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is that machete loaded?

From the corner of my eye I could make out that he was semi erect and his dark humungous cock was resting on his hairy thighs. I couldn't help being envious. It didn't seem fair that such a good looking and sexy guy could also be blessed with a magnificent cock of those proportions.

I eased myself to the empty side of the bed and pulled off my T shirt. 'So how was the conference sir? He queried.

'Actually it was very good though a bit tiring due to the long distance travelling. But you guys seem to have had a really good time...'

'Yes sir, Ma'am is a fun lady to be with. We did lots of things and she never gets tired.' He replied with a conspiratorial wink. 'But I think I managed to keep her pleased like you asked me to. But you never even hinted to me that she had such a huge apetite. You have taught her real good.'

'Apetite?' I must have sounded very very surprised.

'Yes. For all these bedroom games. Luckily I have lots of stamina for that sort of thing.'

I could only dumbly nod in assent and put on a fake grin. Afterall I had given him that message when I spoke to him before going on my trip. 'So what about this game you are having?'

'It's really fun sir. You can play out nearly every fantasy in your mind... actually it's still going on. That is why I can't put on any clothes that i have taken off.'

'Oh I think I follow. So you can't undo anything that's happened?'

'Yes that's the idea, you really become the other persons' slave. Sir, I am going to ask ma'am to strip naked again when she comes back. You don't mind do you?'

'No I guess it would be ok. Obviously the game has to go on.' I replied with a wink to him.

'Hey you are a great sport sir. I was not sure how you would react, especially at me being naked.'

'If it makes her happy...'

'Yeah I rather think it does. She's really into hairy guys. She's willing to do anything I ask.'

'She is? Like what?'

Aj chuckled softly. 'That thing about kissing different parts of my body when I asked. Its true.'

I was intrigued whether he would openly divulge my wife's indiscretions with him. 'So where did you ask her...'

'Hope you won't be upset sir. Actually I have got her to kiss and lick every inch of my body.'

'You mean... even? The question was uncompleted, but my eyes strayed down to his rampant cock and I am sure he would have noticed it.

Aj was unabashed in his response. 'Yes sir, she loved sucking my cock. She's got this thing about sperm. She thinks it is very nutritious. Lots of vitamins and things...'

At that moment my wife walked in with a tray of steaming coffee and some biscuits. She had a loose diaphanous night gown on. She got into bed between the two of us and we sipped our coffee while talking.

'Ma'am you can't have that on. The game is still not finished.' Aj said pointing to her night gown with a sly grin on his face. 'You lost it some time ago.'

'Oh you wicked boy. How can I do it now?' she said looking in my direction.

'But sir has seen you without a night gown. He won't mind. Anyway it's the rule of the game. What do you think sir?' he put the ball back in my court very squarely.

'I think you better do as he says. If it's a rule you got to do it.' I said and moved to pull up her gown over her shoulders and off, tacitly giving my blessings to everything that was happening and was about to happen. 'So what's the next task?'

'I have to stroke her breasts till she says she's satisfied. Actually that was what we were doing when you walked in.' With that he encircled her with his arms from behind and started stroking her breasts with both hands. As he slowly squeezed and pulled on her engorged nipples with his big fingers, her face became dreamy and she started sighing heavily. Her eyes were on mine.

'Are you ok? Is he doing it well?' i asked her. 'Oh god, Aj is wonderful. He's got magic in his fingers Vasanth.'

'Do you want him to go on? Would you like him to use his lips as well?'

'Oh yes please. It would be so wonderful.'

Aj complied very happily suckling on on

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