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I walked, naked, to the master bathroom leaving the door open so he could watch me piss. But he was still sleeping on his side and turned away from me. I really wanted him to see me pissing so I said, "Timmy... Timmy... Tim." That woke him and he turned over to see me sitting on the toilet.

"Good morning, fucker of your mother," I said. "I thought you might like to watch me piss."

"Morning, fucker of your son. Yes, I would like to watch you piss."

"Well, come over here and kneel in front of me then." He did as I said, getting up and walking into the bathroom with his big, stiff rod pointing the way. I could not take my eyes off of it. He knelt right in front of me. I reached into my vulva and opened my lips so he could see my urethra. I started to go and he stared at my open twat. He felt my tits, squeezing them and pinching the nipples, and I watched my son staring at my open, naked cunt and my piss stream. He was captivated and as the dribbling stopped I said to him, "Can you see the little hole where my piss was coming out?

"Yes, mom."

"Touch it with your finger."

"Your little piss hole?"

"Yes. Try to put your finger in there."

He pushed against my pee hole and his finger went in. It felt so dirty and, yet, so sexy.

"Move your finger in and out like you're fucking that hole."

He finger fucked my piss hole and I swooned. I closed my eyes and tipped my head back with delight at the feeling. I said, "Oh, oh my. That feels so dirty I can hardly believe it. Keep doing it to me a little more. Yes. Oh, Timmy, yes, fuck my piss hole. Oh, yes. Jesus that feels good. Keep doing it to me. Oh, oh, what a wonderful son you are. Okay, that's enough for now. Just put your finger in my cunt hole for just a minute and frig me."

He did as I told him to and feeling how wet I was he said, "Your cunt is so wet, mom."

"I know Timmy. It's because I'm so hot for you. Let's go feed the children and send them off to play so we can have our incest. I can't wait to take your penis into my vagina."

I put on my robe, stepped into my slippers, and walked to the kitchen. Day two of being my son's slut was just a few minutes away and it excited me. I wondered what he might do to me today, how he might touch me, if he would kiss me and hold me and tell me that he loved me. Or would he just bend me over the counter and fuck the shit out of me. I was about to find out.

The children had come down, and Timmy had dressed and joined us in the kitchen. Just seeing him gave me a tingle in the cunt. We were going to fuck in just a few minutes. Timmy was standing by the sink and the children were sitting at the counter facing him. I was at the stove behind the children.

I said, "Kids, take your cereal into the den and watch TV."

Once I heard the TV on, I looked at Timmy and opened my robe showing him my body. He looked at my pussy and licked his lips. I imagined he was thinking of licking mine. The ones that were hanging down between my legs. The children were sufficiently occupied with their breakfast and their TV show, so I grabbed my lips with one hand and pulled them out so Timmy could see them. Then I swooshed my robe behind me, took one lip in each hand and pulled my vulva apart. I bent my knees, thrust out my hips and showed him my hole. What a great feeling. It was so dirty, so nasty, so depraved; I loved it. Timmy told me later that he loved it too. It had given him another hard on.

I cooked breakfast for the two of us and we ate it sitting next to each other at the kitchen counter. Timmy pulled my robe up exposing my thighs and he rubbed my pussy until I quietly had an orgasm, pressing my legs together and apart, together and apart. Then he put his fingers in my vagina, got them good and wet, and then put them in his mouth.

I looked at my son and smiled. I said, "Whisper dirty, degrading, horrible things in my ear."

He put his lips up to my ear and nibbled it.

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