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Let me help you with this here..." As he said this he felt he had the right to try to adjust it, so he grasped the edge of the top and pulled it sideways a bit. He didn't want to pull it up because that would cover up her extremely exciting and halfway naked nipples. He didn't dare pull it down or her nipples would surely pop completely into view, though his lips were begging them to do so.

She said, "Yeah. I do think this top is too small for me." Not being able to control himself any further he went ahead and grabbed the bottom edge of her tank top and slid it down just a little bit while saying, "This top is definitely a size too small for you." and bingo, her nipples and the full top half of her areola sprang fully and completely into view.

Becky's programming then kicked into gear believing every word he just said. "Bobby, I do think this top is just a bit too small."

Quick to capitalize on her astounding naivet__, Bobby said, "Just a minute here, let me see..." as her pretended to study her. Instead he was ogling her nipples, trying to memorize her image for what he knew would be some serious masturbating sessions later on that night.

Becky reflected on how it was her duty to tease and tantalize young men, and then said, "Yes I think this is a bit too small, but it also is just too thick a material. I'd like for men to see the full shape and form of my breasts. Don't you think that's a good idea Bobby?"

Bobby readily agreed. Becky, with her thick nipples still exposed over the top of the yellow tank top and pointing proudly directly at him, grabbed a couple of other tank tops to try on next, some that had much thinner material on them. As she bent over just in front of him, she placed her nipples only inches from his salivating lips. Bobby had to control himself but he couldn't believe how seductively she was acting with a total stranger.

Becky went into the changing room again and came back out to Bobby, who had just reached inside his pants to adjust his hardening cock, and was anxiously awaiting her return. Becky returned with her breasts, encased in a very thin tank top indeed, and now presented a clear profile to the leering hungry eyes of poor young Bobby. The top was just the right size for her and completely displayed their full form. They bounced firmly and had the profile of enlarged avocados, teardrop-shaped fruits ready for the plucking. The thin white material displayed her breasts almost as if they were completely naked. It almost looked painted on. Her jutting nipples were quite apparent through the thin fabric, but you could not see through the material at all, only relish in her very perfect form. "How do I look now Bobby?" she asked.

He said that she just looked fantastic and would certainly attract any man she wished. Becky came very close to him just outside of the changing rooms and almost pushed her hooters right into his chest.

She told him, "I think I'll take two of these tops, but I'd also like to get something that is a bit more tantalizing. Do you have anything a bit more thin or see-through or maybe even transparent? I'd like men to be able to see just a bit more of me. After all, I'm in the prime of my life and I know that a lot of guys turn their heads and look at me. I've been told that my nipples are really the best part of my breasts. After all, they are quite thick and love to be sucked upon. When they are hard, they really stick out there. Don't you think that's also a good idea Bobby?"

He couldn't believe this babe. He couldn't figure out if he was dreaming of if this was a trick but he sure was getting hot and horny. Bobby almost grabbed his cock there and then and started wanking he was so damn excited. He of course, quickly agreed.

After a bit more of Becky leaning over to look at the racks of tank tops, she found just what she was looking for, a thin white top that was almost completely see through.

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