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He knew this was wrong and he shouldn't do this to Vee, but something in him wanted just one more time to give them both closure.

"Jess we have to go upstairs so Jenny doesn't see." Dani was breathing heavier as she spoke and he was completely caught up in this. He pulled her from the counter and took her hand as they made their way back to their old master bedroom.

Things progressed quickly then, and even as they did Jesse realized that this was behind him. His body responded, but not in the way it did to Vee. Vee's one word or look could make him shiver. He would do anything for her, Dani just wasn't the same. They had sex like they always had; she was easy to get off and despite it taking longer for him to join he ultimately did.

Afterwards, they lay there together in bed. Dani was cradled on his chest and he was absentmindedly stroking her back.

"That's the last time Dani, it's over you know that right?" He let the information float out to her.

"I know. It felt like goodbye. You last so much longer now, is that because of her?"

"Let's not talk about Vee. Let's just sleep now, and you can go home in the morning.

"Okay Jess. Thank you."

After a few more minutes, Jesse fell asleep thinking about Vee. He didn't know if he should tell her this happened or just chalk it up to closure and move on. He wasn't even sure if she would be upset. In any event, it was something he would bounce off Miles tomorrow and go from there.


Her plane landed as scheduled and Vee was quick to call the service for a ride to Jesse's. Half an hour later and she was pulling up with a rolling suitcase and a duffel bag. His house was enormous and in a beautiful location. Vee just stood and stared when she got out of the car. That nagging feeling in her mind that he was just from another world from her had returned in full force. After a long day though, she wanted to be inside and just be held by him.

A deep breath and she moved forwarding heading up the path to the side gate. All the lights in the house seemed to be off, so she figured it would be good to slip in and just surprise him in his bed. Maybe even get herself a nice lovemaking session so she could sleep. It would be great to see his smile when he realized she was there early.

Vee took out her paper and punched in the first code heading through the side fence and closing it gently behind her. She took the path next to the house leading her past a gorgeous lit up pool and several gazebos next to it. This place was a freakin' mansion. Walking up to the patio door, she soon found the next keypad. She punched in the code quickly and let herself into the back door. She turned sliding it behind her. The smell of Jesse greeted her instantly on her walk in. The walls had beautiful pictures on them and the light above the kitchen island was on giving her a view of the gourmet level appliances he had there.

She rolled her bag and duffel to the kitchen figuring they would be safe and tucked away if they woke up without her. Her fear right now was making too much noise and waking up the kids. She was nervous to meet them, but she did really love Jesse, and she always wanted to have kids of her own so it might be nice to see what it was like.

Vee was nearly silent as she made her way upstairs. She had received several virtual tours at this point of his house as they talked on Skype, so she knew his room was the one at the end of the hall. He said something about her having a guest room to escape to while the kids were there, but tonight she just wanted him.

Vee came to a set of double doors that were pulled closed and figured it was for the sake of the kids. She turned the handle slowly and slid herself into a small opening for fear that it might squeak or something and alert the whole house. She was facing the door when she closed it and heard a loud click when it she let go of the handle.

"Jenny, what do you need honey?" Jesse's voice made her sigh as she turned around to surprise him.

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