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Engaged girl gives in to her darkest desires in one night.

to help me do so!"

"Well" she responded" why don't we record a few of my 'confessions'. You can then listen to them as you wank." Adding with a giggle "They certainly seem to help you come off alright!"

And that is what we started to do and this story is a sort of transcript, verbatim as far as possible, of the first story she told me.

"When I worked at the hospital" (she was once an Auxiliary Nurse in a hospital on the edge of South West London) "There was a doctor, a registrar, quite a lot younger than me, who used to make suggestive remarks, saying that he fancied me and things like that. I used to laugh this off saying he shouldn't be so silly and that I was old enough to be his mother - perhaps something of an exaggeration as I was about 35 and he was in his mid twenties I suppose. But he persisted, even touching me up when he got the opportunity and once briefly thrusting himself up against my bum, so I could feel his cock was hard, when he found me bending over in a cupboard. Then one day as we happened to go off duty at the same time he asked me to go to his room. I knew why he was asking me and what he wanted and although slightly concerned about the discrepancy between our ages I agreed.

"So what did you think he had in mind" I asked.

"Oh he wanted to fuck me I knew that" she said "It wasn't the first time a doctor had taken me to his room. To be honest it wasn't that unusual for us nurses to be picked up in this way.

"How many other doctors had had you there?"

"Oh, I don't know I think he was the second ... no third. The first was a senior consultant much older than me, in his sixties I guess. All he wanted to do was to fuck me up my arse ..."

"And did he?" I murmured

"Ah" she said "that's another story isn't it! Anyway, when we got to his room I'd hardly shut the door before he started stripping me - and he didn't stop until I was completely nude." slit

"Did you help him?" I asked gently rubbing my nob my cock up and down her slit, eliciting from her a soft moan of pleasure.

"No I didn't have to. He turned me round and unzipped my uniform and then pulled it and my slip down over my shoulders, before undoing my bra to get at my tits. He put his arms round me and licked my neck as he played with my nipples making them hard and erect. I could feel his stiff cock against my arse telling me he was as excited as I was. Then he turned me round again and pulled my dress and my slip right down. Next he knelt in front of me and I kicked my shoes off as he rolled down my tights and knickers before lifting first one of my legs and then the other to help me step out of them. And there I was starkers with his face just inches from my exposed fanny."

"How did you find that?" I asked.

"Exciting - well it was a bit embarrassing I suppose, but at the same time it was also arousing to be stood there naked whilst he was knelt, fully clothed, staring at my cunt. I knew I was wet and that my cunt juice was running down the inside of my leg. Then he leant forward and began running his tongue up and down my slit. He found my clit and began to suck it. My legs nearly buckled and he told me to sit on the bed. He stood in front of me, between my legs, and asked me to get his cock out. As I began to unzip him he began to unbutton and take off his shirt. I quickly pulled down his trousers but had trouble getting his pants over his big stiff cock. But then it sprang free."


"Oh it was hard, really hard with a lovely purple knob, not all that long maybe, but nice and thick. He asked me to suck it and I did, licking some pre cum away and then drawing his knob into my mouth. I sucked him up and down, cupping his balls as I did so. He thrust himself gently backwards and forwards making little piggy like grunts. Finally he pulled back and just lent down and lifted my legs so that I fell back across the bed. He knelt down and began to lick my cunt again as he reached up and again began to play with my tits. I had to concentrate hard not to come there and then."

"Why?" I asked although I could so easily guess the answ

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