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She enjoys sex at an open house.

Every time she would take my cock out of her hot mouth, she would quickly turn her head to see my reaction and give my right nipple a quick kiss before enveloping my tip again, each time increasing the speed and suction of her mouth.

I could feel the desire quickly amassing deep within me, ready to boil and erupt. I wanted her to taste me, to drink me, but I knew that my own needs were not the ones to be met yet. The next time she took her delicious lips away from my wanting manhood, I drew her head up and kissed her lips thick with my taste on them. I gently removed her hand from stroking my hardness and knelt down on the floor beside her.

I started to kiss her neck, biting the delicate flesh and fondling her plush breasts, one after the other with my left hand as my right gently traced the outline of her side down to waist. Mary gave a sharp intake of breath as I rolled her nipples between my fingers and sucked on her neck.

I gave her another deep kiss and then I moved to her left breast, swirling and suckling it with my lips. I traced it with my tongue and then did the same with her right breast, in response; Mary arched her bark to force her nipple even deeper into my mouth.

I gingerly descended down from her breasts to her navel, kissing and nibbling, until I came to her thick pubic mound over her pussy. I could feel her becoming wetter and wetter from the slickness that started to collect on my chin as I started to lick her clit, pressing it hard with my mouth, and even sucking on it- at first gently, and then harder and faster. She gasped as I used my open mouth and tongue to excite her clit, and then reached up to caress her slit with his fingers. I continued sucking and licking her, I slid in a finger, and then two, and began moving them in and out of her.

Mary threw her head back and moaned loudly, her inner thighs began to tremble against my cheeks, encouraging me to suck harder on her clit, increasing the pumping of my fingers as well.

Mary's hands felt rough on the back of my head as she forced my face harder against her moistness. She moaned, "Oh fuck, yes...yes...fuck...." She began to grind herself into me and I felt the muscles inside her wetness tighten and twitch against my fingers then release a flood around them. As I began to lap up her juices as the ran down her leg, Mary gently pushed me back onto my ass to break the connection. I looked at her and her cheeks reddened. I asked her why.

"I was wondering if I should ask you a favor," she said in a quiet shy voice.

I stood up and stood between her legs, the tip of my hard shaft rubbing in between her sweaty slick breasts. I brushed the back of my hand lightly against her cheek and to her ear and told her that at this point I wanted her so much I'd do anything to feel me in her.

She began to move her chest slowly against my cock tip as she started to state her favor.

"Year after year, millions of children sit on my husbands lap and tell them there deepest, most fondest of wishes..." She placed her hands on the top of my shaft, pushing it deeper into her bosom, her fleshy breasts surrounding it with their warmth and hot sweat. "...I want to sit on your lap...I want to feel your cock in me as I tell you all I want for Christmas."

I stepped away from her, my cock resisting it's fleshy docking bay. I turned and walked over to the table and chairs. I grabbed the one that looked the most comfortable and padded and brought if over to beside the bed. I sat down and looked at Mary and said, "Well, well, well, Mrs. Claus..." My pulsating shaft was almost sticking straight up, ready for her. I tapped my lap with my hands a couple of times. "...let's just see how much of a good girl you really are."

There was a rap on the door and without waiting for a response, this six foot green furred.

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