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Dave explores his most private places.

"Whew, I'm worn out. You're lucky I like you or I may not have come back!" Stephanie laughed at this and thanked her friend.

"I am lucky, but you didn't bring anything to chill the 2nd bottle with silly!" Stephanie laughed. Katherine looked at her full hands, and realizing her friend was right, shrugged.

"I've only got two hands slick!" Katherine defended herself. "But you are welcome to go down and get ice if you want to!"

"Hell no, I'm not going all the way downstairs!" Stephanie laughed. Katherine grinned back at her and said,

"Well, I guess we'd better drink fast!" Katherine exclaimed as she finished her first bottle off filling up their glasses. Stephanie turned on her iPod station and put on some music. The toasted with a smile, and began talking again. It was like many nights back in college after a late night of studying, or after a night of heartbreak. The two friends laughing, crying and drinking. They gossiped for a bit about Danielle and other things like work, but soon returned to the topic at hand- Tony.

"Ok Steph," Katherine led in as Stephanie uncorked the next bottle. "Let's get to the subject at hand. No bullshit. I want to know right now why in the hell you are with Tony. I mean, what are his good qualities?" This was a loaded question of course, Katherine didn't feel he had any good qualities, and she was challenging her friend to make any sort of case for her meathead boyfriend. Stephanie accepted the challenge and furrowed her brow in thought.

"Ok, well......hmmm...." She began, tapping her chin with her index finger, fighting back another giggle. But she only made it a few seconds and then burst out laughing. "Oh God this is awful, he really is a loser isn't he!" she screamed and Katherine joined in the laughter. "God I am a sucker for the bad guys!" Stephanie laughed again and took a big gulp of wine. "Ok, ok, ok, I know you all hate him but he's got a few decent qualities."

"Like what?" Katherine pressed.

"Well for starters he stays in good shape, and he's good looking- right?" Katherine looked at the ceiling for a second and shrugged, then conceded. He was a good looking. Tall and lean, with straight black hair that he brushed back and kept at mid-neck length. He was a little too hairy for Katherine's liking, but fit at about 6 foot 2. He worked with his hands all day and still found time to go to the gym a few times a week. Tony played sports- soccer and basketball, but he was a little hyper-competitive for Katherine's taste.

The three roommates went to watch Tony play basketball down at the community courts just last month. It was a hot day, so the men were all playing without shirts on. The girls enjoyed the eye candy as the men ran up and down the court sweating. The game was a close contest, and on one play Tony was knocked down on a hard foul driving to the basket by a bigger player on the other team. Tony popped up and was instantly in the other man's face. What happened next made the girls shriek.

Tony was dog cussing the other man like a meathead, who had about 4 inches and 30 pounds on him, when the man up and smacked Tony in the jaw with a vicious right cross.

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