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Fucking in the chapel while discussing a threesome.


As the waiter walked away, Tom felt his body shrink at the insult -- even his erect penis deflated. The waiter was right, Tom realized. He was a jerk, but he was right. Tom had a chance to do something romantic. To step up, reduce the difference between he and Angelina's ages, and prove to her that he was suave, cool, and worldlier than his years and he'd blown it. If Angelina had any romantic designs on him before, they were certainly extinguished with his failure to operate a simple cigarette lighter.

Without saying so, all three parties involved -- Tom, Angelina and the smarmy waiter -- knew that Tom's aborted attempt to light Angelina's cigarette holder went way beyond just a failure to work a lighter. It revealed something more; something about Tom's youth and sexual inexperience. Tom's feeble attempts, coupled with the waiter's biting remark, seemed to foretell how he would make love to Angelina, if given the chance. The older woman didn't need short, staccato bursts of energy that quickly flamed out. She needed a strong, mature flame that would last until the job was done; until she was pleasured and deeply satisfied. Tom may be young and virile, but he was no match, so to speak, for the experience of someone like the middle-aged waiter. The impression hung unspoken in the air; over their table, like the gently wafting tufts of smoke flowing from Angelina's sexy and smoldering cigarette holder. Tom was back to being a mere 14-year old boy in her eyes.

Desperately trying to rebound from his misstep Tom said, "I didn't know you smoked, Angelina."

"Yes, ever since grad school," she replied, tapping the holder's shaft with her index finger, as an ash fell into the ashtray on their table. "But I've always been a light, social smoker. Now, I just smoke when the mood strikes, or when I have a drink in public. Are you sure you don't mind if I smoke? I'm not upsetting your young lungs, am I?"

"Oh, no, not at all. It's just that I've never seen a woman outside of old movies smoke with a holder before."

"I went through a huge Audrey Hepburn phase when I was in grad school in the early '60s after seeing Breakfast at Tiffanys. Her look was just so glamorous, stylish and chic. I wanted to be just like her character in the film. To live in an apartment on the fashionable upper west side of Manhattan. Stay out all night, drinking martinis and dancing at parties with interesting, sophisticated, cultured gentlemen. So I adopted her wardrobe. You know, the short black dress, matching high heeled pumps, diamond necklace, and to make the outfit complete I had to have her signature long black cigarette holder.

"At first, when I went out to parties dressed like that, I used the holder as more of a prop or affectation, because I'd never smoked before. But then I found that men would come up to me out of nowhere and offer to light my unlit cigarette holder. That forced me to learn how to smoke. It was a great icebreaker and way to get and keep a man's attention.

Because of that the cigarette holder was the only thing that survived my Breakfast at Tiffany's phase. Nearly every time I take it out it's like a man magnet -- whether I want the attention or not. I just love how I look with a holder and so have the men in my life through the years. I feel so confident and powerful with it -- and just lovvve the feel of a long...hard cigarette holder between my fingers. I love things that are long...and hard."

Tom gulped hard and his penis stood at attention as Angelina slowly moved her thumb and index finger up and down the long shaft. Whether she was cock teasing him or not, Angelina's words and actions were turning him on.. simulating performing a hand job on her holder and Tom felt as if he would cream on the spot.

"Well, I.

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