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But before she could figure everything out, Jim had already typed something else into the remote, or at least that's what Jim had called it. As soon as Jim spoke out to her: "what is your name," the girl seemed to be at full attention to Jim.

"Natalie," she responded quite casually,

"And how old are you Natalie?" Jim asked her,

"I'm nineteen, who are you exactly?"

"I'm Jim, Natalie, and this is my friend Andrew," he said glancing back at Andrew.

"Hi Andrew, Hi Jim" Natalie said with a smile.

"So, what do you think of my friend Andrew here Natalie?" Jim questioned her. Andrew was beginning to understand what was going on, although he was having trouble believing it. How could he possibly...what kind of remote was.... His thoughts were interrupted by Natalie's response.

"He's cute, I like his green eyes, and he's got a good body. I can't stand when guys where cargo shorts like that though, and he could kinda use a haircut."

Andrew was simply taken aback with her bluntness, though she was right on both accounts. He was almost glad he hadn't met up with his friends today, he simply hadn't had any other shorts to wear but these huge-pocket cargos from when he was probably still in high school.

"Well, thanks for that Natalie, although I'm afraid you may have bruised Andrew's ego a bit" Jim spoke kindly to her as she cocked her hips to the side and smiled apologetically, "Would you want to spend a little time with Andrew today if you're free."

"Yes, I totally would, I gotta go tell that bitch Katherine that I'm done watching her try on clothes that are too small for her though, meet you outside in five, Andrew?" she seemed totally natural and Andrew nearly forgot that this was clearly brought on by Jim's remote.
"Um...o...okay," Andrew was still reeling from all of the thoughts going through his head and he could barely respond.

"He'll be there," said Jim confidently.

As Natalie scurried out the door, Andrew realized what a cutie she really was, and looked forward to spending a little time with her like Jim had suggested, but he still had so many questions. Even more surprising was when Andrew looked back to find Jim with his hand extended and the device held out to Andrew.

"What, no way, I ca... I can't afford that." Andrew managed

"I'm giving it to you Andrew, but you'll have to listen to me first."

Andrew nodded in agreement.

"First, understand that this is a device beyond anything you have ever seen, experienced or heard of before. It works just as you saw, but it has limitations. The device, like any other has a power source, and the harder you make it work, the faster it will run out of juice. Even I can't make it last forever so you had better be pretty damn careful. Take Natalie for example, she was pretty willing to come in here and even more willing to be honest, as I had the remote instruct her to be. When I suggested she spend a little time with you, my friend, it barely took a percent. You can imagine if I asked her to do something she didn't want to do, it would take quite a bit more, despite being immoral and wrong."

Andrew observed a small grin on Jim's face, he had clearly ventured down that route before.

"Second, if you get carried away with this thing, there is no telling where it might take you. You seem to have a good head on those shoulders and I hope I can trust you not to try and take over the world or something, not that I'd be able to stop you. Just... be smart, and have fun with it. I've not taken that baby out for many years now because I decided I'd had enough, and you'll be surprised how quickly things can get out of hand and you want to chuck it in the river too. By the way, it's waterproof."

Andrew smiled at this and looked down at the remote. He was still in disbelief that Jim had really decided he'd give it to him.

"Third, and most importantly, I am giving this to you on good faith that you will stop by here once a week and keep me company. It's not too often, in fact, it's never that I run into someone your age that I can actually relate too."

With that, Jim shook

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