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"And there is nobody like this man that can spot those patterns and discrepancies." said Cindy, not looking up from her laptop as she said it.

"Actually," I said, "I'm glad you're here, Thomas. I have a couple of questions: first, what is the hiring process? The normal, standard procedure? Who does the hiring? And firing, for that matter."

"The usual procedure is that the producer and director will establish a need." said Thomas. "They'll call the casting agency, tell them what they need, and the agency sends people to be interviewed. If they're women, Ken and Kevin would have several pleasurable hours of 'casting couch' interviews. With men, it lasted a lot less time; I don't think either man is... or was... gay."

"That's a thought." I said. "Anyone you know on this set who is gay?"

"Benny Black was in porn before he came here." said Thomas. "I don't know if he was in gay porn or not, but a lot of male porn stars make both kinds of films. And Danny Darmond might be gay, though I don't know for sure. But he's Carolyn's favorite stud right now, so who knows?"

"So they hire from casting agencies?" I asked, to get the conversation back on track.

"Usually." said Thomas. "Sometimes a friend of a friend gets in a word with Kevin or Ken. We rarely have open casting calls."

"So it was Kevin and Ken that did the hiring?"

"Yes." said Thomas. "For the most part. The 'Suits', the execs in our parent company offices, do the office staff hiring, and Ken almost exclusively did the hiring for scriptwriters; he knew what he needed to write the scripts he wanted."

"What about firing?" I asked.

"Normally Kevin," said Thomas, "but he usually went to the 'Suits' first. They made sure the legal ducks were in a row. It is damned near impossible to fire someone in the State of California. It might be easier here."

"No, at least not where the Police Department is concerned." I said. "So Ken couldn't fire anyone?"

"No, not officially." said Thomas. "If Ken wanted someone, particularly a cast member gone, he'd go to Kevin about it. Usually Ken would get his way, of course, especially if an actor was not working out or was not in sync with what Ken wanted. Rules violations, like intoxication on set, or drugs, were a different matter; Ken could order them off the set and out of the studio completely, with pink slips to follow."

"Of course," continued Thomas, "if the brass didn't fire someone that Ken wanted gone, he still had things he could do. He could berate them on the set, give them holy hell. He could alter their scripts, or give them fewer scenes. If someone found his hot scene with Maria rewritten so that he was simply catching her in bed with another man, that guy would realize that he was on the outside looking in... in more than one way."

Just then, Kayla the intern poked her head into the tent. "Has anyone seen 'The Madam'?" she asked. "Carolyn and Danny are doing the scene by the River in twenty minutes, and we're not even set up."

"Has anyone seen her at all?" Cindy asked. Her vibe became my vibe.

"No ma'am." Kayla said. I was already up and moving and grabbing my Police radio. I hit the button that makes the loud noise.

"Break! Break! Break!" I said, causing all chatter to cease. "All units, begin looking for the assistant director Seiko, a.k.a. 'The Madam'. Search the entire Fairgrounds. I say again, begin a complete search for..."

Part 10 - Crime Scene Redux

We sat in the TCPD tent, waiting for news. "Who would be the director if you can't find The Madam?" I asked Thomas.

"I don't know." said Thomas. "Maybe Victor; I think he's directed some episodes in the past." I nodded. And we did not have much longer to wait:

"Culver to Commander Troy." said the radio.

"This is Commander Troy. Go ahead, Culver."

"We found her, sir."

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

We headed down the walkway to to the trailer area.

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