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A couple years down the road.

Before I knew it he said he was about to cum and tried to pull away. I shook my head no and would not let go of his cock.

The first shot was a surprise in its intensity and quantity. I have eaten a lot of cream pies I had helped make so had an idea what it would taste like. But his was a little different. His flavor was more like a hot raw oyster if that explains it.

He shot three more times each a little less in quantity and intensity. Then teo more lesser shots.

After he seemed to stop cumming he tried to pull himself from my mouth. Reluctantly I let him.

He said if we want to continue this we could find a better place.

It was then that it hit me, what I had just done and what had been done to me.

He could see my change of attitude and asked me if I was OK?

"Oh yeah, this has been a long time coming and I think you are the right person to open some of these new doors with me."

It was a short ride to Ben's' loft. It was a nice place. He had a bigger than King sized bed in the center of the room. I asked if that was the center ring.

"Oh yeah, I have had many a good time there."was his reply.

"Any favorites?" I asked.

"Yes there is a couple in their 30's that I have a lot of fun with. You remind me of the husband. He is new to the bi fun but making up ground fast. Maybe if you like I can introduce you to them as they are kind of private but would trust my judgment."

I took a seat on his couch along one of the walls opposite the big screen TV.

Ben brought us some juice and settled in next to me and turned the TV on and started a DVD already in the unit. It picked up the action of a threesome with two guys.

"Does that look like fun to you John?" Ben asked.

"Yeah, it is one of my oldest fantasies." I told him I thought that the first time I was with a man there would be a woman present and we would drift into my first bi experience.

He asked if I had any regrets about out shower fun.

"Not really, I am just surprised how easy it was. I thought I might balk at a one on one with another guy, but it all seemed so natural." I replied.

He then asked me: "So what does that tell you?"

"I guess that it is natural and I waited way to long for the first time."

He asked if everything was going OK for me.

I told him that I wasn't into anything that didn't express a mutual respect for each other and didn't get off of any dominant attitude or humiliation.

"I am glad as that is where I am coming from too." was his reply.

He leaned over and took my face into his hands and kissed me. It was so different from kissing a woman. He was firm but I didn't feel threatened in any way. He licked my lips and I opened them to let his tongue slip between them.

I always wanted someone to eat my mouth not the other way around. We shifted around so we were facing each other and caressed each other as we opened each others shirt. Our shirts were off easily and we started touching each others chests, arms and back. It was so different from being with all the women I had been with. I didn't feel that I had to set the mood or direction as we both dropped a hand to each others crotches. We started to caress each others cock through our pants.

Ben said: "lets' undress and get to the bed and do this right."

I was right behind him and was naked by the time we went the 10 feet to the bed. He was as naked as I was by that time too and was starting to get hard. As we lay next to each other on the bed I wanted to feel his beautiful cock harden in my mouth. I slid down the bed and took him into my mouth.

I sucked him as far as I could and rocked my head back and forth on him. He was hardening quickly and I started to play with his foreskin again. I hadn't had enough of that yet. As I was really starting to get into it he said he was going to cum pretty quick and had not sucked me yet. He said lay back and let me show you what I have learned.

Not one to miss a good thing I lay back into the center of the bed as he rolled over me and took my hard cock in his mouth.

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