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The falling out of Calie and Leah.

She was the only woman I had ever known that had ever cried after sex. I hoped I didn't hurt her, but it didn't look like I did as she clenched and unclenched on me while we laid there. She then tapped my side and I got off her and she stood up. She took my hand and leaned down to undo her heels. Stepping out of them she took my hand and led me to my room. I watched her ass framed in that garter belt and my cock started to shift. She had me lay back on the bed then looked down at me.

"With or without papi?" She whispered longingly.

She ran her hands over the stockings and I got the hint. I loved when she slept with me in her stockings, but I wanted to feel her smooth skin against me tonight.

"Without mami." I said softly.

She gave me a seductive grin and slowly undid the four snaps of her garter belt then slowly slid it off her hips. She stepped out of it then threw it on my chair in the closet. She then lifted one leg up and set it on the bed, then she slowly peeled the stocking off her leg and when she slipped it off I saw her toes were painted a cute pink. She looked at me smiling cutely, it was too cute to pass up so I leaned over towards her foot. I picked her foot up to my lips then tenderly kissed her toes making her giggle. She then put her leg down and lifted the next. This time she looked at me pleadingly and I reached up to slide the stocking off. She sighed as I grazed my fingers over her smooth skin. I lifted her foot and the stocking came off. I then kissed her other foot and she sighed at me. She took the stockings and tossed them on the garter belt. She then stalked back to the bed then climbed in with me. We got under the covers and laid there in the night. Her head was on my chest and I felt her breathing grow steady. She was asleep and I looked down at her smiling to myself. I had her all to myself now and loved every minute of it. I felt my own eye lids grow heavy and I was soon asleep.

The nightmares returned to me that night for the first time in weeks and I thrashed about on the bed. I didn't realize it, but she had woken up and was trying desperately to reach me in my dreams. I was locked in the firefight that had nearly killed me. I saw the flashbacks in my dreams, heard the explosions and rapid fire. I felt the impact of the rounds into my stomach and then of the burning pain. I heard my men screaming in agony as the ambush pressed on. I looked around and didn't see my room, I only saw the burning vehicles and my men lying on the ground crying in agony. I looked about and saw the black shapes of the insurgents and my mind went blank. I felt a hand on me and saw I was in the hospital. I cried out and sat up straight then started screaming as my hands went to my stomach. I heard her voice, but it was muffled as she was trying to get my attention. I was lost inside of myself to far to be found, without thinking I reached under my pillow. I felt the cold metal under it then grasped it and drew out my pistol. I was out of the bed and shaking as I paced the apartment sweeping it and then I saw her. She had thrown on one of my shirts and came out after me. I spun about pistol leveling off at her head and she grabbed my arm shoving it to the side. I was shaking as she then grabbed my face with her free hand and I was forced to look at her. She held my face and then her other hand came to my face. I saw her face and the terror started to fade away. I suddenly realized I had my pistol in hand and it was dangerously close to her. I clicked on the safety and set it down on the counter as she was calling my name.

"Nathan wake up! Please papi wake up." she called loudly. It was then I saw her.

I reached up, my hands shaking badly, and touched her hands.

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