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Testing Amram's emotions.

Both of them moan as he sinks forward, his hands going onto that toned midsection as he gets right to business, drawing the hips back so he can firmly send them along with his mighty cock right forward into her, to her groaning approval as he fills her up once again. He doesn't even register at that point that he's actually fucking now the Firebird herself in his own bedroom, on his own bed, focusing on making sure she doesn't make good on that prior warning to put him through a living Hell if he doesn't sexually satisfy her high needs.

"MMMM!! Fuck yeah... That's... Uhhhhh!! That's what I fucking need..." She moans her approval, looking back over her shoulder at the still semi-clothed stud behind her as he thrusts his dick deeply into her snatch, in no time at all able to start smacking against her backside with his crotch as he feed every fat inch in and out of those slick folds. "Come on "Killer"! You want to... AHHHHH... Fuck a slut like Moxxi... MMMMM... Or a barely legal jailbait like Gaige before me?? MMMM!!" She almost rants between her groans, but despite this apparent resentment for being the "last on the list" her body is betraying her in terms of showing how much she's enjoying this, shifting backward to push her pussy against his cock each time he pumps forward, ensuring he goes all in and stuffs that sweet hole as full as she can get.

"AHHHHH... Hey! It's not... MMMMM... Like I planned it all out or... Mmmmm... Or anything!" He protests, but unsurprisingly soon finds himself moaning upon the next stiff, balls deep thrust he delivers into the snatch of the veteran Siren who had been a part of the original four Vault Hunters so long ago, but is taking a "raiding" of a far different sort right now in the form of this massive and lengthy dick being driven firmly back and forth into her needy snatch. "It... AHHHHH... It all just happened..." He claims, even though - as he actually tried to admit to her before this sudden sexual encounter began - his run of luck fucking some of the hottest women across the Borderlands has all been due to that powerful Pandora's Heart that he has equipped. That same Relic is exactly why not only is he currently deep in to the hilt with his dick inside of the beautiful but deadly woman in a doggy style position in front of him, but the reason why he's able to still deliver a pounding and last inside of such a stunning, snug and slick snatch like hers.

"MMMMM!! You fucking... UHHHH!! Fucked Tannis before me!! Fucking Tannis!!" She snaps out with a moan, showing a seemingly bitterness to having been left "last but not least", yet the way she's rocking herself firmly back and forth in order to meet his pumps and keep her booty slapping against his desirable frame shows the pleasure she's getting from the rookie Vault Hunter has been more than meeting the rumours she's heard about him and his skill. "AHHHHH... And then the two lovers from the damn moon... MMMMM!! Do NOT get me started on Angel..." She hisses, still looking back at the man pounding deep into her with a glare in those bright, burning eyes but showing clear lust for even more from him, all enhanced by the sight of her ass cheeks jiggling when they smack back into him each time he thrusts forward into her tightness as she pushes back stiffly to meet that big cock of his.


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