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A sacred ritual.

It began as it always did, flirty little text messages that build slowly into a sexual fantasy. It had been going on for nearly an hour, with breaks between messages at certain times. It didn't matter, though. My mind filled in gaps between our communications, and I had become incredibly excited. You'd been even more engaged than usual today in our conversation, asking me to put on a pair of your panties and a ball gag and to take a picture of myself to email to you. I guess you just wanted a little porn for yourself at work, so I did it, nervously. When you received my email, I expected a response back telling me how hot you thought it was. Instead, all you wrote was...

Ha ha ha. You look ridiculous.

I wasn't really sure if that response made me more irritated or aroused, but my cock did grow harder. Our sexy messages continued, you taunting me with games and activities you thought it might be fun to try, me expanding on your ideas as I touched myself. You must have known how hard you were making me, because you always get more creative and excited when you have me at maximum arousal.

Feeling especially devious, you told me to go put your silk panties back on, then find a butt plug and stick it up my own ass. I swallowed hard as I read such your blunt, forward commands, then went to the bedroom and followed the instructions. Then, a few moments later, your next message came:

Have you done it?

I replied in the affirmative.

*giggle* You must look like a total loser like that. OK, lie on the bed and touch yourself for me. Think of all the nasty things you wish I was there to do to you. But don't you dare cum.

Then another note:

I may not let you cum all weekend.

I moaned a bit, rubbing my hard cock through the silk panties, my ass throbbing a bit. A minute later, your next text came:

By the way, I'm not at work anymore.

I looked over at the clock - 4:30. I'd forgotten about your after-work plans and assumed you were in the car, but I asked anyway.

Where are you? I'm having drinks with Amanda.

I stopped touching my cock. You're with Amanda? How? How on earth are you sending all these hot messages if you're sitting across from your hot friend? Then another message...

Maybe I'll show her that picture you took. :-)

I swallowed hard, then realized that you must be kidding around. I appreciated your effort at trying to expand this sexy scene, and I started touching my cock again, quickly getting it rock hard as I typed you a short reply:


Another text from you:

If you were here you could get under the table and lick our feet.

I rubbed a bit harder as I read that message. Then you sent a message which I was sure was a joke. With one hand on my cock, I picked up the phone with the other and red the text:

Want to talk to her? haha

Now I was thinking about Amanda and the fantasies we'd shared about her, and I kept rubbing my cock, stopping just before coming. It ached.

haha I replied. I started rubbing again as I read your next message:

Hang on.

I was hanging on...to my cock. I rubbed for a solid minute, and as my cock started throbbing again, my phone rang. I looked over at it and saw you were calling. I started wondering if you wanted to try phone sex, or just to listen to me touch myself. I smiled as I picked up the phone with one hand and kept jacking off with the other.

"Hello?" I said into the receiver, a bit out of breath. And then, something happened that caused my heart to skip a beat and my whole body to shudder.

"Hey Sam," came the reply from phone. Only it wasn't you. It WAS Amanda!

My had fell off my cock and I suddenly became acutely aware of the rubber plug in my ass.

"How's it goin'?" she asked, and I managed to stammer out "G-good."

"Jane is in the bathroom, but she asked me to call you and let you know she'll be home in about an hour."

My mind was racing. What did she know? Were you still sitting there coaching her what to say? Were you both drunk? It didn't matter. I was lying here, suddenly scared shitless, but still hard as a rock.

"Oh, here

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