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Alex notices Kate for the first time and he wants her bad.


Sindy knew! She knew about me giving my sisters boyfriends head. Sometimes they would come over to see my sister and my sister would be gone. I'd tell them they could wait in our room if our mom wasn't home. I'd also tell them she would be home any minute even when I knew she wouldn't be home for an hour. While they waited I would go in the bathroom, change into my sexiest clothes. Like a real short skirt with no panties under it and an ultra tight see through tee shirt. Then I'd come out and flirt with them. After I bent over a few times picking stuff off the floor so they could see my bare pussy they usually got nice erections for me. When I saw they had the erections bulging in their pants I'd get on my knees in front of them and slid my hand over their covered cocks.

"God you've got a big hard on waiting for my sister. You can't fuck me but I'll give you a nice blow job if you want me to." Of course as I was saying that my other hand reached up and began undoing their zippers. I never had a guy turn me down. I had noticed some guys came over a lot more and earlier to wait for my sister. Now I knew the word was out. I knew they would keep coming over too even with my sister gone and since I would no longer be a virgin maybe I'd let a couple of them fuck me. I might even let a couple of them do me at once, I thought as visions of being a real slut went through my head.

I had been practicing fucking my mouth with a big dildo of my sisters and had recently perfected my deep throat technique. Until tonight I hadn't had a cock big enough to make me think I couldn't deep throat it. I might not do it but I was going to give it one heck of a try.

I bent over and slid the head of Jake's cock into my mouth. Jake was big alright. I swirled my tongue around it and sucked as I pumped my hand up and down. Suddenly I shoved my head down it until almost all of it was down my throat. I quickly slid back up the shaft and then down.

"Oh God sis, she is good, maybe as good as you!"

I was elated to hear Jake liked my oral abilities, but I didn't want to get him off just now. Just lubricated for his sister. I pulled all the way off and sat up.

"I think he's lubricated enough for you." I said winking at Sindy."

"Yeah I see, any more lubricating from your mouth and he'd have cum for sure." Sindy said smiling at me as she moved over his cock while I held it upright for her. Slowly as she looked lustfully at her brother she lowered herself until the head of it popped into her.

"Oh Jake you know how much I love your cock in me." She said moaning with her eyes closed.

"Now see how I just have him inside me like you would if he was pressing against your cherry." Sindy told me. "Next I'm going to go slowly up and down to get all lubed and get near orgasm. I'll be playing with your clit and when your almost there you do THIS!" she said shoving down until all of Jake was in her.

"Oh yeah sis that feels real good!" Jake moaned

"Well hold off right now. We want your cum in her not me." Sindy said pulling up and off her brother.

"Now you try it." She told me.

" O-Okay." I replied nervously as I swung my leg over Jake and got astride him. I was sure anyone looking towards the tent could see all the movement as we kept hitting the top and sides. I was also knew this was the moment I'd spent all of my life to get to. When I left the tent I'd be a woman, not the little girl I'd been when I entered.

Sindy held him on target as I lowered myself. He pushed on my hole but wouldn't go in. I was too tight! I pushed a little bit more and WAM, he popped in and popped in too far. He was pushing hard against my cherry.

"Ouch, ouch!" I hollered all to loudly. As I lifted up a little, the pain eased.

"Take it easy, it's in now. Just move slowly up and down a little bit." Sindy said kissing me while her had played with my clit.

I did as she said and began bobbing up and down while we kissed.

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