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In the war between control & desire, nothing is simple.

I mean--" Britt started.______"You did promise to fuck him if you and I fucked." Melina said, unable to hide her own grin. "And I want to watch! Besides, I'm going to fulfill another of my favorite things to do in just a few minutes. Take off your pants, Todd. Can't you see this woman wants to get fucked?"

Britt's eyes hungrily devoured Todd's body as he lowered his gym shorts, revealing his huge cock. It was already hard, standing out menacingly, a weapon of lust ready to be used to satiate their mutual desires. Britt felt her wet cunt burning with raw desire, a desire for a man... for cock... that she had not felt in years.

Todd did not wait for an invitation; he climbed onto the bed between Brittany's spread legs and mounted her. His mouth mashed onto hers and they locked into a deep kiss. As their tongues twined, Britt tasted her own juices on Todd's lips and tongue, which only served to drive her lust for him even higher. She wrapped her arms tightly around the teen stud, pulling him into her as she sucked hard on his probing tongue.

Todd was dryhumping Britt, gently undulating his hard, muscular ass, sliding his long, thick cockshaft along her sopping wet slit. Britt felt herself pushing up to meet his strokes, pushing her labes against the pulsing shaft sliding along them. She wanted this young man, she wanted his big cock inside her, filling her. With a shock, Britt realized that she also wanted to be the one to pleasure him, she wanted to use her body to sastisfy this man's powerful lusts...

"Mmmm, you two look sooooo good together." Melina said. "Are you ready to take Todd's cock, Brittany?"

"Ohhhh yesssss!" Britt hissed, breaking their kiss, letting Todd's mouth explore her cheek and neck, nuzzling her. "I am so fucking ready!" With that, Melina bent over until her face was inches from Britt's. Todd raised his head, watching them.

"Have you ever cheated on your husband, Britt? With another man?" Melina asked, her eyes boring into Britt. They were connecting deeply, on a womanly level Britt had never felt before. She could see the lust in Melina's eyes that matched her own. Melina's voice was husky, almost an animal growl, "Have you ever... committed adultery... with a stud like Todd?"

"No." Britt said, "But I don't care. I want to... fuck Todd."

Melina gently kissed Brittany's lips. "It's going to be wonderful, baby. There is nothing like committing adultery, believe me. Just remember: Once he's in, you'll enjoy the sin!!"

___"Oh yesss...." Britt hissed, then turned to Todd, who was watching her. "Fuck me, Todd!" Britt gasped. "Get that big thing into me!"

"You want it, Britt? You want my big cock in you?" Todd whispered. He was enjoying his control over the lovely policewoman he'd sparred with for so long, but at the same time realizing that he was finally, at long last fulfilling his own deep desires to copulate with this beautiful woman.

"Yes! Yes, I want it, Todd!" Britt said. Todd raised up just enough to let Britt's hand reach between them and grab his cock. Just as Britt's fingers closed around the thick trunk of cockshaft near the base, she felt another hand. It was Melina, reaching under Todd's ass from behind, massaging his cock and big heavy balls. Britt felt Melina gently squeeze her hand then withdraw it.

"Put it in, babe." Todd said. "You know you want my big dick inside you, Britt! Put it in for me." Todd was trying to act as if he were in charge, in control, but in truth he was about to lose it; he wanted to bury his meat to the balls in Britt's cunt so badly he could hardly contain himself.

"Oh, yes I do want it!" Britt exclaimed as she used both hands to guide Todd's massive cockhead to her cuntal opening. As soon as the first contact was made, Todd pushed forward, but the head didn't catch and he slid roughly up her slit and over her clit. "Easy babe!" Britt admonished the teen stud. "And go easy with this thing. I've never had anything nearly this big."

Todd kept undulating his hips and ass, forcing Britt to concentrate on getting h

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