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PI Joe Fox will do anything for a friend.

Much to my surprise not only does he kiss my neck, but he yanks down my tank top exposing my tits.

I cover them with my little hands, not doing much good. My breasts are by no means large, I am a light C cup, but my hands are tiny so they don't help much. I quickly turn and look at Neil, who is wide eyed.

"Do you need me to leave?" he asks, obviously shocked.

"Nope." My husband says back. "I have always known you thought my wife was hot and she informed me that my suspicions of you masturbating to her are true. I just thought that I would give you a little more than sound."

My jaw is dropped, I look at Neil, who is flushed and very obviously embarrassed.

"I'm headed out." He says, getting up.

"Please don't!" I call out.

He turns and looks at me.

"Like hell. This is so embarrassing. I didn't think you were going to go tell anyone about it!"

I feel horrible and embarrassed for him also. I can only imagine how he feels.

"But I told you that I like it!" I stammer.

He looks at me and I look at him. With that my husband pulls my hands away from my boobs and turns me toward him.

"Dude. None of us are sober right now. I don't care. I think she is hot too, but she never believes me. Maybe you can convince her. Watching never hurt anyone."

Neil looks to my husband and looks back to me, then his gaze drops to my tits and looks for a long hard while. I'm feeling self-conscious. My boobs are definitely not the best part of my body. They are still pretty perky, nicely rounded, and my nipples are small, pink and quick to respond. However, they are covered in stretch marks from having kids.

However, I am also feeling very excited. I have never had someone just look at my body before and I can see a tightness in the crotch of his pants that shows he is not that turned off from my stretch marks.

"please stay?" I plead.

He stands for a minute, looking at my body. My husband rubs his palm over one breast, trailing it across my nipple until it is hard and poking out.

Neil sighs and sits back down.

"so what am I supposed to do? Just sit here? It's not like I've done anything like this before."

"tell him what you want." My husband breathes in my ear.

Now it's my turn to be embarrassed. I look down, feeling rather shy myself now and gently say,

"well, you can touch yourself if you need or want to?"

Neil looks at me again and sighs. Not knowing what to do.

I turn back toward my husband and he grabs at my shirt and yanks it over my head. Gripping at my hips and eagerly sucking my nipples into his mouth. I have always been a tit kind of girl. I love sucking on tits and having my own sucked on. There are times that I swear I could orgasm just from having my nipples flicked with a tongue.

I breathe deeply, leaning my head back and enjoying myself. Feeling Neil's eyes on me and feeling my pussy getting wet and tingling with arousal.

My husband pushes me back, "turn around." He breathes into my ear.

I stand up and turn around, looking at Neil and seeing him adjust a very apparent bulge in his pants.

"You like that you're doing that to him, don't you?"

My husband breathes into my ear again as he pulls my ass down into his crotch. He is clad in only some work out shorts and a tee-shirt and his own erection is very apparent. He grips at my tits again and pulls me back so my back is pressed to his chest. He slides a hand down my belly and into my own casual cotton shorts.

I hear Neil suck in his breath and look over at him to see him gripping at his penis through his pants.

"Why not let it out?" I ask softly.

He looks at me and flushes again.

"I don't know." He stammers.

But he grips at himself again and I can tell that he is thinking things over.

My husband toys with my lips, feeling them get engorged with my arousal.

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