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Son loses sight saving his single mom; she cares for him.

Our tongues massaged one another. When our lips parted I suggested that we could maybe head back to my place, she accepted so I walked her out to my car. The drive home was almost unbearable, to be so close to something so amazing to not be able to touch it, to have to wait, I was bursting with excitement.

By the time we reached the front door our hands were all over each other, we kissed as we moved into the house. I picked her up and carried her to my bedroom. I laid her down on the bed and we kissed passionately. I kissed her neck as she removed her top to free her tits. I took one of her nipples in my mouth and gently nibbled on it and flicked it lightly with my tongue, I did the same with the other one. I could feel her nipples harden in my mouth. She pulled my shirt over my head and kissed my chest.

She pushed me onto my back and slid down my trousers she took off my boxers and released my already hard seven inch cock. She slowly ran her tongue up and down my shaft before taking the head in her mouth. She ran her tongue around the head before taking the whole thing in her mouth. She looked amazing, I came within minutes, I told her I was about to cum and when I did she swallowed the whole lot.

I wanted to return the pleasure I had just felt so I pulled of her skirt and licked her already wet red lace thong. She smelt unbelievable, I ripped her thong off with my teeth and ran my tongue roughly over her whole pussy. I spread her lips gently with my fingers and pushed my tongue in, the tip of my tongue tickled her clit. I then started fucking her cunt with my tongue. As her breathing got heavier I knew she was getting close to orgasm so I pushed one finger then another into her tight love tunnel. As I worked her with my fingers I caressed her breasts with my other hand and licked her clit. When she came my mouth was filled with her love juice, it tasted so sweet and I licked it all up, I didn't want to miss a drop.

She told me that she wanted me to fuck her but I decide to make her wait a bit longer. I took her left leg in my hands and ran my tongue all the way along it till I got to her beautiful toes. I ran my tongue lightly over the sole of her foot, I then took her big toe in my mouth sucking on it, I repeated this with the other foot before I moved up onto the bed, she told me to get on my back, as I did she got up and positioned her pussy above my waiting cock. She moved the head around her pussy lips before she lowered herself onto me, as she lowered herself I thrust upwards pushing my whole cock into her. She gasped slightly (her last boyfriend was lucky if he had 4 inches, Amy is going out with him and couldn't wait to tell everyone) we moved rhythmically together my knob going in and out she started plunging herself down faster and faster, I knew the way she was going that i wouldn't be able to last much longer so I pulled her close to me and laid her down. I put her legs over my shoulders and continued to drive my dick into her she was yelling with pleasure when all of a sudden she started to writhe beneath me, she was moaning and gasping, sounds of pleasure oozed out of her along with her cum, her sounds of joy sent me over the edge and I shot my load into her. We collapsed in a heap of sweaty bodies, heaving and trying to get our breath back, at some point after that we both kind of passed out.

The next morning.....

I woke up about an hour before she did and just lay there looking at her, she looked so peaceful and calm when she slept.

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