. She moaned in my mouth!

Then she said: "Why don't you come in for a while Bud."

I told her yes of course and we walked hand in hand towards her front door. Once inside I turned her around to face me and I took her in my arms kissing her hard, passionately and long. She melted in my arms as I bent her back a little pressing my pelvis into hers.

She held me tight as our lips locked together, our tongues fighting to enter each other's mouth. Each of us moaned from the heat of the kiss. I cupped her left breasts with my hand and realized my hand wasn't big enough to fully hold her fullness. So full, so round, and so big, I moaned in her mouth as I squeeze it.

She kissed me and kissed me and kissed me hard. She pressed harder against me and I know she could feel my hard on. It was screaming for release. She squeezed me so tight I couldn't move my hand as it tried to rub her tit and open her blouse. I wanted to see and feel her breasts free of any clothes.

Finally, still cupping her tit we broke our kiss and I smiled as she watched me begin to undo her buttons on her blouse. We both watched as the top of her breasts came into view as the buttons were undone. When I had her blouse completely open I reached with both hands and cupped both tits still inside her bra. I kissed her and she held me that way not pressing into me now so I could squeeze her breasts.

She was shaking a little, trembling as I pushed her bra up over her two round full mounds and and her nipples spung fre. Icupped her free breasts which came popping up from under the bra.

She reached down and cupped my cock rubbing it up and down as I enjoyed her tits for the first time touching and squeezing them.

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