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War orphan makes good.

Everything around them disappeared, and they were inseparable from then on.

As if they'd rehearsed it a million times, Hammer took Jett by the hand. Jett earned more than a few hateful glances from jealous maidens who had been dreaming of becoming a Princess since birth. He led her across the middle of the dance floor, up the grand staircase, and off to his rooms, where they consummated their love, over and over again. then on.

A good and Righteous King must have a harem. Hammer hated the idea, but was obliged by the Mystics to at least give his people the impression he was trying to secure his Legacy, by fathering sons. The Young King grew tired of their whining, and relented. But, before he began buying young girls to come live in His palace and service His needs, he must discuss the situation with Jett. It had often crept into his thoughts, especially when he was alone away from his Beloved, late at night, that she would look beautiful intertwined with another woman, lost in sexual ecstasy, performing for His pleasure.

King Hammer was called away often to attend to his official duties. The separation was Hell on them both. Succumbing to the will of a woman was seen as weakness by his people, and every other king before him in his line. Hammer would never have confided in another man how painful it was for him to leave his Queen. He could hardly believe it himself. He was raised to be a warrior. She was his one weakness. He could never sleep if they were apart. He felt terrible about leaving her behind, alone. He ached to hold her. He knew she felt the same. He missed her female scent, the warmth of her breath, the softness of her milky skin, the warmth inside her depths. He would often take her, almost by force, immediately before he departed on a journey. Hammer would ravage Jett's body like a starving man takes water. She would submit to his touch completely. If he could get enough of her essence on him, he could take her along in a way.

The young monarch had been pleasantly surprised to find his beloved bride agreeable to the idea. Jett had even said it would be good to have some other women around for company when her King was called away. Hammer could have sworn he saw her smile as she turned to light a candle. When she faced him again, she shot him a mischievous grin. Maybe they could teach his Queen a thing or two while he was gone. Wouldn't that make a superb surprise upon his return. The Young King could hardly wait to see.

One condition of Hammer's harem was that all royal concubines be lesbian. More specifically, he required that they totally devote themselves first, the his Queen, and second, to each other. Hammer had no interest in sharing his seed with any of them, Jett was his mate. However, Hammer was a fair and just ruler, and he felt it was not fair to bring a young woman to live in his castle, without making it a pleasant experience. Many of them were here against their will initially. But the atmosphere inside the harem of King Hammer encouraged them to relax and enjoy their experience. Besides, the Mystics had quieted their protests about his Legacy. Jett had given birth to four strong, healthy sons, and secured their future. As far as Hammer was concerned, the harem was more Jett's than his. Over time, their system evolved into one that was satisfying to both of them on all levels. Jett thought of the harem like a band of sisters, but also as her playthings. She threw herself into every new sexual adventure with abandon. As long as Hammer was pleased, Jett was pleased to take full advantage of the experience....

Here, she sat, stroking his inner thigh lightly with the tips of her fingers.

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