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In which Cyndi and Dale's time together sadly ends.


This brings me to a particular incident. Well, I think I became paranoid at some point in the summer and was basically scared that people (especially those biblical worshippers) would figure out that I had homosexual feelings. I remember being in the counselor's lounge just relaxing and getting ready to lifeguard when some other counselors came in. It was getting to be the end of the summer, so we were pretty much lax.

Molly was there, changing. She had stripped down out of her clothes to change into her swimsuit. It was easier for the swim instructors to leave their swimsuits there, rather than to hike up to the cabins and change so often. Somehow, she managed to change with just her towel; so, apparently she had gotten really good at it.

I didn't know any of this though; thus, you can imagine my reaction! I was like, "Eeeeww! Why are you changing in here? Gosh Molly!" I was giving her crap, when really I didn't mind.

I guess she got pretty annoyed and amused. So, I went to lay down on the couch that way I could give her privacy and well be respectful. More counselors had arrived in the lounge by this time and were just sitting on the other couches. Molly decided to pull one of her "cross-the-line" tricks. As far as I knew, she was naked underneath the towel. She climbed on top of my swimsuit-clad body, straddled my stomach-area, and put her weight down on me. Thus, I thought her actual pussy was on top of me! I was laughing, smiling, and trying to act disgusted all at once!

But no...turns out she did have underwear or at least her swimsuit donned on that part of her. Nonetheless, everyone started laughing at me, including Molly! I felt embarrassed, but really elated too. One funny counselor remarked, "OOoooo, Jackie really enjoyed that!" He was being sarcastic, but I think he could kind of tell to a degree. I couldn't help but laugh.

My heart beat for another that summer as well. Jess and I were co-counselors one week. (The majority of the time, I co-counseled with Steph.) I loved co-counseling with Jes! She is organized, proactive, on time, caring, and well very loving. She is perhaps one of the most loving people I have met today. I found that we made great co's - I the more outgoing, crazy, social counselor as she is the more nuturing, loving, maternal counselor. She even agreed that we did make a kick-ass pair.

Unfortunately, the administration disagreed. By the end of the summer, I grew so sick of working side-by-side with Stephanie, I requested to be switched with Jess! This may sound like a simple request, but it was big for me! Remember that first water drill challenge? This is yet another. Stephanie had grown so bitter and I guess just worn-out and cranky that summer that she had begun to bring it out on her campers. She would reply incredibly sarcastically and wittingly back that the campers believed her.

On her night-off, the campers professed their undying hate for her, to me. Little eleven and twelve year olds!! They begged me to talk to her and inform them how they felt. I ended up going to the Head Girl Counselor and informing her face-to-face. I felt horrible and like a bad friend, but I knew it had to be done. Stephanie lightened up as the weekend went on, but I could tell she was inevitably pissed at me. We didn't talk for about a week. I learned later that parents had even called and complained about her behavior.

Well, I made my request to be switched, but it was denied.

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