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He watches them fuck. Then he joins them.

What I love best.

He didn't do anything when I stuck my finger thru the hole but after awhile I looked over and could see that he had his cock out. I couldn't tell much about size as he was sitting down and had just gotten it out. I stuck my finger thru the hole again and this time he stood up. I was on my knees and as he faced the hole I saw this BIG fucking cock starting me in the face. It wasn't very hard yet but it hung down a good seven inches soft. I put out a finger and touched the head. It twitched a little bit.

I took it in my fingers and kind of pulled him close so that it came thru the hole. It really was big. I licked at it a little bit and it grew. Go figure! I took it into my mouth and swirled my tongue around the head and it grew some more until it was a good 8 1/2 and thick to the point that it was hard to get into my mouth. But I'm a perseverent girl and before long I was swirling my tongue all the way down the shaft as I got him deep enough so that he tickled my face with his curly hairs.

His balls were big and they hung down. I held his cock up and started sucking his balls one at a time. He was moaning a little as I sucked one and then the other. I squeezed a little with my tongue and then took his big dick back into my mouth. He was so big that he didn't get rock hard (I think that happens a lot with guys that have really big ones. Not enough blood supply!) but he was into it as I slid my lips up and down the big thick shaft. I'd get to the top and pop it out of my mouth and then swirly my tongue around it as I sank it back into my throat.

I had one hand on his shaft and the other was playing with my hot clittycock and moving back to play with my slutty asscunt. I was bobbing up and down on him and fingering myself thinking that I'd love to have that big thing in me when all of a sudden he pulsed a few times and then shot a load of cum into my mouth. Not a lot of it but xceptional flavor and consistancy. I sucked at him until he was all done. He was pressed up against the wall as I sucked it all out of him.

He tucked it back in, zipped up and left as I knelt there wanting some more. I sat back on my knees and stroked my hard cocky and watched an awful video as I waited. I kept sniffing amyl nitrate as I waited until I was sooo high I would have done anything for sex.

A new guy went into the booth next to me. I looked thru the hole but couldn't see much. He crooked his finger through the hole telling me he wanted to suck some cock. I stood on shaky legs and put myself thru the hole for him. He had a hot warm mouth and soon I was fucking in and out of his face going slowly. He was licking and sucking and making me really hot and slutty. I was sniffing the nitrates and had to pull away from the hole or I would have cum.

I got back on my knees and his cock came thru for me. He was a nice seven inches and just thick enough to make me hot and crazy. The head was already red and nasty as I stuck him in my mouth and started eating him up. His balls were small and very tight. I licked at em and sucked at em as I went back and forth from balls to cock. After awhile he turned around so that his ass was at the hole. I wet a finger and stuck it into him. He moaned as I fingered his pussy. I stood up and stuck my cock at his hole but I didn't really want to fuck him.

I really wanted him to fuck me. I stopped fingering him and stood up. When I did he stuck his dick back through and I held his cock as I pivoted around so that I could get him into me. My cunt was all wet with oil and as I pointed his head at my hole he popped in and slid up inside of me. I squeezed him as tight as I could and he started sawing in and out of me. I had the top of my head against the other wall as he slid in and out of me fucking my asspussy and making me feel like such a slut!

I sniffed more nitrates and put my hands on the wall to steady myself as he pounded at me.

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