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How forced, rough sex can be such a turn-on.

I work on the fat deposits, getting quite near Caelyn's pussy in the process. What with the massage and the hashish, Caelyn is getting quite worked up.

Toward the end of the workout, I tell Caelyn, "OK, now take off your workout bra, I need to check the condition of your breasts."

A very tired Caelyn tries to protest that, "Now you are going too far!" I tell her very firmly, "You will take off your workout bra, or I will take it off for you."

Once Caelyn has removed her workout bra, I lay her on a table and begin to gently work on her breasts and her pectoral muscles. Caelyn begins to plead with, "Oh, stop that, I am getting all . . ."

I not only don't stop, I also begin to feel the dampness around her panty.

Caelyn again begins to plead with me, "Oh, don't do that, stop!"

Of course, I don't stop. I strip off Caelyn's little panty and my own shorts. I continue to work on Caelyn until she is, despite her pleas for me to stop, ready for sex.

I mount a defenseless Caelyn and put her legs over my shoulders. I enter Caelyn's pussy slowly, taking the time we will need for a first time fuck with me.

Caelyn pleads with me to stop. Not only do I not stop, I tell Caelyn, "You can either move your ass a bit, or I will have to bring Regina in to videotape the action so we can show you what is needed. Your choice."

A desperate Caelyn responds a little. It is not much, but maybe all she can do at the present time.

I don't attempt to get rough with her, but accepted the rather meager efforts and concentrate on working my cock, gently but firmly, deeper into Caelyn. The efforts begin to pay off as Caelyn slowly begins to get the message.

I can feel Caelyn begin to respond to me.

She is aroused from the breast massage and the effects of the hashish. Her rather flabby internal muscles are actually trying to grip my cock a bit.

By now, I am getting in pretty deep, but not forcing thing.

Caelyn continues to respond. We work together for a while, until an exhausted Caelyn is simply unable to respond and I increase my stroke until I shoot cum inside Caelyn's pussy.

I dismount from Caelyn and tell her, "You are an exciting lady and you didn't do too badly for a first time. We will have a 'session' during each workout. You will continue to improve, session by session, or I will have some of my male instructors come in and help out."

Caelyn pleads to me, "Don't force me, it is not right."

I tell Caelyn, "You will damn well either fuck me or suck me at each session. If you give me any trouble, it will be more than one man that you fuck or suck." I also tell her, "By the way, don't try complaining to Carleton, as he is fed up with your lack of response and he has OKed my plan."

Caelyn tells me, "I guess that I have no choice, but it is no more than rape."

I tell Caelyn, "You had damn well better get used to the rape." I also give her a set of 'homework' exercises to develop her vaginal muscles so that she will be a better fuck.

The second session is much the same as the first, except that Caelyn is sore from the first workout. I do more massage work through the workout.

Caelyn tries to plead with me, "Look, I am doing what you want with the exercises. Please don't make me fuck."

At the end of the workout, I ignore her pleas and force Caelyn to strip to nude and also to lie on the same padded table that we used last time. This time I get a little better response from Caelyn as she realizes that there is no defense for her and she lets me work on her labia until she actually begins to moan.

Once again, I use legs over shoulders and take it slow. I not only fuck Caelyn deep, I make her work on the top area of her pussy with her own fingers and Caelyn actually begins to get a bit worked up.

After an initial, "Please don't make me do this," Caelyn accepts the 'rape' and actually begins to respond a little.

I work slowly but deeply into Caelyn with about the same results as the first time.

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