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After the events in London, Lucy Pinder gets a gig.

"Attention all passengers, American Airlines is now boarding flight 726 rows 10-30, please line up at gate 12."

That's us luv." Spike said and leaned in closer; "Do you think this fake passport will work?"

"I don't see why not. We are using your real first name, and since Giles had made it appear like you were related, I guess being British and all... You are an American citizen named William Giles." Buffy couldn't hold back the giggle that escaped her lips.

"That's right Slayer... Laugh it up!! You are now married to William Giles, you are now stuck with that name until death do us part." Spike said jokingly.

The two `newlyweds' got to the seats with no trouble, Spike in the window and Buffy in the aisle seat.

As the plane taxied down the runway, the slayer and the vampire played their parts better than either would have wanted to admit. Within minutes, the plane was off the ground, when Spike looked over at Buffy and whispered,

"So honey bunches... Have you ever become a member of the Mile High Club?"

Buffy gave Spike a weird look and said a little to loudly, "The what? Mile High Club? What's that?"

Spike just gave her the all too familiar look of arousal as he directed his eyes to the bathroom at the back of the plane.

"The Captain has just turned off the seat belt sign and I forgot that I have to use the loo." He said with a devilish grin.

Spike got up and stepped over Buffy's feet and headed to the plane's rear lavatory.

Buffy sat there for a few seconds before she realized, "Hey wait a minute... Vampires don't go to the bathroom!" She turned and saw Spike eyeing her with a predator's desire.

"Um yeah! I need to go to the loo too!!" With heat flushing her cheeks, Buffy undid her seat belt to follow the vampire's footsteps.


The couple snuck into the lavatory without being noticed by other passengers,

"Why Slayer, aren't we the adventurous one?" Spike said pinning Buffy against the door. His gaze never leaving her eyes as he began exploring underneath her top.

Buffy sighed as Spike found her nipple and teased it to hardness.

"So this Mile High Club... Have you received your member ship card yet?" Buffy asked pulling Spike closer to grind her hips to his.

"Not yet luv! Never wanted to join until now!" With that, Spike shut them both up with a searing kiss.

Buffy's hands were roaming over Spike's denim-clad ass and up to pull his black tee out to get access to his back.

Spike was not idle himself, while trying to get Buffy out of her pants as well.

Buffy pulled away from Spike to get some air.

"Um... How are we...? Um... gonna do this?"

Spike stopped what he was doing and looked around the cramped space.

"I have a brilliant idea!" Spike said with a Cheshire cat grin. He turned around to put the lid down on the toilet seat and unzipped his jeans to free his rigid shaft.

"I like it when little Spikey wants to come out and play!" Buffy said stroking Spike the way he liked it.

With a few more strokes, Buffy slid her pants down around her ankles and with her back to Spike, she proceeded to impale herself on his erection.

Spike took the liberty of playing with her breasts, while Buffy chose the rhythm. At first it was slow and sensual, but with Spike's hands free he helped quicken the pace. Spike carefully parted Buffy's legs so that he could get access to her centre.

Buffy was raking her nails on the top of Spike's forearms, and helping him guide his fingers to her clit.

With Spike letting Buffy guide him, he found it so erotic that she was pleasuring herself through him.

Buffy flexed her vaginal muscles, which meant that it wouldn't be long before she would climax.

Spike turned her head so that he would be able to muffle her cries with his mouth.

Soon the two were rocking with their intense orgasms and slowly came back to the real world of the airplane bathroom and a passenger knocking on the door.

"Hey, are you okay in there?"

Spike and Buffy stared in shock at the door, as if frozen in time.

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