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James gets to enjoy a young plaything after a stressful day.

Many more huge powerful spurts of spunk jetted out of his dick into her bowels as he collapsed over her back from the force of his cumming. His dick continued to fire jet after jet of spunk into her ass until her ass was so full of his spunk that it started to leak out of the side of her asshole and drip down towards her cunt. Eventually her entire cunt and his balls were covered in a thick layer of a mixture of his spunk from her ass, and the cum that was pouring from her cunt. There was so much cum coming from both of them that some dripped off them both and fell onto the floor. After several minutes of cumming hard together they couldn't cum any more and their orgasms eventually started to die down and then stopped.

Slowly they both started to recover from their huge comes. He removed his now soaking wet fingers from her cunt and raised himself off her back and straightened up. Beads of sweat were covering his chest and stomach. He slowly began to catch his breath. He brought his fingers up to his mouth and licked off her come juices from them savouring the taste. As he did so he looked down at her body still bent double below him. He looked at where his dick entered into her ass and saw the mixture of his spunk and her cunt juices that were now matted in his pubic hair. He deliberately left his dick buried to the hilt in her ass. After a while she looked up at him, smiled, and slowly began to raise herself up from her bending position. As she raised herself up he could see that her lithe tight body was coated in a layer of sweat and her blonde hair was stuck to her face by the sweat she had produced during their fuck. As she straightened up fully her back touched his chest and she bent her head to look up at him. As her blue eyes stared into his she brought her mouth to his and kissed him on the lips. Her tongue quickly found its way into his mouth where she French kissed him deeply for a few minutes. As she did, she could taste her own cunt juices that he had just sucked from his fingers. She removed her mouth from his, smiled broadly and said to him in an excited voice, "That was awesome - the best fuck I have ever had"

" You mean that?" he said smiling back at her and looking directly into her eyes

" Yes" she replied, "That was the best fuck I have ever had and also the strongest and longest come I have ever had"

"Me too" he replied, " I didn't think I would stop cumming. I have never come that much before"

" I could tell that" She said, a wicked glint in her eyes, "by how much spunk you produced - I have never felt a dick spurt that much spunk before. I have never felt so full of spunk as I do now - and the feeling is just wonderful. I just hope we both get to come like that again soon!"

" Me too" he replied bending down to kiss her mouth, "and soon"

As his mouth reached hers he pushed his body forward so that their bodies were tight together. She felt his dick in her ass give a twitch. She pulled her mouth from his and said, in a playful mocking tone,

"You really can't get enough of my ass can you?"

"No" he replied "It drives me insane every time I look at it. It is so beautiful who can blame me for not wanting to fuck it at every chance that I get. And I intend to do just that as often as I can!" With that she felt his dick twitch again in her ass.

" You are a really naughty boy. You know that don't you - wanting to fuck me in the ass every chance you get?"

"And you are such a slut for letting me" he replied, laughing. He then replaced his mouth over hers so she could not argue any longer. His hands found their way around to her front and he gently began to caress her breasts with slow strokes as he kissed her mouth passionately.

After deep kissing for a few more minutes she reluctantly removed her mouth from his and said, "It's time we got cleaned up and decent before we get caught.

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