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Reena is caught fooling around with her friend Julia.

" he gestured.

They followed him to the table, where his mother was.

She was worried, about where he was, so she looked back to look for him, and was surprised to see him come back with company.

He arrived at the table, and introduced his guests. "Mom, this is Annabelle, and her daughter Candace." he gestured.

She felt a little awkward, but complimented them, "Hi, nice to meet you."

"They'll be joining us for dinner, mom. Is that ok?" he asked, with a puppy face.

She didn't to get angry with him in such a special day, so she looked at his face and agreed.

"Thank you mom. I promise, you won't regret it." he said with relief.

The waiter approached, and asked, "So I see the party, just got bigger."

"Yes, my son had this little surprise for me." she said with irony.

"Then I'll give you a little longer to decide." he smiled.

"Thank you." she smiled back.

They settled down, and chose their meals. Then the waiter came back and took their orders.

At first the mood was a bit weird, because nobody knew what they should say. So he decided to break the ice by giving her the gifts he bought.

He grabbed the bag and took out a medium size package, with a heart motif wrapping paper.

"Hmmm, cute." she smiled.

"C'mon, open it." he encouraged.

"Ok, lets see what the cat dragged in." she joked, ripping the paper.

She opened the plastic bag inside, and stood up to unfold the long nightshirt. It said - World's Best Mom.

"Thank you honey." she was moved, and walked towards him to give him a kiss in the cheek.

"I love you." he whispered.

"I love you too." she murmured, and stepped back.

"Wait, there's more." he said holding her hand, as she was leaving.

"Ooh." she stopped, with surprise.

"Here, I hope you like it." he handed her the velvet box.

She opened it, and her eyes lit up. "Oh my..." she said taking her hand to her chest.

She was a bit shaky, so he hold her around the waist, and asked a stupid question. "Do you like it?"

"It's beautiful. Oh honey, you shouldn't have..." she lied.

"Well, you deserve the best." he said proudly. "Let me make it, even better looking." he stood up, picked the lace from the box, placed it on her neck and closed it. "There. Now it looks stunning." he praised.

The two guests at the table were also appreciating how beautiful it looked on her.

She was so happy that she turned around, and gave him a deep kiss on the lips.

He was taken by surprise, but didn't hold back. Then he said, catching his breath. "Wow, mom. That was the best thank I've ever got."

"That's what you get, for treating a woman, like she deserves." she pouted, and sat back, showing off that gleaming masterpiece.

After that moment the mood was cheerful, and the wine started flowing, except for his soda, and the rest of the dinner was just like a family reunion.


The waiter took out the empty plates, and asked. "Do you want any desserts, or should I bring out the cake?"

Everyone was satisfied, and making room for the cake, but he had plans for dessert, so he ordered. "I want strawberries with whipped cream, but you can already bring the cake."

"Ok, mister. Coming right up." he took a mental note.

A few moments later, while everyone was chatting he rolled in the cart, with the cake, and dessert, then picked it from under the cart, and placed it on the table. "Excuse me." he politely asked, setting the bowl of strawberries in the table."Should I?" he asked holding the whipped cream can.

"No. I'll do it myself, thank you." he refused.

"Ok then." he nodded, and cleared the table, to make room for the cake.

Everyone stood up, and glanced to see how it looked. It was a medium size square, with pink icing, a couple of white and pink roses, and ten lit candles on each side, she had her work cut out for her.

He placed it on the table, and it had written in chocolate syrup - Happy Birthday Zoe.

Then placed four champagne glasses around the table, and picked up the ice bucket from under the cart, and started to unscrew the contraption over the cork.

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