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Congressman's exotic wife.

"Come sit next to me," she smiled, and we shared a tight embrace and a long kiss. "I love you," Heather told me. "I never want you to forget that, Ken."

"I know, but it helps to hear it, darling," I answered, looking with joy into her calm gray eyes. She reached out and held me close again.

"So did you enjoy Debbie?" she asked with a grin.

"It was intense!" I enthusiastically answer, then added, "For you, too, huh?"

"Oh, you know how I love Domming you in front of others, slut."

"Yeah," I said with a wink, "but I know you had some girl fun with Debbie."

"It was only a start, but I've thought about it for a long time," Heather answered. "I knew she was drooling to learn about kink generally, but I wasn't sure if she were bi."

"She seemed to be."

"Yeah, and we had a nice little girl talk after you left. Thanks, sweetie," Heather told me.

"I figured you wanted to talk to her a little alone," I acknowledged.

"It was low key, but I think she is going to be a great playmate for both of us."

"Ummmmmmm, that's nice, Mommy." I kissed this woman I love so much.

"It's obvious you're pleased," Heather laughed, pointing a slim index finger at my again-hard cock. She went on: "Gee, I am so lucky to have a husband like you, and you kinda like having me for your wife, I think."

"Heather," I turned serious, "you are the best thing that's ever happened to me. It's like we were made for each other. You know exactly what I need, and you get off giving it to me, and vice versa! I never, ever would want to be married or collared to anyone else."

"Me neither." She looked at me with dreamy eyes. Then this lovely, loving, and immensely sexy woman put her hand against my cheek. "You are my guy, but you are also my sweet little boy, and every time you call me 'Mommy,' you give me a chance to show you how much I know just what you need.

"Oh, Heather," my heart melted, "I do need you to be the mommy I never had, the always- loving, approving woman protecting me and keeping me safe at those times when I don't feel safe and when I need you to be Mommy."

"And I know, lover," she responded, "that when I need you, you're there and that you can be strong for me, but that when I need to feel safe, you'll be my silly, little, sissy slut."

We both began to go into our safe place, and it took only a shared glance to know it.

"If you weren't such a pitiful little sissy with that pathetic tiny dick of yours, I'd want you to fuck me now." (Of course there were times when we screwed--albeit always with her on top--and my cock always proved sufficient for her to cream.) "But you know you're not man enough, don't you?" You had the look of the Queen about you.

"Yes, Lady," I quickly replied.

"You are so worthless!" she informed me.

"Yes, Miss, I know I am."

"Why can't you be a man?"

I was wordless.

She slapped me. "Tell me what you are!"

The joy and excitement were pounding within me. "A pathetic little cockless sissy, Miss. I'm not worth your beauty and power, but I want so much to serve you. Please, can I be your dildo? Please let me be a fill-in until you find a real man." I had gotten down on my knees between her legs, now spread and open, her bare feet resting on the coffee table behind me.

She literally was shaking with excitement, and heat and the wonderful smell of her was within inches of my eager lips.

"Come for me slut," she hissed. "Play with that clitty of yours, and come on my puss!" Her fingers were pulling at her hard nipples, and she dropped them down to her wet slit, moving back and forth.

Looking at her beauty and your power, it took me only a few strokes to shoot, and I directed the come onto her lower belly, thighs, and the sweet lips of her pussy.

"Now, little one!"--she was staring into my eyes--clean me, and leave my center for last." She thrust her warm body forward, and put her sweet hands behind my head, drawing me tight against heer.

I first lapped up my come from her belly and thighs as she murmured "slut boi, sissy come-eater" but al

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