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Husband cheats with a co-worker then confesses to his wife.

I saw his eyes drift down my chest before they snapped back to my face. I smiled knowingly, and leaned back, aware that my nipples were poking visibly through the thin material.

"So, I'm Jake," he said.

"Caroline." I replied.

"Nice to meet you. What brings you to Thailand?"

We chatted for a long while, about our jobs and hometowns, and favorite vacation spots. We both kept silently flirting with each other, though. His eyes would drop down to gaze at my tits, I'd arch my back just a little more, and squirm just a bit in my chair. I'd play with my hair, gazing up at him through my lashes, smiling as he'd adjust his shorts and lick his lips.

"It's so beautiful here," he breathed. "Feel like walking down to the water, checking out the waves?"

"Sure," I said, and slid my feet into my flip flops.

We wandered down the sand, past all the huts towards a more secluded spot. His arm brushed mine occasionally, sending little sparks of lust through my veins. We both knew what was going to happen.

When we got past all the huts, he sat down in the sand and, reaching up for my hand, pulled me down next to him. He leaned in to kiss me, and I melted. He was a gooood kisser; his lips firm yet soft and his tongue gently teasing mine. We slowly sank backwards onto the sand, his mouth never leaving mine. His hands moved down my arms and raised them up, over my head. He broke off the kiss then, and raised his head to look down at me. His lips curved in a smile as his gaze slid down to my tits, blatantly now. He released my arms, and lowered his head again, tongue grazing my clavicle, his lips tracing over the tops of my breasts, then down and around to my belly, avoiding my hard nipples as I bit my lip.

"Please," I whispered, as he continued his caresses.

"Please, what?" he asked. "What do you want? This?" And then his mouth closed over one nipple, through my tank top, while his fingers slid up under my tank on the other side, and began toying with my other nipple. I moaned and twisted my hips beneath him, feeling his hard cock pressing against my belly, the heat of his mouth on one nipple and his fingers on the other driving me wild.

He raised his head and grinned down at me. "I want to take your top off," he said, fingers still teasing my nipple. I sat up, and in one quick motion pulled my tank over my head and off, my large breasts bouncing freely as I did. My hands almost involuntarily found their way to my tits, and I sat there, playing with my own nipples while he watched me, his eyes darkening with lust.

"I need to get a condom. Yes?" he asked thickly.

"Yes," I answered, and watched as he walked rather stiffly but quickly over to his hut. He was back in an instant, to find me still sitting up, hair fluttering in the breeze, and my hands still caressing my tits. I dropped my hands as he walked up, and leaned back, bending my arms a bit. My tits were thrust up and out, and he dropped down beside me and quickly lowered his head, as I collapsed onto the ground and his tongue found my nipple. He sucked on it, and very gently used his teeth. I put two fingers in my mouth, and then onto my other nipple, my own saliva allowing my fingers to slide easily over the hard, pink nub. He grinned, watching me, then lowered his mouth yet again, and trailed his tongue down my belly, while his hand reached down to my calf and began trailing up my leg, moving the fabric of my sarong out of the way. When his mouth reached the top of my sarong around my hips, he gave it a tug with his teeth and pulled it loose, and brushed it out of the way.

His hands were now on the insides of my knees and he pushed my legs apart, drinking in the sight and smell of my pussy. His lips lowered to graze the inside of my thigh, his tongue tracing its way up towards the juncture of my thigh and hip, his slight stubble scratching provocatively against my soft skin. It felt so good, and I grew wetter and wetter, as I continued to play with my tits and nipples.

My hips began to squirm, as I mindlessly moved my bo

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