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The little girl submits completely and is collared.


"Your salad, ma'am?"

"Oh, hello Tanya; it's you! Yes, I did. Very much, thank you. Completely undressed."

"Just like I promised. And here's the wine you ordered, sir. Is there anything else I can do for the two of you before I bring your entr__es?"

"Not right now; but later, maybe?"

"I'll be sure to check back."


"How much do you think she overheard?"

"She certainly heard the bit about 'looking into my open cunt'. Didn't you notice how she flushed? I think dear Tanya fancies you!"

"Don't be silly! It's probably just hot in the kitchen."

"It's certainly hot enough here in the dining room! So, tell me... With you and Zo__: which of you is the man?"

"Neither of us! That's the point, you jerk! Just shut up and listen, why don't you?

"Zo__'s scrutiny of my pussy was spreading delicious feelings of anticipation throughout my whole body, but then I had a sudden attack of conscience:

'Wait! Stop!... What would Brad think of this?'

'Brad? He knows how many beans make five!'

'And how many would that be?'

'Three, of course; or occasionally four.'

'Oh, I see! Well, that clears that up, then.'

'Oh, honey! Brad knew I liked women before he married me. Hell... Sometimes I think that's why he married me. Helping him fuck another woman is my very favorite kind of sex... and he doesn't seem to mind it too much either!'

'You help him? How?'

'Well, he doesn't really need my help, as such, but there's more than one path to a happy sex life, you know. Dry me off and I'll tell you about ours.'

"She climbed out of the pool, her wet, naked body glistening in the evening light, and lay down on her front on a lounge chair. I picked up a towel and began to dry her. She turned her head to one side and watched me as I moved slowly down: rubbing first her neck, then her shoulders, then her back, and finally her delicious ass. She reached back with both hands and held her ass cheeks apart so that I could push the towel up into her crack. I lingered around her asshole and she gave a soft moan of pleasure. To cover my shyness, and relax the sexual tension that was growing thick between us, I said:

'This reminds me of drying the twins after their evening baths when they were younger. I loved that part of their childhood. I had to stop it when they reached puberty, of course; Suzy got self-conscious, and Marty began to enjoy it too much.'

'Mmm... I could never bring myself to stop drying my two boys. We all enjoyed it too much.'

'How did you handle it when...?'

'I tried not to handle it when! I left that up to them, and pretended not to notice when they did. Ben was shy, so it was never a problem with him, but Andy was always cocksure, and he got more and more blatant the older he got. Initially, I think he expected me to tell him to stop rubbing his prick when I dried him, but then he realized I enjoyed it as much as he did. Bath-time became like a play-date... for both of us.'
"She rolled over onto her back and lay there with her hands behind her head.

'I probably shouldn't tell you this... but what the hell! Andy was back home from college a couple of weeks ago - Spring Break, or something. Ben was off somewhere with friends and Brad was away on business - again! - so we had the house to ourselves. He seemed rather downcast, so I suggested we went for an evening swim, and that's when it happened.'

'When what happened?'

'Well, we'd swum laps for about twenty minutes and I was getting tired so I got out, dried myself off and sat down on this same lounge chair. A few minutes later he joined me:

"Mom, would you dry me? Er... Like you always used to, on bath nights... Remember? Please?"

'He looked so earnest that I couldn't refuse him; and anyway, I've always enjoyed drying men's bodies, so I said:

"Sure. Turn your back to me, honey, and drop your trunks."

'I dried his muscular shoulders, remembering them when they'd

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