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It's what you've been waiting for; Mark vs Max!

I gently laid her on it.

Now, the perv in me is going to love what Mr. Practical thinks needs to happen next. I needed to get her out of the flight suit. Honestly, it wasn't just because she was smoking hot. I may have pretty much no experience with women, but that doesn't automatically make me a creep looking for a cheap thrill. So I unzipped her suit and I began to cut around the wounds.

While I tried desperately to remain clinical about the whole thing, I couldn't help but enjoy the revealing of her skin, perfect as it was. She had opted to wear a very sensible set of white sports oriented underwear. It was flattering on her. Anything would be flattering on her.

I effectively removed the suit from both her shoulders. She moaned in her unconscious state. Yes, I am sure it hurt terribly. I finished cutting around her leg completely removed that pant-leg of the suit.

A white sensible bra that allowed her lovely cleavage to be supported came into view. And followed by a white thong, allowing me to enjoy a slight lingering moment (you can't blame me for this, seriously) of looking at her uncovered butt. My imagination did not do it justice. Good lord she was perfect.

I opted to remove her flight suit completely. Honestly she needed to be comfortable and wearing that thing wasn't terribly comfortable so I finished cutting off the rest. And while the perverted side of my mind argued that she would be much more comfortable completely nude, I knew that was not a good thing. Well it was a good thing but a bad idea. Ok, it was both a good thing and a good idea but it wasn't exactly proper.

I did have to move one of her bra straps out of the way, snaking her arm out and putting the strap under her armpit, so I had that tiny thrill to work with.

Once she was in her beautiful state of mostly undressed, I wetted a cloth down with alcohol and began the very unpleasant experience of cleaning the wounds. She moaned as I did my work. Inevitable. I used some water to clean up around it and then found bandages in the on-board med kit to cover them both all up.

I then sat back and admired my handiwork, and of course the unbelievably perfect woman attached to it. I looked around for a blanket and sadly covered her up.



As if things couldn't get much worse, the damned blast to the engines must have also knocked off the antenna array used for long range communication. Without a replacement and some mechanical experience (neither of which I had) we weren't going to be sending any long-range pleas for help. In other words, unless someone was practically on top of us they would not hear us. Well I could only hope that the initial SOS fired off before the ion hit would find a good Samaritan.

I grabbed the discarded food pouches from the cockpit, careful to store Gareth's unopened pouch back in with the rations. I didn't think Sage would actually swallow anything at the moment so I stored hers with Gareth. I did open a bottle of water and poured a little on her lips. I didn't want to pour down her throat in case it caused her problems.

I watched the water wetten her soft lips. If we weren't in such dire straights that would really turn me on. Ok, that admittedly turned me on anyway. I watched a tiny droplet pool at the corner of her mouth and then start to run down her cheeks. I quickly collected the droplet from her cheek, my thumb lingering for a moment on her soft cheek.

That moment of actual touch proved pretty electrifying. I usually imagined such things in great detail but having that small moment . .Well my imagination could never do that justice. Feeling her skin felt simply amazing.

Come on Bran. The beautiful girl is completely at your mercy. Care for her. Protect her. Don't bother with gentle caresses. Leave that for your overactive imagination, no matter how substandard that might be.

I checked to be sure Sage looked reasonably comfortable and was tucked in and then headed out. A shower, probably a cold one, was in order.

The very tiny restroom (a tiny toilet and a spigot high

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