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I trade Collen for two girls.

"Slut. We're going out tonight. I want you to wear that little skirt we just bought and a tight fitting blouse. I need to enjoy myself while we eat. Oh and no underwear."

She knew the drill. He would be there promptly at seven and she should be waiting at the bottom of the stairs. She was and jumped in the car as soon as he pulled up. she greeted him warmly. He smiled. He leaned over, hooked the chain to her and put the car in gear. They drove the short distance to the beach in silence. She still had no clue he was upset until he nearly growled at her for yanking the chain.

He grabbed her and pulled her toward one of the benches under a light. He pushed her down onto the bench before sitting beside her. He sat for a couple minutes watching people. She stole sidelong glances under her lowered eyelids. He turned and looked at her while playing with her hair.

"So tell me girl, did you deliberately disobey me or not?" He yanked on her hair.

She winced. He was really angry. Before she could answer, he grabbed a fist full of her hair and pulled her head toward his mouth. She pasted on a smile so no one would see the grimace from the slight pain and fear.

"I gave you an assignment. I know you read it because I got the read receipt. Yet when I call, you do not answer your phone. Four times and you do not answer your phone. So I think to myself. I say self is my bitch sick or crazy. I say self no my bitch obeys me." He pulled harder. "I say self my bitch would have to be incapacitated to not have done what I told her and ignore my calls."

He let her go and turned toward her on the bench. "Explain yourself before I really get angry."

She held in a whimper, knowing it would only push him further. Softly, "Master I love you. I would never deliberately disobey you. I had errands to do this morning. I told you about them. I did my assignment when I returned and they took longer than I had planned. But I did complete the assignment Master. Your pussy is still throbbing with need."

Her voice trembled with fear. She had no idea what he planned but she knew it was something she would hate. She cringed inwardly. She hated most when he made her do things to bare herself to the public. No underwear. Tight blouse. She looked at her nipples, still pointy. She realized this was only the beginning.

"Who are you to decide when you shall do something? I did not forget your errands."

Shocked she looked his way. A cynical smirk crossed his face.

"Yes my dear horny slut. Now that you realize your mistake, you can accept your punishment. On my lap."

She climbed onto his lap and spread her legs over his thighs. He always made her sit this way so he would have access to her. The skirt rode high on her thighs baring the curve of her ass and a glimpse of her shaved pussy.

"Wider whore."

She hestitated. He slapped her on her bare thigh. She whimpered softly and spread her legs more. Her pussy now open for anyone who cared to look their way. She knew she must be red because wind she had enjoyed now cooled her heated skin. She silently thanked God there were few people out walking the boardwalk. He began to rub her sides. His thumbs repeatedly brushed her breasts. She began to squirm. She stopped as she noticed a man a few steps away take a seat and stare at her.

He laughed. "Oh so you see your admirer. I bet he's enjoying that sweet pussy of yours. Look he's licking his lips wondering what you taste like. "

He leaned around her. "Sir? Could you come over here a minute."

She felt as if she would die. He never offered her to anyone. As the man approached, she knew that rule would be altered tonight. The man came to stand inches from them. His eyes were still glued to the flesh bared under her skirt.

"Sir I saw you looking at my slut. Doesn't the pink of her pussy look lovely against the darkness of her skin? Very tasty I have to say. Would you care for a taste?"

The man blinked. He looked at her Master then back at her pussy. He looked back at her Master.

"I don't know what sick game you are up to but let's see how far you

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