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Pissing contest leads to fulfillment of fantasies.

My fingers moved slowly, feeling the warmth of your pussy through your dress as I caressed you.

As I was getting the coffeepot you asked me "What's worn under your kilt?"

" It's like at school, to find out the answer to a question.... You have to put your hand up" I replied.

I was bending over to put the coffee on and I felt your hand touch my thigh, sliding up under my kilt. Your touch was gentle and assured as I moved my thighs apart to give you free access, I knew what you were going to find but I wasn't sure that you did.

Your hand cupped my naked scrotum, squeezing fleetingly before moving on to close around my hardening shaft. I stood up and you nipped and licked by ear as you whispered "Now I understand the thrill a man gets when he runs his hand up under a woman's skirt."

I turned, to take you in my arms and kiss you. Your tongue was in my mouth instantly as you lifted my kilt to stroke my shaft. I eased your dress up your thighs so I could feel the satin smoothness of your skin.

All my hands found was the smooth expanse of naked flesh, highlighted by the thin strip of your thong. Your pussy sent messages to my fingers with heat and moisture.

I cupped your pussy in my hand; pressing firmly against the swell of your mound letting you set the motion with the rocking of your hips. You broke our kiss to throw your head back and cry out passionately as my fingers eased aside your thong so I could slip a finger smoothly into the welcoming warm wetness of your pussy, tremors rippled through you as you came.

My kilt was standing out over my fully erect shaft as we clung to the wonder of the moment and each other. Slowly you recovered to kiss me again, your tongue hot, mobile and promising on my lips and in my mouth.

"Now it's your turn" you whispered into my ear as the tip of your tongue traced its way down my neck. You went to your knees lifting my kilt over your head to touch your lips to the tip of my straining cock. With a teasing anointing of the head before your mouth slowly eased its way onto me.

I feel your hand close around the base of my straining shaft, your lips pressing onto your fingers as the tip of me touches the back of your throat. I can feel your tongue moving along the underside of my shaft flicking over the head as you slide me into and out of your mouth.

I reach down to run my fingers through your hair. Caressing the lobes of your ears before running down the smooth curve of your neck and shoulders to slip into the top of your dress, seeking contact with the breasts which had I had glimpsed so fleetingly earlier in the night.

My hand gently cups your breast, feeling the soft firmness capped by a hard nipple naturally sliding between my fingers to be teased to a fuller erectness. The feel of your breast is everything that I had imagined, firm and proud to adorn your chest, a delightful palm full of B cup.

Regretfully I ease my hand off your breast as your wonderfully mobile tongue brings me close to coming. Taking your head gently in my hands I ease your magical mouth off my cock as I feel the tightening of my balls, which heralds the incipient arrival of my orgasm.

Drawing you to your feet, I kiss you deeply before whispering "Slow down, we have a life time to enjoy ourselves." Taking your hand I guide you over to a chair and lower you into it. My kilt fails to conceal my arousal and your eyes seem locked on the mounded fabric as I see you slide your dress up your thighs to show the thin lace of your thong pressed damply over your pubic patch.

Our eyes are locked together, speaking volumes to each other in silent promises of passion. Your fingers move lazily over the lace as I move in front of you, pulling my shoes off rapidly with my feet so as not to lose eye contact.

My bulging kilt is at eye level for you and it falls aside as I raise a leg to place my foot on the arm of the chair. I feel the feathery touch of your hand gliding up my leg then cupping my turgid erectness as I slide my knee length sock down.

I watch entranced as your fingers tease your

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