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They introduce new couple to Ariel.

.. I sensed your strength. I had thought you would be harder to break, but after only a short time I had you begging me already. And I've hardly started with you, little one."

I blush deeply and reach to cover myself with the down comforter on the bed. It's true. I'd always thought of myself as a "top", someone who could control the situation in the bedroom with a swing of my hips or the touch of my tongue. Now here this creature is, making me plead and beg for it. I wouldn't let it happen again.

"Good luck. I won't give in so easily again. You're pure evil. You killed Tyler. I will not be willing." I try to put confidence in my voice and sit up straight but even as I finish my little speech, it occurs to me that I'm his prisoner. I'm completely under his control. Even if I succeed in refusing him, what will he do with me?

"I do not need luck, little Vanessa." It's the first time he's said my name and it makes me look up into his eyes. "You will be mine, willingly. Even if I have to break you by force, first, it will not be long before you're on your knees begging for another taste of my hot cock." His crudity makes me blink at him and his hands are on my before the action registers in my mind.

"Please don't hurt me." He binds my hands to the corners of the bed with a searing hot rope. In my desperate and afraid mind, they seem to be made of the same magma pouring from the wall. Once my hands are tightly bound, Grigori does the same to my legs. After they, too, are tied it occurs to me that I should have fought him, kicked, something. But now it is too late and he removes the blanket which covers my naked form.

"I'll do what I want to you. You will not only take it, you will like it. You will ask for it. And, like I said, it will have you screaming my name." He forces himself on me, taking my mouth in his as he crushes my body with the full weight of himself. His rough skin rakes itself across my stomach as I writhe beneath him. His tongue burns its entry into my mouth and it feels like I'm breathing fire. I find myself yearning to be free, not to escape, but to run my hands over his body.

His mouth moves to my neck and I moan lewdly as he nips at me. I know he's drawn blood, but before it can spill he heals me again. He continues this and the fire from his tongue seems to warm the place between my legs more than where it actually touches. As much as I can, I push my body against his, disgusted with my own desire.

Placing a hand on my breast, he tweaks my nipple and I let out a yelp as his nails scratch. His tongue slithers down to the spot and the heat soothes away the pain with a tingle. With much more haste than before, in the woods, he moves further down my body. Again, I ponder his reasoning when he kisses my tummy, mimicking an expecting father, before licking his way to my clit.

"Oh fuck yes." I arch my back and ignore his chuckle as his tongue twirls around my little nub. The fire from his tongue is matched by the heat of my arousal and it isn't long before I feel an orgasm roaring close. "Please don't stop. Please please I'm going to cum. Oh fuck."

Just when I'm about to crash down, his tongue slips back into his mouth.

"No! Let me cum! Get back down there!" Anger courses through me and I scream at him for denying me the imminent pleasure.

"There. That's the power I was talking about. That shall be mine, little one." With a growl, fire seems to spring from his skin, turning his trousers to ash. I'm suddenly more terrified than I had been since he first touched me and I cower away from him as much as possible while still restrained. But I can't help taking a peek at the towering tool rising up from his body. It's huge. I can't imagine taking it inside me.

"I'm sorry. Please. Just let me go. I'm not what you want. I'm just a bossy bitch. I don't have any real power. Please." I beg release as I stare at his manhood and even as I'm saying 'let me go', my mouth is starting to salivate.

"No, little one.

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