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Two couples enjoy the lake and more.

Gazing into his eyes for a moment I felt a rush of excitement over me. It had been building in my stomach for quite a while and now it released, sending a chill down my spine. I put my mouth to his, feeling his soft lips beneath my own for the first time. Such a spark flew...I knew this was the beginning of something wonderful. Luckily for me he kissed back eagerly, having waken from his mild trance. Soon I was lost within his kiss. Taking his bottom lip between my own I sucked on it gently, feeling my muscles contract and loosen as I stood so turned on. I pressed my tongue inside of his mouth and it was greeted quickly, a roll of his own and then a flick to the tip. He had obviously been practicing or imagining for quite some while. Then I felt his arms wrap around me, pulling me into him.

Pulling from the kiss rather quickly I ran my fingers over his face, the small patch of soft hair beneath his mouth, running my fingers across his lips, up his jawline and wrapping to the back of his neck, leaning in to kiss him again, feeling lost in the moment. Needless to say I was a bit startled when he pulled from me. I could see him biting his lower lip, I could nearly hear him arguing with himself in his head. I slowly started backwards towards the bed again. Unfastening and dropping my shorts to the floor, standing before him in just my silk panties I smiled slyly, beckoning for him to come forth and take me.

Finally he removed his shirt, done rather quickly, revealing all that I thought his chest and stomach would be. This was the first time I had ever caught glimpse of the teal and grey serpent on his stomach and was a bit surprised by it, knowing it would be the object of my loving attention later. Sliding myself on to the bed I lay down and waited for him. He did not take long. His warm kisses started at my stomach and then he jumped to my neck. Soft and slow were his kisses and while I adored how sweet he was being, I knew I could not hold out for as long as this seemed like it was going to take.

Sitting up I pushed him down, straddling him and nipping at his neck quickly. My teeth pinched at his skin as I descended down from his ear to his shoulder. I replaced my nips with kisses and the kisses turned to long sucks against his neck. I took his earlobe in my mouth and sucked on it for a moment before releasing it and releasing a stream of warm air into his ear. I leaned over and kissed his mouth again, wanting to taste of his sweetness before I destroyed the innocence he still had.

My mouth travelled quickly down his neck and shoulders and stopped on his chest, my tongue teasing at his hard nipples, my breasts pressing against his abdomen. I gently bit at them and sucked them, the other one being rolled between my thumb and forefinger. I licked against his chest, long, hungry licks, until I slid far enough down to meet with his stomach. I could feel his cock pressing against his jeans, my tits settling on either side of it. I traced the serpent with the tip of my tongue and then sucked the pattern of the ink. Gently rocking against his body I could again see the expression on his face change, smiling to myself with his new look.

Kissing slowly from the serpent I let my hands quickly unfasten the button holding his jeans together, watching him as I did so. The familiar sound of metal running against metal as I unzipped him I tugged his jeans downward, him more willing than not to help. In front of me was this hard cock, just waiting to be handled from this handsome guy who was laying before me, quite nervously might I add.

I pressed my mouth to it through the cotton of his boxers, breathing hot air through the breathable fabric.

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