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You find her bound for a night of erotic kinky sex.

I could smell her musk though the panties and I could also smell her perfume. I had grow quite accustom to her perfume over last three months and now that I smelt the two together I knew I could never smell that perfume scent and not think of this moment.

After inhaling deeply of her combined scent I started easing her panties off. Angie helped by raising her bottom enough so they slid off easily. Once her panties were gone I was surprised to see she was completely hairless between her legs. It was a surprise, but not an unwelcome one. I had often dreamed of eating a hairless pussy.

As Angie moved her legs so that I was between them I saw her cunt for the first time. The lips of her vagina looked like the pedals of a flower as they spread to either side. The lips were a dark pink and slightly swollen attesting to her arousal. Her pussy looked so good I just had to kiss it and I did just that.

Angie's pussy was extremely wet and her flavor was exquisite. There was a slight taste of strawberries, as she must have used a douche in preparation. There was also the stronger flavor of her natural fluids.

My tongue swabbed around the edges of her opening till none of her fluid remained on the surface. I then stuck my tongue deep into her hole where I found a well full of her secretions. I licked out her hole as best I could, bringing the wetness I found into my mouth. I could have licked out her hole forever but Angie had other ideas.

Angie grabbed a hold of my head and directed my mouth to her clit while saying, "There baby, lick me there. I need your tongue and lips there."

I knew what she wanted and I quickly started licking her clit. Angie moaned and arched her back the second my tongue made contact with her hard little nub. I licked her clit hard and then sucked on it. Angie screamed that she was cuming and I noticed her scent became stronger. While Angie was riding out her orgasm, my mouth slipped down so I could drink her fluid. Once she stopped cuming I started on her clit again.

How long my mouth was on her pussy I couldn't tell you. I also couldn't tell you how many times Angie came. All I know is I could have eaten her all night and it wouldn't have bothered me. Angie seemed quite content to let me have my way for quite some time.

When she became too sensitive she pulled my head from between her legs so I moved up till our faces were very close. She looked into my eyes and said. "You are wonderful. Now I need you in me, but first let me clean my cream off your face."

Angie started kissing my face but it wasn't a normal pecking kind of kiss. I could feel her mouth suck slightly as she tried to remove her essence. Her tongue even licked at my cheeks.

When my face was clean to her satisfaction she gripped my rock hard cock and guided me to her hole. I would like to say she gasped when I entered her but that was not the case. Once I slide into her she looked up at me and said. "Now honey, do me now."

I started thrusting into Angie with gusto. Her pussy wasn't very tight then again I was not that big, but her pussy was hot and very wet. Thanks to the orgasm I had earlier I was able last a lot longer than I would have.

From beneath me Angie smiled up at me and she would reach up and kiss me while I slid my cock in and out of her. At the same time she would pinch my nipples ever so lightly and that I learned was quite pleasant.

It wasn't until I was about ready to come that I realized that Angie wasn't even close to cuming. She had a beautiful smile on her face but she wasn't even breathing hard. At least not until her hand slid down between us, so she could use her finger to rub her clit.

Then she started to breathe harder. Within seconds she was panting and she said, "Oh god baby I'm going to cum. Cum with me love fill me with your cum."

Even though I knew her orgasm had nothing to do with what I was doing I couldn't stop the enviable.

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